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Time travel Knowledge WANTED.

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posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by ATSkevXXX

Yes of course Ive read these. they are an amazing read to all who haven't please do read them.

the phily one is my favorite. and there was an experiment done not to long ago that proved that distorting the light can make anything a ghostly image. but i also have a memory of someone telling me that not only did the ship disappear but it re-appeared a massive distance away

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 01:45 PM
What I would like to bring to the discussion is the notion that there is an aspect of the "universe" or "multiverse" where the forward flow of time does not occur in the manner to which we are accustomed. More directly let us look first at remote viewers.

These individuals, when provided a target to pursue, often get the target right, but the time wrong. Often, unless some limiting factor in paced on the session, the viewer may end up reporting on the target as it will be 350 years from now or how it was 12 weeks ago. The salient point here is that the remote viewer sees the target, and he is not limited -as his physical body is- from seeing the target at other points in time. There are reports, very credible, and even published, which tell of remote viewers communicating on some level with persons at the target at some other distant point in time nowhere near the time of the rv'er. So, we have established a method to "go' elsewhere on a mental plane and have discourse with 'persons' at the target.[This is real military science which has been reported on by the folks who actually did the work, so there is nothing fictional about this part of it.] So, what next? Read on.

Now what would be needed would be a way to fashion a physical manifestation of the viewer at the target at the point in time of interest. If you have this, then you have interstellar, interdimensional travel and communication and no need for radio, transporter rooms or the problems that come with lightspeed limits on radio transmission. This is part of what the Roswell craft was reported to be -- a machine which would give remote viewers on some planet at some time a way to physically experience the desert southwest of North America in the year 1947. The "aliens' ,it has been suggested, were biological robots designed specifically for the purpose of allowing that viewer or those viewers to move about in our space in our timeframe and this would allow no physical harm to come to the viewers themselves. In the event of catastrophe, the robots could be sacrificed, if need be.[This has been suggested to be true but it is not corroberated. IF it is true, it satisfactorily explains what may have been the true coverup for all these decades.]

With subquantum kinetics [real, preset-day science] we are beginning to see that non-locality plays a huge part in this ability to traverse the universe without Einsteinian limitations on speed and time coming into play to limit these abilities.Patents for communications devices and processes employing the concept of non-locality are also present-day, real-world facts.] It has even been suggested by those who experiment with such things that that actual process of moving about in space and time is not so much one of speed as it is the ability to resonate with space in such a way as to cause one's own matter to be charged to an elevated level which would allow its ordinarily "earthbound" properties to become largely nullified and that the traveler and his craft could then vibrate symphathetically with the time and place of interest, thereby placing the traveler or viewer "in" that time and place without actually having to move anywhere at all. He would, instead, move "anywhen".

If this is anything close to reality as I suspect it could be (my own opinion), then I have no problem understanding why our need to evolve spiritually is of unparalleled importance.

Let the bashing begin.

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 03:51 PM
Okay, here is a thought.

Time is the result of the density of energy in a certain area in the universe.
The Time/space field is the result of the total amount of energy in the total amount of space in the universe.

If I assume those hypothesis's I just conjured up in my lazy mind then I can get a model that is similar to how time actually works. I know I know I am probably missing some minor mathematical details but they eventually get canceled out with other mathematical details in the end.

Now in a universe with pure energy and no other transition of that energy, black holes, stars, planetes etcetera etcetera, the time/space field would be evenly spread out and pass evenly at every location.
But our universe isn that way, I could explain why but thatś not the topic and I am too lazy and way too stiff to actually think this evening so bare with me here. Matter is energy just in a transmuted way and it is always (did I say ALWAYS?) denser as a energy source then energy in itś pure form. So if I would take a square inch of pure energy (hypothetically) and a square inch of matter (regardless what) then the matter would be more pure energy then the square inch if it was transmuted back in it's original form.

