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Schumann Resonances, Electro Magnetism, and the Brain.

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posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 03:24 AM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

Synchronisticly you are one of two people who brought up this Joe McMoneagle interview to me today. So I listened to thoe whole thing and made notes as I was listening:

So I think we’re all psychic in a sense as humans because it’s part of our very nature. I think I’ve been psychic since birth but in terms of actually realizing it and accepting responsibility for it, that certainly didn’t come until after the near-death experience.

I find this interesting and I totally agree. We are all psychic and we tend to explain away each and every psychic incident as coincidence or something else mundane. Only when confronted with something that forces you to totally reevaluate do we change.
NDE shatters this reality and the black MK projects use this to enhance the people they used… torture shatters the mind an creates alters who only know psychic is an every day experience... You must perform or die… and repeated NDE both further dissociate the mind through killing the person (then reviving them) but also enhances the psychic side. Drugs are also used and mental reversal upon mental reversal. Pain is pleasure etc… evil beyond describing.

The original project wasn’t actually named Grill Flame. It was called “Enola Wish” and it was a temporary study project. It was initiated by the fact that we had heard rumors and picked up some details about the Russians using psychics to spy on America.

Interesting on several levels, historically as this is not stated much “Enola Wish” and there were other projects by the navy, army, and cia before “Enola Wish” I’ll have to get some of those references and put them in here for everyone to see.
Also of note is the Russian… given the info burntheships just posted about current Russian projects you can image we would be doing them now if we haven’t already… but we all know we have – well except Buddha who knows nothing, says nothing, believes nothing *snicker *

To select people with basically the same talents that you believe they might have, train them to do things in the best way that you know, and then have them go out into the world at large for a period of time and collect information using the Russian methodology, the psychic methodology, and then have them come in with their data and turn the data over for an independent study or review by a sister agency.
You know, someone who’s not involved. In that way you can generate a final report that says, “In our opinion this is as good or as bad as we are so this must be as good or as bad as they are.” So the initial intention was to just spend three years doing that–selecting people, targeting our own people at the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, that sort of thing. And then turning that material over that was collected to an independent agency and have them evaluate it for accuracy.
That didn’t work very long because there were a number of problems, the first being we didn’t know what we were doing; the second being that we were able to successfully recruit six people. Those initial six people turned out to be very, very good at doing what we thought the Russians were doing. They were good enough that people felt that it should be operational immediately.

So far from what the cia claimed when they shut down the program in 1995 that there data was no good… it was good from the very start. You don’t fund this stuff for millions of dollars a year for 20 years and it’s not working. And it was not shut down in 1995, just transferred. It’s a shell game. The president gave them an accommodation for doing such a good job, it became public, so they just played the shell game and moved it to a different agency.

I mean, if you’re emulating what your enemies are doing and you find that it works and not only works but works extremely well, you don’t run it as a study project anymore. You run it as a collection effort. So that’s what actually started Grill Flame. Grill Flame, again, was only supposed to be a temporary effort because there were no funds allotted for it. There were no deep-seated plans to run psychics. But that turned into an almost 20 year project that collected an enormous amount of information.

very clear.

When they obtained my file, what they did is that was the first thing that Lieutenant Atwater opened was that file.
And they were very pleased to find that I had had this experience in 1970 because it meant that I was one of those special people that historically were able to probably do exacting what they were looking for.

1. They already new about the connection between NDE and psychic…
2. Skip Atwater is a very important name in all this also. He is the one who went up and met with Robert Monroe, and Monroe introduced him to Hemi-sync technology.

posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 03:25 AM
reply to post by pianopraze

... continuing

Atwater is the one who had him develop the Hemi-sync to help with remote viewing – although Monroe already knew it could help with OOB experiences.

It turned out that as a result of their selection process they wound up with way more positive reactions from people than they expected.
So they decided to go ahead and expand the program to six people instead of three.

So here we have Joe McMoneagle, Ingo Swann, Pat Price, Uri Gellor… all superstars of remote viewing. Ed dames I think is a disinfo agent and not the best remote viewer.

