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Things to know about preparing survival food

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posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 10:17 PM
Fantastic post OP. Im actually going to print this out and keep a copy of it in the pantry.

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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 11:08 AM

My father told me when I was young that coffee keeps you warm and coffee cools you. An old wives tale that has been recently proven as real by science. It even had a kicker added.

Hot Coffee stimulates the bodies heating and cooling system. Cold coffee stimulates energy production and gives you get up and go. This newly learned fact is important knowledge. If you got something to do it pays to drink your coffee cold instead of hot. My aunt used to drink her coffee after it sat, she had a lot of energy, go-go-go. She had 13 kids so she couldn't sit around much. Her husband, they called him the colonel, said she ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I have personally tested this concept and feel it is true.

Coffee also stimulates the body to repair. It contains hormones that help our body heal damaged cell. It's a diuretic and I think I understand how it works. It's a good thing to drink if you have genetics for type two diabetes, but if you have already shown problems with diabetes it doesn't always help anymore. It seems to be a preventive medicine only.

It's important to note that some of us adapted to coffee and the problems associated with drinking it are worked out generations ago. Coffee can make you hyper and irrational if you are not used to it. Caution should be taken to have a close person informing you if you start getting irrational or risky behavior. Coffee makes some people Kranky too, those with a high metabolism shouldn't drink caffeine, they may get overpowering. If your ancestors didn't drink coffee you may not also need it. I won't tell anybody to drink coffee because of this reason. You have to study it, study your family history, and test it on yourself.

This next part is a little about what happens in the body when you quickly change temperature. This involves creation of energy from fat by the brown fat that processes it. Brown fat is created by exposure to cold and it is mostly stored close to where it is needed. Men work and lift heavy weights with their arms so the brown fat is in their shoulders. It also gives energy to the brain in a ketone type sugar and this can keep a guy thinking at a reduced rate while he works hard. The natural dumbing down effect. People have different types of metabolisms, this is how many hard working people work and think using stored energy. Women have Brown fat stored in their hips or thighs. It's there for to give them power for child bearing. Girls run around with skirts in the winter even though their parents say not to. They seemingly do not dress appropriately for the weather. The child going through puberty is actually doing the right thing but we as intelligent adults are messed up. We think they are wrong. This brown fat formation is created by cold, it brings blood vessels into the fat. This brown fat metabolizes regular fat and makes us be able to go longer without eating. We are messing up with our perceptions of thin and healthy, we are causing problems with our childrens ability to form properly in the womb. I see this. I see that our knowledge may be making us dumber and irrational because we think we know things. Jumping to conclusions just because there is evidence that is similar to a situation is bad.

Now when you come in from the cold or go out into the cold from a very warm place there is something to know. Doesn't it seem like you automatically have to go pee? I'm suggesting here that when this hot/cold transition occurs there is a change in chemistry in the body to a new need of something different. I'll try to explain this by example. I go out to shovel snow. I start to shovel which causes the brown fat to start processing fat and the kidney and liver start to take out the extra unused toxins. If they can't keep up the skin gets involved and makes you sweat. This is just the start of things. When I come in or start getting ready to come in my body reads my mind and makes me have to go pee to clear the toxins. When I go in I sometimes have to go straight to the can. Works good, now the body has got rid of the toxins and has room for more. So I can't go to the can because the bathroom is far away and the snow is all over me so I need to undress. All ov a sudden my breathing gets weird and my heart starts to feel weird. It's caused by two chemistries being present at the same time which cause accelerated conflicting histamines to be produced. This is classified as a sort of Asthma and this can kill you. Remember, I'm under the coffee posting. Coffee is a diuretic. Think about this and other things that are diuretics. Another way to stop this without taking an antihistamine is to take a drink of something containing minerals like the runners drink when they stop running. Same thing sort of. I wish I had the resources to test these things out fully, but resources take money and money demands profit for those supplying the money. Oh well.
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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 11:46 AM
here are a couple handy plants to know for the most part of North America
ginger (wild too) helps stop food poisoning
The ojbway claimed it took the evil spirits out of food...

