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Sequel of the Revelation Book Research Project:

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posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 12:17 AM
Quote originally posted by "ADVISOR, Research Group, Forum Moderator." Part 1

This group would go through the book itself in an attempt to discover the truth about the prophecy and would include an analysis of the rise of the Antichrist, the mark of the Beast (For example, is it the microchip?) Answer by estimatedprophet is, Yes! A translation and study into contemporary language of the 'plagues' set into motion during the 'end times' and what they mean and signify.

To analyze the book of Revelation and translate it into contemporary language. To discover the physical possibilities of the happenings prophesied, including the plagues, the rise of the Antichrist, the mark of the Beast and the meaning of the number 666.

To translate Revelation and the physical happening mentioned therein. To use current events cross-referenced to Revelation to discover if the prophecies are relevant to the current times.

This thread, goes out to does, who blocked my response and did not allow nor permitted me to post my opinion of the truth, concerning about the Book of Revelations and of the interpretations thereof. Therefore, I made this thread!
Here is a quick review and example for you all, in "Layman's Terms:"
Post response by:

"EstimatedProphet," The Messenger of the "Most High, God the Almighty!"

The entire book of revelation is based on many actual facts, and only a few are it's true meaning, rather than the many interpretations of what most of the people are believing in/or bringing about. The truth of this book is, that it has many symbolic meanings to it, but that the book repeats itself over and over, time and again!
Religion has no place in the bible, because religion is mixed-up with many of the belief systems and ideas of man. Rather, the bible is best understood and interpreted, if implied with true, spiritual faith, only!

Many of the visions/prophecies shall happen simultaneously rather than in sequence. Most people believe that one thing should happen first and then followed by what the other vision or prophecy predicts and so on. But in the revelation which I am going to interpret for you, the conclusions thereof will be evident for you to judge if it is truth or not. For I am simply revealing unto you, all the true facts in a contemporaneous matter, that apply in our time, of this day in age, and of the concerning of this generation that will come to suffer many tribulations, during the "End of Times!"

Therefore, grab your ignorant foil caps, and put them on your heads, and hold on to them. Because I am going to reveal to you all the truth, and of the meanings of the Book of Revelations, for the simple minded to understand!

About the parts or verses on the book of revelation, where it speaks about the trumpets, they are symbolic gestures that signifies an Approaching Asteroid Impact, here on Earth!
(Another example, is the Red Dragon that fights with the Archangel Michael, Lord Jesus Christ, who are one in the same. The Anointed Son of God!)
Before the impact, the bible makes it clear and states, that debris and fire shall fallout form off the tail of the asteroid, causing it to rain down brimstone and fire from our skies, here on the Earth! (Here's a Vedeo, on this Subject

Again, Please Note: The book of revelations, repeats itself, over and over again. This was done for the purpose of the reader, in-order to get a better concept and view, on the meanings of the book. The parables of the book where also purposely done to mislead the persons who do not believe in the truth, and one of the primary purposes for this, was to hide and conceal this truth from, "the evil governing powers that be in the world today, that might alter or change it's meaning and purpose, from keeping the people from knowing about this truth in the prophecy, and to conceal the Doom and Destruction of what shall occur here on Earth!"

(The governments did not want you to know about this truth. Now therefore, the world leaders today, careless, if you know or not about this truth, because they have everything planned out supposedly, and they think that they will survive this catastrophe.)
(This is why they, the governments have been secretly building and storing food and water in their bunkers, basses, caves and inside of mountains and underground structures, all over the world, secretly. Simply to avoid the wrath and of the great destruction from the Lord, God the Almighty!)

Please click on the link to watch a video, about the concerning of this subject and important matter, of what I am trying to explain to you all!
All of this is, to fulfill the scripture spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ, concerning about His Second Coming! "I Come Not to Bring Peace, But to Bring a Sword"

The impact of this asteroid will also cause major earthquakes and tsunamis and volcanic eruptions everywhere, all over the Earth, simultaneously!
The entire atmosphere will be darkened and appear to look red or orange in color and so shall the fire from the burning land which will reflect back into our moon, causing it to look “Red as Blood,” and the smoke that will rise-up from the fiery furnace of thee abyss, will cause the Sun to be darkened and shall appear to look as covered by cloth made of black woven hair, as it is also written in (Revelation 6:12-14) and in other verses in the Holy Bible!