I can say that their most effective psychic was a woman and she was awarded one of Russia’s highest medals for her efforts at being psychic during the Chechen war and she did all of her work from a mainline battle tank. I think that that speaks for itself.

Both sides know this stuff works, and were handed rewords for how well they did. This is not voodoo whoodoo metaphysics crap. This was real technology that really worked.

So a suggestion was made by then Captain Atwater that I come with him to the Monroe Institute and meet Robert Monroe. He felt that the Monroe Institute might have the means by which I could learn to empty my mind, to become a lot more relaxed about the process.
In fact, it did. I took a gateway. I liked it very much. It was a good, restful experience. I actually took gateways for some time just as vacations just as a result. But he decided that he could work with me in his lab so we agreed that I would work with Bob Monroe in his lab and he would try to help me.
So over a period of extended weekends I would come down on like a Thursday night and stay until Tuesday morning and go back to Meade and do remote viewing all week.
But during that period at the Institute, we had a two-pronged effort. One was to teach me how to control my mental states better. The other was to see if I could learn to control my spontaneous out-of-bodies which I’d been having for many years. The military and the unit thought that if I could control my out-of-bodies that I could become capable of doing collection using the out-of-body state as well as the remote viewing.

More good history.

I was able after just a few months to demonstrate the ability to jump from one target to the next with different agencies in a matter of minutes. I reduced my cool-down period or my meditative time from about an hour-and-a-half to three to five minutes using the Institute tapes.
And over a period of time, I wore the tape out and I asked Bob for another tape. He said something really interesting. He said, “You don’t need it anymore. You just need to close your eyes and remember what it sounds like.” In fact, that’s true. I’m now capable of doing that. I can close my eyes and remember the tape sounds and my brain states switch into that same state that they talk about.
After about eight months I was able to demonstrate an effort at collection in the out-of-body state and I think that surprised a lot of people.

Actually if you just remember being in these states you can spontaneously open them up - states that take years of meditating to achieve. Now it is these OOB combined with satellite/EM weapons that are used to target people for assassination… work he was not doing but the black agencies were doing.

Alex Tsakiris: Wow, that’s amazing. So what that ever operationalized? The OBEing?
Joe McMoneagle: Uh, I hesitate to say one way or the other. I can say that the out-of-body state’s extremely different from the remote viewing state in that if you can imagine stepping out of your body and passing through a wall and being inside a room you’ve never been in before, what works is all the senses you would normally have stepping into that room in reality.
The difference is that all of your senses are extremely heightened and very extended. You can hear things like bugs walking on the carpet. You can hear the machine motors in tiny little processors. You can hear the heartbeat in people. That kind of thing. Or you can see molecular movement in inanimate objects as well as animate objects. Your senses just become super-powered, so to speak.
The problem is in the out-of-body condition you have no way of communicating with anyone so there’s a lot of assumptions as to what you should be collecting. Do I pay attention to this machine on my left or do I pay attention to the machine on my right? Which one is the target machine? That sort of thing. It’s an extremely difficult state to control and to maintain. So you may be required to perform three or four out-of-bodies on the same target in order to get the kind of information you’re looking for.

Notice he hesitates to talk about this. Very sensitive information this is one of the first places I’ve ever heard it acknowledged. They later hooked people into computers so that they were able to see what the person was seeing OOB. They become the targeting computer so to speak.

You have to hammer on it over and over and over, day in and day out until you get it. It’s extremely difficult to do that.
When you’re looking for the smallest nuance on let’s say, a mental trigger in the back of your mind and you don’t know what that mental trigger looks like, you have to start pulling every trigger you have until you find it. And then once you find it you have to find out how to replicate that pulling of the trigger. So just getting there is extremely difficult. It takes months and months of effort.

This is why they chose musicians and linguists. People that can are perfectionists who go over, and over the smallest iteration over and over… and people who can think totally different. To be a linguist you have to learn to set aside the way you think and accept a new way of thinking. Anyone can sit down and learn a few notes, or learn a few phrases of a foreign language… but this is entirely different from being a musician or a linguist. Same with this.

