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Another prophecy for America

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posted on Sep, 19 2004 @ 08:16 PM
The hook is set!

You little fish, you are the meat of a hungry man. Here is the secret of your vexation:

You have learned to eat without question the plate offered to you! Soon every meal you take will be poison.

You have given away your maleness, soon there will be no more leaders for you among the sons of men. Daughters will bear the rule over you, and only groups of men who are beasts devouring one another will hold rule in this land.

Your money will become a snare for you, it will gobble up your Liberty as cows do the grass of the field. Soon enough, every movement of your money will be tracked and accounted for, and you will be forced to praise this law as wise.

You will bow down to your government in every law it makes, there is no more men to resist it. By the hook of money you will be taken. By your lust for this world you will be gathered up in a snare, not one of you will escape it.

You will condmen righteous men to die, and you will rail against them at home and abroad.

That is the tale of the end of your Liberty, you little fishes. It was gobbled up in the blink of an eye, and none of you are the wiser.

When Liberty has fallen in America, another will rise to take her place, and this one's name is terrible to speak, and his presense is a curse upon all living ones.


posted on Sep, 19 2004 @ 08:23 PM
Whats with the whole generalization that everybody in America doesnt question what is happening? I for one question what is happening, and I know of others that do as well. But I know of a great many that dont. We may be a vast minority but theyre are still some of us out there, and our numbers are growing. We need a 2nd American Revolution!! Itll be under almost the exact same pretext as the 1st...taking back this land from a tyrannical government.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
-Benjamin Franklin

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posted on Sep, 19 2004 @ 10:28 PM
That's the whole point.

It's never been this way before in America. There something more to it than just a popular or fashionable notion. Something has changed in the MINDS of the people.

It is like a numbness, a collapse of the thinking portions of their minds. It's like they all fell into the same pool, and it's like molasses and it keeps them all stuck together.

I found some old books that talk about these things, they say it is part of how the demons try to rule mankind. My theory is that demons have taken most of the rich and the powerful, and they have helped them create a culture in America that is just a trap for the people - It floods them with uselss material knowledge until the thinking parts of the minds collapse, and then the demons move it and take over.

That's the real problem. Now they want to spread it over the whole world! Scary stuff, but if you are a Christian then you probably have read the book of revelations, and that's what the dang thing is talking about. We are that place it describes, and those people.



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