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Things to know about preparing survival food

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posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 11:55 PM
When you start eating the foods from your storage it is important to understand that improperly prepared foods can have effects on both your mental and physical health. Knowing antidotes to stock for possible toxins created by the Plants Defense System (PDS) is important. There are many foods that contain agglutinates or other types of toxins that need to be neutralized. I will address them briefly in this thread.

We eat foods without thinking and we don't get sick. How can the same foods in your storage now make you sick when they didn't before. It is because you did not consume the antidote or companion food because it was not available. We normally get craving for antidotes when needed. Making sure an antidote is also included in your storage is important. Rotating certain classes of foods to keep them spaced apart a little so the body can rid itself of byproducts of the digestion process is also important.(three days between eating same or similar foods) Some foods can be eaten everyday, others need staggering.

Dried kidney, navy, and great northern beans all contain a PDS chemical that causes agglutination of red blood cells and can lead to mini-strokes, major strokes, heart attacks, organ failure, and blood clots around the body. Canned kidney beans have been processed to neutralize this chemical. It just takes a little knowledge and proper techniques to neutralize these dried beans. Similar chemicals of the PDS are contained in other plants. They can cause things to stink, be deadly, be medicines, antidotes, or repellants.

Beans should be soaked for a minimum of eight hours and preferably 24 hours to drive out much of this toxin. It's not just to soak the bean to hydrate it. This water is now toxic so it should be discarded somewhere so it doesn't get ingested. I don't know if it can be neutralized by boiling or not. After soaking, the beans need to be rapidly boiled for a while to rid the beans of most of the toxin that is left. I seem to remember cooking for an hour minimum. If the beans aren't boiled, just slow cooked, the toxins get stronger so knowing this is important. Another way is to put onions in with the beans. The Theo-sulfate helps stop agglutination of blood so it helps as an antidote. Garlic does the same thing. Baked beans or chili go good together with beer or booze. Ever wonder why? Alcohol is also an antidote for many agglutination chemicals. I just gave you a really good reason to drink. Having aspirin around helps, if there is no aspirin use poplar leaf tea because it contains a similar chemical to aspirin and may also relieve the headache from the drinks.

Having enough booze for medicine in you're pantry is a must. Most times a sip is plenty to treat symptoms..... DON'T drink it all in the first week...... Onion salt/powder also has the Theo-sulfate as does Garlic salt/powder . Too much onion or garlic can thin your blood too much so use moderation. Thin blood actually has less red blood cells and is different than non-agglutinated blood.

I've studied the antidotes we normally eat without thinking for a while now. It's a fascinating thing to study. How does our body know what to eat without our conscious knowledge. Why do we sometimes sit in front of the fridge just staring in? What are we looking for. If you don't grab the right thing, you're right back in there again. I think that our new food chemistry is confusing this system of ours. Something that came natural now needs to be learned. Sucks.

I hope others with this knowledge also contribute. I can always learn more.
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posted on Feb, 26 2012 @ 03:09 AM
Thanks for this post, as I have innumerable pounds of various dried peas beans and the like this was just a good refresher/reminder for myself and I'm sure news to some.

posted on Feb, 26 2012 @ 03:49 AM
Thanks for all the great advice. I didn't know that about dried beans, and I have lots of them stocked away. I know to soak them and boil them, but I wasn't aware of the toxins. And an extra THANK YOU for giving me yet another point to add to my growing list of the wonderful medicinal, nutritional, and health benefits of God's greatest gift (besides love, food, and water and maybe a handful of other things) - alcohol.

BTW, could you give a recommendation on maximum storage time for dried beans? I've had some sitting around for quite some time and a few have already passed their "best by" date, but there is no expiration date on the packaging. I try to rotate through all my stored food, but it doesn't always work out perfectly like that.

posted on Feb, 26 2012 @ 07:49 AM
reply to post by HillbillyHippie1
I guess beans have a long shelf life like other dried products. The reason is that there is an an-hydrate formed that protects them from bacteria and premature sprouting. My understanding is that an-hydrate is sort of like rock. Anything that is dried is part rock. Even Pasta has this, it's a carbohydrate thing. Knowing how to neutralize this is the key, boiling things makes it go into the water and the water is discarded. I don't know if these chemicals can be absorbed through the skin so I don't think it's advisable to bathe with the water either unless someone finds evidence that they are still safe. The chemical that a potato makes and the anti-sprouting agents are similar types of anhydrates. This chemical gets stronger if the potato is frozen or if cooked in the lack of water. When baking potatoes I was taught to coat them with butter or Crisco and they were crispier. I think this actually traps the moisture in the potato and possibly makes it less toxic. Putting them in foil would do the same thing but I wouldn't always use aluminum foil for everything. You can get aluminum poisoning from eating too much food prepared while using aluminum cookware. Mountain climbers get a shot that counteracts the aluminum poisoning occasionally when symptoms appear.

