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Dream: the Seneca Indian and End Times.

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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 07:33 PM
ah yes, a Dream.

I have had many over the years with some prophetic inferences to them.

here is a *very* good example.
dreamed about january 2006.

the dream begins where i see in front of me a face. maybe two feet away. the face looks like a Native American
and he is wearing a huge "Indian" headdress with lots of feathers, the feathers come down nearly to below his shoulders.

--a Majestic Red Indian older man.

he begins to speak to me.
he says.....

"I am a Seneca Elder and I want to tell you something".
[I was born in seneca county, new york, next to Cayuga and Seneca lake, the homeland of the senecas.]

"Kukulkán will appear in 22 years from now and he will take all of the human souls with him back to Spirit"

then is followed lines of sentences, all but the last line or so was in some language not readable by me.

[five or more lines]

last line is in english.

"the white man has a name for this Person too, they call him the SECOND COMING!"

Kukulkán The plumed serpent. A Mayan aspect of the Mesoamerican traditional God Quetzalcoatl.

that is it.


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