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The mystic sounds of Blavatsky and commentary by Crowley....KIEV?

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posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 06:13 PM
All these "mysterious sounds" that are described and recorded around the world sound very much so like what is described by Helena Patrovna Blavatsky in many of her books. The book "The Voice of The Silence" with commentary by Aleister Crowley has a very striking description of mystic sounds. From page 9. "He who would hear the voice of Nada, the “Soundless
Sound,” and comprehend it, he has to learn the nature of
Dharana (concentrated thought).
The voice of Nada is very soon heard by the beginner,
especially during the practice of Pranayama (control of
breath-force). At first it resembles distant surf, though in the
adept it is more like the twittering of innumerable nightingales;
but this sound is premonitory, as it were, the veil of
more distinct and articulate sounds which come later. It
corresponds in hearing to that dark veil which is seen when
the eyes are closed, although in this case a certain degree of
progress is necessary before anything at all is heard." pg. 29(Blavatsky) "Before thou set’st thy foot upon the ladder’s upper
rung, the ladder of the mystic sounds, thou hast to hear the
voice of thy INNER God in seven manners.
The word “seven” is here, as so frequently, rather poetic
than mathematic; for there are many more. The verse also
reads as if it were necessary to hear all the seven, and this is
not the case—some will get one and some another. Some
students may even miss all of them.
(This might happen as the result of his having conquered,
and uprooted them, and “fried their seeds” in a previous
birth.) (Crowley)
40. (Blavatsky) The first is like the nightingale’s sweet voice chanting
a song of parting to its mate.
The second comes as the sound of a silver cymbal of the
Dhyanis, awakening the twinkling stars.
The next is as the plaint melodious of the ocean-sprite
imprisoned in its shell.
And this is followed by the chant of Vina (the Hindu lute).
The fifth like sound of bamboo-flute shrills in thine ear.
It changes next into aTRUMPET-BLAST.
The last vibrates like the dull RUMBLINGING of a thunder-cloud. The seventh swallows all the other sounds. They die, and
then are heard no more.
(Crowley) The first four are comparatively easy to obtain, and many
people can hear them at will. The last three are much rarer,
not necessarily because they are more difficult to get, and
indicate greater advance, but because the protective envelope
of the Adept is become so strong that they cannot pierce it.
The last of the seven sometimes occurs, not as a sound, but
as an earthquake, if the expression may be permitted. It is a
mingling of terror and rapture impossible to describe, and as
a general rule it completely discharges the energy of the
Adept, leaving him weaker than an attack of Malaria would
do; but if the practice has been right, this soon passes off,
and the experience has this advantage, that one is far hess
troubled with minor phenomena than before. It is just
possible that this is referred to in the Apocalypse XVI, XVII,
XVIII." "SOUND" familiar? This last paragraph reminds me of my own experience with strange sounds, recounted in my sig link. Anyone here have any experiences with mystic sounds? See any link between what is being heard around the world and what is recounted in these quotes?

posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 06:53 PM
You're probably reading the musings recited in the aftermath of an heroin laced Tantric session between Allister and the Madam.

Crowley was deep into tantra as a meditation of the Tree of Life, referred to in the poem as a "step on the ladder." They're talking about Kabbahlistic ritual, and mapping the way.

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posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 08:31 PM
reply to post by nitro67

You mean the noises around the world that are fake?

posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 09:29 PM
reply to post by lonewolf19792000

No, the legit ones.

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