Yarrow really does stop all kinds of infections, you might barf everything up once, then you'll be fine, not like what happens if you let something like BBQchicken flue run its course. (two three days of being nothing but a puking pile of soft white underbelly...wraped around the outhouse door)

Yarrow will stop absceses ( tooth and otherwise), roids, internal infections, urinary and kidney infections, its a real go to plant

Wild sarsaparilla root is nutritious and has ginsang like qualities like the virginna creeper..
warriors and hunters eat it on the trail

WINTERFOOD you can always find almost everywhere anytime

winter is the scariest time because anyone can find stuff in late spring to late fall..
If TSHTF it will likely be in winter

Virginia creeper ROOT is an fast acting ginsang relative it will get you going and keep you going, and it will stabilize your glands and your moods too..It is common and unlike north American ginsang...
it climbs so can be found in winter very WARMING gets the blood tea or chewed
very peppery

of course my fave emergency food PINE BARK yum! ...the soft inside bark of the branch tips eaten RAW or from the bigger pieces fried up like chips..or the spring catkins are a good sourse of easy to catch calories.
the stuff is usually right at hand. smoke the chippies over hardwood for that BBQ flavour.

always somethine to eat from the root to the tips - potatoe like, asparagus like, pollen flour...etc
Go in the swamp build a fire in a clump of the stalks and thaw the ground and cook the roots you find there

Wintergreen sweet minty asprin content leaves and berries show through the snow in late winter, excellent tea

here is a very good edible plant index Page

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by rickymouse

RM ( far as I know) when you go out in the cold in order to stay warm easier your body urinates water out of the blood stream and sometimes your nose will start to run also..this makes it easier for the blood to contain heat so it can be shipped around the body..
AVOID sweating and getting wet next to the skin..this the worst thing to have happen when trying to stay warm.

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by Danbones

I like to see your input, I hope others will post what they know too.

I learned a little about the running nose. It seems that we all have at least one sort microbe living symbiotically in our nasal system. People are different and have different immune systems so they have different microbes. Some even have Pneumonia microbes living peacefully in their bodies. Some people even have C-diff.

These microbes interact with us and help us to sense other microbes that can hurt them or us. They secrete a fluid when they sense something is wrong and try to get us out of the area. Our immune system responds also and our nose runs. All these microbes have one thing in common, they hate cold.
This is many times a communication that says "get back where it's warm you fool"

There are some bacteria that live symbioticly in us that have the chemicals in them that can kill or permanently harm us. This is one of the reasons doctors don't give people antibiotics so much anymore. They discovered this a few years back but are afraid to tell us they may have killed or permanently harmed some people by giving them antibiotics. Everyone would have tried to get a lawsuit going but in reality it was noones fault. That doesn't matter though, the cost of the attorneys would cause major financial stress to the industry. We learn by our mistakes. It isn't a mistake if we learn, it's a learning experience.

Herbs are very strong. You speak of Yarrow and most everything you say is true. One thing though, Yarrow can cause agglutination in some people and cause a wide variety of bad things associated with this. My grandmother loved Yarrow tea. She had symptoms of complications associated with overuse of it. It cures many things but overuse or using at the wrong time can cause problems. Try looking at what you know of Yarrow and see where complications could occur. The flower can be crushed and put on cuts to promote healing and agglutinate the blood to stop bleeding. One of it's chemicals is type of hydrogen peroxide. Smell a crushed flower, it smells like a surgical room.