I happen to believe, based just purely on my experience over the past 35 years anyway, that everything has a consciousness, all the way down to the subprimal level. In other words, the rock has a consciousness. It’s the very reason why in this illusion we call space/time reality that a rock is a rock. It would be incapable of staying a rock if it had no consciousness for it.

I absolutely believe this, and I get reactions off of everything. You can actually feel the difference after a while when you pass from one area to another. But this is off topic, but very interesting.

Alex Tsakiris: Archeological remote viewing—did you actually uncover any artifacts as a result of your…
Joe McMoneagle: Yes, we did. In fact, we went to a very tiny island in the Pacific called Amami Island and drove straight to a mountaintop on this jungle-covered island and climbed the mountain to the top and found the actual stone-age ruins of the temple that we were looking for.
We also found what we believe to be her tomb and surprised the entire Japanese government by reporting it. It turns out to be a noble tomb and they thought that they had the recordation of the locations of all their nobles and we surprised them with a new tomb location. There’s a lot that came out of that. I hope one day it can be printed in English. I think it would be very interesting to a lot of people.

This is another way thing the black groups were very interested in and the black projects were used for.
I am not certain, but I believe this is one of the real goals of the first Gulf War… not to cease weapons of destruction... but artifacts they new about and that Saddam was about to uncover.

And aside from that, of course, I keep trying to break into the fictional market but that doesn’t seem to be working for me.

I’m sure there is a reason he can’t get the “fiction” published… because fiction is not always fiction…

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posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 03:25 AM
reply to post by pianopraze

... my internet stopped at my house... i'm posting this from my phone. i have some more links etc i was typing here. i will post them when i can get my MacBook online.
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posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 07:49 AM

Originally posted by burntheships

From the same website: "International Documents in Support of Claims of the Existence of Electromagnetic Anti-Personnel Weapons" by Cheryl Welsh:

Editor's Brief Summary

This article will list two United Nations documents which reflect the development of electromagnetic anti-personnel weapons. Then an article and book by international human rights organizations which are also working on this issue will be summarized. Finally, there is a chronology of newspaper and journal articles from 1977 to 1998 documenting the international discussions on electromagnetic arms control and a short conclusion. Important points are highlighted so that the article can be skimmed.

There is overwhelming evidence of electromagnetic technology development for anti-personnel military purposes, as this article will demonstrate. Victims are coming forward in all major countries and are claiming that their governments are experimenting on them with electromagnetic technology in a cruel, inhumane fashion. The following factual documentation strengthens the claims of government nonconsensual experimentation, especially when this technology has it's roots in cold war mentality and in light of the fact that all major countries have a long history of electromagnetic weapons research and development.

The main point of this article is that while people have good intentions, reality is very different. It is so critical to know this about people and to plan for this glaring problem. People do terrible things like radiation experiments. The nuclear arms race took on a life of its own and no one accepts the blame for spending billions of dollars on the arms race. Deception and rationalization and economic factors are a few of the main driving forces behind what is actually happening today. This same pattern has and is occurring with electromagnetic weapons.

Compelling and irrefutable evidence is presented in this article. In time, victims will break through the unfortunate patterns of human nature such as not wanting to believe that abuses are happening today. Victims are suffering horribly and that is why this is an urgent problem. Hopefully this article will speed up the process .

posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 01:43 PM
reply to post by pianopraze

His name was Pat Price, and starting in the summer of 1973, he got the US government’s attention. Hal Puthoff, who knew him slightly, asked him to check out a set of geographic coordinates in West Virginia. The target was informal and unclassified – a CIA employee’s vacation cabin. But Price came back with a lengthy description of something else entirely: “…large underground storage areas… Looks like former missile site… Personnel, Army Signal Corps… Folders inside cabinet labelled: Cueball, 14 Ball, 8 Ball, Rackup…” What Price had described was a secret National Security Agency communications-intercept facility, tucked into the hills a few miles away from the vacation cabin. Ken Kress, a young CIA officer helping to monitor the work at SRI, would later write in an official memorandum that “Price, who had no military or intelligence background, provided a list of project titles associated with current and past activities including one of extreme sensitivity. Also, the codename of the site was provided. Other information concerning the physical layout of the site was accurate.” Price began to work in the SRI research program, but for operational remote viewing, he soon began dealing directly with the CIA. One of the Agency officers who worked with him coined the phrase “an eight-mart­ini evening” to describe how shaken up he was after one of Price’s performances. Another, years later, would tell him simply that Price “was extraordinarily accurate, unbelievably accurate”.

