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*~Secret Societies~*

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posted on Sep, 19 2004 @ 08:17 PM
ayo...This world is so unjust~ The mighty dollar fuels ur lust,
And thus~look what has become of us.
In God we trust~ But greed seems to numb'us~with venom,
People are poor~ But we makin bras with diamonds~in'em.
The flaws are endless~Heaven & Hell is crowded with victems,
Some poverty stricten~ Then choosen death to run away from the system.
Misuse of the wizdom~ Could make the mind think that ur the king,
Add evil intentions, now terrorism comes to the scene.
Fight fire with fire~ But in the end we all get burned,
Wars fought, U kill with a surge~But no lessons is learned.
I guess it's the rest that observes~different, I got a image,
Of the homeless, the poor & children lyin dead in the kitchen.
A penny a month to feed em? Can't do much damage to profits!
But it seems like the rich got no arms with sewn shut pockets...
I wish I could stop this~ But all I do is watch with my optics,
Observin motionless events disease that comes from the tropics,
Our found in the projects~ But medicare dont care bout ur status,
We either cough up the money~ Or soon lie dead in a casket.
Its just not fair to the average~ The lower class of citizen people,
The rich snobs amongst the poor~Does that seem equal?
My rage is lethal~ This hate is towards the American country alone,
So imagine the anger i'll hold when I look at the whole globe!
This whole world~Is dieing~ Bullets is flyin~ Mothers is cryin',
children are diein'~Poverty is risin~ And im realizin'~
Theres no controlling it...
Only ONE place has perfection,
But prevention of imperfections never catches tha'attention,
We got abortion distortin the womb for lack of protection...?
Drugs & heat floodin ur streets from over seas connections!
I hate political puppets trying to balance the budget,
But the scale always leans towards the rich~so the poor cannnot touch it.
And I hate the Whitehouse for having hundreds of unused rooms,
But still homeless people have no homes, I'm so confused...
Who makes these rulez?~ This earth inhabits humans & animals,
But it's hard to distinguish the difference when both livin like cannibals.
With a mandible grip~On society, this world is full of sinners,
I'm tha wrong type of specie~In a right world where U are all begginers.
Everyday some more foul #~Is brought to tha'attention,
Theres serial snipers & rapist found in holy conventions,
Communism and racist~Even 12 year old b*tches with facelifts,
Innocents for life in cages~While killers recieve probation,
I wish I could take this~Escape to madness & switch my location,
But every part of THIS world is in tha same situation...
Alone I cannot solve this equation,
Cuz The root of evil leaves no remainders...
I wish I could'of spoke to Jesus when he stood at the manger...
The Love of Jesus couldn't manage to break down the BrotherHood's anger.
And I wish I could tell him that humans became a disaster!
This world will need to see the Son of God,
Cuz half of us believe in you~Other half thinks that your a fraud...
In search of Allah made men commit unspeakable crimes,
These are the times that has this world in a critical bind.
Mother Earth molested by chemicals then left her infested,
Waters unpure the air is tainted soon U all get congested!
I've invested~Time in this rhyme 'n hope it all makes sence,
I'm sick of this stress this world has me needin to vent.
And if you ever get in trouble with a soldier...
Make sure before u hate, to get rid of the dirt on ya shoulder...

"If I Ruuled The Woorld"

I would get rid of the Evil Devil bastards~
And make their death so drastic'
Priests that R catholic~ Who baptize Kris while "doing" Brandon...
As long as i'm standin'~ I'll LOVE this Earth untill it vanishes,
Bandages couldnt heal ur wounds, this world is damaged!
Never did & could understand it~ This planet is takin for granted.
This is my canvas~ Imma let you picture this,
We're the record & God's the DJ~I think it's quite time for a Remix~
I mean this, my hate towards the Devil is got me lookin' feindish,
A mean kiss, from death~Would make you all believe this!
God take me back~ I dont wanna live anymore on such a poisoned ground,
Was born with a smile~Raised with a smurk & I'll die with a frown.
I wish Columbus was wrong when he proved that the Earth was round,
Cuz I would put every sinner on a ship and watch them fall down...
I'm gone now~Cuz it's late~I'm sick thinkin' that we're livin to get payed.
F*ck the DARK~I'll stop Fightin when the world doesn't rotate!

[edit on 19-9-2004 by Italiano]


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