I look forward to any more info you could give, I have lots to learn yet to. I'm going to study some of the things you posted and check for availability in our area. Ginseng and Sarsaparilla are somehow sort of related I think. I feel they are also related to the Rutabaga because of similarities in some of the tastes. We have ginseng in the woods around here but they are dying off for some reason. I knew about cattails and have made myself aware of where they are growing around me. If the SHTF for a while, I want alternate food sources. I stock a minimum of six cans of coffee and am looking into buying coffee trees that grow around here. I guess they have cold tolerant trees in Finland. Leave it to the Finns to find ways to be self sufficient in this world.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 11:52 AM
I addressed Salt in a post above. I forgot to say that I studied the salt craving. If you Google salt cravings you may come to the articles I read. The salt craving many times is because of a lack of chloride in the diet and eating fish is the best way to get chloride. Seems strange but it works, I personally tested this. I can't say all the things I found on these craving sites are real because I seem to try to do more than one thing at a time and can't say for sure if it's real. Fish requires vitamin C and bitters to help get the most of it. Lemon or coleslaw work fine and are usually eaten traditionally. Potatoes and fish also go good together and complement each other for nutrition. I'm not sure if rice has properties like potatoes, I never read anything related to it, but never really looked either. Look for these sites, I could find and post it but the enthusiasm you get from finding it yourself cannot be replaced. You could also find better ones than I did. Go for it and post some of your new knowledge here on ATS. Pass your knowledge around but don't jump to conclusions, study the pros and cons of things. I can give you at least five bad things associated with eating raw or undercooked broccoli and only a three good things. Boiling broccoli for ten minutes and dumping out the water gets rid of all but one bad thing. I am not afraid of occasionally eating a little broccoli with dip. Seems the calcium can neutralize the worst problem. learn of these things yourself, the net is the best thing that ever happened to this world if used properly. If used improperly it can be the worst thing that happened. Have fun with your new homework. Maybe in a year or two I will be asking you for information. I find much of my stuff from other people, some from the sciences and some from just ordinary people. I try to listen to what people say and spend hours investigating what they see. I find the answers that sometimes conflict with current practices or beliefs. I am not always going to be right either. Learn for yourself and challenge my thinking in a friendly way. I could be still missing something.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 12:12 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

very good points RM
I am all for NOT over medicating!
Yarrow IS a drug!
( but in the bush when faced with life or death)......

I have been there with an abscessed tooth and Yarrow saved my sanity and maybe my life

very interesting about the microbes BTW

potatoes are alkaline and they are ment to balance out the acidity of meat

If you get Queen Anne's lace seeds from the birdcage flowertops at the right time ( just ripe but, not over ripe) and grind them, they are a not bad substitute for is colts foot ashes...

Dandelion roots are a nutritious cancer cure and coffee substitute but they say DON"T clean them well, just dry them with the slight soil biology attatched
The nice thing about the virginnia creeper root or the sarsapparilla which are related ( you are correct) is they add that lift to what ever tea they are mixed with and are healthier

Another cool northern plant is labradore tea
which can provide opiate like substances for pain relief ( strenght depends on extraction methods)
( reLEAF, just noticed that etymological(sp?) Root lol)
this plant makes a nice tea that is calming

SUMAC drupe nberris have the lemmony citric taste and goe VERY well with fish
also try sumac drupe berries with plantain leaves...
wow! (and cream cheese if avaliable) double wow!

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posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 12:41 PM
Hot toddy: here's some of how it works. good for flues, colds, and some bacteria infections.

Everything in this is based on a Big 10 oz cup, no measuring necessary. Tablespoon is a plain old tablespoon in your drawer, the honey is a little bulge. Taste it after making it, sometimes different lemon juices are stronger or weaker, sometimes commercial honeys are cut with HFCS.

2 heaping tablespoons honey

1 Tablespoon Real-lemon or equivalent

1 1/2 shot good brandy

3/4 shot ginger brandy

Mix above ingredients in cup, the alcohol helps dissolve the honey

Fill cup with boiling water and stir. taste to find if it tastes good, ingredients vary

The honey is a sugar which gives the body power to fight things and is also a antimicrobial that is tolerated easily by most people

The Lemon juice is a bitter which stimulates the liver secretions which help detox the body. It also contains sulfites which are also a good way to kill some bacteria. Too much sulfites is no good, go easy.

The brandy is a super alkalyde and brings things into the body. It breaks up agglutination of red blood cells and helps white blood cells too in small amounts. It also starts various organs detoxing by giving them energy. If too much is consumed it starts going the other way. I am not sure but feel that there may be some help from alcohol dehydrating the cells in moderation. It may have some effect on viruses by this action.