More on the Psychic Spies here

The ELF wave Puharich connection to remote viewing

Yeah so I know people who can do the astral travel OBE -- I saw one get trained to be a qigong master and he told me that when he leaves his body he really is where he travels to.

So the real astral travel is very advanced and dangerous but then the remote viewing is more like what one Westerner called the "astral tube" and not as intense as astral travel.

The reason this stuff can't be pinned down by science is again because it's based on the "quantum potential" as consciousness which can not be measured by technology -- before the collapse of the wave function in quantum mechanics.

Here's remote viewer Lyn Buchanan on the dangers of remote viewing

So since reality is holographic then the consciousness is mirrored internally in your own body -- so you can know more about another person then they are aware of their self. So if the person is sad you can know this and feel this without the person expressing their sadness at all -- that's just a minor example -- the emotional blockages are mirrored in your own body -- so sadness is a lung blockage or anger is a liver blockage. So if someone else is angry then my own liver will get hot until their blockage is exorcised. To exorcise the emotional electrochemical blockage means to turn it back into light energy that leaves the body - going back into the Emptiness. So negative energy is just "extra" energy that needs to be harmonized and transformed back into healing light coherence laser holographic energy as consciousness. This process is formless as listening -- the Emptiness is Sound that can not be heard.

posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 03:20 PM
Lyn Buchannan theatre of the mind:

Originally posted by fulllotusqigong
Here's remote viewer Lyn Buchanan on the dangers of remote viewing

I can't speak to the techniques you know, I have no frame of reference. I think all empathic people would agree with you in principle... but i have no clue about feeling them in different parts of your body.

You are bringing lots of primary source links I've not had before. Thank you!

From link on Lyn above:

Posted by Lyn Buchanan
Monday 5 October, 2009
No, you heard correctly. The thing is that I was originally (t)asked to kill him, and at that point, I absolutely refused. I agree with you that both making someone sick, and even worse, killing someone is an abominable use of this or any technology. But you have to remember that a soldier doesn't always have the luxury of saying, "No" when the chain of command wants otherwise. You have to remember, too, that we were at war with him, and that in a war, it is often the soldier's job to take out the enemy, whether that is making the enemy ill or killing him. The making him sick was my way of compromise, and a way of bargaining to say, "No" to killing him. I don't kill. I think that it was a sort of poetic justice that in making him ill, I got ill, myself. What goes around certainly does come around. Believe me, I am probably the strongest supporter of morality in this field. But we were talking about a time when morality came second to duty, following orders, and trying to save lives by "taking out" a killer.

Strong correlation of some of the things I've been talking about. Lyn was not on the black side of this... apparently it was even tasked on the non black side. I'd only heard rumors before. Here is primary source confirmation.

CRV is a scientific process developed at SRI to find out what goes on in the mind of an honest real psychic and see if they could replicated in a normal person. They had great success at it.
It is a science, that you learn like physics or chemistry. That takes all the voodoo and mystery out of it which disappoints a lot of people. That lets you sit in one room and read documents locked safe half way across the world… give detailed information about a place that you can’t see, can’t hear, that’s separated from you in both space and time.

Again, not voodoo -hard repeatable science. Notice he says both space and TIME…

We’ve taken it over into archeological applications

Since time is not a factor… and this is what he says is done in the civilian realm. Think about the black realm and how they have used this.

