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Libya: Hundreds massacred in KUFRA by Nato mercenaries

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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 03:31 AM
reply to post by BiggerPicture

I agree, but I don't like the idea of anyone taking out my country.

But yes I agree with your last statement.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 03:37 AM


Tony Cartalucci

It is now a matter of established public record that the “Libyan rebels” the US, through the UN and NATO, funded, armed, trained, recognized politically, and even provided special forces and air support for, were in fact led by the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), listed by the US State Department (page 1) as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization.” Two West Point reports confirm that LIFG was formally joined with Al Qaeda with many of its top leaders constituting the core of Al Qaeda’s upper echelons. These reports also confirm that LIFG fighters were operational in both Afghanistan and Iraq, killing US and British troops and that the vast majority of their fighters were recruited from the Libyan cities of Benghazi and Darnah. In 2011, it would be these two cities that served as the epicenter of NATO-backed resistance against Qaddafi.

In the wake of growing international anger toward Wall Street, London, and its NATO forces, led by Russia and China’s vetoing of their UN Security Council resolution designed to tip off another foreign military intervention, this time in Syria, the corporate media is now reporting that Al Qaeda has called on its supporters to “join the uprising against Assad’s “pernicious, cancerous regime.”" We are expected to believe that Al Qaeda – allegedly depraved, beheading, civilian bombing, trade tower-toppling modern-day Huns – had pinned their hopes on the UNSC to resolve the Syrian conflict through the mechanisms of “international rule of law” and are only just now mobilizing their forces to act after the “disappointing” Russian and Chinese veto. It is a narrative as bizarre as it is contradictory.

there is no deniability. This madness is being done with our support. So we are letting these people kill our soldiers in Iraq, yet we support them through proxies if it meets our interests. I wonder if any of that support will find its way back into Iraq or Afghanistan and kill our guys over there. Doesn't piss you off?
Haven't we all lost some one over there. You love them? Still support this tyranny?

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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 03:45 AM
February 27, 2012 6:50 PM

Clinton: Arming Syrian rebels could help al Qaeda

Wyatt Andrews

"What are we going to arm them with and against what? We're not going to bring tanks over the borders of Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan," Clinton said.

Another administration concern is that weapons might go to al Qaeda.

"We know al Qaeda [leader Ayman al-] Zawahiri is supporting the opposition in Syria. Are we supporting al Qaeda in Syria? Hamas is now supporting the opposition. Are we supporting Hamas in Syria?" Clinton said. "If you're a military planner or if you're a secretary of state and you're trying to figure out do you have the elements of an opposition that is actually viable, that we don't see. We see immense human suffering that is heartbreaking."

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 03:51 AM

more from that site. Still wondering?

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 03:54 AM

Originally posted by casenately
reply to post by BiggerPicture

I agree, but I don't like the idea of anyone taking out my country.

Why not?

If your leader were about to blow up much of the the world,

would you stand by and help him push the botton?

or take him out last-minute to save the world?

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 03:58 AM
NATO & Co Forcing Hijacked UNGA To Become Ally Of Al Qaeda In United Front Against Syria

The NATO states are turning the Middle East and North Africa into a no-man's land. It's become a place where no one is safe and there is complete and total instability. There are kidnappings, rapes, mutilations, burnings, hangings, beheadings...every savagery the mind can conceive of and more.
All this is thanks to the terrorists the NATO and its puppets have trained, armed and funded.
Russia and China vetoed a UN Security Council resolution on Syria. Moscow and Beijing explained that if adopted, the resolution would enable NATO to 'replay' the Libyan scenario in Syria. There have already been several attempts to do so.
Two blasts rocked the city of Aleppo in Syria on Friday as terrorists attacked military intelligence offices and interior troops' barracks. The attacks killed 30 people and left more than 170 injured. These huge simultaneous twin-bombings in Aleppo are obviously the work of an intelligence agency, most likely Al Qaeda , due to their size and method.
The Syrian people are under attack from a foreign power and they know it, which is why they have turned out in massive pro-government demonstrations, not reported by western corporate media or notices at hijacked UN General Assembly and UN Human Rights commissioner.

