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Muslims: I'm becoming very tired of your violence

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posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 04:08 AM

Originally posted by ipsedixit
Muslims mainly suffer from bad PR. Their biggest problem, as far as I can see, is that they are "the other guy".

I know a guy who has travelled to what seem to be, statistically speaking, the two most moderate Muslim countries; Iran and Turkey. He doesn't really understand why I or anyone else would have much of a problem with Islam.

Islam's problem isn't its' scripture, primarily. It's the fact that said scripture gives license, within certain contexts at least, for Muslims to engage in vile behaviour, and so as a result, some Muslims take advantage of said license. Unfortunately, the percentage who choose to do so, also seems to be fairly large.

The moderates are fine. However, they're also the same people who'd likely be peaceful irrespective of what their religion was. If you ask them whether or not Islam is the religion of peace, they'll say yes and mean it, because for them, it is. They'll probably also be able to quote passages which support that conclusion.

Ask a member of the Taliban, however, and you'll get a different answer, with a different subset of scripture used to support said conclusion. They aren't violent because the theology tells them to be; they're violent because they want to be, and there are places where the theology gives them an excuse.
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posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 10:19 AM

Originally posted by petrus4
I'm sorry. You seem to have developed the misconception that I'm a fellow conservative. I'm not. The "family unit," can be a positive thing, but like so many other things, is entirely vulnerable to abuse, in any number of different ways.

Not really, I don't bring left or right politics into any of my opinions, while I have conservative tendencies I don't really believe in that paradigm, I believe it's hegelian dialectics designed to manipulate the masses, divide and conquer.
And the only reason I have conservative tendencies is because I live in Sweden where the right would make the american democrats look like nazis, I have seen the damage fabian socialism can cause, how brainwashed my own population is, it's scary..

Imagine living in a country populated with 9 million people, and letting approximately a hundred thousand new immigrants into the country every year, it's unsustainable in the extreme, yet you can't complain without being called a nazi.

That is the perspective which I am writing from, my 'default political stance' is probably more leftist than yours simply by being born in this country.

A stable family unit beats broken homes any day of the week, there's no discussion.

Originally posted by petrus4
The extent to which I agree with you here, is in the sense that I think the Left is basically dominated by minorities who are attempting to manipulate compassionate tendencies, into allowing them to create self-aggrandising situations for themselves. The gay and feminist movements are the two most guilty parties here. If we could get either (or preferably both) of them to sit down and shut the %^&# up for five minutes, then we might actually be able to get something genuinely useful done.

You have no idea how bad it gets eventually...... women should have their own parks where men are outlawed since men are all potential rapists... yeah, that was a real proposal where I'm from.

There are countless similar examples relating to both immigration and feminism, yet the population is so brainwashed only a minority even recognises the institutional madness.

Originally posted by petrus4
In my case, being Left-oriented means that I think it's wrong not to care at all about other people. That doesn't, however, mean that I am a wilfully unintelligent, naive, codependent, hysterically emotive enabler who thinks anyone who wants anything should automatically get it.

Nothing wrong with caring about other people, the problem is you can't care about the whole third world as a minor country, it eventually ends up with the caring country turning into a third world country giving up its ability to take care for both natives and immigrants.

Originally posted by petrus4
I don't believe that the Victorian era was a Golden Age, I'm sorry. People then were just as generally screwed in the head as they are now; the only real difference is that nobody admitted it.

I never mentioned the Victorian era, I only pointed out how we've traded some initially widespread problems for even more problems. I never said racism or chauvinism was good.

Originally posted by petrus4
a] As far as I'm concerned, the Anglo-Celtic (English, Irish, Scots) and Germanic ethnic groups, are the two most horrifically violent within humanity as a whole, with the Jews not trailing all that far behind; and I say that as a member of said ethnic group myself. This is not only supported by global history, but personal experience; I've known members of various other ethnic groups, but the only ones I've ever personally experienced violence from, are the two already mentioned.

Historically europeans have waged wars for hundreds of years, but compare the average european to the average middle easterner or north african and I assure you that they're much more violent.

Calling europeans more violent than other ethnic groups is totally unfounded in my opinion, just look at asia, they've been warring just as much throughout history, with battles that would dwarf similar european conflicts.
Genghis Khan alone killed 30-40 million people.

Governments wage war, cultures are violent.. otherwise, how could the bloodthirsty vikings have changed into the shy and neutered scandinavians of today?

Originally posted by petrus4
As far as history is concerned, again, the only racism that any Caucasian individual has the right to feel, is self-directed.

Middle Eastern history is just as violent as european history.. talk about white guilt. I guess the racism of all non white people is completely justified.

They talk about white people and slavery, never mentioning the arab slave trade, enslaving africans long after white people stopped.
You never hear about white slaves, middle easterners raided europe for slaves.. you didn't know that? Their slave trade ended in 1970.

posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 07:39 PM
this is an ignorant topic; posted under the beleif that all muslims are violent which is simply not true.

and btw, I'd be pissd too if I was in their position; America has been bombing and killing their people for years and what do we actually have to show for it?

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