Imagine if you had a network of remote viewers who could locate the nodes of time which are keys to changing outcomes… not big ones that would be noticed, but small ones… which snowball to change all of “reality” we are currently living in. You think they haven’t done it? Maybe this explains the nightmare world we are living in today in more ways than one.

Remote influencing is the fact that you can use RV as a two way street. The ability to influence a target once you have mentally acquired it is not that hard a process if done correctly.

He mentions that he was approached by members of a “covert unit” to influence him. Again, there are layers of black. And all the intelligence agencies were using these remote viewers… they just didn’t like to admit it. He refused to kill… that’s what they wanted.

I was out sick at my stomach, throwing up, my joints aching, not able to think strait. Get lost going to the bathroom in my own house. I have learned since how to give myself protection and make it more of a one way than two way street.

They trained the black beyond black to do this without such I suppose, but when you link it with em weapons like satellites then you have less exposure. You become the guidance system. Remember, in these states your senses are heightened and you can, with training see into the chakra systems.

McMoneagle partially described this:

The difference is that all of your senses are extremely heightened and very extended. You can hear things like bugs walking on the carpet. You can hear the machine motors in tiny little processors. You can hear the heartbeat in people. That kind of thing. Or you can see molecular movement in inanimate objects as well as animate objects. Your senses just become super-powered, so to speak.

Three types that will not make good RV according to Lyn;
Those that think it will send them to hell
Those who are fervent in believing in psychic functioning
Natural psychic who is really good

posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by pianopraze

... continuing

By this time they have been working for 3-5 years. But your not going to find better remote viewers anywhere. They are the kind that the government could use to win wars etc…

Have you had any contact with the governement recently?

Stay away from that subject.

Ok onto the next thing

Notice there are still things they won’t talk about in ongoing operations.

We really couldn’t describe anything well enough the analyst could find out what was going on inside the building. I caught [the director of the site] in a moment of daydreaming and I took the part of his son and he took me around the site and explained it to me.

There is a lot here you won’t find in any books about what is going on - a lot more than many will believe.

I will put subliminals into the training. So if I catch them using it for evil I can trigger the subliminal they will stop remote viewing all together. The subliminals were very effective. I have been training in work in subliminals. I use visuals it would be physical things I do while I’m teaching. You want to talk about a scary field, that is it. Basically you set up a situation. Let me give an example. I was giving a talk and kept saying don’t’ try this… unless you went through CRV training every time I was doing this I would stand behind this chair and acting like I was playing with the chair but I would tip the chair over. Every time they tried it they would get this feeling of loss of balance [as if being tipped in a chair].

There is a lot more than most would believe or understand…

posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by pianopraze

O.K. basically the pineal gland can read the intentions of a person if they are evil or not. So normally in the West we are either innocent of evil or evil people think they can hide their true intentions so that morality is not taken seriously, etc. But actually if a person has bad intentions this means their electromagnetic essence is focused on their lower chakras with the intention of taking energy from other people.

So basically technology is defined by this evil intention of considering reality a closed zero-sum game so that others must be controlled since resources are limited. So the mention of the subliminals -- what this is actually is like hypnosis where actually the use of the voice is the lower body energy. So the power of the intention which is electromagnetic is based on how much electrochemical energy is converted to the electromagnetic energy. The electrochemical power is from the neurohormones of the lower body.

So with good intentions a person sublimates and then transforms or purifies -- ionizes the neurohormones -- and this then opens up the heart as love energy which then opens up the pineal gland for remote viewing and entering into the spirit realm -- seeing the spirit light energy. So at this point then yes precognition becomes very much a regular thing -- in visions and also in dreams. You can train to know when precognition is happening because the dream and vision are actually more lucid -- more scintillating -- than waking reality. So then waking reality is realized to actually be a type of dream that is not a vivid as real consciousness which is coherent laser light.

So the thing about taking on the negative energy is what limits remote "influencing" because it's based on natural resonance which means if a person has negative intentions what they are doing is then moving their electromagnetic essence back down to their lower body and so they are actually taking away their own energy. If the pineal gland is fully opened -- and this is a very rare ability -- so for example someone like Effie P. Chow or Chunyi Lin -- what they can do is then recharge their energy by taking down the "shen" or holographic laser spirit energy. So while they heal other people they can then recharge their own energy.

