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Wikileaks - Stratfor Email - Sharif Mobley Insight

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posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 06:09 PM
Continuing on the release of 5 million emails from private intelligence group Stratfor : See announcement thread here

Released today among all the rest was a brief chatter between three Stratfor staffers discussing Sharif Mobley. Who was an American arrested in Yemen for terrorism activities.

See news story here and this one as well.

Aaron Colvin (of Stratfor) received intelligence from a (reliable-his words) source:

►The source was friends with the people who debriefed Mobley, who quoted his source as saying Mobley was "Bat-snip-Crazy".
►They said that Mobley was singing Lionel Richie and cracking jokes during his interview.
►Also that he was not a member of Al-Qaeda
►The source also was under the impression that Mobley would either "fall off a roof" or end up face down in the dirt with AK-47 rounds, which according to them "is common practice here."
►Also quoted in the email is "USG is convinced they are gonna kill him."

Which I assume means US Government? Unless I am mistaken.

Anyway, take it for what it's worth.

Original Wikileak

Sharif Mobley

Sharif Mobley (Arabic: شريف موبلي‎; born 1984, Buena, New Jersey) is a suspected al-Qaeda and al-Shabab member who was arrested in Yemen in March 2010 by counter-terrorism officers following a shooting in which he was allegedly the perpetrator. Mobley had moved to Yemen two years prior. He was initially arrested along with other suspected militants, before killing a guard during an escape attempt on March 7, 2010.

Mobley is an American citizen who was raised as a Muslim. He claimed to have traveled to Yemen for the purpose of studying Arabic and Islam, although U.S. officials state his purpose was to join a militant group.

Mobley had been arrested some time prior to the shooting (for a month according to some reports and several months according to others) in a sweep of suspected al-Qaeda militants. He allegedly shot two guards, one fatally, during an escape attempt from a hospital in which he was undergoing physical evaluation.

Mobley was wounded during the ensuing three-hour-long siege before being arrested by Yemeni security forces.[citation needed]

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