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Super-human brain technology sparks ethics debate

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posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 07:01 AM

With the prospect of future conflicts between armies controlling weapons with their minds, the Nuffield Council on Bioethics launched a consultation on Thursday to consider the risks of blurring the lines between humans and machines.

The Council, an independent body which looks at ethical issues raised by new developments in biology and medicine, wants to focus on three main areas of neurotechnologies that change the brain: brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), neurostimulation techniques such as deep brain stimulation (DBS) or transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and neural stem cell therapy.

These technologies are already at various stages of development for use in the treatment of medical conditions including Parkinson's disease, depression and stroke, and experts think they could bring significant benefits, especially for patients with severe brain disease or damage.

But they also have huge potential outside the health context. In military applications, BCIs are being used to develop weapons or vehicles controlled remotely by brain signals, and there is big commercial scope in the gaming industry with the development of computer games controlled by people's thoughts.

Its a great idea to have an ethics debate on this issue but I am sure it will make very little difference. As stated in the article BCI's are being used to develop weapons controlled by brain signals.

I am not sure we are going in the right direction here. Technology like this might be ok , being tested in controlled environments for decades. Then it could be brought out into the general population to advance the whole human race. Unfortuanatley, once again this new technology is being embraced by the military and it will be all about more methods of control. Using this kind of medical advance to have more power and control other people. Its never about nourishing or advancing the whole planet. Its only ever about having more power then your neighbour.

That seems to be where we are now at 2012. Its merely about governments (sponsored by the rich and the corporations) watching and keeping control of the ever increasing number of proles.

I just don't get it anymore.

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 07:19 AM
Convergence, the singularity is at hand.

So are nachos

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 07:41 AM
reply to post by nickneal7

i will remain an individual!!!!!!!!!!!

even if they erase my mind, I AM STILL ME!!!!!!!

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 07:54 AM
This is normal. Resistance is futile

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 08:15 AM
Britain is actually behind all of this mess.
Mind-controlled Weapons

I believe the whole "ethics" debate is getting blown out of proportion. It has nothing to do with robots, cyborgs, or SkyNet. It's simply a method that speeds up the firing of the gun by using thought, as opposed to a slower trigger finger.

People will debate ethics over anything they are afraid of these days.
I fully support the research of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs).
The possibilities are endless.
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posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 09:13 PM
This review does appear to only touch on the edges of what can be done with mind / machine interactions, but at least it is a start. Once a consensus can be formed on some of the easier issues it will help in confronting some of the harder ones.

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 10:08 PM

Originally posted by nickneal7
Convergence, the singularity is at hand.

Yeah but us common folk won't be invited to progress with the clever transhumans when that time comes.

Time to watch Gattaca again...

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