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You could be an alien hybrid if....

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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 04:20 AM

Originally posted by Anunaki10
Part 4 From about 2:20 into this Part 4 it states "Moses sent out scouts to find a place they could settle, the scouts went north to Hebron, on their return they reported >>All the people we saw there are men of gigantic size... We felt no bigger than grasshoppers and that is how we looked to them

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 05:51 AM

Originally posted by Anunaki10
According to the Book of Jasher, they not only tweaked with the D.N.A. of mankind but also with the animals.

Started experiment with the people's DNA and genetics

Atlantis formed 10 ruling districts, each with their own king. These kings together formed the governing council of Atlantis.- The royal governing council of Atlantis decide that a new form of government was desperately needed in which a superior ruling class could be established and sustained by their pretense that they had been empowered by a God-Force. Autocracy was thus born and was in full control enforcing a period of peace and stability. To achieve control over the populace, they started experiment with the people's DNA and genetics . This resulted in the peoples consciousness being reduced, life spans contracted and psychic/spiritual abilities dramatically decreasing.

Throughout the years there were many wars among the various empires due to underground movements of people that wanted to have the Lemurian "philosophy" back in place (i.e. no hierarchy). These wars led to vast destruction. As a last resort the warring empires decided to attack the opponents crystal temples (which were responsible for maintaining two frozen layers of water about 15,000 - 30,000 feet above ground which protected people on Earth from the harmful sun's rays and also ensured a stable weather pattern at all times)

Unfortunately, the attacks were made simultaneously and caused the Firmament (the water layers) to be broken down and thus millions of gallons of water thus poured down onto the surface causing what is known biblically as "The Great Flood" .The breakdown of the Firmament also resulted in the polar icecaps freezing and also the many climatic variations we have today to form.

- Only about 2 million people survived the Flood from an original 65 known million. Unfortunately many of the survivors were the mutant humans that had been genetically altered by the Atlanteans into a much lower state of consciousness. Also, the fact that the firmament was now no longer in existence resulted in the DNA and thus consciousness breaking down even further. A few different renegades from Pleides, Alpha and Beta Centauri came to different places on Earth after the Flood, seeing it as an opportune time to establish their own desired ideologies and also be seen as "godlike" and thus reverenced. Being already genetically altered, the surviving humans were therefore easily controlled by these renegades.

- Since no form of disobedience to these new "gods" was allowed, the concept of ruling by "divine right" became inculcated on Earth. This concept of worshipping an elite has continued through to modern times. Culture would rise against culture in wars claiming that the elite they themselves worshipped were superior to the elite of the opposing faction.

- We are now in times, though, that will finally bring to an end an approximate 10,000 years of "semi-consciousness" and regain our full consciousness that we deserve. This will be due to our entire solar system coming into contact with what is known as the "Photon Belt"

"You were mutated into limited conscious Beings and your cluster of realities was also affected. Suddenly, a new paradigm was adopted that favored lack, limitation, power and division. You lost your connection to your history and to a sacred set of beliefs, which the Anunnaki and their carefully chosen minions replaced with a new conception. As a result, they ruled you as your 'gods' and 'goddesses'. They brainwashed you to believe that they were your 'creators' and that the past wonders of Lemuria and Atlantis were myths. They ordered their minions to institute 'writing' as an agent of their own glorification. These acts are recorded in the ancient tablets of Sumer, in the steles of ancient India and in carvings found throughout Europe, Australia, Oceania, Asia and the Americas. Now, as your consciousness expands more quickly, you are coming to see these tales for the elaborate fiction they truly are.

Your origins are not of this world, but are extraterrestrial in nature, and are to be found on a planet that circles the star Vega in the Lyra constellation. Yet, you have achieved more than to travel a mere 26 Light Years to reach your present home. Many millions of years ago, you became part of a vast rebellion by the Light against the dark in this galaxy. The uprising began in Lyra, Cancer, Gemini and Orion, as well as in many other lesser-known star groupings ('constellations'). Eventually, this rebellion led to the formation of the Galactic Federation of Light, over 4 million years ago. At the very core of this battle were the Star League of the Pleiades, the Andromedan Confederation, the Lyra Light League and the Sirian star-nation. Of these, Sirius is most sacred and the place where the Great Blue Lodge of Creation has chosen to enter this galaxy. Originally, it was defended by a Lion people who decided to settle only on two planets in the Sirius A star system. Later, with their permission, Humans from Lyra were first to colonize Sirius B and, in time, Sirius C and D.

Scientists confirm Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA and "Andromedan contactee" Alex Collier explain he was told by the Andromedans that a total of 22 extraterrestrial races have provided genetic material for the 'human experiment'.
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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 07:38 AM
reply to post by Rapha

and how do you know the traits of these nephalim, have you had the chance to study them, because as far as i can tell there is still some debate as to their existance

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 08:04 AM

Originally posted by DaveNorris
reply to post by Rapha
and how do you know the traits of these nephalim, have you had the chance to study them, because as far as i can tell there is still some debate as to their existance

Single: Rapha == person
Plural: Rephaim == people
The word heal relates to the fact that the Rephaim can re-incarnate or be born again at their places of origin in one of the many worlds that run parallel to this one.

So yes, I know the traits because I am one of them.

Been to Tartarus, seen Hades and journeyed to one of the paradises running parallel to this world.
Remember, I think, Einstein said that there are many parallel worlds out there.

If you deny our existence you may as well deny the existence of ghosts and spirits as well.

Your like door-2-door Jahovah's Witnesses. They always deny the existance of the nephilim as well.
In fact the last pair that I spoke to classified The Book of Enoch as meaningless !!!
Denial is everywhere

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 08:45 AM
To what degree of abnormal lifelong experience's may be a clue...
Submitted for consideration only as we continue to research this subject.
1. Enhanced psychic abilities from early childhood.
2. Multible UFO sitings with occasional audio contact whether psychic or actual audio
3. Regular or frequent continuity of experiences.
4.Historically accurate dreams of past present or future events on general or specific scientific or personal levels involving yourself or others.
5. Perceiving and understanding concepts not yet personally studied.
6. Occasionaly receiving surprising audible answers to questions pondered but not yet verbalized.
7. Constant feelings of and confirmed experiences of being protected and shielded from danger, mishap and damaging situations.
8. Constant feeling or need for personal non-recognition fueled by the reality of one's own finite infantile vision or understanding of the vastness of conciousness and the world around us.

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 04:08 PM

Originally posted by LadyGreenEyes
Alright, this isn't a list, but an attempt to make a list. No matter where we all stand on the topic, it seems difficult to come up with a sensible, comprehensive list as to what traits, exactly, we could look for to spot such a hybrid. Assuming, that is, said hybrids didn't look remarkably different from other people. Subtle things.

Hello 'LadyGreenEyes'
I assume any of the characteristics mentioned in 1), 2), 3) and 4) does not have something to do with you. You just want to know if any of these characteristics typically fits in the alien/human Hybrid category, right?

1. Various "ESP"-type traits. Things like telekinesis, knowing what others think or feel, knowing things before they happen, common, strong "hunches" about things, etc.

Psychic/Metaphysical/ESP Abilities of the Star Kids

For, Star Kids are perhaps most dramatically distinguished by their psychic, ESP, psi, or paranormal powers. Because the psychic is the realm which ordinary people feel is reserved for a favored few, for the oddball, for those “into witchcraft” (sic), the average person does not feel that this is part of ordinary life. Ordinary humans often feel a mixture of awe, fear, and envy around those who are able to do mysterious psychic feats.
Out-of-the-closet Star Kids have double-handfuls of these psychic abilities. Anyone who is around them for an extended period of time is likely to notice something different and unusual about the Star Kid. Even though the Star Kid may wish to keep such advanced gifts out of sight and unnoticed, rare is the Star Kid who completely succeeds at hiding such abilities.
Some of these advanced powers are charming. Things like healing another person’s ache, or knowing a stranger’s name when they come up to meet the Star Kid for the first time. Other special abilities can be downright spooky. Powers like psychokinesis, where the child causes an object to rise up and fly across the room, or self-levitation from the floor.
The Star Kids have these powers not to show off, but because such powers are part of an expanded repertoire of senses, strengths and protections that enable the individual to operate with a wider variety of choices. These gifts are part of being more fully alive, more completely conscious, more engaged in a community of transparency, connectedness and service.
As with other Star Kid attributes, psychic powers provide yet another dramatic example of where the human race is headed in its development. What are seen as oddities and curiosities now will in a generation hence be the widely-prevalent basis for Fifth World, the new incoming cosmic society. As in other ways, the Star Kids now provide a preview glimpse into the future face of the human race.
Psychic sensitivities will also play a major part in the accelerated awakening of “Latent” Star Kids. As more and more Star Kids and Star Seed adults come out of the closet, and weave together a new kind of social grouping by use of telepathic communication, this shared mind-field becomes more intense and noticeable to other Star Kids. Like a beacon, it both draws others to the Star Kids, and it serves as a diaphanous telepathic network that provides Star Seed with a sense of belonging, and even a home away from home.

