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10:00AM Pretty Girl Earthquake Choas Looting

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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 08:49 PM
Ok. So I had one of the most crazy/awesome/vivid dreams that I have had in a while. It stuck out so much so that I spent the first hour and a half or so at work today doing my job and then hiding out somewhere to write my dream down. I rarely ever write my dreams down. I’m home now typing this and looking at the pages I wrote down, and I see that I am missing the first page…of three. No bueno. So bear with me as I am not a writer or speller at all. This is one interesting dream to say the least.
I estimate that this dream occurs between 5:30 and 5:55am on Feb 28 2012. I wake up for work at 6-6:05. I had this dream right before then.
I came into this dream with a beautiful girl either waking me up but none the less getting my attention or telling me that we are late for school. This girl is around 5’ 5”ish brown hair Caucasian. I got the feeling that she was very attractive yet like the way dreams work, I can’t remember her face and what you are soon to know, and I can’t remember A LOT about her only that she is attractive. (I am not in school, I am actually a college graduate, but I very often have dreams that deal with school in general.) So this girl wakes me up and I look outside and it is daytime and I ask “what time is it?” “10:OOam she reply’s”. Now for some reason I remember that so very well. I wanted to take a shower and apparently she did to. So I asked, well… “You want to just take a shower with me? It will save some time.” She looked at me in a way that was like “You and I aren’t like that but… In a way she said “I guess”. *Stay with me here* so we get into the shower and I grab the soap and do my thing. She hops in, and ironic that I don’t even remember a thing about what she looked like. All I remember is her feet and her hair. I just know she was very attractive. Weird I know.
So we are in the shower and it starts to shake like crazy. (No not like that…) I peek my head out from the curtain and look out the window and I see buildings shaking and people running around. Just mad chaos. This was a HUGE quake. So we get out of the shower and I don’t know whether to throw on a towel or my clothes. There was just so much shaking! I apparently got clothes on, (don’t remember putting them on) and I ran out into the upstairs hallway. I got up to the upper railing where you can look below at the lower floor and the house started to tip over. I turned and yelled “GET DOWN!” while waving at the back wall as so when the house fell, the girl wouldn’t smash up against it. The house slammed down and I can remember looking at her in just a brown shower towel looking at me like “wtf is going on!?”
We were both OK. I rushed to the lower floor to grab bug out supplies. (Amazing that my dream has these good of instincts) When I was downstairs, the TV was still on, and everything was right side up like the house never tipped over the TV was showing 3 story flats like the house I was in, falling into and floating down river. Ironically enough the house I was in was one of them and there was no water getting in the news anchor went on saying that there had been volcanic activity causing huge tremors under the city. (The one I was apparently in) And that somehow the volcanic activity had made its way towards and under India. *Now that was another thing that really stood out. Also, I am not really even sure if this was caused by volcanic activity. The news reporter said so but I didn’t believe it in the dream. Weird I know. When they showed the overhead map view of the city I was in, there was a big read area that had been hit/affected. The graphical illustration from the news coverage then showed this big red area quickly moving under/over India. The red area moving reminded me of the eye on the tower looking at its next target in Lord of the Rings. Another side note is that when it showed India, there was a big wide river with a whale in it. I have no clue what that means. Symbolic of something maybe. All in all I believe the big red zones were earthquake activity.
So I turned off the TV, and then the computer next to it turned on. I turned off the computer and the TV turned back on. I didn’t have time for this so I just thought “screw this”. I then started looking for stuff to grab and for some reason I kept looking at dvds and crayons. (Maybe for stuff to do on down time?) I yelled up to the girl “hey are we still moving?” “Yea” she replied. “There are houses that hit the shore line and are being looted. We are almost up to the shore line and people are waiting.” So I looked out the window and sure enough there were people waiting. So I went into the back room where my guns were and opened up a bin and got out my AR-15 M4A1 rifle, loaded it and put it around my back. Then I grabbed my Beretta M9 and locked and loaded.

And that was that.

Now going back a bit. I think the girl was a symbolic representation of distraction. I don't remember her face and I don't even know "her". I shared my thoughts on the Big Red zone/area. I don't live in a city. I am actually 50min outside Chicago, so I don't live in a 3 story flat top. I don't even recall Chicago on the news.

I am not saying this is a prediction, yet it made me want to tell people for some reason. More often then not, I have dreams that seem like they are from another time line/paradox. So take it for what it is.

Thanks for your time guys!


posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 09:03 PM
reply to post by Relative Five

I guess only time will tell whether this dream is prophetic or not....anyhoo! thanks for sharing.

Awesome dream.....the girl part made me a little frisky

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 09:20 PM
Yea tell me about it. Usually when there is a girl in my dreams, i know her. Not this time. It was just a sense of knowing that she was attractive
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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 09:32 PM
reply to post by Relative Five

Relative Five,
Wow....I'm going to be honest....That was an absolutely awesome dream! They way it played out in my head as you descirbed it was epic. Would be a cool short film

I wonder who the girl is..Possibly your dream girl? Literally. (too corny?)
I wonder if this is sublimnal towards volcanic actiity, or something else headed towads India next? & A main River? We will see...
Very cool dream!
Thank you for sharing your dream with us!!
Thank you for

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 09:42 PM
No problem. I brought up to my roomate that i had an awesome dream and he nearly cut me off saying he didnt want to hear about it. I didnt let it get to me cuz i know that he doesnt dream/cant remember any of his dreams. Its weird how i love hearing about others dreams yet i cant find anyone around me that will listen to mine. I seem to be the only one that dreams every night and that can remember them. Often more than one a night.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 09:42 PM

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posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by Relative Five

Well Relative Five,
Seems we are in the same boat, the roomy never wants to hear mine either! But ofcourse I wake up wanting to gush about the odd things I dreamt of the night before! But to my luck, there is no one around me to listen either! So I am very glad I found you here!
I too also dream multiple times a night, say I get up to get a drink or anything along the sort..I fall right back asleep and dream again, usually different..or sometimes finishing up the last dream.
I will always be a set of open ears and reading eyes for your wacky dreams! Dreams of any persons experience fascinates me!
Dreamt of any thing odd since this one?
Hope all is well, Relative Five!

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