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Dream: Get Out of The House Or Die!!!!

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posted on Sep, 20 2004 @ 12:03 AM
I had a creepy dream last night that told me if I don't move out of my apartment I will end up getting killed in it.

Sometimes I have dreams with some precognitive content. Sometimes those dreams don't manifest or make sense until years later.

I had a dream several years ago that a man broke in through my fire escape & stabbed me to death in my kitchen.

I'm open to the possibility that this is a symbollic dream, however.

My current relationship to my living environment is that I hate it & I think the neighbohood is getting unsafer & unsafer. I am staying mostly because my roommate can't afford to live alone & has health problems at the moment. My mother has been offering me the chance to move into the first floor apartment of her house but I just can't bring myself to hurt my roommate like this.

So taking all this into consideration, I probably should move out. But considering what a sentimental sap I am, I'll probably stay way longer than I should. You know, it's the ol' Amityville Horror scenario: the walls are dripping blood & I've just found the gate to hell in my basement, but I'm gonna wait it out some more to see if things clear up.

As with all death dreams, I must ask:
Am I gonna die?

posted on Sep, 20 2004 @ 12:51 AM
I used to be the black sheep of the roomate scenario...I would come up about $50 short of rent, but luckily I lived with three other people who could help me out...But just like you, I always had my parent's house to rely on just in case the # hit the fans...

And that's where I am now after my lease ended...Saving money and denying some of the freedoms I used to have - sucks sometimes, but I see it as a benefit...something I can gain from, seeing as how I can now save some of my money...I plan on moving out fairly soon, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts...

I've never had a dream come true, but I do know that what we dream is a blend of what we experience and what we expect, and if there's a negative factor lurking somewhere around there then rely on it to present at least a portion of the truth...

As for me - last night I had this strange dream where I was in some real-life RPG and my fellow team-mates were 15 naked women and we were whopping some ass...I have no memory about the details or the outcome, but what I remember was beautiful
...and if you can't enjoy a good night's sleep then what good is it for you when you wake up?

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