I don't know if the ginger is real in this brandy but it does make it taste better.

The Hot water makes it dissolve better and warms the belly which warms the Liver. This stimulates the liver to work as well.

If we do kill a few bacteria that are overloaded in the body, the body has more power to divert to fighting the virus.

If you drink a couple of these you won't care if you got a cold. Sometimes attitude helps you heal.

Who really cares how it works anyway, as long as it works. You don't have to wait to use this stuff until SHTF. I'd be interested to see others ideas on cold remedies so I could study them more. The cure for the common cold is probably simple but not profitable. Having a cold can help to adjust our genetics in good and bad ways. It's like a little computer virus/program that causes change to happen. Relieving symptoms is good. Multipurpose medicines are good.

Some people may have allergies to one or more of these ingredients. Study what I say and maybe you can alter this recipe with something of equal or better reasoning. Maybe you can even find out things to perfect it.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 01:03 PM
reply to post by Danbones

Yarrow is a very important and pretty looking weed. It has many uses. Study plantain or white mans foot. It was inadvertently and probably purposely brought here from Europe. It was used in the field for emergency treatment of soldiers and it's properties were taught to soldiers in WW2. It can be wrapped around a wound which causes local agglutination at the site like yarrow does. It also has antimicrobial action. It grows all over the place. It can be put on a salad in moderation and can be boiled like spinach and eaten like spinach for food. Its Plant defense system is neutralized if boiled for about ten minutes and if a little cream or milk is added it's oxalate is neutralized. Knowing how to cook things is crucial to detoxing them.

I'm amazed how many words I misspell, using this spell checker helps me alot. I seem to have lost a little of my spelling ability as I go into deep thought. Oh well, a smart person should be able to translate what I say and that's why they invented spellcheckers. Sometimes if you don't pay attention with spellcheckers a really wrong word gets put in and has to be deleted and retyped..

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 06:24 PM
just read a research article that stated that a small glass of red wine is equivalent to 3+ doses of one of the diabetic drugs. They tell us that red wine is now good for us but don't tell us why. Strange coincidence that a shot of wine is used for communion doesn't it. Go every day to church and have communion and the devil stays away.

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posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 08:53 PM

Originally posted by rickymouse
I read a research article that seemed interesting. It stated that some people, because of many generations of eating pickled things, have evolved to take vitamin C out of vinegar. Apple cider vinegar or even pickle juice in particular works best. It stated that when these people eat something with vitamin C in it they create chemistry to take apart acetic acid. Since this extra chemistry is not needed or used in the nonexistant process, it causes problems in the body. The article did not say anything about how to identify these types of people or what the symptoms were. Maybe that's why some people respond well to apple cider vinegar treatments to restore health and others don't. Think about the foods you ate when you were young and at home. Pickle consumption deters urinary tract infections to. I'd stock pickles and apple cider vinegar in your pantry.

I remember going to a Korean restaurant and being served four or five different pickled vegetables. I later read somewere that pickling (and fermenting, which is slightly different, e.g. the notorious Kimchee) was a huge part of the Korean food heritage. and I recall reading that cucumbers have vit C, so do pickles have the same, or more?
interesting thread, thanks

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 07:47 PM
Coffee and tea. Everyone knows they have caffeine. coffee also has caffeic acid and tea I can't remember the name of its chemical. Now I'll tell you why some people really need them. It's to do with a natural Ion in an organic form and I will tell you about it's effects on our personalities.

Coffee and tea contain Fluoride, an organic form we have gotten used to centuries ago. The reason for the Boston tea uprising was because the missing Fluoride caused people to get riled up. Organic Fluoride is found in Paxil and Prozac, and some other antidepressants. It works well with Caffeine to give a person a mellow upper effect. It is most times formed in Caffeine containing plants. We are used to it. If you eliminate This Real Fluoride from your diet it will cause you to need a supplement or you may get crabby. They may not be able to put Fluoride in your water if they don't have the right technology available because it's toxic if not mixed right.

