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You could be an alien hybrid if....

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posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

Unusual dreams. Dreaming in color, with physical sensation, smell, etc. Also dreams of unusual places, etc.

Is that not everyone?
Are we all hybrids because this?

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by GunzCoty

They were always wrong on that. And you know why they; thought that, they couldnt see how you see colors in your head when you go to sleep or meditate either. Just really bad science. All our cells and our pineals and even the transmitting chemicals in our pineal, all emit photons.

They've done studies you can find being discussed, but hard to track down the data. In any case, they can measure and pick up photons with sensitive equipment. The auric or energy body around us is also photons. and, its detectable. In RV they've found that that field reduces.

That means RV is a form of astral, maybe not your soul and silver cord form but its still astral. They've picked up this surge of photons.

Also, if you're sending healing thoughts the stronger your intent, the more the photon s(and its quite possibly a photon interaction going on between sender/receiver).

Intent is everything.

This school does not belong to the current managers however. It belongs to the Good Folk back home out of the cosmic schools, they're Love only.

So, we're all psi, the degeree of which is a huge indicator of soul recently coming in, and all hybrid in our body suits.

And we're in a cosmically diverse school.
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posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by leira7

Control troll.

I love it how, after over half a century, there's always some idiot trying to bring up the corpse of WW2.

Sorry libby dude but the question isn't going away in a hurry.
Fair-eyed people didn't just spring out of nowhere due to some magical evolutionary mechanism that Darwin proposed.
It's one of the best-kept secrets the msm have kept from the public.
The main reason I'm informed they do this is to keep the idiots from looking down on the non-whites.
Which is why if there's a discovery made contradicting the OOA theory it's announced very quietly and pushed into a corner, away from the light.

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 07:53 PM
eyes are silverm, Ooo no i might be an hybrid

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 08:42 PM

Originally posted by TheEmotionalSocialist
Yeah I like your reasoning !
But that would mean I am an alien! I have green eyes, I dream in colour !
I think there would probably be some more things to add to your list if we think on it

Good post - Thanks for sharing

In Fellowship


Would make me one as well, lol! No, don't think I am (most days), but there is SO much discussion ,and there are a lot of unusual things in my family. Have to wonder!

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 08:42 PM

Originally posted by Lulzaroonie
By rejection, does that mean that the pregnant mother (rh neg) miscarries a rh pos foetus?

Yes, exactly. Even if that one doesn't miscarry, it can cause a later one to do so, if the shots are not given. They tend to test, though, and this can usually be prevented.

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 08:53 PM

Originally posted by tport17
Here is a little info on green eyes and where they are most prevalent.
Green Eyes

An interesting quote/theory about dreaming in color:

A well-known 1942 study in which most subjects reported dreaming in black and white could not be replicated last year by researchers at the University of California, who said, ''It appears that one or the other (or both) groups of respondents must be profoundly mistaken about a basic feature of their dream experiences.'' Only about 18 percent of the 2003 study's subjects said they rarely or never dreamed in color, against about 71 percent in 1942.


The study went from 71% dreaming in b/w to 18% dreaming in b/w in 61 years. Two thoughts on this...if the fact of color dreaming is because of alien hybrid, then does this mean there is a remarkable increase in hybrids? My second thought is the color TV which came out in 1953, I believe, could have a little to do with this. People today do not see a lot of b/w everyday, and may therefore dream in color more than years before.

I have green eyes which came directly from my German ancestry, such as the link suggests. I have always dreamed in color and often have reoccurring dreams that I can control. I usually can only control dreams I have had before because I realize I've had them before and know what is coming next. However, I do not have RH neg blood or any outstanding esp abilities.

Interesting note on the dream issue. Seen that, but there is still debate. i know I have talked to people that claimed they do not see color, that remember their dreams. Even if true, though, most do not appear to feel physical sensations, or smell, taste, etc.

With me, some German ancestry, most of it is Scotch/Irish, so yeah, know where the green comes from. Even so, a lot of speculation out there. Adding in the negative blood, the unusual things, etc, makes a person wonder. Seems odd that SO many of the things listed on those sorts of tests, I have.

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 08:55 PM

Originally posted by DreamerOracle
Dito..... But my eyes are translucent and change from blue to grey to green from day to day... Mood? Body chemistry? IDK it just happens.
As for dreams..... it's in the name and It's proven but deciphering the prophetic to the mundane is a puzzle sometimes, Hybrid Neurons no doubt the ability to control Retarded/Advanced Electron Waves(My theory).