Now, I'd like to in a systematic way go through some of the transformative changes that occur so often in Star Kids. These transformations also occur often in experiencers who have been deeply touched and modified by repeated contact with the Star Visitors. Then I want to go through these special abilities again, noting not just the oddness, the differentness, the amazingness of these changes, but also what the social purpose is, what the spiritual purpose is, of exercising these abilities. And then I think we get down to the punch line: not only of where our development is headed, but why the Star Visitors, ( most of these cultures with more highly spiritually advanced consciousness), are investing time and energy in trying to help us reach our full potential. They respect the fact that we have that spiritual and metaphysical full potential built into us, and they'd like to fan that flame and see it reach its full design potential.

* Mental telepathy is unspoken thought communication, both incoming and outgoing. Everybody who has had Star Visitor contact had the incoming form of telepathy. That's the only way, usually, that they talk to you. And it makes for deep social connection. Telepathy is not usually transferring sentence strings-of-words into another person’s mind. More often it consists of sending across a total impression. For example, instead of sending across the sentence-string, “I’d like you to go over to that table near us and bring me back a glass of water,” a Star Kid might just place in the other person’s mind an image of that person with a glass of water in their hand walking over towards the Star Kid smiling.

* Precognition means knowing the future. Sometimes it takes the form of “hunches” that just happen to come true, time and time again. Sometimes it comes in the form of a flash of a vision, or even a sustained vision, of an event or situation off in the future. Psychics who work with precognition will tell you that attaching a time-line (“date-stamping”) the foreseen event is the hardest part of precognition. Some of the difficulty in determining when a foreseen event will unfold is because so much of the future is contingent on human decisions not yet made. And because free will is involved, people in the future can be likely to do “A”, but then change their mind at the last minute and untypically do “B”.

* Telekinesis and psychokinesis. The ability to modify things by focused mental effort alone. The classic example is lifting something up. Some of you have seen that movie, "Bless the Child," where the little girl rotates an object in mid-air just by mental thought. There it is. A number of Star Kids could do that, and affect other kinds of physical objects. (I'm a "psychic dunce," as they say. But I've been known to cheat a little on bowling, when the bowling ball's going down the alley and headed for the gutter-I project a pushing force a little bit on this side, a little bit on that side, until it heads towards some pins for a score.) Some of the Star Kids have admitted to me that they use psychokinesis to “help” a pinball game go better. Or a basketball actually fly into the hoop.

* Penetrating intuitiveness. Being able to see into a situation and know exactly what's going on with the agendas without anybody briefing you; to see a story in the paper and know just what's going on behind the scenes making that happen. Or looking at a person and just getting a clear impression of what's going on with them.

* Aura reading is seeing and reading the bio-electromagnetic-photic field around another person, (or animal or plant, etc.) We all have auras around us, a kind of visible illuminated diaphanous halo around our body, most noticeable in the head and shoulders area. People can be taught how to see the aura. And of course, the more you practice, the more you develop the ability.

Being able to read an aura is a potential which can readily be put to good use. Aura-reading is not only seeing colors around another person, but to see where the field is fuller or diminished, or even has little bits of absence. As you learn to tell these things, you can learn such refinements of interpretation as being able to diagnose mental or physical illness, for example, by differences in the aura around a person.

* Psychic diagnosis is the ability to obtain information about a person’s health condition by nonphysical and non-medical means. In one common approach, the person being diagnosed lies flat on a couch. The psychic diagnoser passes his hand over the other’s body about 2-3 inches out from the body, and feels whether there is any change or anomaly in the energetic field which emanates from the patient’s body. Sometimes the anomaly in the field takes the form of a cooler (or warmer) area than the field as a whole.

Sometimes it takes the form of an energy “spike” in the field, either a significant up-tick in energy or drop in energy. Some Star Kids do not have to use their hands at all. They just stand in front of the person and get an impression. Sometimes the impression is in their mind. Sometimes the Star Kid feels it in her body as a twinge or other noticeable spot that corresponds to the same place in the patient which is actually hurting or ill. Some talented Star Kids don’t even have to be in the same room as the patient to get a good reading on them. Or not even in the same town, the same state, or same hemisphere.

* Psychic healing. The ability to achieve healing in another person without medical instrumentation and medicine. The antidote (or successor) to medical school, in some cases, if you will. Psychic healing is done in a variety of ways. Some Star Kids (and adult Star Seeds) draw energy from cosmos/Tunkasila/Creator above, and also from Mother Earth below, then draw that energy into their body, and finally direct it outward. They often use their arm as a channel and the vertically-uplifted palm as a outlet, directing the healing energy towards the place in the patient which is ill or injured.

We don't want to throw out all allopathic medicine. It has its place. But it isn't always going to be available during the Times of Transition up ahead. And then, there are some things allopathic medicine can't fix, (such as fulminating cancer, advanced AIDS, and blindness), which psychic healing can. So, it's like you have two hands. Yes, you can cut off one and still function, but most people would rather have two. We can use both psychic healing and appropriate modern medical advances (some of the latter advances inspired by back-engineered Star Visitor technology.)

* Remote viewing is otherwise known as clairvoyance. This is a skill which enables the Star Kid to see people, places, events and situations which are not physically present, or which took place in the past, or in the future. It is a mental journey across the space-time fabric to a different set of coordinates, and a viewing of what is going on there. For those readers who are ready to throw up their hands and exclaim that this is impossible, let me assure you that your hard-earned tax dollars have been funding research, development, and deploying of CIA, Army Intelligence, and DELTA Force remote viewers, trained in classified government installations, since the 1970s.

And they have had enough success that they are used for elite missions, such as locating where Saddam Hussein was hiding, and the crash location of a downed UFO. All the while the U.S. Government has had public affairs officers stoutly proclaiming that there is nothing to remote viewing, and that the military have closed the program as “unproductive”.

Star Kids do this well. Why should the Army intelligence have all the fun? They're not that good at it. I mean, just think about those two words: "Army intelligence."

* Invisibility work. This refers to the psychic power to make oneself invisible. In highly adept individuals, this involves making oneself objectively optically invisible. More commonly, such invisibility results from exerting mental influence on the people around you so that they just don’t seem to notice you are in the area, although technically they could see you if they regained their perspicacity and paid attention in the zone where you are standing (or sitting). Imagine this power in the hands of a ten-year-old child. You're a parent looking for him, it's time to come in and help straighten up his room. Now, where did that kid go? Star Kids have told about playing such invisibility pranks on parents or friends.

* Teleportation. This is the ability to have an object that used to be in one place relocate by pure mental concentrated effort, and now be over in another place. Some very adept indigenous shamans on Earth can do that. Some Star Kids and experiencers can also teleport an object. One of the uses I have heard most frequently about is finding a lost (or stolen) object. Let’s say that the errant item was a treasured silver medallion given by a favored aunt. It was resting on the dresser and now it’s gone. The Star Kid might focus on the object, visualize it carefully in his mind, send out mental “reaching” towards the object, and draw it gently towards its former location on the dresser. He might also set an intention that the object have time to relocate and appear the next day in its rightful place. And then next day, lo and behold, there sits the medallion on the dresser.