Most of the antidotes for food toxicity have been worked out and are contained in the practices of food preparation handed down over the thousands of years we have been eating them. I study old recipes and traditional companion foods also to find applications. Those that control us want us to be a little sick or not thinking clear so they can control us. For some reason this knowledge of the recipes to detox food has been disregarded or debunked using evidence from testing done which omitted the real reasons or toxins involved. Sounds fishy to me. This use of this practice seems to have accelerated in the early 1900s.

I may not have the names of some of these chemicals spelled right, I try to memorize patterns, associations, and tendencies and not word spellings themselves. I prefer to understand things and try to translate them to the common English Language. Some words seem not to have a translation or are necessary to memorize because they are extremely important. I also study the good and the bad about everything. If someone tells me something is good for you I can easily find evidence to substantiate it if I look for positive evidence. I also look to see what is wrong with using these things excessively and find answers knowing both sides of the story.

I keep all this info in my head to try to process it when needed. I write nothing down because as soon as I write it I find more side effects

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 08:26 AM
This is interesting. I will have to research more into antidote foods.

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 10:05 AM
It's good to know about yellow mustard and keep it in your pantry. It contains ground mustard seed and Turmeric. The properties of mustard and Turmeric are good for many health reasons and act as antidotes. J. L. French combined two common household spices in the early nineteen hundreds to commercialize a common homemade antidote.A teaspoon of mustard, about what you put on a sandwich, can help with muscle cramps. A teaspoon of mustard can get rid of muscle cramps and I think that's the reason that people may have used it over the centuries. It's the Turmeric that does that and the mustard seeds have a similar effect on smooth muscles.

Turmeric is also a good miticide and can help get rid of overgrowth of bacteria and candida in the gut and even in the body. It is used extensively in India and was traded all over Europe and Asia in the past. It was imported to the USA throughout the American history. I don't know if commercial mustard still has all the properties of homemade mustard because of new processing techniques but it does take away cramping yet. I like Chow, it has turmeric in it. Lots of knowledge of our past is now hidden. Try to rediscover it. Visit a Herbalist or a person interested in herbs. They know more than I do on herbs. I only study this one because mustard is a common food condiment. Turmeric is a yellow dye so if the mustard is pale it has less Turmeric in it.

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 10:30 AM
Saffron is also a good thing to stock to make saffron rolls out of. A common spice that has been used by the Europeans and Asians for years. It contains a chemical called safrinanen or something, it sounds like what I spelled there. It is antiviral and also was used by sweedish women in the past in breads to attract the Viking men. I think it's an antidiaretic and dampens the herpes virus, or common cold and eating it helps stop coldsores. Not good for the other kind of herpes I don't think but they are studying it for aids treatment.

Cardamon has a different effect and helps loosen a person up. It was used by the Finnish women to attract the constipated vikings. Cardamon bread is common till this day with people of Finnish and Norwegian ancestry and by it's design it stimulates the liver to work and helps detoxify. It's sometimes found in Korpu or cinnamon toast also.

Cinnamon has too many properties to even start mentioning. It's a tree bark. I've been trying to find some bark that is local that has the same properties but no local bark shares all the characteristics. Some treebarks have some of the effects and were used by the Native Americans before we came here. Cinnamon is a metabolite creating a histamine reaction to start the body metabolizing sugar. It does this by stimulating heat in the organs which stimulates the liver to detox. It works best when consumed with a little sugar to help start the ball rolling. When our metabolism is stimulated our body boosts liver function and starts processing fat. Our fat cells contain lots of stored bad chemicals too so releasing too many at one time can sicken us if the liver is overburdened at the time. Most of the time this makes us think irrationally because it throws of the balances of chemicals in the brain temporarily.

Everything within moderation, too much of anything is no good. At certain time Cinnamon can be used as a medicine in higher doses, talk to a person with knowledge of herbs for information of medicinal value. I might not have all these bodily processes exactly right because I'm trying to translate articles into layman terms. I would appreciate if someone who has studied these to help with input.

