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What is the Mideast big picture?

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posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 05:39 AM
No one will ever convince me that the 'Arab spring' just happened as a grassroots movement. In my opinion it was well planned and well executed by the CIA and/or Mossad. As for their goal I believe it was/is to both deny Iran allies WHEN hostilities break out and to install puppet governments, though any agenda/hopes of a lengthy Mideast peace simply is not realistic.

In my opinion violent/radical governments will assume power in the 'Arab spring' states. So timing is critical. The fall of Syria would be nice but the Iran nuke issue, whether or not they already have them today, must be dealt with while the 'Arab spring' states are still in a state of disarray.

Am I right on, close, completely off base?

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 06:00 AM
Obama is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, they want a Caliphate, to destroy the jews and take over the US.

The Iranian Shias also want to destroy the jews, lead the new Caliphate and take over the world.

So - they will be duking it out sometime soon - that is what Syria is all about - who gets to control it Sunni or Shia!

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 06:11 AM
There isn't just one big picture there's atleast 4 different 'sides' I'm aware of
But current events benefit at least 3 groups
Some more than others, some in the short term - some in the long term
Regrettably the politics is very vast and deep and would take a very VERY long time to explain

A few Ideas though ( some being factual, some being assesed some being theories/conspiracies
Arab spring started by egypts militairy - forming of a more stable mid east coalition (eu for mid east )( or allowing a coalition - all enemy's in on bag scenario )

Allowed to happen to let certain weapon systems enter the black market thus reason for continuation of the war on terror

The centralising of Taliban AQ and other insurgent fighters - coz if they are there - their not in Iraq / afghan / the western nations they have emigrated too
( with monitoring of individuals movements )

Allows possible NATO / UN intervention - when all countries in the area are considered - china and Russia are near as damn it surrounded

Same as above but for resources/money

Produce a much more volatile area to what it already is to allow future intervention

After WW2 it was agreed Africa - including north Africa - would not be developed ( agreed by the west )
For who knows what reason - let your imagination run wild !

To try and keep NATO / UN tied up in the area

Control ! Well duh

And many others
May add a few later with links if I can but seriously - there are many opposing players but the events benefit many groups - the shadow politics and covert actions will eventually decide how the chips will fall and who comes out on top
WW 3 cannot be fought in a traditional sense - home nations are too well defended MAD is stupid ect ect
So the fight is in someone else's land using other means to fight

Read unrestricted warfare - kinda like sun tzu the art of war for the new age - it can be found online

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 06:35 AM
reply to post by oghamxx

The reason there so interested in the middle east is because they "know" the middle east will not bow down to the world government. They must conquer it to have it. They want to control the oil for the world, like that one saying I forget who said it about the NWO if you don't join us we will make you from conquest...or something like that.

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 07:08 AM
Please stop speaking as of the muslims would conquer the world and kill all infidels, you're extremely indoctrinated into believing what you normally would not. If muslims were to take over the world during a caliphate and build a super power to rule the world, I would see it as the best that has ever happened to mankind in a thousand years.
Islam has to give non believers right to live and protect them from those who threatens them. They are free to practice their own religion and would always live in peace. Take Jerusalem for example, it was perfect till the Israelis returned and made the whole world go upside down. Islam strongly forbids killing of innocent human beings and animals as well as trees, ants and many other as such. You're not even allowed to break a branch of a tree unless you're going to use it.

The worst case scenario would be if Iran or China or Russia would turn up as super powers, Iran would never give the right to Sunnis to practice their religion and Russia would limit their citizens and China would control a citizen more than a child is controlled by its mother.
In my opinion America is the worst that has ever happened to mankind, not the people, but the government and the power they have been given. How many have they killed so far? Is it close to a billion yet?

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 07:51 AM
reply to post by JohhnyBGood

You are right. They (whoever they are) can start the Arab Spring and change the regime but they do not know or fathom the outcome of the new governments. The Muslim Brotherhood are well organised but they alone cannot start all these uprising. They appear friendly as they need help and assistance but when all the dust settles you will find that you face a more united Arab region that speaks with one voice. When that time are F***ed.


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