* Levitation. Antigravity without the antigravity craft drive. More specifically, levitation refers to the psychic ability to personally gently and slowly rise off the ground without use of any physical force or means. I know of a six-year-old Star Kid, Katrina, who has the practice of daily meditation. She sat cross-legged on a floor mat in a quiet alcove of her house. One day her mother walked quietly by, peeked in, and saw Katrina floating several inches above the floor.

Some Star Kids (and Star Seeds) and other psychic adepts can make another person or a solid object float above the ground. But this is not true levitation, but rather projected telekinetic force.

* Mental influencing. This is a special use of mental telepathic thought-transfer, placing a thought or idea or suggested behavior gently or strongly into another person’s mind to influence them to think or act in a certain manner. If that other person is not psychically aware, they might even think that the thought or impulse is their own idea.

My favorite example of mental influencing is in the first "Star Wars" movie, which came out almost three decades ago. The Imperial storm troopers come marching up to Obi Won Kenobe and Luke Skywalker, and the two droids they have with them. The storm troopers are looking for the droids, because they contain downloaded information that's dangerous to the Empire. It's terribly important to the Rebel Alliance that the droids not be captured. And so, as the Imperial captain marches up, Obi Won Kenobe thinks telepathically to the captain -(and you can hear it in the sound track) -"These are not the droids you want." And sure enough, the captain turns around to his men and says, "These are not the droids we want." And then Obi Won says, "We have no further business here. It's time for us to go."

Then the captain turns around to his men and says, "We have no further business here. It's time for us to go." This is a cinematic illustration of the art of mental influencing. Genuine mental influencing is interpersonal, is done within ethical boundaries, and is used for helpful or at least harmless purposes. The following is an analogous example. A Star Seed in an internet group tells the other members that her husband has suddenly fallen ill and faces emergency open-heart surgery in the morning. The Star Seed sends out a request for all those Star Kids and Star Seeds on-line to send thoughts of support, strength, and positive expectation to her stricken husband. On a slightly less altruistic plane, a Star Kid told me about mentally influencing her mother to allow her a second helping of dessert.

Now, there are less-lovely applications of mental remote-influencing. Covert rogue units positioned within military intelligence organizations have developed physical electronic devices which exert a substantial force on the brains (minds) and emotions of selected human “targets”. This is used for everything from trying to demoralize the “target” to getting the unfortunate person to think or feel a certain controlled way. Such use of psychotronic machines for dire control purposes by Shadow Government “assets” is not what the gift is for. And real natural human remote influencing doesn't need electronic circuitry to accomplish anything.

* Earth energy adjustment work. Star Kids, utilizing spiritual psychics, have done some work to try and smooth out some of Earth's energetic and physical perturbances. This includes such things as trying to calm down hurricanes that are beginning to develop, or smooth down tectonic plate movements, so the earthquakes that are building up won't be quite as violent, or trying to smooth Earth energy field disturbances from all the nuclear weapons and pollution and wars which resonate with Earth, and smooth that energy out. Mother Earth, Gaia, is after all a conscious organism, as even some of our physical scientists have now conceded (Lovelock, 2000).

* Time dilation or contraction. This refers to the application of psychic/mental force to alter the amount of time during which an event occurs. An example of time contraction, for example, is making a journey a lot shorter that it normally would be. That is to say, to go from one town to another on a trip that should take an hour, instead takes a Star Seed driver 40 minutes without any speeding or short-cuts. Time contraction is done when it's terribly important to get there more quickly than “possible”. Is that possible? Yes.

Time dilation involves application of psychic power to fit more of an experience into a limited time frame than is ordinarily “possible” to do, that is, to “slow down” the passage of time, because what is going on is very special. As an example, a seventh grade Star Kid was out at night aboard a starcraft attending an important briefing on upcoming events and his role and mission in them. Yet he has a book report to write for his school class, and only fifteen minutes until the school bus comes. Ordinarily such a report would require the Star Kid to spend an hour. Yet the Star Kid does a respectable job on the report and has it written by the time the bus comes.

* Pre-sensitivity to earthquakes or human disasters (such as an impending car crash). This gift is a special kind of sensitivity to such turbulent events. It is not so much a seeing (remote viewing) of the future event, but an internal feeling in the Star Kid’s body. Sometimes this takes the form of a vibratory feeling, or an ache in one part of the child’s body. Over time, the child learns to associate that special vibration or ache with a disaster event that later appears on the news, or happens to the child and her family.

* Interdimensional awareness. This refers to being able to sense beings from another dimension. Or being able to move across the "dimensional barrier" and sensing what's going on in another world. Other dimensions exist. Our advanced physicists and mathematicians have calculated that there may well be 11 dimensions, (e.g. Edward Witten of the Institute For Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey) A number of Star Kids have this ability to perceive beyond our conventional three dimensions-plus-time (a fourth dimension). Since some of the Star Visitors inform us that they come from other dimensional space, a Star Kid’s ability to see cross-dimensionally is helpful in engaging in contact.

Needless to say, military intelligence organizations seek to harness this ability also, but to do it using technology. The film, and then popular television series, Stargate/SG-1, is not quite as fictional as viewers might think. In fact, I was recently given some information by my ex-National Security Agency (NSA) contact that this technology has been achieved at Los Alamos National Labs (LANL). There an interdimensional portal has been created using extremely high-powered holographic technology. LANL have sent a person through.

On the other side, the test subject accessed another world. What he saw both intrigued and unsettled him. One of the scientists involved in this project was Dr. Wen Ho Lee, a scientist who several years back became famous in the headlines. It wasn't nuclear secrets that the government was actually worried about Dr. Lee being careless with. That was just the “cover story”. Dr. Lee reportedly knew about a lot more delicate stuff than nuclear bomb designs, (by now a 50-year-old technology.).

Because Dr. Lee was involved with the interdimensional portal project, LANL felt it very important to keep his mouth zipped tightly shut. Some Star Seeds whom I talk to are amused by how the government and the military always have to construct elaborate machinery to attempt to duplicate the psychic feats which come naturally to so many Star Kids.

* Astral travel, out-of-body travel. This is the ability which involves a person’s consciousness/self/personhood leaving their physical body and going elsewhere in space and/or time for a while. Star Kids frequently know how to this, or the experience just happens with them spontaneously.

Many of us as experiencers, and those of us who are researcher-therapists, have run across astral travel as one of the preferred ways in which Star Visitors make contact with humans. If I make an oversimplified template of how contacts go as a pattern, often the Visitors soften up the beachhead with a physical encounter. They show up in the flesh and the experiencer says, "Oh, my God, they're real. They're visiting me." After she gets over that, often the subsequent encounters take place in the astral, out-of-body mode.

The Star Seed is lying in bed, her body stays in bed, and then her conscious self goes elsewhere, maybe up on a craft, is with them, gets information, has communication, is shown things, then comes back down into the physical body. She finishes sleeping, and wakes up in the morning with information and memories she went to bed not knowing. And for the Star Visitors, out-of-body travel is a lot easier than running antigravity discs through U.S. military radar nets, trying to get down to Earth’s surface and physically bring aboard craft one or more persons from the Earth's surface -and more efficient.

* Close mental connection with a Star Visitor guide. This is not so much a psychic ability as a special companionate experience which tends to generate psychic abilities. This experience happens in one of several ways. One of the more common is a Star Visitor consciousness coming within the mental space of a human Star Kid or Star Seed and being present temporarily or long-term as an additional consciousness presence.

Typically the Star Visitor (disembodied) consciousness visits to serve as a Guide to the Star Kid, and/or to learn more about Earth civilization as experienced through the Star Kid’s perception. In an alternative way, the human involved has a quasi-fatal accident or illness and the human’s self/consciousness/soul is slipping away. A Star Visitor utilizes the opportunity to slip into the human body before the body finishes dying, and provides continuity of life and a consciousness presence to the body which suddenly therefore comes back to life.