So far finding out the purpose of the mission, if any.... warning humanity. Then there's our survivability, stamina, focus, intelligence just a few traits there are more being tall, proportionally large cranium (see photo) but maybe it's just improving human evolution. Only time will tell.

edit on 1-3-2012 by DreamerOracle because: And the common hybrid trait.... Typos

The changing color that mine do is definitely with mood. At least the most noticeable changes.

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 08:57 PM

Originally posted by isikhizi
so, how very very special of us! i have green eyes, my blood is RH- and i dream clourful. Oh my, that means i am a hybrid! And now, what am i supposed to do,am i going to get that information and walk on the streets proudly??? How will it help me though still i am made up of dust, no matter what i dream or hope in my very fragile and very false thoughts, i am bound to the laws of god/nature whatever it is..

very funny, still hoping and still yearning for someone, somebody help us, whatever it is alien, guru, presidents, government, religions. The only truth is we are lost, i am perfectly lost, that's for sure.

wake up i say, wake up, a thousand times from the nightmares of this world, but there is no way outta here

I don't think even if there is some different DNA for some that it would mean immortality, not in the way some think. I actually ran across some of the data by accident, just looking into the eye color out of curiosity. Some, I saw on sites when I wasn't expecting to. The blood thing, well, way weird, and found the same way. What to do with it? No idea, just be who we are, and do the best we can. Same as always. More a curiosity for me.

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 09:00 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
Some of them are. RH- . Everyone dreams in color. That one was always nonsense, and we even had a debate about that in school. The only ones who didn't know were the ones who thought they didn't dream because they couldn't remember this.

I think most hybrids would probably be quite similar.

The psi part, that relates to being a starseed. Everyone is a starseed, but the longer your in the lower frequency, reincarnated many times say, the more this atrophies, the more adapted you are to the lower frequency. Starseed doesnt just mean another planet, it can also mean coming in from Home/Beyond/Paradise, outside all the schools.

But everyone is really hybrid and starseed, the human race is, including plants and animals. Its more about how recent.
We're all Dandelions Dandelions are Free!

Back to the black and white dreams, if people dreamt in black and white, they would be so shocked it would wake them up.

Every cell in our body, and the penial, emits photons. Colored light.

I'll just take the easier to find links.
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Have heard that, and seems odd that they would claim otherwise for so long. Still, as stated before, have known people that claimed they didn't see color in creams, so who knows? Have to wonder, too, if some of those in the studies didn't lie, because they thought it would be cooler to claim color when they didn't see any.

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 09:01 PM

Originally posted by Phantom traveller
Ok my alien hybrid friends,here is one test and here is another.It will tell you if you are hybrids or not.

Recently i met a person and we started talking.When he felt confortable enough he told me "i don't feel i belong here,all i want is to go home".He didn't say anything about alien hybrids(i don't believe he knows about them),but this is how one knows that something is "wrong" with them.It's not just the eye color or the rh,it's the feeling in your guts that you don't belong and of course the dreams.

Of course there are cases of delusional people,but if one has this feeling all his/her life then there is definetely somethhing worth checking out.

Yeah, seen those tests, but they seem vague in some areas, and incomplete in others. Hence, the attempt to put one together a little more detailed. Since it's such a popular topic here, this seemed the right place. Sort of our own site list.

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 09:03 PM

Originally posted by missvicky
Personally, I think we are all hybrids. But it all happened so long ago that, of course, some of us will demonstarte more or less those alien genes. The only criteria Idon't have is that I'm O+ blood type. My husband demonstrates all of them except he has bown eyes. The RH factor is an interesting the point of view that the neg RH is "new" and they don't know where it came from. My husband is RH neg.Our daughters are too and the births of our grand children are adventure stories.
Anyway, my personal idea (don't want to call it a belief yet) is that the story of human existence on this planet cannot be explained unless one includes the influence of aliens. And that this "influence " happened along time ago....LONG TIME AGO.....and so here we are wondering where our parents went and when they are coming back.
So .... in short.... those of us that "notice" differences are exhibiting the alien-ness in their genes, their make-up.

I don't know if I would call it aliens or not, but seems to be something different. Definitely, if so, not anything new! Aliens, demons, something involved, that most people don't want to believe is real!

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 09:06 PM

Originally posted by colec156
Ok puts tin foil hat on

I answer yes to all 4 of the questions you have put up OP.

I dream in colour and have the ability to control my dreams. I have dreamt of some places and since have be to some of the very places for the first time.

I am A rh negative blood type.

My eyes are hazel green.