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 12:06 PM
One of the most important survival things that you should realize is that a lot of foods, as well as viruses and bacteria employ techniques that agglutinate blood cells. Having a small dose amount of any alcohol suitable for consumption is necessary. Why do they keep telling people drinking a little wine with a meal is good or having one beer can be good for you. Winegrowers capitalize on this knowledge as do beer producers.

Alcoholic beverages do contain sulfites to stop their fermenting process. Some is naturally created while others are added. Sulfites kill bacteria but can also overload those who are sensitive. Without these sulfites alcoholic beverages would turn to wood alcohol which we cannot consume. Keeping the alcohol at an exact level in these drinks is regulated by adding sulfites and doesn't have to be listed on the label because if your body is working right it will convert sulfites to sulfates. If not, they give you a sulfite headache and you stop drinking. Eatong food containing adequate amounts of molybdenum or having bodily reserves of it helps to process these sulfites. Remember this when consuming foods that are preserved with sulfites. Pickling onions creates sulfites so some pickles are naturally canned foods are high in sulfites. Get a molybdenum supplement for your storage unit. Some multivitamins have this but 100 percent RDA may not be enough if you eat a lot of sulfites. A Molybdenum enzyme in the body helps regulate sulfite/sulfate levels. Do not fear sulfites, our body uses the sulfite/sulfate conversion as a way of fighting disease. It raises blood sulfite levels when it senses bacteria or fungus in the blood by electrically activating or deactivating this enzyme. It is sorta like taking a sulfa drug but without the cost. Sometimes the foods we eat or even the amount and type of liquid we drink can effect the signal. This is a whole lot off topic from the thread though so I guess I'll address that somewhere else. It sometimes is good to know a little of what happens in the body with things so a person can know to say to themself "Now what the hell did I do to myself this time"

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

Regarding turmeric, I know that turmeric and the name goldenseal are sometimes used interchangeably. I've recently bought turmeric and started cooking with it. The bottle I purchased was labeled turmeric (5% curcumin level)

From what I understand...what I purchased was really goldenseal and not turmeric. Apparently turmeric has no curcumin.

So, are you talking about turmeric with the curcumin level or goldenseal? I'm really confused about which is which and if they can be used as the same spice.

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by fictitious
Well, I don't know. I know it says turmeric on the mustard container and my daughter bought a bunch of Turmeric we use from a India store in Chicago. Golden seal is also called Indian Turmeric but it's different. I just looked it up. It seems to share some of the good properties but has other properties of it's own that are good.

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 01:38 PM
I don't have anything to add other then this is interesting information, that we need to see more of. Snf for you.

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 02:15 PM
Good stuff! There is smoke coming off my pen from writing all of this down in my journal. Keep the info coming. This is all new to me and based on my food storage, very valuable. I can't thank you enough.

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 02:18 PM
cool info.


posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 02:28 PM
Eggs. Eggs are more than a good food. I think it's the albumin in eggs that has a special property. If you eat wild game it is good to eat eggs. The eggs form a chemistry that is attracted by the lead BBs and it forms a lead compound that can't leave the digestive tract. Although I can't find info on exactly how the egg should be cooked to allow this to happen I can still know the facts involved. Maybe you will crave eggs for breakfast after that rabbit stew last night. Our bodies know sometimes and this knowledge should not be ignored. Do dried eggs have the same property? I don't know. I got my info on the egg from a place that specialized in treatments for diseases for conditions for when Emergencies without availability of an ER was possible.

Garlic has a chemical that can neutralize metal toxins too. It brings them (Chealates) out of the body. Garlic can also neutralize some forms of low level Arsenic poisoning. Garlic also neutralizes the Cyanide, it's the type of sulfur compound in it. It's not as good for cyanide as onion is I guess. Soaking your feet in Epsom Salts speeds up the chelation process I guess, I'm not real sure how they are drawn out your feet but who cares, it's known to work. Another old remedy. Epsom salts is still used by the medical industry in baths where toxicity is high. Witches hazel should be in everyone's medical supplies, it is a good astringent for many things and draws slivers and toxins out of the body. The knowledge of these things to aid in our bodies health is important if the Emergency rooms are busy. We will be needing the Medical industry if something happens.