This is sometimes reported as a “miraculous recovery”. Many Star Visitors who have volunteered to incarnate on Earth at this critical time in our history to help humankind make it, have entered the human population in this way. A great number if Star Kids remember their previous incarnation on another world. And they bring many of the special advanced energy and abilities with them for this lifetime in a human body.

* Affecting electric/electronic appliances. This is not about the passive influence of a Star Kid’s bio-electromagnetic-photic field on such mundane things as a street light, (as we discussed in an earlier chapter.) Rather, what is referred to here is the conscious directing of mental and/or physical energy so as to affect the operation of an electric device or the circuitry of an electronic device by affecting its electromagnetic field. Star Kids have done things like get dead flashlight batteries to work.. Or getting a broken radio to work again.

* Cross-species communication. An ability to telepathically and intuitively connect with another species, be it terrestrial animal, or plant, or a Star Visitor race. The communication includes receiving messages from the other species and sending messages. This communication can be, as several Star Kids have told me, knowing what their pet is thinking and feeling. Or making mental connection with a dolphin at Marine World. Cross-species communication with plants is part of the process some Star Kids use in doing healing work with sick or “dead” plants.

* Psychometry. This involves the ability to learn some information about, say, a person by handling some object, such as the person’s keys or a piece of jewelry they have worn. This is based on the understanding that all objects carry a frequency “signature”. In doing psychometry the Star Kid connects her frequency with the frequency of the object.

Social and Spiritual Applications of These Advanced Abilities

If you read this menu of things to the average citizen who has not been indoctrinated in the psychic paranormal reality that is the familiar world of Star Kids, they would think you're talking science fiction -if they don't think you're talking "looney bin." But, it's not only real, it's personal for millions of Star Kids (and Star Seeds) around the world.

Now we're at a different phase in our human social evolution. Now it's going public. Now it's going across society. No more shamanistic elitism. Our kids, many of them, are being bred with these characteristics as a given. It keeps spreading. And as the reproductive genetic spread goes on, it will become normative in society. The folks I work with at Star Kid Workshops are merely the vanguard of what our whole population is going to look like in probably the next couple of generations. If you want to see Fifth Society, that’s what you'll be looking at.

Now, why the gifts? Let me suggest some social purposes, the social and spiritual uses of these gifts, that give these special abilities their nature as gifts for humankind. These psi powers are not just for showing off, and certainly not given for purposes of empowering one set of individuals to lord it over the rest, or to seek to control the rest. Because we are a social species, there is a varied distribution of abilities and talents among the population. No one person has every ability. The distribution which nature unfolds in the population is designed to assure a widespread availability of needed special powers on occasions of need. The distribution also assures a general empowerment, with no one individual all-powerful.

Here then is a brief discussion of each of the special powers discussed, and an example or two of their potential application for the social good.

* Telepathy.
Star Kids (and adult Star Seeds) share mental telepathic ability. When in a group, such starfolk create a shared mental field, a mind-field commons. Such an environment fosters honesty, transparency, trust, openness, mutual availability, mutual caring. It’s no use trying to hide anything; you just look evasive, and are mentally exposed to others anyway. Such mutual telepathy is a major building block in creating Fifth World cosmic society, with high values of transparency, trust, and caring, such as one finds in a non-dysfunctional family.

* “Sensitivity” or precognition.
Star Kids with such developed talents are sort of like the Indian scouts of old, up in the trees saying, "There's buffalo over that next hill. Let's go get 'em and have something to the tribe to eat." The precognitive “Indian scouts” of Fifth World Society will be seeing probable futures, because no future is absolutely cast in stone. They're highly probable, based on current circumstances confluencing together in the most likely way. That's as close as anybody can get to the future, because of free will and chaotic, often somewhat-random inter-pinging of events. (Even for a subatomic particle at Los Alamos, our scientists can't say for sure whether the particle going go through one grid or another, because of the "uncertainty principle.")

Anyway, we have probable futures. And if the precognitive experts in our “star tribe” can point that out, that allows us as a society to say, "Hmmm, unless we do something, such and such is going to happen. If we'd like it, fine, let's keep on doing what we're doing. If we don't like it, whoa!, let's see what we can do to change it." So, it is easy to se that there is a benefit to society from that kind of ability.

* Telekinesis.
We're moving to a stage of mind over matter -mentally-assisted vehicle guidance, for instance. That technology already exists. Many experiencers have "taken the wheel," if you will, in a saucer, and after a little coaching mentally guided it in doing its maneuvers. The better Star Visitor civilizations do it by mind alone -there's no joy stick.

Some of our advanced classified military fighters and fighter pilots are doing that, only they use helmet technology which has been adapted from Star Visitor technology. They think, and their helmet accepts their electroencephalogram waves without wires, by radio pickup, and translates the signal into aileron and rudder control in the craft. That's not quite mental telekinesis, but it's pretty close; it's a mechanical model of it. In actual telekenesis, a Star Kid has stopped a heavy rolling cart that would have otherwise injured another person.

* Penetrating intuitiveness.
Social discernment could be one benefit. If all of us can pick up when something is "loaded" -it's not right, and there's some hidden agenda -it's going to be much harder to pull a lot of political and social scams that are now floating successfully. Maybe in Fifth World there will be a new political party -the No B.S. Party. What a refreshing idea.

* Aura reading.
This allows each Star Kid to discern the other people around her. How are they doing today? And if they're coming from an unsettled, dark place, she can spot that. If they need a little help, be it physical or emotional, it can perhaps trigger her psychic healing or telepathically-delivered empathy.

* Psychic diagnosis.
Imagine this more general ability to detect illness, injury, or disease by scanning the field which each person’s body generates. In a Star Kid Workshop I conducted in 2003, Star Kids were readily able to run their hand over the boundary of the energy field around a volunteer patient (with a real, unrevealed illness), and determine where an illness was located. In one case the patient protested that he had no illness in a left shoulder area identified as a trouble spot. Sheepishly the patient contacted me a couple of weeks later, and said that he had developed a soreness in the precise area spotted at the Workshop. Evidently that Star Kid was sensitive enough to detect an injury whose effect would not be felt for several weeks.

* Psychic healing, remote healing.
What good is psychic diagnosis without psychic healing for the malady diagnosed? Earlier in 2004 I taught a siblingship of a brother and sister to do psychic healing of their mother, (after they had successfully learned to do psychic diagnosis.) The mother had incurable ovarian cancer, and had told me privately that she was not expected to make it, but had not shared that part with her children, so as not to frighten them. Imagine the stunned joy I felt when five months later the mother phoned me up to say that her cancer was gone!

Now imagine everybody as a "barefoot doctor" to everybody else, as the general population becomes Star Kids and Star Seeds! (“Barefoot doctor” refers to a practitioner class in China in earlier decades who, with modest training but dedication to serving the rural poor in remote locations, made sure that even the poorest had basic medical services.)

Psychic healing is also useful in going beyond traditional medicine for situations where you can't get to traditional help Or in situations where traditional medicine has nothing more to offer. Or maybe as an alternative choice, when a person would be rather be healed psychically than visit their doctor. Also, psychic healing is not confined to situations where the patient is present in front of the psychic healer. Where circumstances prevent that, for example the patient is cut off in a disaster from being able to get through on roads, psychic healing can be telepathically and telekinetically projected to the distant patient.

* Remote viewing.
A Star Kid told me of remote viewing an automobile crash that would happen to his family if they got in their car for a weekend drive. He warned his mother who would have been driving a certain route. She avoided that route. Later the family read in the paper about a terrible wreck that occurred to someone else at the same location foreseen by the Star Kid.

More generally, society will benefit from these Kids’ ability to engage in seeing the past, or the future, and learning from past mistakes, or seeing future probabilities, and fostering good possibilities with supportive energy.

* Invisibility work.
In certain situations, a person may need protective privacy. Star Kids and adult Star Seeds have foreseen a turbulent future in the next few years, where fascist regimes will take over, and much of America will be subjugated. In such times of peril, the ability to be undetected by the new generation of Storm Troopers could be a distinct advantage. And Star Kids who avoid a general round-up into “holding centers” will thus be around to fight for freedom another day.