How does Fluoride work. It's an antidepressant. It works by blocking the thyroid and possibly brains ability to take up iodine. It's not like Goiterogens that block the Iodine absorption in the digestive tract, like the crustiferous veggies, spinach and many more, it competes with the spot that Iodine is attracted to. Bromide,Chloride, and Lithium do this also. Think about it. If you didn't have some Fluoride in your diet you would be Kranky a lot because the Iodine would always be turned on and you won't be able to relax.. If you have Iodine reserves in your body when you start doing something the Fluoride acts as a diuretic and you pee it out then the Iodine starts to connect and the thyroid gives you energy. Fluoride can work as an energy preserver for when you need it and allows you to unwind with a cup of coffee even though you are speeding...A calm speeding.....

Chloride works different Fluoride and it's release is quick. It will cause problems if it is too high, but it usually gets used in the stomach to produce acid. Bromide is necessary in the body at low concentrations also but the bromated flour makes it's levels too high.

I'm not a tea drinker but I think it's similar. I like my coffee weak, made with one scoop instead of three as stated on the can. Coffee can't do it's job right if there is no iodine and too much coffee won't let the iodine kick in and the caffeine will have no kick except to mess with your brain.

I knew that Fluoride was put in our water to keep us from protesting and fighting with the people of other races. I never could understand why there was so much racial tension because I've always drank coffee. I'm a Finn and Finns are supposed to drink coffee. There's some unwritten law about this but it's posted on the pearly gates. This type of Fluoride in water is not really good and neither is the kind in toothpaste. They are filling us with antidepressants that are poisonous, not ones that are good for us. They should just give everyone pumpkin pie, the chemicals in nutmeg are the basis for some other antidepressants.

So remember, if there is no fluoride available you may get at each others throats. Too much fluoride disassociates the family also so keep it sensible. If you get too uninhibited with others you forget about your loved ones. That's bad news for teenagers. Another thing is that caffeine without fluoride can make you rush too much and accident prone or forgetful. I'm sure that the scientists at Soda companies know this, they either use bromates or Fluoridated water to make their caffeinated drinks. At least I hope so, they belong together like peanut butter and jelly.

Cilantro is another Fluoride compound but use it with caution. Fluorides of certain types can transport heavy metals across the blood brain barrier. They can chelate heavy metals out of the body also.

Study this on your own. There are both bad and good associated with everything. Know the truth, don't jump to conclusions.
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 08:21 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

They tell us that red wine is now good for us but don't tell us why.

Flavonoids. Just learned that even lager beer has flavonoids. Different than red wine's flavonoids... but flavonoids just the same. We need a wide variety of flavonoids... each in small doses... as several types of flavonoids work best as a team. What a surprise.

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by shushu

Here's an article that states which part of it is the treatment. I don't have to know exactly which part, I want to know the basics and a lot of different basics.
I actually bookmarked this one.

PS. Don't mix lots of nutmeg with wine or you could take a trip without leaving the farm.

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 05:35 PM
Radiation poisoning from nuclear meltdown of power plant. Keep a bottle of Potassium Iodide around just in case. It's always better to have Iodine reserves in your body so make sure your eating practices don't make you deficient. Watch eating too many cruciferous veggies, I think the Isothiocyanate and another chemical stops us from up-taking iodine in the gut. that's not what this article is about though, it's about after so I'll change my tune below.

Now an event has happened and food is contaminated, now what. Well initially take more Iodine and avoid the foods that are are bad for goiter. After that I'm thinking of turning things around. The food available will soon have radioactive Iodine in it. Maybe it would be better to eat foods that combine with this radioactive iodine and prevent uptake of it into the body. Eating the crusiferous veggies might be actually better in theory. Has anyone ever studied this? I have not found any studies of things like this myself, maybe I am wording it wrong. What do you think of this theory?

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 01:38 PM
I found this site about processing a pig. I have gutted a deer and cut it up before but had no idea about doing a pig. Most of this process will be done at a slaughter house if you have one but if there isn't one around or if tshtf it is good to know the basics of things. It is a well written article, I printed out a copy for myself, but it is about fifteen pages. It goes through lard production and all the fats and their uses. Even making head cheese is covered pretty well. It tells how to process casings also. I like finding things like this all in one article.