Again, Note: The firmament shall be ruptured from the force upon entering the Earth's atmosphere. This will cause the oxygen level to deplete, and because of the smoke of the volcanic activity from thee abyss, all of this will cause the air to be greatly polluted making it hard to breath. The fire will also cause some buildings and cities to burn-up and the agriculture and vegetation will be almost completely wiped out all over the world!
Many people will die because of this, yet millions of people shall still live and survive through this catastrophe. Only to be forced into “The New World Order, of the Governments, Secret Eradication!"
(The New Satanic World Oder of Chaos and of Destruction, and of the Great Depopulation of Mankind, through the Global Union!)

Only after the impact, shall the troopers or government forces come out of their hiding places and safety from the impact to eradicate the population and to imprison and put to death the “Saints” that renounce, the false new world! The economy shall be completely collapsed and people will be forced to accept a new way of buying and selling. Therefore, They, the world leaders will make themselves look like saviors to the world by offering the people again, “the privilege to buy and sell to an economy that no longer exists!”
(Police State and “Martial Law” shall be in force everywhere!) Schools, Institutions, Some Churches and Synagogues, and government buildings will be converted into prisons and camps!
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posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 12:59 AM
OR another interpretation may be the "sacred path of the migration of the planets" where our Mother the Earth BIRTHS HER CORE and then moves into the ORBIT OF VENUS (after Venus and Mercury progress INTO THE SUN on their spiritual evolutionary paths upwards)...

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 04:11 AM
Second Part of the Revelation Research Project. Post by EstimatedProphet
Now, since the economy and civilization and the society which we are now living in today, will be collapsed, ruined and in chaos, because of the great devastation described here in this message. What this means is that the monetary system of buying and selling will be destroyed or no longer implored, during those days.
Money will be completely worthless. This is why they are manufacturing and promoting the new system of buying and selling world wide, secretly. The governments then shall force the people to accept this new world currency, since money at that time shall be completely worthless and “RFID Chipping, will be demanded for the people,” and those who do not accept this new world order and it's new laws, they will be simply “be put to death!”

For anyone to join the new world union, he or she must be initiated through the process of acceptance, of the false new world. In-other words, they must accept the world for what it has become, in-order for them to continue on living in this world. Therefore, anyone who is contrary and/or in opposition against this new world movement, they will be put to death!
The goal of this endeavor by the governments and world leaders, is to ensnare/trap, and to deceive as much people as possible, with this evil and wicked new system of buying and selling to an economy that will no longer be existent, after the asteroid impact.

The most important necessities, such as food and water will be scarce. Items and produce such as these will not be found to purchase, and many will die of thirst and starvation, and yet many will even turn to cannibalism!
This will be the curse of those who come to accept the false new world. They will live only to suffer for many days before they die, and many, while still alive, will long for death and they shall not find it.

There will also be a “One World Satanic Religion,” for the people who join it, will be forced to worship images and idols of the beasts, Satan and demons and of the governments, New World Leader!
This new one world religion system will be all of the worldly religions of men, united and merged into one! (Please read of the fallowing link for more information, about all the religions of men!) "The Truth of all the Religions of men!"
Either of these two sins that are committed by the people and/or, the acceptance to be micro-chipped or bowing down to any image or idol that the governments produce. It is equally to the same as selling your souls, or making a pact, and/or signing a binding contract with the demonic beast/Satan, the Evil Serpent, The World Leader of the Governments!

(WARNING TO ALL: These Sins Shall "NOT BE FORGIVEN," DO NOT Accept Them, Nor Worship of Them, For those that do, they will be cast together along with Satan in the burning lake of fire/Hell!)