I thought our forces were trying to get terrorism out of the picture. Not help it. Looks like they sold out every soldier sacrificing over there. By the blood of our patriots, they make a living, a killing.

Are you an American, English, etc....

Do you not get angry when our people are killed? Why are our leaders helping these bastards. So they can later turn around and kill your sons, brothers, friends? What else will come of this. All that support will find its way into your lives. Or better said, it will take a portion of that life away, one person at a time. At least we get neatly folded flags right?
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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 04:01 AM
reply to post by BiggerPicture

they like violence. I like reason and our sheer numbers.

dont get me wrong. If they push, we will push back.

I just hope we are not all monkey men.

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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 04:05 AM
The fake "free Syrian army" takes off the mask, and behind the mask there is Israel

what does this make you think of our allies?

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 04:08 AM
Syria, Libya, next Iran.....are you still all about the bringing of freedom to the world?

Don't deploy.

If you are there....go awol.

Your world will thank you. Starting with me.

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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 04:22 AM
I bet this is about money again.
they are geting the people Off the land,

so they can dig for oil and mine.
their was a post about precious metals.
like lithium.

open mining would need the people OFF
the land. and what better than to kill them.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 04:53 AM
This whole thread is just making me cry with laughter.

It is the biggest load of rubbish I have read in a long time.

The source you quote,, is a complete joke. It's full of bul**hit videos from RT that are laughable in their stupidity.

The quote is as follows -

'Federal News Radio reports that hundreds of black skinned Libyans have been slaughtered in the southern town of Kufra, while NATO Mercenaries continued celebrating the occupation of Libya alongside NATO masters.

This is the second Dark Skinned Libyan Tribe that has face genocide since NATO began its occupation through Mercenary forces, hundreds of defenceless civilians fled the scenes of massacre while Western leaders praised the horror subjected against Libyans.'

If you actually look at the source that they quote, which is, it says -

'Hundreds of people have been killed since last week in clashes between rival tribes over control of territory in Libya. Libya's ruling National Transitional Council has not been able to pull the country together since a U.S. military and NATO led operation help to topple the dictator Muammar Gaddafi last October. Violence broke out late last week in the remote city of Al Kufra and has continued since. The challenge --policing the country's thinly populated desert.'

Can you spot the difference or do I need to spell it out to you?

It's NOTHING to do with NATO or NATO mercenaries. It's violence between different tribes because there is no control in the country. The original source doesn't even make mention of the words 'black skinned'.

This thread just makes me laugh.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 05:01 AM
I am glad you laugh at thousands kicking the bucket.

oh and the use of the
makes an excellent addition to crap. What about the plethora of other sources. The entire thread has many, and the original post has nothing to do with the rest.

I am glad that you are so twisted that rape and murder make you smile.
Or the fact that the same terrorist organization killing our forces is being yet again funded by us. Great huh?

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 05:05 AM

AMMAN, Nov 11, (Agen-cies): At least 30 civilians and 26 soldiers were killed in Syria ahead of Friday prayers, activists said, as a seven-month crackdown on pro-democracy protests becomes more violent and attacks on security forces increase.
Friday prayers provide a rare venue for Syrians to gather in defiance of efforts to put down protests, and activists reported a heavier security presence around mosques in big towns last week, preventing prayers in some from being held.
The daily death-toll this month has been one of the highest in the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad’s rule.
Thousands marched on Thursday at funerals for 24 civilians killed by pro-Assad forces the day before, activists said, including eight in Damascus in one of the bloodiest attacks on demonstrations in the capital.
Arab states remain widely divided over how to deal with Syria’s crackdown on protesters after a peace plan brokered by its neighbours on Nov 2 failed to stem violence, and there is little likelihood a meeting on Saturday will bridge the gap.

Several countries oppose bringing serious pressure to bear on Assad and it looks unlikely that foreign ministers will freeze Syria’s membership of the Arab League at the Cairo meeting, officials due to attend say.
If Arab states isolated Syria, that would help Assad’s sternest critics in the West gain a broader consensus for tougher sanctions and, perhaps, some form of intervention.