The time/space field is affected by matter because of gravity (remember the law of Einstein?) well, Einsteins law is right but it can also be said that gravity is the result of pure energy that was transmuted into matter. Now I am not saying that planets pop out of nowhere thanks to energy transmutation. Obviously that process of turning energy in matter happened an instant before the big bang. (let me be clear, plasma and radiation are close to pure energy, but they are not)

So how more matter there is in the universe how less pure energy there is in between that matter and thus how 'faster' the time seems to pass in space/time if you float in empty space. How less matter there is how slower time seems to pass in empty space. (again, empty space is not really empty, don't blame me for humanities flawed vocabulary)
Likewise, disturbances caused by heavy matter like very big suns, white dwarfs and black holes will be influenced by the 'average' space/time fields passing of time in empty space. Since it will take more power to break a faster space/time field then it would in a slower moving average space/time field.

Okay, I think I covered the basics. I know, I know, some of these 'claims' are not yet known or proven by human science. That's not really my problem, more that of your race being slow. (for Pete's sake; I gave you guys 15.000 Earth years)

How has that got to do with time travel?

Well, actually a lot and a little. You see, time has no actual direction. It simply is the interaction of energy in the universe. Humans call this time because they experience it as such. In reality however it is not separate from the movement of energy but actually IS the movement of energy, regardless whether it is pure energy or transmuted.
As a result you can travel time back. you can hypothetically slow time down with heavy transmuted energy, but it is not actually slowing time down. You merely slow that functioning of transmuted energy. You can't speed up time unless you are capable of refining pure energy so that it becomes less concentrated then it is in it's pure state. So far however I have yet got to see a successful one of that. Since my mind cracks about it I think I will leave that notion alone for now.

The slowing down and stopping of time is possible, but it only seems slowing down and stopping in the eye of the beholder. Since time does not actually exist only that place in the universe will 'stop' or slow down the rest will happily move along as it did. Much like stopping on a road in a deserted city. You think everything has stopped but everything around the city will continue to go as usual. Of course, if transmuted energy has stopped your neurons won move either and thus you will actually not think at all. But thatś besides the point right now.

Time can't be reversed since it does not exist. You COULD try to reverse the flow of energy, but to do that you would need to reverse the flow of ALL the energy, pure and otherwise in the entire Universe (and some other places I will not mention). To do that you would need more energy then the universe has (about 10^27 time the amount roughly calculated). Also, since you are part of the universe that plan will fail since you would reverse your own transmuted energy (your freaking body) and thus stop your own action before it takes place. So you would need to isolate your own energy from the rest which in turn would screw up the turning back of the rest since it misses some.

Speeding it up is hypothetically possible; if energy in it's purest form could be trimmed down and made even less dense then it already is. That however is something your race doesn't need to think about right now. Focus on those cool augmented reality and implants for now.

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 04:20 PM
reply to post by Malkuth

i truly hope there is no bashing for your post. because it is a very good read and is very close if not identical to what Tesla wrote or said to someone i forget who, or if it was written or spoken...LOL sorry. but Tesla Also described these mental planes where he saw magnificent buildings and even people living their lives, he talks about the fact that he can freely interact with these people and get to know them very well.

Tesla had this gift. BUT he wanted us to have it so he tried his best to make a machine that would allow anyone to see into this plane.

unfortunately he had little funding and it didn't get him far but even so he managed to create back then a machine that showed an Aura(energy field) around any object you looked at in his example it was a leaf i think and it looked amazing.

in case anyone was wondering where i found this info it was a Russian documentary called Nikola Tesla Vlastelin mira which is really about an explosion but it also digs really deep into Tesla.

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 06:51 PM

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 07:09 PM

Thanks for that link. I was unaware of Corso's son have said anything so similar. My info (which, until I pursued your post, I had thought was cool, new info for nearly everyone) was given to me by a guy who worked for the Monroe Institute and who did some "work" of some kind for remote viewer Joe McMoneagle about a decade ago. Rats!. Just when I think I have something unique to offer, someone's already been there with it. Darn. oh, well, my ego will just have to get over it.

As an aside, can anyone tell me what the unique feature was about the ceiling of the Roswell craft?

Thanks, M.