Anyways, it is none of my business to get involved with the people's personal lives, but the truth is that when the government's new world orders comes into affect, it does not matter if you are a prominent member or a well known famous person who might be wealthy.

No, it shall not matter at all, because when the troops come-in and begin to raid peoples homes, they will not care if you are a judge, a high ranking and well respected person, or a member of a lodge, etcetera, etcetera, you will all be treated the same as if you where criminals, when these things start to happen and you will be imprisoned, as the rest of the common people, whither you are rich or poor!

Again, please note: That the secret government's new world order, is a totalitarian world, run by the military and/or a worldly police state. The World Police is the new, modern Nazi-Police, joined together with the soldiers of all ranks!
There will be a division between the common people and those in power, of the government's elite forces. These are the two divisions of classes, between the new governing-body, and/or military police state, and it's civilian class!

The first class, is the government and military, police state, that is to rule over the secondary class, of the common civilian group, that have been micro-chipped and deceived by accepting the false new world!

The secondary class, is a civilian group that is subject under the first class, as a slavery populace, who will be under the ruling powers of the elite first class. Under the new laws and regulations!(Note: Only those in the first class of military personal and status thereof, will have some privileges and rights!)
(These are the beginnings of the dreadful days of doom for all-humanity, all across the world!)
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posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 11:22 PM
Research Facts on this Thread by, EstimatedProphet

If you have read and heard of these words here, then you can see and/or come to some kind of understanding and conclusions about this matter. Of what the mysteries and of the secrets of the bible, that are described in the Book of Revelations, and of what the meanings are relating to!

I have added some existing evidence through knowledge and logic and mingled with some scientific facts about, what would happen if an asteroid impact would occur here on Earth, and how the common people, governments and world leaders, would handle and deal with this biblical occurrence and event, worldwide!

The governments along with most of the world leaders today, already and have been wanting to force their new world order on the general public for a long time now.
For the purpose of their absolute control, over the human population and civilization. What this dystopian government and totalitarian world shall relate to the same as the former German war machine or Adolf Hitlers ideas and theories of world control and of population selection and of destruction!

The problem is that the human population is about, 7 billion. More than half (About 3/4,) of that population of common people are unaware of the "secret government" civilization and/or societies in the world today. And while the other half of that population are, or attend some sort of membership in that secret society of the governments secret hidden world, from the regular population!

The governments cannot just simply force their new plans and ideas on the common people without a fight. Their would have to be some sort of reason. But this reason is not met, when the governments secret plans are to eradicate the world of peace and to depopulate the world of most of it's civilians and residents!

But rather, depopulation would be much to easy for them, and for the common people. The destruction and eradication of the people, in reality is not their plan nor goal.
No, because killing off the population in such away, would result in the death of those people to become martyrs. Because of the shedding of innocent blood, that most of these souls would be forgiven of all their sins, because of the slaughter of their sacrifice, from the governments and world leaders.

Therefore, the governments and worldly leaders will be held accountable for the destruction of all these people, and then found guilty for such a sin.
This is why the powers that be in the world (governments) are slowly introducing their ideas, thoughts and plans, and the secret cults and of the new world agenda to the general public today, and therefore to condition the minds and lives of the common people, to prepare them!
Thus, making it easier on the common person and/or population, to accept and to implore these ideas and plans of the governments new world control. So when the governments force their actions upon the people, of a new world order through a global union and these ideas thereof to the population, their won't be much of a fight nor a struggle or a retaliation and/or rebellion from the citizens point. Because most of the people will have already accepted these ideas, long before the new world comes into affect!

Back a few years ago, it was forbidden for any of the members of these secret government societies to speak openly to any person or to the general public about these ideas and plans of absolute world control from their governments.
(This has been the primal source of their ideas and secrets all the time!)
Now that the governments see some-sort of opportunity to force their views on the public, because of their forces and power of their armies and troops to move in on the civilian territories, it is still not enough for them to eradicate this former world and to bring-about the new.
Because of the large number of population here on Earth and most of the people are not or don't accept the views of a new world order, being forced upon them!

