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ATS RECAP 27: FBI Terrorists Spear TPTB

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posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 04:42 PM

Originally posted by arbiture
As far as the "Illuminate' " is, other then a group of people seeking "enlightenment" in the 1760's to early 1800's, I really never could figure out the logic of THAT beating-a-dead-horse conspiracy, but that said I agree with a lot you say.

The "Illuminati" is beaten into the ground as a "conspiracy" because the Illuminati saw themselves as a conspiracy. Since they branched out in the 1780's into just about every nation and infiltrated every secret society in existence (while starting a few new ones) it is hard to separate any of these groups out from "The Illuminati".. Especially when you can see them refer to themselves as Illuminati in most of their own study documents. Just go read the VIIIº through the XIº of the OTO's study guides and you'll see them constantly refer to their initiates as "Pontiffs (or Epopts) of the Illuminati" and "Left Hand Path Brethren of the Illuminati". It's written all over their own material.

Here's a Templar site with "The Lesser Mysteries" on Illuminism:

They also have contributed most of the materials that inspired the resurgence of Goetic Magick, Kliphothic Anti-Kabbalah and Theological Satanism, which works with demonology and external forces of Satan/Lucifer as the Anti-Cosmic & acausal Chaos that supercedes order. It is Black Light and Black Magick in its very essence... not the watered-down Anton LaVey stuff where Satan is the highest worship of Self..

This is the modern extreme iteration of the Illuminati's Anti-Cosmic Luciferian agenda. Read their study materials and you will be shocked at how much sense they make in describing the indescribable and why they have a case for rebelling against all that is God, White Light, and of the Right-Hand path (of Faith or "The Fool" tarot card). They look at Order, The Universe of Cosmos and Creation as the #10 (10 sephiroth, 10 fingers & toes - the digital realm) as the enemy and the creation of the Demiurge (God).

So instead they worship Lucifer as the bringer of knowledge, agent of free-will and liberator of men, through the black light of the abyss.
This Black Light (Current "218", which is Hebrew Gematria for "Black Dragon" or "Azerate", which has a numerical value of 2+1+8 = 11). This is represented in the prime #11 which is how many Qliphoth are in the inverted tree of the Sitra Ahra (anti-matter version of Kabbalistic tree of "life") and to Theological Satanists the #11 is exalted as the 11-sided sigil, whose angles (as with the Qliphot) represent the 11 names of the opposer, who represents the annihilation of form.

To these people, (who have grown in number to tens of millions) to be killed and released from the prison of the body/earth/physical, is the re-uniting of all that has been created in form [which has been "trapped" in the illusion of the causal (karmic) physical state] with its true self and true nature in the *NON-realm* of Karma-free Chaos. Where all people can be all things without the oppressively domineering Godhead telling you it's an eternally-punishable sin to strive to ascend to your own Godhood.. or to Do What Thou Wilt.

My real point is that there are a LOT of these people.. millions.. they occupy high positions of government.. they are sworn to secrecy in higher oaths that supercede their governmental vows & duty. They practice psychopathic rituals in secrecy that involve human sacrifice... which is also, documented all over their writings and study documents. They believe it is required and they have guides on how to do it. If you're having a hard time believing me, just go read "Culling: A Guide to Sacrifice" by the Order of the Nine Angles.

Originally posted by arbiture
Hence as always don't believe everything you read or every video you watch. Aside from the "logic smell test" people need to check stuff out. Often its not the most outrageous stuff, with in reason of course or the so called obvious stuff posted. But that vast middle realm that is so open to "tweaking"

I agree and take all you say into consideration every time I read or watch something new.
My skeptical discernment is tuned in from years of studying esoteric literature and culture.
I have been immersed in secret societies enough to form a solid conclusion without relying on anyone else's word or experience to form my conclusion.
I don't need the internet or videos to make my points. I usually site books that have been written by and for esoteric initiates - because that helps the reader familiarize themself with what I'm saying. Which is difficult sometimes because the breadth of these topics sometimes requires a background of knowledge that most people don't have and can't be brought up to speed on, in a few paragraphs.

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posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 06:49 PM
I couldn't edit my post anymore, so here is another good reference source on what I'm talking about here:

This is "Adversarial Light: Magick of the Nephilim", by Michael Ford who is a powerhouse. His books are IN-SANE.

This is the book's description:

"The Watchers - Fallen Angels who instructed humanity who are now called "evil spirits", in myth are said to have corrupted humans with lust and pride. In their descent, according to myth the Watchers brought "The Black Flame", the fire of spirit and the possibility for one to control the secrets of the unconscious. In turn, this power, symbolized by the "Angel" and "Daemon" bring intellect and power of independent thought. This union of Spirit and Flesh is called Nephilim, a word meaning "Spirit". The process of Luciferian Magick is to unlock these powers of the unconscious to gain power and knowledge. This is why Luciferians understand and utilize the symbolism of Hell and the Underworld. The word hell derives from 'helan', an Anglo-Saxon word meaning a "hidden place" or the place of shades. The 'Fall' and such symbolism means that Luciferians discover and utilize their deep desires and lusts to lead and develop a productive and satisfying life. Includes a basic comparison of Luciferianism and other Magickal traditions and ideologies such as Thelema, Kenneth Grant and Typhonian Magick, Austin Osman Spare and Anton Szandor LaVey's Satanism. This book is essential to any rebel philosopher, witch, religion-questioning individual who may seek the Spiritual knowledge and Light of the self on various levels. "Adversarial Light" contains the "Azazelian Darkness", this grimoire which presents the Watchers their methods of invocation, their Sigils constructed from Aramaic letters and tradition alchemical and elemental attributes. This grimoire is a unique and insightful balance of mythological interpretation, study and magickal application to initiate the individual into the Blackened Light of the Watchers and the Luciferian Gnosis.

Perhaps when Metallica made the song "Blackened", they were not talking about a Cajun-style fish BBQ... they were talking about "Blackened Light".

Blackened is the end
Winter it will send
Throwing all you see
Into obscurity

Death of mother Earth
Never a rebirth
Evolution's end
Never will it mend

Callous frigid chill
Nothing left to kill
Never seen before
Breathing nevermore

Planet dies

Human race
Population laid to waste

Smoldering decay
Take her breath away
Millions of our years
In minutes disappears

Darkening in vain
Decadence remains
All is said and done
Never is the sun

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posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by LeonoraTenen

I was speaking in terms further back.... Akhenaten wanted nothing more than to teach humanity how to ascend to a higher dimension. He was an Egyptian Pharaoh and founded "Akhenaten's mystery school" The purpose of which was to teach people to be epic pro psychic, Have an understanding of the law of one. And to eventually be ready to ascend to a higher dimension.

The Illuminati is one of the many iterations of Akhenaten's mystery school. This is fact....

As to the allegations that their all evil and corrupt today I totally agree, Its what TPTB do, they infiltrate obfuscate and dominate.... Im in no way defending Illuminati actions of today simply making an interesting side note of why all these secret society's focused so much on sacred geometry and secrets whatnot. Am just talking about what the secrets were in a time once before when anyone could join to further their own knowledge in a way which didn't exclude others or infringe on others freedoms

Times have obviously changed...
everything within reason has been infiltrated.

Humanity is in the process of dealing with this.

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 02:47 PM
Federal law enforcement are the enemy.

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