Dead spirits -- dead people -- are actually this holographic light energy shaped like a human but only now disconnected from the body and floating in the air and this is called a "yin spirit." -- So the qigong masters also can create "yin spirits" that then leave the top of their head and go out to heal people -- I have seen this happen and I have also seen dead spirits. So normally we can not see dead spirits because our pineal glands are not open but if we sublimate the electrochemical energy and then purify it to open up the heart then the electromagnetic energy gets strong enough to open up the pineal gland.

So even if a person creates a spirit body that can survive death while maintaining light consciousness awareness -- this spirit body can then travel into space. But even then there can be a cosmic catastrophe that will destroy the spirit body which is otherwise immortal. Also in the extreme levels of electrochemical transformation there is creation of another physical body - called "yang spirit" and "bilocation." So this "bilocation" is referred to in remote viewing but the remote viewers are not advanced enough to be seen by others when they astral travel. In other words they are creating a "yin spirit" at best -- a form of light.

So it is definitely possible to counteract subliminals - we can actually learn to read the true electromagnetic intentions behind people's visual actions and words -- their subliminal body language and indirect communication through words.

posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 08:58 PM

Neuroscience Letters

Volume 513, Issue 2, 4 April 2012, Pages 151–154

Increased photon emission from the head while imagining light in the dark is correlated with changes in electroencephalographic power: Support for Bókkon's biophoton hypothesis

# B.T. Dotta a, c,
# K.S. Saroka a, b,
# M.A. Persinger a

* a Behavioural Neuroscience Program, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada P3E 2C6
* b Human Studies Program, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada P3E 2C6
* c Biomolecular Sciences Program, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada P3E 2C6

* Received 3 January 2012. Revised 31 January 2012. Accepted 8 February 2012. Available online 17 February 2012.


Bókkon's hypothesis that photons released from chemical processes within the brain produce biophysical pictures during visual imagery has been supported experimentally. In the present study measurements by a photomultiplier tube also demonstrated significant increases in ultraweak photon emissions (UPEs) or biophotons equivalent to about 5 × 10−11 W/m2 from the right sides of volunteer's heads when they imagined light in a very dark environment compared to when they did not. Simultaneous variations in regional quantitative electroencephalographic spectral power (μV2/Hz) and total energy in the range of ∼10−12 J from concurrent biophoton emissions were strongly correlated (r = 0.95). The calculated energy was equivalent to that associated with action potentials from about 107 cerebral cortical neurons. We suggest these results support Bókkon's hypothesis that specific visual imagery is strongly correlated with ultraweak photon emission coupled to brain activity.

► Cerebral photon emission increases with imagery. ► EEG power time-coupled to cerebral photon emissions. ► Power densities of EEG and brain photons match. ► Thinking is coupled to cerebral light emission. ► Imagery photon density increase is ∼10–11 W/m2.


* Biophotons;
* Ultraweak photon emissions (UPEs);
* Bókkon's biophoton hypothesis;
* Cerebral hemispheres;
* Imagination;
* Human brain;
* Quantitative EEG (QEEG) visualization

posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 11:07 PM
reply to post by xecoybh

Persinger is way big on the ELF Schumann mind control stuff -- I corresponded with him about Puharich and he responded that Puharich's work was under-appreciated. Then Persinger did the same telepathy experiment that Puharich recommends in the ELF pdf I linked.

Yeah this is it - his "No More Secrets" lecture - basically stating all our brains will be interactive and controlled....

So this is an exact continuation of the Actual Matrix Plan expose I posted ten years ago online.

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posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 05:46 AM
I just listened to something that is very interesting to me. It's on the archive of an interview of David Sereda by Kerry Cassidy that took place April 6, 2012 on Revolution Radio.