Rather than to kill the population off and making martyrs of thousands upon thousands of men, woman and children, they, the governments would prefer to force them to make an alliance and pact with them and Satan, by worshiping and accepting the new world order and to be initiated to this global union by being micro-chipped!
Therefore, this is the infamous mark of the beast and the new world leader thereof will be all the governments of this Global Union as one body here on Earth!
(The Dreadful Days of the End, of the Known Modern World!)
Thus, the acceptance, alliance and of the initiation of this false world, will cause many souls to burn forever in hell. For this is the evil plan of Satan and of the world leaders and of the governments today!

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posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 05:32 AM
Third Part of the Revelation, Research Project: Post by, EstimatedProphet

In the beginnings of the Book of Revelations in the chapters eight, through verse eight, followed by verses twelve and thirteen, and then after these verses, the book again repeats itself in chapter nine through verse twelve, and then again, after these chapters and verses, the bible repeats itself in the whole/entire, symbolic chapter twelve, and then the last chapter with the same meaning as these, is in Revelation chapter 18:21!

The whole implications in these chapters and verses, that I have added here, are all symbolic signs and visions of what the Author, Saint John saw, concerning an asteroid impact here on Earth and of the destruction that will be caused by this event!

(Note: After one event, it is then followed after another, but the asteroid impact shall cause most of these signs and predictions to happen simultaneously!)

Therefore, from the beginning of chapter eight, Where the Angel of the Lord, Throws a Golden Censer Mingled with Fire and of the Prayers of the Saints, to the Earth.
(The Holy People Who Will come to Suffer During The Great Tribulation)
Then followed by the Two Trumpets, and then later-on, The Fifth Trumpet is Sounded and an Angel or Star Descends from Off the Sky to the Earth, and then after these symbolic signs and/or meanings, they are repeated and followed by the Red Dragon, that losses it's place in Heaven, and the dragon is hurled into the Earth, and then after these prophecies, comes the last angel who casts a millstone into the sea.

Again, Please Note: All of these prophecies are all the same meaning and interpretation of a symbolic/vision of an asteroid impact here on earth.
These chapters and verses are repeated several times over and over again, along with some other scriptures in the entire bible that have different meanings and are explained differently. But altogether they have the same meaning of it's final interpretation!

Note: No one cannot properly interpret these prophecies without my assistance.
I am the guide in revealing all truth to you all, in some form or another.
As a matter of fact, these writing's and predictions here is the true Gospel of what the world shall come to preach, as "witnesses," described by the Lord Jesus Christ, concerning the End of Times!

"Behold," The Revelations Of All Truth, By The Messenger Of The Lord Of Spirits!

The Wormwood Prophecy, The Third Trumpet Blast:

Revelation 8:10-11. The third angel sounds his trumpet, and something like a torch fell from the sky to the Earth:

"This is a Super Mega, Solar Flare!"
And because of the great devastation on the atmosphere from the asteroid impact on Earth, that the atmosphere shall be weakened and damaged, and open for solar bombardments throughout the world!
By the interruptions caused by the solar flare, it shall disrupt almost all communications, and/or nuclear stations around the world!
The nuclear stations that supply power to almost all modern civilization, they are mostly all set up near or around water sources and rivers.
Thus the melt down and shut down of these artificial energy sources will pollute, and intoxicate a third of the waters, of the rivers and natural springs!
The waters shall be highly radioactive, and many people shall die off drinking from these sources of bitter polluted water!

Wormwood is a Mega Solar Flare, That will strike earth and cause a massive radiation bursts all around the planet. Almost all nuclear stations reside near water or near a water supply and will be greatly effected by the radiation fallout!
Radio active leakage or waste will also penetrate through the earth's crust, polluting the natural springs and the natural underground water sources!