Remember moderation in everything. Study the stuff I tell you to find out how to use it. I can screw up with my writings if disturbed and can misguide sometimes. I'm trying to show people awareness of things we do that we do not realize and we stay healthy even though we eat something that is poison to us individually. The blood type diet is real, but these antigens can be neutralized by cooking practices and companion spices and foods. The other crap they put in our foods is harder to figure out. Some companies create chemistry to keep it safe when eaten in quantities that are stated and if prepared as per instructions. I see possibilities of cross reactivity with other foods though. Our bodies are supposed to know the antidote and each generations changes gives them knowledge of change. When we get older we need to eat things our body can recognize or else learn the antidotes that awareness has taught us. It may be something that our kids crave after eating, watch them. Our bodies cannot make new knowledge but our brains can. This is the tree of life. We will not live forever though, but if we can live a life with less sickness and better health it will seem worth living. If we have the will the energy in us will go on and so will life. If we give up we die. Life doesn't have to be expensive or technical to be good, it needs to be worth living. The tree of life and the tree of knowledge were the same tree. That's another subject.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 08:31 AM
When You eat something for three days in a row you get sick of it. Actually you aren't sick yet, if you eat it longer you will probably get sick or lose rationality. Our bodies, or subconscious, know when the balance is getting tipped on nutrition and we have too much of a certain thing. Ever wonder why that half gallon of milk went bad on you and nobody drank it? There is a reason why we sometimes forget things. Why did that last head of lettuce go bad without getting eaten? Because nobody craved it so they couldn't see it in the fridge. They were looking for an antidote or companion food and could only see what they were looking for.

I'm trying to explain a concept here of how these genetic switches in our DNA and our subconscious interact. If you need to relieve stress the body craves things that relieve stress. If you need to forget you crave stuff like chocolate because it makes you not form long term memories temporarily. Give you're wife some chocolates if you screw up and the next morning she will not have remembered all of your messup. This works to a point but some people seem to be unaffected. There is even an antidote for chocolates imbedded in our subconscious. Some of you may know the names for these chemicals in food but I do not need to know names because knowing too many names limits our reasoning. Knowing concepts is better.

Sometimes changing foods will change our personalities. If the chocolate isn't now available to your wife, she starts to see you were deceiving her and everything goes to hell. When you start to eat out of your pantry and it's eating things you aren't used to you will find everyone acts differently and arguing breaks out. Everyone be aware of this, make sure to keep your love and friendship as the focus of your existence. Maybe you will discover you don't like things about your spouse. Look for the good in them, something you saw in the beginning. If it was just their good looks that attracted you than you are in a little trouble. It doesn't mean that you have not built a bond and love for each other though and look for this to keep you together.

I pick on chocolate but chocolate is good sometimes. I understand it is a chemical of deceit but know it is also the chemical of forgiveness. You need to stock some chocolate in your pantry for when things go wrong, make everyone aware of it's properties and deceive noone you care for. There are other things with this chemistry but they don't concern me. If I really want to forget something I'm sure my subconscious will show me the way. If you don't desire to forget, your subconscious will also keep you awake at night and make you keep thinking till the chemicals wear off. I think we call that insomnia. Look for the true reasons for things, don't follow deceit. There are antidotes for chocolate but I have not studied this yet.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 09:13 AM
Foods temporarily effect your perceptions. It is important to put safeguards to keep tract of your perception in your pantry. A note that you read that you wrote to see if your perception has changed. Perception can get better or worse After a week you may read your note and not understand the meaning "what the F*@#% was I thinking". You may see that the note was not pertinant and wonder why you wrote such a stupid thing but you will recognise your own handwriting, don't type it. You may be getting better or worse, you're perception may have been a little distorted in the first place. The norm that our society has adopted is severely distorted and this will be corrected sooner or later. talk this new perception over with the ones you care for and try to figure out what's happening. Our consciousness can understand this if your mind is open. Try a little meditation or solitude to try to see what you sense. We are addicted to ignorance as a way to hide from the truth, We use food chemistry to fit into society very much but this is causing the problems that are emerging today. Everyone is doing this knowingly and unknowingly. The reward centers of the brain have been studied much by those who desire to control us.