Here is the article

I have no real knowledge if everything on this site is right. I guess when you know nothing about things than it is time to learn. It seems pretty complete and it seems like it is the writing of someone who actually did it.

posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 08:15 AM
Ran across some articles today about Pine needle tea. It is necessary for everyone to investigate this for survival if medicines become scarcel Seems like one of the components of Tamaflu is in white pine needles. Shikimic Acid.

It is also important to note that there is up to five times as much vitamin C in White pine needle tea as OJ. This could be important to know if you do not already know that. keeps away skirvy well and available all winter. It also contains compounds that can shrink tumors. On top of that, Spruce bark contains high levels of Revesterol, blowing away grapes I guess. I hear stories from older people about chewing on spruce gum. Seems that giving something a name didn't create knowledge, our ancestors knew what was good for us. We ignored them and believe in pharmaceuticals now instead.

posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 12:31 PM
Herbs are fairly readily available or easily grown, and can add a wealth of seasonings and medicine to your kitchen. Garlic is my first and foremost, it is anti bacterial on top of the other great properties you mentioned ( so is onion), rosemary is also germ killing, if I remember correctly without my books it is anti-viral. Red Clover blossoms would fall into the category of antidote foods, they are a gentle cleanser that is strong enough to help get rid of tumors as well as heavy metals and other toxins. There are alot of great books out there, just make sure to cross reference at least 3 sources before trusting it to use any plant that you are unfamiliar with. I say 3 because at least 2 of them need to agree.
One other thing, I have been collecting Amish, Pennsylvania dutch, and depression era cookbooks. They are a wealth of knowledge for our food stores. Everyone seems to enjoy the recipes in them so far too. I have not made any squirrel stews yet though!

posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 12:42 PM
reply to post by woodsmom

I read an article by a very reliable researcher that stated that the people who went through the great depression and changed their diet back to the cooking practices in the old style before the boom preceeding the depression......the change in diet extended their life expectancy, especially the ones who kept up the old cooking after the depression ended. I researched food a lot and cross reactivities and companion foods and compared this to many old and new cookbooks, we have a problem again. Another important thing is that essential cooking practices have been lost. I guess because we abandoned the ways, all of our lifespans are decreasing now.

I haven't studied rosemary much, I need to research that more. Garlic, onions, marjoram, turmeric, oregano, sage, thyme, cloves, bay leaves, and many others I've researched a lot. I look both ways when researching things, the good and the bad and study the families of these plants a lot. I read at least twenty to thirty articles on something before making an opinion. Then something unexpected gets found and these opinions turn into complex puzzles. Put it this way, table mustard has good and bad properties. For every six good there is one bad. Sometimes the one bad wipes out all the good done, the only way is to find the antidote for the bad part. I find these antidotes from talking to old people, you ask them about something and they start talking. It takes a lot of research to find the antidote from the conversation but if you know what to google, the research papers are out there. Then it takes deciphering to cross reference the companion foods that are similar to the antidote.
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posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 03:17 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

B12 is another problem area. I read an article from the head of the health department in Sacramento I think that eating too many raw blueberries somehow depletes the body of B12. He was sure of that from trying to figure out why people were deficient and they had blueberries in common.

The book "The Handbook of Vitamins, Minerals and Hormones" Roman J. Kutsky 1973 says that Vitamin C is antagonistic to B-12. That book is hundreds of miles away so I found this.

It should be noted that the antagonistic relationship depicted between vitamin C and vitamin B12 is an indirect one. It has been confirmed (by Hoffer, Pauling and others), that vitamin C does not directly affect B12, nor destroy this vitamin. The antagonism is via iron, in that iron is known to antagonize cobalt, which is an integral part of vitamin B12. Vitamin C by enhancing iron absorption can therefore indirectly affect B12 status. This is however a rare occurrence and may only affect a small segment of the population who may suffer from iron overload disorders.

nutriative interelationships pdf

That link also says that B1 is antagonistic to B12
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