If you heard about what happened at Chernobyl's Nuclear Facility, then you can come to some kind of conclusion of what the author of Revelation, Saint John saw, accept try to imagine something like this occurring simultaneously in a global scale, "World Wide!" of Chernobyl. . . . . . .

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posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 01:15 PM
Dude, you should really not forget to take your medication. Your thread is way all over. I just read halfway through before getting a massive headache.


posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by estimatedprophet

This interpretation is one of the more colorful ones I have read , that's a nice way of saying it is a lie that will just mislead the people . This person may have people's best intentions in mind when he wrote this, but it is so far off base that it will do more harm than good for those seeking answers .

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by RadioKnecht

Thank you for your reply and for reading at least half way through, I appreciate it.
Sorry for the massive headache that you got from reading off my thread, but didn't I quote this "meaning" in the first page from the beginning of this thread!

"Therefore, grab your ignorant foil caps, and put them on your heads, and hold on to them. Because I am going to reveal to you all the truth, and of the meanings of the Book of Revelations, for the simple minded to understand!"
Therefore, I believe that you need to take your medication to cure that ignorant headache of yours!

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 10:30 PM
I think you have done a good job.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 10:59 PM

reply to, Azadok
From, estimatedprophet

This interpretation is one of the more colorful ones I have read , that's a nice way of saying it is a lie that will just mislead the people!

How are these words going to mislead the people?
"I am not forcing anyone to believe the truth of these words and of their interpretations!"
They are not lies and they are based on the actual true facts of what is going on, in the modern world of today and of tomorrow!

This person may have people's best intentions in mind when he wrote this, but it is so far off base that it will do more harm than good for those seeking answers

I am simply revealing what is hidden in the book of revelation and also comparing it in our social and civilized world of today and of this generation!

The harm of these words of truth is, the fact that there is no good news about the revelations revealed at all, because all will come to suffer in this world whither good or bad, the righteous along with the wicked!

Myself, unlike many false prophets and preachers out there, who convert the church into a business by growing rich in selling to the people lies and false promises, I offer nothing but the truth which is written in the Holy Bible, and to reveal the bad news, of the Book of Revelation, concerning the End of the World and also of the sufferings and trials that all men shall come to witness during these End of Times!
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posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 01:08 PM
Revelation by EstimatedProphet. . . . . . . !

The sequel of the Locust Thread, before and after the Asteroid Impact!
First Trumpet Blast=Meteor Shower!
Second Trumpet Blast=Asteroid Impact!
Third Trumpet Blast=Super Solar Flare
Fourth Trumpet Blast=Darkness
Fifth Trumpet-Locusts/Paratroopers!

Thousands upon thousands of government aircraft shall fly off into the sky to avoid the impact with thousands more of Paratroopers (Locusts of revelation) inside of these aircraft, ready to deploy and then gliding out from a high altitude and descending from high-up in the air, shortly after the asteroid impact, descending towards the Earth!
Post by estimatedprophet, The Real Locusts of Revelation!
"This is concerning of what is written in the Book of Revelation 9:0-11!"

While on the ground, some troops (Military and State Police) are trying to keep order and law to the general population, because of the great chaos, fear and paranoia caused by the asteroid event, world wide!
The beginnings of Martial Status on the Population!

Trough the panic and chaos, most of the government troops and chosen elite, along with some common people, will hide and conceal themselves inside of caves, tunnels, bunkers and underground structures, to avoid and to brace themselves, before and after the impact here on Earth!

Only after the asteroid impact, shall the governments come out of their concealment from the wrath of the Lord. Out from the safety of their caves, mountains, bunkers and underground structures, to eradicate the world and to bring about their New World Order! (The Sixth Trumpet Blast!)
Note: "Information about this topic will be added on a new thread!"

The name of the thread will be under: "Apocalypse of the Sixth Trumpet!"

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posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 11:53 PM
reply to post by Stormdancer777

I agree...well done

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 01:53 PM

Caution and Warning to the world governments who shall deploy of this hybrid glider apparatus!