Sereda said that we're a frequency obsessed society. But his work is in differentials: Imagine a violin and a cello playing. First you hear the violin alone, and then you hear the cello alone, and then when you mix them there's a sound in between them that neither of them possess on their own. When two frequencies or more, sometimes many more, rub against each other, there's a very fine gap between them that's called a differential, or difference. That's what he's interested in - those tiny spaces. They're like micro vacuum cleaners that pull energy from invisible dimensions into ours and back out again.

Then he said his argument has been that geometry and sacred geometry has a deep flaw in that most of our geometry are even-sided. But in nature, you only see uneven geometry. He does the math on the uneven geometries and determines the numbers of all the waveforms working together to produce the differentials. They are the harmonic spaces between the violin and the cello. They are more powerful than single, stand-alone frequencies.

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 05:54 AM
Sereda's YouTube channel is Spaceman99.

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by Mary Rose

Yeah I read David Sereda's book on UFO propulsion based on frequency back in the day -- and then I even read his new e-book on the differentials -- it's just bunk numerology. What your describing is just the concept of "beats" in music which creates timbre based on the difference in amplitude and phase from the way the frequencies interact. Fourier harmonic analysis is for this but it assumes a static sampling time so then there's nonlinear Fourier harmonic analysis using wavelets. So David Sereda is just talking new age bunk -- his last appearance on C2C was pretty sad. haha.

Actually his concept is the same as John Keely or Tesla -- and what I've been talking about -- how sound gets transformed into other types of energy -- so sound turning into light and also sonofusion. But this process is not just some "beats" or differential analysis as Sereda calls it -- that's a term from calculus but he's not even using calculus. haha.

So this process can not be modeled by science -- there's various explanations for sonofusion. The Italians using the spacetime bending model while a physicist in the U.S. has proposed a quantum vacuum model to explain sonoluminescence. Since quantum relativity is still not unified -- then science fails to provide an answer.

Actually the mathematical physicist Milo Wolff has improved upon de Broglie's quantum relativity model -- using a wave model called Space Resonance so it's antimatter scalar waves but not in the classical physics Maxwellian sense like Bearden uses or Paul LaViollete.

'I was curious!' - On his lifelong (slightly obsessive) motivation to find the cause of the de Broglie wavelength of Quantum Theory. His discovery (in 1986) that a Spherical Wave Structure of Matter deduced Doppler shifts (due to relative motion of the Spherical In and Out-Waves and the Wave-Center) that correctly corresponded to the de Broglie Wavelength of matter. Of even more significance is the fact that within these same simple wave equations were the correct terms for the Frequency-Mass-Energy increases with Motion as deduced by Einstein' Special Relativity. Thus for the first time finding a fundamental theoretical and mathematical unification of these two famous theories.

O.K. so then Milo Wolff's model relies on "hidden variables" which is like de Broglie -- in other words there is a real ether -- a real space of waves resonance that are faster than light speed:

Before two potential partners can undergo those energy shifts, the IN/OUT waves must exchange information (boundary conditions) of their respective particle energy states so that energy exchanges can take place in a way that minimizes wave amplitudes in accordance with the MAP (Assumption III). If minimization is not possible no exchange can take place. Is this respect, the Minimum Amplitude Principle is similar to other physics principles such as the Principle of Least Action, and "Energy flows down-hill". It underlies them. These prior information exchanges do not produce energy changes visible to us. The mysterious EPR experiments use two separated photo-detectors which appear to have instantaneous knowlege of each other's state of polarization. We are not aware of the prior information exchanges because they are hidden from our laboratory instruments since they are not energy shifts but are carried by the IN-OUT quantum waves. After we understand the role of the quantum waves we recognize that Nature is a puppet-master who allows us to see the puppets but not the quantum wave ensemble behind the curtain

His website has the computer animation for the "IN" and "OUT" waves combining for the finite amplitude as matter. What makes the model quantum? The energy is based on frequency as energy intensity instead of amplitude as energy intensity -- amplitude measures the number of particles as energy intensity.

The strength of this binding does not decrease with distance; only the number of these individual electron spin-to-spin bonds decrease with the square of the distance.