A family that eats together stays together. Eating the same foods many times keeps you thinking alike. Different Blood types create a problem because it gives us different allergies and recipies and practices need to be taken into consideration to make food good for all. This knowledge is hard to comprehend and you have to study it on your own to understand. There are also genetic reasons that we can or cannot eat things, and some things need to be eaten in certain seasons raw. This is very hard to understand and I have not completed all my research yet as to how it actually works. Another thing is that women need different foods than men to think right, Women seem to need less Niacin and more Lucine than men. I am having a hard time finding supporting evidence of this and it's got something to do with Estrogen levels. If a man and woman eat the same diet it seems they have problems sometimes conceiving children sometimes. This is tied to genetic similarities in them being too close. This concept seems to be unproven and untested so there will not be proof.

I give credit for my knowledge to those I got it from. I have read so much stuff in the last five years and learned so much throughout my life that I do not remember everywhere I got the information. I save no proof and know that this leaves me susceptible to skeptics. That's all right, I am trying to reach others to open their minds and to research themselves, not to gain pride or fame or riches. I hide behind an assumed name of rickymouse and give my pride to the earth.

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 10:08 PM
Niacin. Nicotinic acid or Niacinamide. Niacin is a part of NAD and a forerunner of ATP. They are used for energy and repair in the body. If you eat a lot of corn or foods that have bound niacin you can get a condition called Pallagra. This condition makes you weak. Not enough Niacin can also make a condition of high potassium levels in the body. Potassium and Sodium need to be in the right ratios. Niacin also helps to neutralize some of the toxic effects of alcohol. Some people can't uptake Niaminacide very well but can take up Nicotinic Acid ok. Nicotinic Acid is the plant version of niacin and Niacinamide is the animal or meat version. Nicotinic Acid is found in Oranges and in nuts in higher quantities and can be purchased as a supplement. There appears to be a good form of Niacin in fish too, it must be different than Niacinamide somehow because I can absorb it well from fish and not so well from beef. The supplements of Nicotinic Acid are huge and I buy capsules and put a little in my food or coffee, the full 500 Mg races my heart and makes me break out. I did notice that my moles got smaller though and they are soft now. I haven't a clue why. If you get a little low on niacin, you tire easily because it has something to do with the thyroid. Nicotinic acid also lowers cholesterol but you should speak with a doctor about the high doses required for that. Using Niacin as a medicine is not something I want discuss. I like taking just enough to keep me healthy. I found that if I eat oranges, peanuts, and fish I don't need supplements to feel good. These foods may disappear if I have to live on the food pantry for a while so I bought supplements. Niacin is not effected by normal heat from cooking. Stock some canned fish and maybe some mandarin oranges or orange juice. Tomatoes and other nightingshade veggies also contain niacin, Some people have a hard time with allergies with raw tomatoes, if they are cooked the Plant Defense System allergens are neutralized but the vitamin c breaks down. Vitamin C does not do well in cooking. Plan on other sources or supplements.

B12 is another problem area. I read an article from the head of the health department in Sacramento I think that eating too many raw blueberries somehow depletes the body of B12. He was sure of that from trying to figure out why people were deficient and they had blueberries in common. The article stated that if the blueberries were either frozen or cooked the chemistry changed and the deficiency did not occur. He did not check other fruits, just blueberries, so remember it may be something that occurs elsewhere also. You should research things that cause B12 to break down, some vitamins are sensitive to copper, some to heat. Thiamin breaks down over 185 degrees, so if making soups it is important to have veggies in with the meat all the while it cooks. I cook my soups for hours but eat the first vegies after about two hours and clean the meat off the bones. I then strain the juice into another pot, return the meat with fresh veggies in stages to retain all vitamins and cook till finished. Adding some small chunks of fresh meats also help with thiamin. You could make chipmunk soup if you needed to. Soups are easily digested. A little wine ten minutes before it's done helps stop agglutination caused by antigens. I'm trying to teach you cooking, but I'm also trying to get you to understand what's happening to the foods. They don't explain that in a cook book. I may forget a few things so try to look it up. This knowledge can help others you meet also and get them back in contact with their foods.

Everyone has different needs for eating. Men need more niacin than women and women need more Leucine. I think I said that in a different article. Men need some estrogen for healing but need testosterone for energy and strength. These require different diets for men and women and different diets when different situations occur. I understand this a little but it's still hard to explain. Maybe I will create an interest in one of you and you will someday be my teacher. I hate big complex words, they are used to intimidate people too often. Does anyone read these? if not I will quit.

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 11:19 AM
Great point of view being offered. Thanks for the post, it's fired up my research itch. keep the good/interesting info coming.