Do not fly thee aircraft in the air too soon prior to the asteroid strike.
Please wait until the celestial object passes by and the asteroid fallout and/or meteor shower to subside "first" before the deployment and operation of the aircraft to fly into thee air!

(Code Name; Operation Abbadon or Geronimo!)

As the asteroid begins approaching and/or entering the earth's atmosphere, you shall here a continuous rumbling sound first, followed by a loud bang and then another louder bang when the asteroid strikes!

The paratroopers must be ready to deploy before or after the first "bang" when the atmosphere is ruptured by the approaching asteroid.

Please be ready, be alert and good-luck to us all, and may God have mercy on our souls.

I shall keep you posted with more information soon!

"These people are still very asleep, please wake-up damn it!"
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posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 10:52 PM
I haven't read through Revelations in awhile so bear with me, I am guessing your one of the extremely religious types on ATS. The Freemasons illuminati and new world order are one in the same. They had a lot of people working behind the scenes in media who created an empire of subliminals to pass around bar codes and to extend a empire of material possessions that are kept in every bodies houses.

I have a microchip in my head and a scar on my hand , inside right wrist. It was a very old idea that they shouldn't of gone through with. In the world today not everything from the text was literal some was symbolic. They made me a whorse man and exploited me tried there best went all out, but it was never meant to be forced. On the eve of the millennium I became a columbine copycat criminal, 2001 . The was an earthquake and tsunami on 24 th of 2004 Christmas eve. I went online and ripped the shackles off me and death squads in 2005 January 1 st which was 3 1/2 years after I acquired a Meglomaniac throne because I wanted no part of this. Another 3 1/2 years later I came here and said my story on this site both times on the world wide web. That was 2008 . Prophecies are vague at best and realistically in the world today I don't think an arranged sacrifice anybody would come back for. It was all a play .

I am not the antisathis of evil or a bad person being the beast with a head injury. There was about three years of debate on this site and a few said the prophecy could've been like a pep rally for religious by someone who was hiding in a cave in fear of death. Some said it was a spiritual thing that should've never been attempted to be re anacted here on earth just to see if he'd show up. At the end crippled a small child and rocked the globe on an end of the world party in music. But it said around the millennia and it's already been done before.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 02:52 AM
reply to post by estimatedprophet
Have you read the prophecy of Peter Deunov?

posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 11:13 PM
While I am glad that you have taken much time to research the Bible and can see the relationship of the biblical prophecy and the endtimes and agree with much of what you say, I don't think we can be sure of the exact way God will bring about all of his prophesies . I too believe that the Mark of the Beast is coming with the Digital Angel chip . The reason money will be worth nothing in the physical form . Money will exist only on the internet and access to it will be submission to the NWO and rejection of Christ .
When God said the Jews were chosen they actually were chosen for his task . Judas had a task of a dark nature and so do Jews of today . The Protocols of Zion are believed to be the iteration of the Rothschilds who are Ashkenazi Jews they say . The Temple priest according to Jesus were not Jews as they said they were . And actually they were not of the lineage of Aaron as they were supposed to be . The Rothschilds are bringing about the NWO and Mark of the Beast .

In Isaiah 24 he talks about the earth being turned up side down and utterly spoiled . Then there is going to be great cataclysmic earth quakes and possibly a Yellowstone event . The ash cloud from such would cause the blocking out of the sun . moon and stars . There would be famine caused by failed crops and disease would follow .

At this point in time the NWO is making nice . But when they tire of the game the Bankster Elite will drop our economy like they did in the 1908 and 1929 depression that circled the globe . But now everything we need comes from around the world , Some of our food and medicine and other staple goods all require trust in our dollar . The ships would never leave port . The trucks would not roll and hundreds of millions would soon die from depravation .
Then there is the Gog & Magog war coming soon . The Lord said I will send fire on them that come against Israel and those that dwells carelessly in the isles . That sounds like a nuclear exchange . And a third of the green grass was burned .

Who knows exactly how it is going to happen . But you and I know who is in charge and will see to it being done . Keep up the effort .

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