* Teleportation.
In the turbulent times ahead, teleportation would be an attractive option for those important, urgent deliveries that just can't wait for FedEx, if it is even available. And given the Time of Transition just up ahead, there will be circumstances when FedEx won’t be around to make the run.

* Levitation.
If you fall off a cliff, it might be nice not to have to go all the way to the ground. One Star Kid told me of being surveilled and followed by a cluster of three white vans and a dark Chevrolet Suburban. It was clear these were federal agents, or a rogue unit trying to appear as such. As the lead white van crept up at five miles-per-hour within yards of this 17-year-old boy, as he walked down the street, deliberately intimidating him, he became frightened and somehow triggered some super-strength he had, bolted many yards in the air, up a hillside and over a chain-link fence and landed on his feet in the center of a basketball court. The federales in the white van were so spooked by this feat that they broke off surveillance and sped off.

* Mental influencing.
Star Kids can use this ability to encourage and support those people who are doing difficult work. You know, it doesn't have to be mind control. It can be supportive and friendly, giving somebody in a tough place a little extra boost from the outside. A number of people on a Star Kids/Star Seeds communication list which I facilitate, UFOFacts at , have placed a request on-line asking for other Starfolk to send positive and supportive mental messages when the member had a difficult medical challenge to address.

* Earth energy adjustment work.
With the earth changes coming up, we're probably all going to have to get fairly busy to modify some of the rather dramatic cataclysms that otherwise are building. With many Star Kids and Star Seed adults potentially available for this important task, it will be important to “wake up” all the many “Latent” Star Kids, who still don’t know who they are, or what their powers fully are.

* Interdimensional awareness.
Some of our visitors are coming across dimensions, and when we see them, we're not just seeing somebody who came in a high-tech vehicle from another star system. We're seeing folks who jumped dimensions. Often they have trouble getting into third-dimensional density here. They are kind-of fuzzy on the edges of our three-dimensional world. It's as dense as they can stand being without getting a migraine. If we starfolk can reach across halfway and meet them with some interdimensional awareness, the connections are that much easier to make.

* Connection with Star Visitor Guides.
Star Kids and older Star Seeds have talked with me about having special “guardian angels” offer some suggestions and hints for us. As Fifth World society accepts the reality of these star-being Guides, our society is going to be that much richer for having their wisdom and guidance.

* Out-of-body travel/ Astral travel.
That's how remote viewing works. This is a preferred way of doing a lot of contact with the Star Visitors, and other contact. One such instance of nontraditional contact, achieved by out-of-body travel, is connecting with relatives who have departed this life.

Some Psychic Exercises for Star Kids (and Star Seed Adults)
Psychic abilities develop with practice. Those who do not practice often find that a psychic power they have is unpredictable, occurs without conscious control, or is not very well focused. Here are some simple, straightforward exercises which will help a Star Kid develop his or her psychic powers, allow them to have a focus, and be responsive to conscious direction.

* Aura Viewing.
Have the child look at a person standing in front of a mirror, or a blank wall, preferably white or a light color like beige. Have the child concentrate on beginning to notice the outline of an energetic/ luminous/shimmering field around that person's head and shoulders. See how far out it extends. Is there a color to the field?

* Psychometry Exercise.
Fashion a lightweight pinwheel of paper or thin plastic, and suspend it on a stick where it can rotate very freely. Place the whole apparatus under a glass bowl or other transparent enclosure. Have the child concentrate on moving the pinwheel solely by focused mental effort and/or personal energy transmission.

* Remote Viewing Exercise.
Draw or cut out a simple line drawing of a basic geometric shape, such as a circle, rectangle, pyramid, or five-pointed star. Place this drawing in a sealed plain envelope. Prepare an additional symbol in a second envelope. After sitting the child down in a quiet peaceful space, and giving him/her time to quiet and focus, show the child the first envelope, and tell her that there is a simple drawing in there. Tell her that the game is for her to go inside the envelope with her mind and tell you what she sees there.

After she tells you, have her try the second envelope with its symbol. Note that some children's mind, not yet adept at crossing space-time dimensions, may travel to the second envelope when they think they are seeing inside the first envelope. Any approximate identification of the symbol is correct. This is an area of skill-building. And even the government's most proficient remote viewers do not always get their visual targets correct or complete, especially at first.

* Silent Interpersonal Communication/Empathy
Have the Star Kid sit across from you, or some other person. Without either saying a word, gently maintain silence and general eye contact, (not a stare-down.) Have the Star Kid pick up on what the other person is feeling, or their general state of being or health today. After several minutes, stop and the Star Kid can relate his perceptions and get feedback from the other person.

* Telepathy Exercise.
Have a volunteer available at a somewhat distant location who will hold one clear and distinct thought or image in their mind for several minutes. Have the Star Kid sit quietly in a room by themself. Have them focus on the remote individual, and gently pick up what that person is thinking, or what image is in their mind. Report the results back to the volunteer for on-the-spot cross-checking of how close the Star Kid came in picking up the mental impression.

* Pendulum Exercise.
First, select a pendulum, or make one of your own. Something as simple as a pendant of quartz crystal suspended from a string will do. "Calibrate" the pendulum by determining what motion it will make to signify a "Yes", a "No", and a "The-question-cannot-be-answered-yes-or-no" response to a simple question to which the pre-known answer is "Yes" or "No" or "Question is not a Yes or No question". In many cases the pendulum will make a circular motion in one direction for "Yes" and in the opposite direction for "No", and will go back and forth in a line for "Improper Question". In yet other cases the pendulum will swing back and forth in one direction for "Yes", in another for "No", and may move circularly for "Improper Question".

After the Star Kid has calibrated the pendulum, then he is ready to ask a Yes-or-No question to which he does not already know the answer. For purposes of learning, it might be useful to have the Star Kid ask a question where information about the answer can be cross-checked, say, in the encyclopedia or on the Internet. A word of caution: some questions which seem simple and could be answered yes or no actually, upon careful analysis, have embedded assumptions or sub-questions within them, which prevent the ability to answer the question with a straight "Yes" or "No".

* Dowsing Rod as Power Detector, Information gatherer
Dowsing rods have many uses and applications, some of which have already been mentioned in an earlier chapter. But here is another exercise for your Star Kid to do. Use the dowsing rods and slowly walk in a straight line through the house looking for ley lines and vortices. Have the Star Kid use the dowsing rods pointing forward and parallel in front of her, and invite het to slowly walk in a straight line through the house.

After finishing one line (axis), have her walk in another line, perpendicular to the first. These paths should allow her to intercept any energy line that may run partially or completely through the house. When the rods intercept an energy line, they will cross into each other, i.e., go "cross-eyed" If they intercept a vortex, they will start rotating. To find a vortex may require browsing all through a house, or outdoors all over the property. And the hunt may not be successful. But it is fun to explore.

* Psychic diagnosis
There are several ways to do diagnosis of ailment or injury. Some people do so by "seeing" into the person's body and spotting the ailment/injury as a place of different coloration. Another way is to detect variation along the boundary of a person's bio-electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. Have the volunteer with an ailment not tell the Star Kid where s/he is afflicted, but lie down on a couch, and have the Star Kid run their hand, palm down, from head to toe about two to three inches above the body, (wherever the Star Kid starts to feel the edge of the person's bio-electric field.)

The Star Kid is to look for a spot or two of variation. The variation may take the form of warmer or colder than the average temperature feeling of the person's overall bio-electric field boundary. Or the variation may take the form of an energy spike or "slump" at one place in the field. That zone of variation is where the ailment or injury is located. A note: sometimes the Star Kid will detect an injury that happened years ago, or, in one case I worked on, an illness that had not yet happened and was two weeks in the future.

* Psychic healing
Have the volunteer person seeking a healing rest horizontally on a couch quietly. Have the Star Kid rub their palms together briskly, quiet down, go inward and invoke assistance from Supreme Source in the cosmos, and from Mother Earth. Have the Star Kid visualize drawing in healing energy from the cosmos down from above through the Crown Chakra (energy opening at the crown of the head), and directing that energy to the Heart Chakra (heart), and then out through their arms and hands. Have the Kid visualize healing energy coming up through the soles of their feet from Mother Earth and up into the Heart Chakra, and thence out through their arms and palms. Visualize it radiating from their palms placed about 2-3 inches vertically above the spot where the ailment/injury is located on the supine resting patient. Sustain that energy-transfer/ healing for several minutes, until the Star Kid feels that enough has been accomplished.