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 07:12 PM

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posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 11:36 PM
reply to post by Aarcadius

Time travel is technically possible although
it first needs to be understood were Einstein was right in stating "Time is relative" (truly it is) and failed (he couldnt apply that to the perceived motion also being relative to atoms and stars since they allow for structure to constucted elements and up each being a living thing technically speaking if proton decay is real and every particle that makes up all visible matter as it struggle to exist against a force that is vacuuming everything through one point of infinity through every point of infinity as fast as it can be made one again and as slow as from the "t' / to the'.' point "in the statement god said "light."

Now imagine slowing the two points of infinity down while speeding it up in others giving the allusion of time
that is just the distance between 2 points
First being the
"Energy" A( +1- ) Which occupies any given "Space" O(o). [being infinite and unchanged excepted by that which occupies it eternally effected by Change C( -1+ ) whether being vacumed throught or filled up
eventually everything that has a beginning will have an end
Having been conceived and begotten
through combining of 2 point been infinitely far from conseption;constuction and begotten;built to birthed;Begone and thus Created
All by 2 points of frequency, each of which is pulled down from within and into itself Overcoming all distances in-order for it too continue to exist as that which they have combined to create and form being 2 different aspects of them selves as something new

This when done by hydrogen atoms under enormous effect of attraction finally over come the vast distances between them despite being in the core of a star with huge numbers of hydrogen atoms around is still extremely far at least far enough that Jupiter and Saturn cant overcome this amount of space
Even among so many other hydrogen atoms and other particles around them to overcome this space which when accomplished produces a heliem atom and a photon of light

In some places leaving points of varying frequencies in different rhythms and vibration as they are brought back to the source which it will in do time for all matter and is the basic foundations for quantum mechanic is governing the conservation of energy being fundamentally correct in its explanation of the sub atomic and atomic make up of matter where even string theory which comes close to stringing these concepts together albeit in the wrong direction this of course being due to man being the measure of all things
Makes physists unable to execpt that it might be are selves that are actually moving backwards which to use it seems to be moving forward
But we fight the pull from quantum particles going forward and moving down (being truly one direction) where as Up;without can be every-other way but down;within
Meaning that their are 5 ways to move 6 directions out from one point into one way expanding into 6 directions.

That created by 2 atoms being a helium atom and a photon of light will each exist as twins the light going on for as long as its helium created half still exists upon this plane of existence

at the event horizon of non-existence they both cease to be existing upon this plane of existence.
Existing like everything in existences being relative to where (technically also being when) it can be said to exist and heard of course too exist its like living on the B side of a tape deck as the A side we see and live outside of ourselves is being rewinded
as we struggle to exist in a backwards world that is being vacuumed away at like Alzheimer's at the mind of the elderly or my computer memory being eaten up by this virus.
Wiping it clean

That why all space abnormality are such anomalies to use feeble minded humans

Also this is why dinosaur fossils are so big the atoms composing their anatomy where bigger probably the earth itself too but they fossilized bone to rock preserving their actual size.

So to actually go backwards in time is really just going forwards fast or technically slower.

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 02:09 PM
reply to post by Aarcadius

I don't think the Roswell story is accurate personally, most of the credible sources I have spoken to on the matter of Roswell concur that what was found was what we would now call a "drone." Both U.S. and Russia were using spy drones at this period and were very adamant about concealing the use of the technology. But I digress from the central point of your post:

Time travel, if ever achieved, won't be done by creating "wormholes" or anything sparkly and magical. The real way to achieve time travel is through the production of a highly intense magnetic field within a confined area that is potent enough to "repel" or unwarp the gravity around an object (i.e. person). Once the gravity is distorted sufficiently, according to Einsteinian physics the person will dislocate from what outside observers perceive as the normal progression of time. The main problem with time travel technology, and why it isn't mainstreamed, is not due to "paradoxes." Paradoxes don't occur because then intuitively they would have occurred already and this universe would not be existing. The main problem is doubling, or duplication of an individual. This might not sound like a problem initially, but it is. A big one. Keep in mind time travel likely wont be possible to achieve across vast periods of time, but instead hours or days. This means another you from relatively not that long ago will be wherever you are. That you has your identity, your life, your family. The implications of that are too dramatic to allow time travel to be in the hands of the masses. Sorry.

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 04:43 PM
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