I have some esp traits but can't seem to control them, there are times when things just seem to come to me, or I pick on up on someones thoughts. Have seen energies but again, it's not something I can seem to just turn on as I please.

And like another poster that said, they have a deep inner feeling that they don't belong here. I have the same feeling, but a feeling like on here for another purpose that will become clearer in time. I first started getting the stronger feelings about this back in 2008. An awaking if you like.

I can only say how I feel, some people out there reading this might think I'm mad.

Good thread OP.

LOTS of people tell me I am nuts (not in a "get her committed way"), so know what you mean. No "awakening" or anything, but enough oddities that I can't help but wonder where some of it comes from. Definitely not like the average person, though, in too many ways.

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 09:09 PM

Originally posted by chr0naut
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

The 4 traits mentioned in the OP are all human traits.

Rarer, but still just human.

I have all 4 but also am pretty sure I'm just Homo Sapiens.

The fact that I've gotten older and some parts are starting to wear (like pretty much everyone else my age) is an indicator that I'm actually fairly normal.

But spiritually, I'm not from 'round here.

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Well, can understand that. Don't really think it's "alien" stuff, though I would accept the possibility of nephilim. Kinda think that is what the aliens are, anyway - demonic. Or, the possibility of more than one sort of human, even. Spiritually, so NOT the same as most here! Right with you on that one.

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 09:15 PM

Originally posted by Anunaki10
Stars and flags for this nice thread, "LadyGrenEyes"

I think there is a very good chance that we all are "Alien hybrids". Scientists confirm Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA , and another thing is the about 1600 cases of "Starchildren" were parents world wide contact Mary Rodwell and tell her that their children are in contact with Extraterrestrials from outer space, they reportedly go at "ET high school", reportedly able to read other people's mind, telepathic skills, move objects through the air by using mind-power, reportedly also have healing skills. Some of these "Starchildren" claim that their real parents are Extraterrestrials.

Your origins are not of this world, but are extraterrestrial in nature, and are to be found on a planet that circles the star Vega in the Lyra constellation

Your origins are not of this world, but are extraterrestrial in nature, and are to be found on a planet that circles the star Vega in the Lyra constellation. Yet, you have achieved more than to travel a mere 26 Light Years to reach your present home. Many millions of years ago, you became part of a vast rebellion by the Light against the dark in this galaxy. The uprising began in Lyra, Cancer, Gemini and Orion, as well as in many other lesser-known star groupings ('constellations'). Eventually, this rebellion led to the formation of the Galactic Federation of Light, over 4 million years ago. At the very core of this battle were the Star League of the Pleiades, the Andromedan Confederation, the Lyra Light League and the Sirian star-nation. Of these, Sirius is most sacred and the place where the Great Blue Lodge of Creation has chosen to enter this galaxy. Originally, it was defended by a Lion people who decided to settle only on two planets in the Sirius A star system. Later, with their permission, Humans from Lyra were first to colonize Sirius B and, in time, Sirius C and D.

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Not sure I buy the research there, bu tit is an interesting read! My question is, how would the know the DNA wasn't terrestrial? Different, maybe, but from another planet? Maybe it's simply stuff that they can't connect to support evolution, and they call it "alien" to cover up that the other theory is wrong?

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 09:18 PM

Originally posted by oniraug

Originally posted by LadyGreenEyes

1. Various "ESP"-type traits. Things like telekinesis, knowing what others think or feel, knowing things before they happen, common, strong "hunches" about things, etc.

2. Rh-negative blood type. TONS of discussion on this one, all over the place, and some is pretty wild. Interesting thing to me, though, is the way a Rh-negative mother can reject a positive child, which otherwise happens ONLY in a cross-breeding of species as in horse/donkey crossing for mules. Science seems unable to explain why this happens with human mothers who are Rh-negative.

3. Uncommon eye colors. Green, amber, etc. Seen some truly bizarre discussions on green eyes, when simply looking to see how uncommon the color is (for clear personal reasons).

4. Unusual dreams. Dreaming in color, with physical sensation, smell, etc. Also dreams of unusual places, etc.

Those are pretty general categories, and I hope you can all add some details, and some things I might have missed. Seems a good list could be a handy thing. Once saw such a thing, regarding possible abduction, as in, if you checked over a certain percentage on that list, chances were you had been, and didn't realize it.

So, what do you all think?

1. Happening more often than usual.

2. Not sure.

3. Green/hazel eyes actually.

4. Very weird vivid dreams. At one point I couldn't tell which was reality. Thought my grandfather was alive and hiding.I can smell, taste, sense, ect in dreams. Once I even had a dream I was on drugs.