* Telekenesis Exercise.
Have the Star Kid go t the arcade and play pinball. Have him focus intently on the ball and influence its path to go towards a particular scoring hole. Keep score. Compare “psychic” scores to unassisted scoring.

* Viewing across dimensions.
Have the Star Kid quiet herself, and sit facing forward. Have her open her mind to inviting contact with a friendly being from a dimension outside of our three-dimensional world. Have her spend a few minutes, and notice whether any image occurs at the corner of an eye.

* Precognition
Have the Star Kid look at a certain upcoming event, e.g., a political election, horse race, or camping trip, and "see" what impression they get from that future event. The Star Kid may get an impression of who is going to win, or if one of those involved will have an accident, or whether something unexpected and interesting interposes within the event. Write down the impression, and go back and look at it after the event has occurred.

* Penetrating Intuitiveness
The next time the Star Kid is in a fast-food restaurant, have her look around and see what impression she may get from someone in the restaurant. Usually there will be at least one person there in a crowd who pulls the Star Kid's attention by something they are sending out, or that is true about them.Look for clues which may confirm or disconfirm the original impression.

* Teleportation
The next time that something gets lost or misplaced, have the Star Kid reach out psychically and "draw in" the lost object to a pre-agreed-upon spot in the house, e.g., on top of a dresser, at a predetermined time. Give the object a day or two to "materialize" in the spot the Star Kid has strongly invited it to reappear at.

* Levitation
Let the Star Kid sit quietly on the floor, or lay quietly on the bed, in their bedroom. The Star Kid puts themself into alpha (altered) consciousness, and begins visualizing what it is like to become very, very light: so much so, that gravity no longer exerts much influence at all, and as a result, the Star Kid visualizes him/herself slowly, gradually, slightly not being as sunk into the chair or mattress. With further visualization and intention, the Star Kid slowly rises a bit more. Then holds it. Then slowly allows/visualizes sinking gradually back into the chair or mattress.

* Mental influencing
This is an exercise the Star Kid must be reminded can only be properly done in an ethical manner; (no violation of another's free will.) As an example, in class let the Star Kid strongly send out the telepathic message to the teacher to call upon the Star Kid next to answer the question. Or when the teacher is picking children for a fun assignment.

* Invisibility work
The Star Kid can go into a room frequently visited, but in which no one is at the moment, and sit quietly in a corner, and meditate and focus on creating a shield around her/himself that makes it extremely difficult for others to see or feel their presence. When another person enters the room, see how long it takes for them to notice that the Star Kid is there, too, (if at all.)

* Earth energy adjustment work
The Star Kid can go to a strong energy spot (vortex), or even just to a remote quiet natural outdoors location, and first feel what information Mother Earth is sending about the amount of discord/damage she is feeling. Then the Star Kid can focus, meditate, pray, drawing in energy from the cosmos, and direct it out of their palms in a healing, soothing way to some access point of Mother Nature, such as a monolithic rock, stream, exceptional tree, etc.

* Time dilation ("stretching" time to allow more done in a short span)
The next time there is a situation where there isn't enough time (normally) to get something important done, have the Star Kid concentrate and form powerful persistent intention that time stretch enough that time is not up until the important thing is accomplished.

* Time contraction ("shrinking" time)
The next time that the Star Kid faces an extended situation that she wishes would hurry up and get over, (such as time in a dentist's chair getting a cavity drilled and filled,) have her concentrate and form powerful persistent intention that the time just fly by, and that what took 45 minutes seems to have gone by in just five or seven minutes.

* Feeling the location/time of the next earthquake
Let the Star Kid go out and sit in the back yard on the ground, quiet himself and center internally, and then gradually tune into the Earth beneath him and her energy currents and movement. Feel where any stress and build-up of pressure and force is within the crust, and in what direction that pressure is located. Get out a map and note what lies in that direction. Over the next few weeks keep aware of any earthquake reports from that region.

* Inter-dimensional awareness.
A Star Kid can sit quietly in a somewhat darkened room, get into a meditative state, respectfully invite in one of her Star Visitor Guides, and request to be able to see him/her. The visibility may be just out of the corner of the Star Kid’s eye.

* Out-of-body (astral) travel
Let the Star Kid sit quietly in a chair, or lay quietly on the bed, in their bedroom. The Star Kid puts themself into alpha (altered) consciousness, and begins visualizing first mentally going out above the Earth and over to another locale. As the mind starts to travel, feel the body becoming very light and less attached. Allow the body to remain quietly in the chair or on the bed while the essential the Star Kid (soul/spirit/consciousness) travels to this other locale, looks around, immerses herself in that place, its look, colors, temperature, feeling, events.

Remember what is seen and felt there, and then gradually transit back to where the Star Kid left their body. This exercise works particularly well if the Star Kid travels to a place where there is someone they know, whom they can call up later and ask what they were doing at the time of the astral travel visit, so that the impressions of the Star Kid can be cross-checked with the person visited.

* Affecting electrical/electronic appliances.
This exercise involves the Star Kid temporarily causing an orange sodium vapor-plasma street light to go out on purpose. Stand near/underneath a sodium vapor-plasma street lamp and begin to focus intently on the gaseous vapor being ignited by the tiny filament. The vapor sends out light only because it is highly excited/charged. Form strong intention, and send out a correspondingly strong visualization that the plasma "collapse" back into the quiet non-luminous state the gas was in before the light was turned on. Keep this up until the orange streetlight goes "out".

For extra credit, give it (and yourself) a minute or two, and then do the above steps, except in reverse, thus ultimately turning the street light back on. Ssend out the strong visualized intention that the gas become ignited by the filament and return to its highly-excited plasma shining state. Keep this up until it happens. It may take a long while at first.

* Cross-species communication.
Get your pet, or a friend’s pet, quiet them down, get into a meditative state yourself, then reach out with your consciousness and intuition and feeling and see what you pick up from the pet’s communicative thoughts or feelings. After establishing a link, try to give a familiar command telepthically rather than out loud. See if the pet “gets it”. For example, “Sit!”, or “Go to your bed.”

* Psychometry (reading objects by touch). This works by harnessing the Star Kid's psychic awareness, plus tuning into the energy pattern that someone leaves on the objects they touch or come into contact with. With prsctice the Star Kid will become better at gewtting information off the object touched by the person. This is analogous to a bloodhound going after a person based on old scent traces.
Let the Star Kid touch an object which belongs to someone he does not know, but the parent does, and feel what he can learn about the owner of the object: state of healthy, emotional state, appearance, etc.

* The other psychic abilities
There are many more psychic exercises. But these should keep a Star Kid out of mischief for a while. And remember: just like your physical muscles, the more you exercise your psychic muscles with these (and other) exercises, the stronger they become.

Signs That a Child (or Adult) May Be a Star Kid/ (Star Seed)

They are more naturally spiritual but less interested in church-going religion. They abhor violence and tend towards compassion for suffering and misfortune. They often have a fascination with space and life elsewhere, and many feel a connection to other worlds and their peoples as “home” and “family”.
These are the Star Kids, and the Star Seed adults.
A Star Kid may be defined as a child with both human and Star Visitor origins.
The Star Visitor contribution to the child's makeup may come from:
1) Star Visitor genes spliced into the human parent's reproductive material, (genetic engineering);
2) from a deliberately-chosen “missionary” incarnation of an Star Visitor into a human body to accomplish important work here, bringing useful awareness and competencies; or,
3) from a “Walk-In” situation in which a human somewhere during childhood or later on begins to die from an accident or serious illness, but the departing human spirit/soul/personality is simultaneously replaced by a Star Visitor spirit/soul/personality, which carries on providing the life-force and completes the lifetime, and imbues that human with advanced abilities.

