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Iran: Enemies will face "rainy day" weapons

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posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 08:57 PM

Originally posted by Dachende

Originally posted by OldCurmudgeon

Originally posted by Tw0Sides

Originally posted by OldCurmudgeon
.. and Iran certainly wouled be "THE WRONG HANDS"...

No offense sir, but who has the "right hands" for these types of weapons?

If Iran has them already , like many believe , and they haven't used them yet, doesn't that speak volumes?

Why don't we back off our invasive troop positions, and leave this country alone.

No offense taken and respecfully, on this point we then must agree to disagree Sir? Madame?. I fully support your right to an opinion.
However, I persoanlly believe thru historical source information, and apparently as does Russia that Iran is in fact unstable and the 'wrong hands'.
My observations, education and research all points to the fact that Iran/Persian history is that of a perpetual agressor to all in the area and an arch enemy of Israel and any country which is not muslim, and requiring little if any reason to attack another region.
Coupling this with the fact that Iran has for many years now financially and otherwise supported the terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezzbollah, that we know of, in their terrorist activities you certainly add to this continuing history of agression.
Stir into this stew of historical fact that over the past few years the few religously zealous individuals who seem to be in a majority of control in Iran have continually and openly promoted the destruction of Israel and the US.
I also believe Iran has made same, rash, likely improbable threats against England and others too.
I say to all who rant, "but Iran has attacked no one", this is untrue by Itan's support of various terrorists organizations.
I am on record having said many times, "I wish with all my heart and mind" I could believe Iran's intentions were "live and let live", but to employ the same logic many use constantly against the US, 'everyone lies'.

Should we mention which is the only country in the world to employ nuclear weapons in battle ?

No need to mention the country who has used nuclear weapons... the whole world knows the US did going on 70 years ago to eliminate the need to invade Japan... unquestionably saving millions of lives... and I would also suggest that Russia, England, US, China, Israel none have used any nukes since then.
A learning experience for the whole world it was and lets hope every country has taken to heart the insanity of nuclear weapons.
And there will no nukes employed by the US again I suspect, and Putin recently said he wanted to build ICBMs with conventional warheads, which I believe clearly speaks of Russia's intent for the future.
I hope the countries with the least stable governments or regeims can see fit to join the others in a complete nuclear disarmament...
Korea announced today they would join in a nuclear moratorim and "if" Iran's intent truly is to stop the production of nuclear weapons... then let all these countries come together and push the remaining countries of the world to disarm the missles and destroy the nuclear warheads.

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