Am I an alien>? O_o

Originally posted by SloAnPainful
Interesting. My eyes are green on the outside and fade to brown toward my pupil. When I was younger my eyes were blue, then changed when I was about 9 to brown then changed again to what I stated earlier.

I don't think im a hybrid, but it's interesting none the less.


Originally posted by Maponos
Why green hazel eyes? I thought is was meant to be blue with blonde hair?

I have green/hazel eyes and I guess kinda blonde hair now, used to be quite red as a kid and very blonde as a young child.

Do I have a divine right to rule now? Please let me know, could come in handy

No idea, but I doubt it.

Definitely interesting, which is the whole point!

No divine rule, sorry!

Really, I don't know what I think about all this, but those things pop up on lists all the time, and I can't help but be curious, as I have several of the traits. There is the distinct possibility that some of us simply have more rare traits because the same traits follow the rare genes. As in, green eyes and Rh-negative are maybe connected, as well as ESP-type things, etc. Unusual, but human all the same. In any case, makes for an interesting discussion!

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 09:20 PM

Originally posted by Imtor
Yes I currently even watch V from 1984, nice poster there but as far as dreams are concerned, there is nothing hybrid in dreaming strange things, I can link to my dreams again:

Originally posted by Imtor
I'm doing a research on dreams to see how much of them come true and I can use them. I call these Level 2 dreams, that deal with more serious issues. Level 1 dreams are things related to my daily life like completely minor things. This is a log from these Level 2 Dreams:

Having slightly longer canine teeth and a mark that anyone may consider im marked, does that make me a hybrid?
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My older son has long canines - we call him "Fang" sometimes, lol! Don't think I have seen teeth listed anywhere - anyone else have an opinion there?

Interesting dreams. Any of it ever come to be? A lot of scary images in those.

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 09:26 PM

Originally posted by Starchild23
I'm pretty sure that, if there are any alien hybrids at all, we are all an alien hybrid.

Those darn aliens have been around for years...

Wait, you're not talking about the border-jumpers? My bad.


Originally posted by greeneyedleo
5. You have narcissistic illusions of grandeur and specialness
6. You spend too much time on ATS and believe every single thing you read without questioning anything and everything
7. You do not ever leave your mom's basement
8. You watch too much Sci-fi channel and start to believe it is all real
9. When you see lights in the skies (IE planes) you think they are finally coming to take you home but first you gotta video it and upload to YT and tell everyone the mothership is coming!
10. You get mad when you start a thread claiming you are an alien hybrid and people ask you to prove it.

In all seriousness, I do not believe the list in the OP means a thing....I fit all but 1 on the list (wont tell which one)...and I know for sure im no alien hybrid
But it is fun to pretend

edit on March 1st 2012 by greeneyedleo because: (no reason given)

ROTFLMAO!!! I like those...might add them on!

Thanks, both, for the levity! We should be able to have FUN with a post like this. Won't bother me a bit. Even with so many of these traits, that show up on such lists, we have to be careful not to take these things too seriously. For me, more a curiosity, as I've said before. See the lists, see things that fit me on them, and wonder why that is.... There ARE some odd things, as I stated, that aren't like most people, but whether those relate to the physical traits, who knows? In any case, it's interesting to examine the possibilities, when we have questions about things.

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 09:34 PM
reply to post by Angelic Resurrection

Also off subject but I just recieved this radio transmission....... "Greetings loyal subjects, My name is Yxuungtandif, I am from the Pleidien galaxy. I must warn you that Nibiru is on a collision coarse with your planet, this will happen in 37.4 days. We believe it is bieng controlled by a ship ful of giant muffins, the muffins desire battle with the Andromedan Federation of Lizard People (AFLP). They also wish to take all of your reptiles, and wish to free the kitties, RELEASE THE KITTIES! They do not know that the kitties have changed sides, the kitties possess great power, the force is strong in these ones. We are your allies, do not succomb to their muffin demands, the muffins are their allies!

May the force be with you, young hairless monkeys.

The Pleidien Federation of Walrus Donkeys

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Interesting links...see I have some reading to do.

*blink blink* on some of the rest. Not at all sure what you mean there, with lower planets, etc.

I have heard about some other findings here in the US, though. Seems there are a LOT of remains found, skulls, that are NOT Mongoloid, and thus NOT American Indian, and are in fact Caucasoid. They are also much older than the earliest American Indian remains. However, thanks to Clinton, the Indians get to take these remains, claiming they are "ancestors" and no one gets to study them. Some tied up in court right now, because people want to do scientific research, and the "natives" feel threatened.

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