These descriptions also apply to those who are Star Seed adults.
Some Star Kids do not yet remember any Star Visitor contact until a later time in their life.
These children are special, as their sometimes bewildered and bemused parents know all too well. They often seem to be little adults in children's bodies. And they often have a gaze and a knowingness that belies their years.
Many years of continuing Star Visitor biological engineering in an ongoing effort to upgrade the Human race have resulted in children whose heads are now often so big that a Caesarian section, or at least an episiotomy, is the only way they can be born. But even though increased cranial size is a rough index of intelligence, even more important is the qualitative increase in Human development. Such areas include: enhanced psychic abilities, the ability to harness bioenergetic (chi, prana) energy and earth and cosmic forces to heal, and telepathic and intuitive linking with others and with Source Consciousness.
One of the most common, if mundane, characteristics of these Star Kids is that often they will cause a street lamp (especially the amber sodium vapor type) to go out when they walk by. This is due to the influence of their body’s bioelectromagnetic field, which has been “amped-up” as a result of contact with the Star Visitors.
These children display skills, such as: telepathy (mental communication), precognition (knowing the future), telekinesis (moving objects by mental concentration), clairvoyance/remote viewing (mentally seeing things distant in space or time), "downloading" information (from off-planet consciousnesses), cross-species communication, penetrating intuitiveness (just "knowing" something without being told), affecting electrical devices (e.g., devices turn on or blow out as the kid goes by), remote-influencing others (telepathically), inter-dimensional viewing, aura-reading (learning about another's health, intentions, etc. by observing the energy field surrounding them), psychic diagnosis ("reading" the person's energy field fluctuations), psychic or bioenergetic healing (transferring helpful energy to a person), invisibility work (making self "invisible" (mentally), teleportation (moving self or object from one locale to another by mental effort), levitation (rising from the ground by mental effort), mental influencing (telepathically causing another to "feel" like doing something the Star Kid wants) , earth energy adjustment work, time dilation or contraction (causing events, trips, etc. to take longer or shorter time than ordinary), pre-sensitivity to earthquakes or human disasters like car crashes, interdimensional awareness, astral (out-of-body) travel, channeling (serving as a conduit for a person not present to speak through), shared consciousness (with a Star Visitor guide), operating in close mental connection with their Star Visitor guides, and physically summoning and connecting with one's Star-Visitor and other guardians.

These children embody physical changes that even they often recognize, such as: robust immunity development (most Star Kids have hardly any flus or bad colds), or, some Star Kids go the alternate path. These alternate-path Star Kids are highly sensitive to environmental contaminants, the sensitivity expressed as allergies, and have low digestive tolerance for certain substances (for instance, cannot tolerate dairy products, are mildly allergic to even whole-wheat products, and find meat-eating repulsive) , and develop disorders (labeled as "Asperger's", ot "Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity") which suggest an incompatibility between their neurological wiring and the nervous system of regular Humans. And these Star Kids also often have lower basal temperature (for example, instead of 98.6 degrees F, a body temperature of 96.8 F, thus meaning that the body is consumed less rapidly by metabolic forces.)

These kids are also notable for their knowing gaze, mature outlook, and appealing dynamic appearance (Star Kids), which most often turns out later in life as looking younger than one’s years (as adult Star Seeds).

These Star Kids are not just psi-savants, but recognize the importance of spiritual connection to Source in reverent consciousness. They also share spiritual insights, explore the connections between the physical (e.g., quartz crystal), the metaphysical (e.g., thought energy), and the spiritual (e.g., creating and transmitting the intention to do good deeds to those in need). They reverence and utilize spiritual prayer, and respect the underlying spiritual truth in ceremonies from various cultures.

They most often are imbued with a missionary zeal to make people wake up to their highest and best potential. These Star Kids also want to change the world for the better, be it by working for peace, by spreading compassion and kind deeds, by working to heal the Earth’s pollution injuries, or telling people about a larger family we have out among the stars.

These are some of the ways in which a Star Kid may be recognized.

2. Rh-negative blood type. TONS of discussion on this one, all over the place, and some is pretty wild.

You say there are TONS of discussions about Rh-negative blood type. It would be nice of you if you could provide some sources / links, and maybe point out some quotes from links, if possible?

3. Uncommon eye colors. Green, amber, etc. Seen some truly bizarre discussions on green eyes, when simply looking to see how uncommon the color is (for clear personal reasons).

The smaller area surounding my pupil is more amber-color, then the middle of my Iris is more a mixture of light-grey / light-blue / light-green, before it gets darker towards the end of the Iris.

What bizarre discussions have you heard about green eyes?

4. Unusual dreams. Dreaming in color, with physical sensation, smell, etc. Also dreams of unusual places, etc.

In one of my dreams i did fly like Superman above Grand Canyon. In nother dream, every building were turned to ruins by the Tripod attacks from "War of the Worlds" and i tried to hide myself in the basements of these ruins, but i had to keep on running from ruin to ruin in attempt to hide myself, because the Tripods kept on coming to search for every ruin to see if there were any survivors left, so i had to keep on running from ruin to ruin, what a nightmare i had, and that was just after i watched that "War of Worlds" movie from 2005 the evening before. But, i also sometimes had unusual dreams, unusual dreams of being in unusual places, in strange worlds, strange looking places that looks way more different than the places here on Earth. But i guess many other people also may dream similar strange dreams.
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Originally posted by LadyGreenEyes
1. Various "ESP"-type traits. Things like telekinesis, knowing what others think or feel, knowing things before they happen, common, strong "hunches" about things, etc.

So, what do you all think?

But ESP is possessed by just about everyone. You could say it's a built-in "feature". It's just that most of us have not yet learned to develop it and use it practically.

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Originally posted by bakup725
But ESP is possessed by just about everyone. You could say it's a built-in "feature". It's just that most of us have not yet learned to develop it and use it practically.

Very good point there 'bakup725'
Telekinetic Energy is Natural

You will learn that the ability of telekinesis is very natural occurrence and we all have the ability to perform telekinesis it's just a matter of learning the ability. It is primarily a Mind/Brain/Consciousness related phenomenon though certainly its roots are sub-atomic like all manifestations. Some research shows there is a lot of activity in the cortex of the brain in relationship to this.

And Everybody has the ability to communicate using telepathy and anyone can learn to use it

And anyone can learn to heal

The majority of people are just not aware of these "hidden" abilities, they instead use their brain for lots of other things, some learn to use their "hidden" art skills by letting art-teachers teach them how to use their "hidden" skills in art, while others use their brain for sports, work , Valentines Day , taking care of your families and friends, Holidays, and spending time on all other things that have nothing to do with using Telepathy, Telekineses, Healing or other psychic "Superpower".

Another thing is that every person have a "Third Eye", and the "Third Eye" is refered to as clairvoyance, everybody has clairvoyance, some are more highly developed than others, some have a so-called "open Third Eye" who can see things like elementals, Fairies , Elves, Angels and other Spirits that the majority of ordinary people cannot see. Several contractors refused to destroy a "Fairy" tree

In 1968, the people of Ballymagroartyscotch were outraged when road builders threatened to cut down a skeog (fairy tree). Several contractors refused to destroy the tree; one said, "I heard of a chap with the electricity board, and he cut down a fairy tree, and the next day he fell off an electricity pole and was killed". Eventually, the road was diverted. In the 1960s a sidhe (fairy mound) was discovered to be in the way of a planned airport in Ireland; again, builders would not touch it

Communicating with the Fairies - Fairies like places that are clean and neat

Now that I know that Paul has been communicating with the fairies the past few nights and trying to gain their trust. I wanted to be able to communicate with them also, because I thought that really awesome. So I asked him how he got started and he showed me his room which has a bowl of holy water for protection from evil, a bowl of milk for the Faerie to drink, ginger for the Faerie to eat, and a bowl of soft tissue for their bed. He told me that Fairies are Orbs in the air. So I needed to focus on what was in the air, and soon enough I began to see the Fairies. During the night I stayed up and did things to gain their trust. Then I went to my bathroom and when I was washing my hands, I kept the warm water running, and started to talk to the Fairies. I was talking to them about my life. I could ask them yes or no questions and they would answer me truthfully. First I asked if my hands were running under freezing cold water, and they told me no. So I asked if my hands were running under warm water, and they replied yes. I asked a couple more yes or no questions that I knew the answer to, and they gave me the right answer.