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 01:43 PM
Back again. Like vitamins, I'll try one a day. Lots of what I research is genetic specific, meaning some of it is pertaining to my ancestors diet and conditions they went through that caused changes to some of that junk DNA that influences things in our bodies. A blood type A person, such as I, has a different diet than a type B person and this requires disassembling the food antigens using time proven recipes to keep you thinking half way normal and in good health. Normally we have all the food we need for this "automatic craving" system to work. I would suggest that you get a copy of this book to look at from a friend or library just to investigate what it says. Type blood type diet into you're browser and see if you can figure it out. Now remember what I say, there are ways to fix this food so we can all eat it and antidotes if we mess up. Cooking destroys some things in veggies but it also neutralizes most of the problems. That's probably why we cook things. Of course you can't cook lettuce and we need some veggies raw so we should have an idea what's going on. Along with this blood type problem there are hereditary problems that require other considerations. There are metabolism differences in people that need consideration. This necessitates researching things and trying to figure how it all fits together in you and with those who are also related to you.

If we mess up long term in our diet or take meds that cause sickness, then a backup copy of our genes may be taken out of our cells and used to replace the problematic Genes. If we screw up again the Mitochondrial copy is used. Strike three, next time it's see you on the other side. Ok, so you screw up and your backup copy is in place. Now you are dealing with an older copy of your genetics and your diet needs will be different, maybe like your parents or grandparents. You will have lost the ability to eat as big of a variety of foods as you did before. Now, if you can't sense things are changing and you are stubborn, you will mess it up again. "I can eat that, I've eaten it all my life" now may not apply. This change happens to most people as they age but is not understood by most. Simply not being stubborn and avoiding the food or just eating it less often is acceptable. I can only try to explain what I have assembled from others and try to combine it to find cures, not treatments for diseases, I can go on an on with some of this but I am just trying to show you that sometimes dietary changes are needed after eating these survival foods for a while to get back to normal. What good is surviving something if you have gone looney or are too sick or weak to want to live on.

Learn the properties of Dandelions. They are a very good diuretic and and also help some organs in the body by various ways. Remember that taking diuretic foods regularly can cause constipation and in turn cause liver toxins to be reabsorbed. Keeping these kind of things alternating in your diet when food storage is being used used. In case you unforseenly mess up, purchase some Psyllium husks or Metamucil and another case of toilet paper for your pantry. I think of everything.

Learn the properties of Yarrow, another important medicinal plant out there. I don't know if you can buy Yarrow, I see it all over around here. It has many uses

Learn about Holy thistle. This picker bush along with some of it's cousins can help restore liver and kidney function after they get damaged. The chemical in Holy thistle is used by medical professionals to help restore the liver. Of course it's not called Holy Thistle, they made a drug out of it. Holy Thistle can be gotten from almost any health store. Watch for allergies to it though, some people can't use it. Don't screw up and get Blessed Thistle or all you'll get is bigger breasts

Look up Plantain and study it's properties. It's a weed in most peoples yards. AKA whitemans foot it came over from Europe.

Burdock root is another survival food and actually can be an antidote for a few things that may occur. It can make a tasty coffee like beverage Ive read because it contains caffeic acid. I tried the Burdock but haven't tried roasting it yet to make it so it can be ground. All you need is a little caffeine to add to it. Read about it and you will learn.

Stock enough coffee, it's not going to be a good time to quit coffee if SHTF. No time to quickly get rid of any bad habits so stock up for a transition period and force the transition to occur slowly if you know you're going to run out. Keep yourself from having withdrawals during times of emergency if possible but don't start getting drunk either. Keep focused on the future, not an event that's ongoing. If a person looses desire to live, energy levels decrease and weaken the cells. If a person gets stressed the stress causes erratic electric signals in the brain which forms out of balance chemistry to form.

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 08:03 PM
I read a research article that seemed interesting. It stated that some people, because of many generations of eating pickled things, have evolved to take vitamin C out of vinegar. Apple cider vinegar or even pickle juice in particular works best. It stated that when these people eat something with vitamin C in it they create chemistry to take apart acetic acid. Since this extra chemistry is not needed or used in the nonexistant process, it causes problems in the body. The article did not say anything about how to identify these types of people or what the symptoms were. Maybe that's why some people respond well to apple cider vinegar treatments to restore health and others don't. Think about the foods you ate when you were young and at home. Pickle consumption deters urinary tract infections to. I'd stock pickles and apple cider vinegar in your pantry.

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