Saudi Arabia leads a group of Gulf states including Qatar, Oman and Bahrain that are ready to increase the pressure on Assad, an ally of their rival Iran.

Diplomats say they are opposed by countries such as Yemen — in the grip if its own uprising; Lebanon — where Syria’s influence looms large; and Algeria, seen as more sympathetic to Assad and nervous about the message any intervention in Syria would send to its own frustrated population.

The continued bloodshed on Syria’s streets since the Arab Peace Plan was brokered last week seems to have done little to shift the mood in favour of tougher action.

In Syria, Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said the authorities will adhere in a week to the plan, under which Syria pledged to pull the military out of restive cities, set political prisoners free and start talks with the opposition, which wants to remove Assad and introduce democratic freedoms.

“Syria, which announced its commitment to the Arab plan, affirms that it will implement most of its clauses in a week, unlike what is being spread by unfair satellite channels,”

Some NATO members are worried that their organization may be investigated by the International Criminal Court after its prosecutor said allegations of crimes committed by NATO in Libya would be examined “impartially and independently,” according to diplomats accredited to NATO headquarters.
The diplomats said action to pre-empt a war crimes investigation would likely include an immediate internal legal review of all incidents in which NATO bombing or other actions caused civilian casualties.
They spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.
The alliance has always maintained that its operations in Libya were carried out strictly in keeping with a UN Security Council resolution that authorized member states “to take all necessary measures to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack” in the North African country.
NATO leaders have repeatedly hailed the precision with which the mission was carried out, citing the small number of civilian deaths caused by the bombing as evidence of its success.
Still, in a briefing to the Security Council on Nov 2, International Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said “there are allegations of crimes committed by NATO forces (and) these allegations will be examined impartially and independently.”

how is that for the concern this merits?
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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 05:08 AM

NATO is already involved in a civil suit in Belgium that accuses the alliance of killing 13 civilians in the bombing of a residential compound near Libya’s capital, Tripoli. Attorneys for the plaintiffs say that, although NATO and other international organizations enjoy diplomatic immunity in criminal cases, they fall under Belgian jurisdiction in civil suits.
The immunity applies only to those holding diplomatic status.
NATO may perform an internal legal review of some of its operations in Libya to assist any outside investigation into civilian casualties, diplomats accredited to the organization say.
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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 05:14 AM

Originally posted by casenately
I am glad you laugh at thousands kicking the bucket.

oh and the use of the
makes an excellent addition to crap. What about the plethora of other sources. The entire thread has many, and the original post has nothing to do with the rest.

I am glad that you are so twisted that rape and murder make you smile.
Or the fact that the same terrorist organization killing our forces is being yet again funded by us. Great huh?

You don't get it.

THIS THREAD makes me laugh.

It's full of utter sh*t, it's a complete joke, all the sources are comical and I just cannot read any of this rubbish any longer.

Now goodbye.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 05:17 AM

US, Israel Funding Terrorists in Syria…in addition to the Libyan-Nato-NCT-mercenaries…
A prominent political analyst says that members of the anti-government “Free Syria Army” are not defected army personnel but militants backed, funded and armed by the United States, Israel, and Turkey.

In an article published on Global Research website on November 20, Thailand-based geopolitical expert Tony Cartalucci cited a report released by the International Institute for Strategic Studies stating that Syria’s opposition is armed and prepared to drag the country into more violence.

“The report comes in sharp contrast to the propaganda fed via the corporate-media and the West’s foreign ministers on a daily basis, where the violence is portrayed as one-sided, with Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad ‘gunning down’ throngs of peaceful, placard waving protesters,” Cartalucci wrote.’

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 05:18 AM
reply to post by iskander683

good bye retard.