A 'Star Child's "Third Eye" hurts today, because of some Extraterrestrials reportedly did something to him

Homo noeticus or Star Kids are being recognized in America, but what is the evidence in Australia to support the existence of these 'new kids on the block', which is my name for them? From my research, I have become increasingly convinced that there is growing evidence to support the hypothesis that they do exist. For example, a young mother struggling to come to terms with her own contact experiences said her main concern writing to me was not for herself, but for her young son.

"I am seeking someone to listen and understand", she wrote. "Believe me, I am not filling his head with stuff, rather it is him telling me things. My little boy is four and a half years old and yes, he does have a vivid imagination. But he does and says things that there is no way he would have picked up anywhere else. He knows what I am thinking, finishes my sentences for me and feels pain when I do. Lately, he has been talking about 'baddies' that steal him. He's worrying the hell out of me. I try to make light of it and support him at the same time. He insists it's true.

He is very blasé about it and also says he will introduce them to me one day.

'Some aliens look like us', he said. 'There are Blues ones too'.

Today, he was unwell and I kept him at home. He was chattering about his 'ghosts' in the bedroom which were like teletubbies. He said they float, not walk and they talk to him all the time. He has the knack of answering my questions before I ask them and this morning he told me what he wanted for lunch, which was exactly what I was going to suggest. I find this happens so much that it becomes the norm. He tells me details of the aliens in such a matter-of-fact way, it has actually made it easier for me to cope with the concept."

"I still have my doubts about their intentions, but can see he is unharmed and somehow accepts it as part of everyday life. He doesn’t seem traumatized and if he says those ones are scary (meaning the Greys, I think); he doesn’t appear to worry too much and understands that they are scary looking, not evil. He says that they come through the walls and can become invisible, when need be. They visit him apparently to teach him things, more than he learns at school."

"For a child to say they only come out at night, come through walls, float not walk, become invisible, but are still around, astounds me. It is something that, as an adult, I am just reading about as the characteristics of ETs. He once was sick with flu and said to me, 'I didn't want to go in the spaceship'. I asked when this happened and he said, 'Last night I went with you mummy, I didn't want to go'. I asked if the 'ghosts' took us and if it was the small ones and he nodded."

" 'They are fantastic you know mummy, really great, you should meet them. Maybe I will show you them one day'. He said he had an 'aliens' dream. They made him 'big', and daddy and I were there. We didn't stop them. Why? He said he was bigger, not taller and that he liked going through the walls. He mentioned the tall dark aliens grabbing him and hurting him. They hurt his shoulders when they grabbed him and were doing something in his tummy; they also stuck their fingers in his ears. His "Third-Eye" area hurt today (referring to the space in the middle of the forehead slightly above the eyebrows, believed to be the centre for clairvoyance, clairaudience and psychic abilities), He also talks about his dream in which 'the pavement is shaking and breaking up'."

The "Sleeping" parts of the majority of people's brain is where the psychic abilities like Telepathy, Telekinesis, Healing skills, and other psychic abilities are hidden, and the majority of the people are not aware of that. According to The Lacerta Files

The following may again sound unbelievable and even shocking to you, but as you have asked I will explain it. I have told you before, that we have more advanced mental abilities than your species and with "more advanced" I mean, that we are able to use Telepathy and Telekinesis from our birth on (in fact, mother and new-born child communicate generally with telepathy during the first months) without special training as you need it to activate these "sleeping parts of your brain". The structure of our brain is a little bit different to yours and our hypothesis is larger and more active than yours - especially when we are in sunlight. Our own abilities are very strong in comparison to yours, but weak in comparison to the "matter-string/bubble" mind forces of some of the alien species on this planet. I was never very good in that mind things, but we all have these primary abilities and can use them for example for our protection or even for attack.

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posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 12:19 PM
so Anunaki10 just killed this thread with all this Jesus talk.

posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 02:31 PM
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

I would add to to your list two other potential signs:
1.) Left-handedness
2.) ADD and/or Aspergers

posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 02:43 PM

Originally posted by IAMTAT
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

I would add to to your list two other potential signs:
1.) Left-handedness
2.) ADD and/or Aspergers

I'm left handed. Never knew that was a sign of being a hybrid lolz.


posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 02:54 PM

Originally posted by SloAnPainful

Originally posted by IAMTAT
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

I would add to to your list two other potential signs:
1.) Left-handedness
2.) ADD and/or Aspergers

I'm left handed. Never knew that was a sign of being a hybrid lolz.


Sh1t, both of my sons are. WTF?

posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 03:30 PM

Originally posted by R4inM4n
so Anunaki10 just killed this thread with all this Jesus talk.

Nope. I did not do any Jesus talk, and i did not kill this thread. And what 'bakup725' posted have nothing to do with Jesus either. You seem lost, you clearly don't know what you're talking about...
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posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 03:36 PM
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Me too.
I have a mild form of Aspergers (yes mild it's actually a spectrum disorder) and it never made me feel special.
All it ever did was make it hard to read social queues I had to learn the difference between happy face sad face.
It's exhausting, sure I seem more intuitive or empathetic but it's only because I have to constantly force myself to pay attention to all the minor queues everyone else processes subconsciously.
Once my energy is spent I'm dead and have no idea what's going on around me.

posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 04:36 PM

Originally posted by bakup725

Originally posted by SloAnPainful

Originally posted by IAMTAT
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

I would add to to your list two other potential signs:
1.) Left-handedness
2.) ADD and/or Aspergers

I'm left handed. Never knew that was a sign of being a hybrid lolz.


Sh1t, both of my sons are. WTF?

It was once believed that left handedness was a sign of the devil also
My Father is left handed, Leonardo was left handed.
I am ambidextrous what does that mean I wonder

posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 06:50 PM

I think what everyone is calling Human-Alien hybrid.Are actually more Human than most. My theory is that we Humans are very powerful beings or at least were once very powerful beings. I believe Human existed even before this time(just go with this concept,will explain later if anyone wanna know). At some point in this time other race interfered with our growth when we were young,could be for many reason(not sure which reason it is). And to intervene with us they used virus or rather arrays of virus. to keep us at bay.but with our advancing medical technology. we are destroying the effects of the virus, though not completely and hence we are seeing people with some amazing capabilities, not the whole set. Now the question arises. why did not the alien race did not wipe us out well again multiple theories(will explain if anyone wanna know).

Have a nice day

posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 09:04 PM
Hybrids.........Does that mean I run off electricity and gas because I have green eyes? Chili gives me gas

posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 11:18 PM
I think the people who dream in black and white are weird. I read that we don't dream in color but upon asking others I knew I found everyone dreams in color. I don't know what these people writing these articles are thinking. I suppose since they dream in black and white that everyone who say they dream in color are delusional or weird. If someone with two degrees tells you that you only dream in black and white, you start to think they are educated so they must be right. Yeah-right. Wake up, it's just a ploy used by people to keep in control. Sometimes they actually believe it themselves and can't see the color anymore. Our minds are perfectly capable of recreating colors in sleep. Look at something and close your eyes and try to keep it in your memory. Is it in color? Sure it is.

I have green eyes that sometimes go to hazelgreen. I'm not an Alien hybrid. At least I don't think I am. The reason there aren't many people with green eyes is because some ignorant people burned most of them as witches in the past. I'm not a witch or warlock, I may be able to predict the future by analyzing the past because I have insight. I can conjure up a hot totti or some chicken soup and do know of the medical qualities of food but I'm no warlock. Herbalists aren't witches either but in the past because of a few that were using this knowledge to profit many good people were slaughtered as witches. Profiting off of medicines and mind altering drugs is the job of the Pharma companies today.

Maybe it's because I'm a + bloodtype that I'm not an Alien. I don't have a greencard either because I was born in the USA. I wish I had a spaceship to fly around in but I'll just have to settle for the Jeep.

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