A pdf by Daniel Fitzpatrick based on his correspondence and study of Milo Wolff
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Originally posted by fulllotusqigong

A pdf by Daniel Fitzpatrick based on his correspondence and study of Milo Wolff

From page 10 of 192:

. . . I have said in many places before: “We now have the answer Einstein was looking for, but this universe is far different from that presently described by most science laws. It is a scalar, standing wave universe and it resembles instead what we see in the quantum world but simply a lower frequency thereof with a slightly different symmetry.”

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Originally posted by fulllotusqigong

He sounds like he's not finished with his theory because he says of the math that it's not quite clear what this does to the character of the wave.

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Milo in this video does not make even a modicum of sense. Every hydrogen atom and even that pencil is a source of waves, which he construes to be "in-waves"? Yeah right. Just so much hand-waving and zero substance.

Just another slide in a powerpoint show of stupidity.

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That's referring to the quote I also posted about Nature as the puppet-master -- because the scalar wave is reverse time so there is no way it can be measured by technology but it is physically real. So science can not predict it or control it but is aware of it after the fact. Meditation on the other hand merges with the reverse time as the Emptiness which then gives visions that are precognitive and enables reading past life information and doing long distance healing, etc.

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If you were given the opportunity to design a curriculum for today's aspiring scientists, what would it entail?

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Can Creation Be Saved? video lecture by Dr. Michael Soule, conservation biologist.

Our species is in no danger, I think our civilization is though.

Ecology comes first but it's the most complex and least understood. The ecology of the Amazon is more complex than any supercomputer will be able to compute.

So ecology needs to be studied while it is still here.

The closer science is to ecology the better science is. So the first step is learning that human waste is actually valuable fertilizer to grow food.

Then I would train in nonwestern music as free energy alchemy healing.

Yeah I'm glad you're reading Dr. Mae-Wan Ho - the Rainbow and the Worm - as she integrates biology and quantum physics. Quantum biology. It's not accepted by mainstream biologists even though it's increasingly proven. On Quantum entanglement in biology and electromagnetic pollution

Indeed, the authors of the study state that their model and the experimental evidence suggest that European robins can sustain quantum entanglement in their optical system longer than the best human-made system can! If these studies are correct, then, God not only designed birds to use quantum entanglement as a matter of course, He designed them so well that the birds use it better than the best human technology modern science has produced. Even on the quantum level, God’s design is amazing!

So quantum entanglement in biology is not reproducible by human technology

Biology has a knack for using what works, says Seth Lloyd, a physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. And if that means "quantum hanky-panky", he says, "then quantum hanky-panky it is". Some researchers have even begun to talk of an emerging discipline called quantum biology, arguing that quantum effects are a vital, if rare, ingredient of the way nature works. And laboratory physicists interested in practical technology are paying close attention. "We hope to be able to learn from the quantum proficiency of these biological systems," says Lloyd. A better understanding of how quantum effects are maintained in living organisms could help researchers to achieve the elusive goal of quantum computation, he says. "Or perhaps we can make better energy-storage devices or better organic solar cells."

Still science will try to reproduce the quantum coherency efficiency of Nature

But biology has somehow solved that challenge: in effect, quantum coherence allows a photosystem to perform a 'best-path' quantum computation. Benjamin, whose main interest is in designing materials systems for quantum computation and information technology, sees the ambient-temperature avian compass as a potential guide. "If we can figure out how the bird's compass protects itself from decoherence, this might just give us a few clues in the quest to create quantum technologies," he says. Learning from nature is an idea as old as mythology — but until now, no one has imagined that the natural world has anything to teach us about the quantum world.

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I'm re-watching a series of videos of a presentation given by Dr. Marcel Vogel right now, and I just heard him say something that made me think of your response. He described himself as having gone through a transformation from a rational scientist to a spiritual scientist.

I think that's what planet Earth needs. Rational science has gotten us in the mess we're in. If scientists were spiritual instead of rational, they would have a conscience that would prevent things like experimenting on humans to see how technology can be used to take over their minds. They would be guided by love.

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