All sources are to elaborate? no, ok..

then leave....troll

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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 05:22 AM

US Invading Syria by Proxy: US "Prepares Military Options" to back Terrorists in Syria.

by Tony Cartalucci

After world opinion categorically denied Wall Street, London, and it's NATO forces a replay in Syria of the destruction and pillaging of Libya, with Russia and China leading opposition to a planned escalation and overt NATO military intervention, the corporate-financier media led by CNN, and in particular CIA-asset Anderson Cooper, has conducted a non-stop propaganda campaign based entirely on "activist" say so centered around the Syrian city of Homs. Journalistic integrity and neutrality have been shamelessly abandoned, evident by CNN headlines reading, "Ruthless Assad rides wave of slaughter."

Every claim is punctuated by "activists say," with passionate pleas for NATO to rain Libya-style death and destruction upon Syria from alleged "activists" on the phone with CNN's Anderson Cooper, "activists" who could just as easily be in the adjacent room at CNN's studio or in London, as in Homs - since CNN and other corporate-media outlets have categorically failed to provide substantial, verified evidence of their most recent narrative. It is a narrative to dupe the West once again into what is essentially naked military conquest operating behind the tenuous fig leaf of "responsibility to protect" (R2P).

But even at face value, CNN reports "clashes" and features video footage of armed militants waving the "Free Syrian Army" flag while operating armored vehicles and brandishing weapons of war. One could scarcely imagine any Western nation faced with similarly armed militants terrorizing their city streets not responding with full military force, especially with recent historical examples such as the siege in Waco, Texas where US government forces ruthlessly killed 76 including over 20 children for much lesser crimes than sedition, treason, and openly declared foreign-backed armed-insurrection.

In fact, all the Davidians of Waco, Texas were convicted of were possessing "illegal weapons" and using them when attacked by armed federal agents - a far cry form the "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) who not only possesses weapons of war, but is demonstratively using them to terrorize and violently overthrow the sovereign government of Syria and forcibly seize populated districts. This includes FSA ultimatums immediately followed up by bombs tearing through civilians in the Syrian capital of Damascus and offensive attacks on security forces.

yeah that source is crap too huh?

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 05:24 AM

On February 5, 2012 - Reuters reported, "Tunisia "to withdraw recognition" of Syria government," and specifically that newly appointed Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki made the announcement on his Facebook page. Reuters also notes "Tunisia's decision to sever ties with Damascus carries moral weight because the north African country's revolution last year started off the "Arab Spring" upheavals which later spread throughout the Middle East, including to Syria." What Reuters of course fails to mention is that the "Arab Spring" was engineered years in advance, planned, funded, and directed by the US State Department, with Moncef Marzouki a direct recipient on record of such support which ultimately paved his way from obscurity to now president of the North African nation.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 05:28 AM

Like Tunisia, Syria is a Premeditated Foreign-Funded Destabilization

Syria has been slated for regime change since as early as 1991. In 2002, then US Under Secretary of State John Bolton added Syria to the growing "Axis of Evil." It would be later revealed that Bolton's threats against Syria manifested themselves as covert funding and support for opposition groups inside of Syria spanning both the Bush and Obama administrations.

In an April 2011 CNN article, acting State Department spokesman Mark Toner stated, "We're not working to undermine that [Syrian] government. What we are trying to do in Syria, through our civil society support, is to build the kind of democratic institutions, frankly, that we're trying to do in countries around the globe. What's different, I think, in this situation is that the Syrian government perceives this kind of assistance as a threat to its control over the Syrian people."

Toner's remarks came after the Washington Post released cables indicating the US has been funding Syrian opposition groups since at least 2005 and continued until today.

In an April 2011 AFP report, Michael Posner, the assistant US Secretary of State for Human Rights and Labor, stated that the "US government has budgeted $50 million in the last two years to develop new technologies to help activists protect themselves from arrest and prosecution by authoritarian governments."

The report went on to explain that the US "organized training sessions for 5,000 activists in different parts of the world. A session held in the Middle East about six weeks ago gathered activists from Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon who returned to their countries with the aim of training their colleagues there," (emphasis added). Posner would add, "They went back and there's a ripple effect." That ripple effect of course is the "Arab Spring," and in Syria's case, the impetus for the current unrest threatening to unhinge the nation and invite in foreign intervention."
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