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Anon/Occupy: Want me to think you're serious about being anti-corporate?

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posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 06:47 AM
Then here's what you can do.

1. Boycott corporate social networking in all forms, at least for your own internal communications. Nothing made me think the "declaration of war on the US government," video was Soros-sponsored false flag, more than the admission at the end that IRC would no longer be used, because Facebook was supposedly safe.


These sites are centralised, Web-centric, corporate run abominations. Because they are single sites, and run by corporations which are entirely complicit with the government, they can be taken down, surveilled by the government, or otherwise controlled with extreme ease. You might have to maintain a Facebook page for announcements, in order to communicate with the sheep who don't know better, but don't use it for your own internal communications, and for Kali's sake, don't promote it.

2. Use public, decentralised, non-corporate alternatives to the World Wide Web in general, at least for your own communications, if not to the outside world.

Use IRC. You've already been using IRC; why on Earth would you stop? Running semi-private NNTP (Usenet) hosts could work as well; similar to the chans, (although no graphics, admittedly) and much less visible than a web site. Better yet, upgrade Usenet so you've got a protocol that supports graphics, but which isn't single site centric (i.e., child's play to take down) and doesn't use the Web.

Use FTP if you need to host files, and set up FTP mirror networks. You've already seen how well that strategy has worked with Wikileaks; keep doing it. If you do this, governments and corporations will not be able to remove your sites. FTP might be primitive, but it works; and the fact that it is little used, will reduce its' visibility, so it is less likely to be a victim of attempted state attacks.

Don't use Bit Torrent. BT is specifically targetted by the governments and corps. FTP isn't, and even if it was, there isn't a single tracker Web site to take down; there's hundreds or even thousands of individual FTP sites.

3. Start using Free/Open Source Software. You claim to be anti-corporate, yet most of you still rely on Windows; not because you have to, but simply because you can. Use Linux and FreeBSD. Discover how powerful OpenBSD could be for you, in potentially protecting your data and communications from the very governmental groups who persue you.

I understand why you're using Windows for graphics and video production, absolutely. What I don't understand, is why you apparently aren't using open source UNIX for its' strengths; secure network communication. You don't need Facebook. You could be using other protocols which are far more versatile, powerful, and most importantly, difficult for governments and corporations to track and control.

I also understand that you want to be able to maintain recruitment; you want to remain a group that anyone can join. Fine; let the newbs keep using Windows for as long as they need to, and maybe indefinitely for making graphics and video. FOSS UNIX isn't good at either of those two things, and I acknowledge that. But learn to use it at least among the supposedly more intelligent people, and write your own internal documentation to get the newbs up to speed.

For virtually everything else, though, there is no excuse to be using Windows or the centralised Web applications, other than sheer voluntary stupidity and laziness.

You love to call yourselves hackers, Anonymous; yet you do not use UNIX?

4. Boycott Apple.

Other than for some specialised applications like arcane audio hardware etc, there is no reason whatsoever, why anyone needs to use anything from Apple Computer. If you want a desktop or a laptop, buy a PC, and then dual boot Windows and either Linux or FreeBSD. If you want a mobile phone, get something that runs Android.

Apple are an evil, avaricious corporation, who not only cater to, but attempt to encourage their consumer base to be pretentious elitists. I will continue to maintain that Steve Jobs' death, was in fact his single greatest contribution to the computer industry. His company is a disease, and always have been. They market computers with opaque, locked down operating systems which don't allow a user to do a single thing other than what the corporation wants. ITunes has been used as an excuse for Big Media to outlaw file sharing in any and all forms, because supposedly Apple were gracious enough to give us an alternative.

And you support this abomination. You continue to use your ipods, ipads, iphones, and all of Apple's other garbage. I have never in my life given one cent to Apple Computer, and I will never do so.

5. (This point is primarily directed at Anonymous)

Try washing the amniotic fluid off your ears, and getting some real, technical education about the network which the media claim is your native environment. Learn HTML; and by that I mean the real language, 3.2/4.01, rather than the obfuscated, XML-ridden garbage that the corporate whores at the W3C have turned it into.

Read this, and then go here in order to learn what non-garbage software looks like; so that not only will you not write it, you'll hopefully stop wanting to use it when someone else does. The majority of you wouldn't have the remotest idea of what good software or protocol design would look like if it landed on top of you; and the fact that most of you were probably born after 1990, might make it more difficult, but is still no real excuse.

That means, as one example, only using those distributed notepad things which you love using to compose anarchic screeds for release to governments, once you've determined that they're coded well.

In summary, I will believe that you are really anti-corporate, when you stop giving custom to Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Other than for specialised things like video editing, as mentioned, not a single cent goes to any of these corporations, which pays for anything other than entirely non-mandatory convenience. In other words, you could do 95% of what you already do, without giving these corporations any of your money, custom, information, or freedom; but you choose to do so, simply because it is a bit easier, and more convenient.

Should we think that you have real integrity, Occupy and Anonymous, and are not merely ineffectual hypocrites, who might make marginal progress in some of your goals, but who are continually held back by using corporate owned and controlled crap which you don't need? If you want to get rid of the image of simply being a bunch of 15 year old script kiddies who use Windows because you don't have the brains or the technical literacy to use anything else, then you need to consider the above.

TL;DR - Darn kids, get off my lawn, etc etc. To truly defeat the corporations, you must learn to fight in the old style, young padawans.

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 07:01 AM
Okay well Hmmm. I use windows although I certainly can use linux and have had my gf install it on her laptop (gaming is why I stick to windows). Linux is not as user friendly as Windows in any way shape or form. Android is run by Google so why are you telling Anon to boycott Google + yet use their phone OS?

Any Hacker wouldn't be caught dead using Windows (for numerous reasons) and instead would use something like Backtrack. Your points are valid but I've got nfi why you mention Anon so many times in your thread as all of that is basic knowledge even to "Script Kiddies".

FTP is a dying protocol and no at all feasible for the end user, Upload limits and serious security issues. What your better of doing is learning how to have an anonymous online presence because for 95% of "windows users" your suggestions are just unfeasible. Sorry but thats the way it is!
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posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 07:12 AM
The average computer user has NO idea what you're talking about. They don't understand cookies, DNS, or other computer savvy language. Most will deem it too hard to learn and just say "Eh, let'em follow me on the net, I'm not doin' anything wrong".

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 07:31 AM

Originally posted by Esotericizm
FTP is a dying protocol and no at all feasible for the end user, Upload limits and serious security issues. What your better of doing is learning how to have an anonymous online presence because for 95% of "windows users" your suggestions are just unfeasible. Sorry but thats the way it is!

So why is it feasible for Occupy or Anonymous to protest the current state of society, or suggest that anything can or should be different there?

If we can change that, surely we can change the average computer user being a drooling moron. The difference, of course, lies in the fact that changing corporate behaviour is something we want. Having computer software that doesn't presuppose that its' user has an IQ below 60, isn't something most of us want.

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 04:11 PM
Its about time somebody put the marker on who Anon/Occupy really is..Thanks

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