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How hard is to put yourself in Israel's shoes and see that an attack on Iran is inevitable?

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posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 10:09 PM

Originally posted by sedona5602
reply to post by VictorVonDoom

israel just discovered 2 giant oil fields and gas fields of their coast.
they have more oil in shale then saudia arabia. They are becoming energy independent

they did not start the trouble with iran.
Hey iran and israel were friends until their crazy President took power. He is a dictator killing his own people like his buddy in syria assad

if someone threated you and had the weapons to do it what would you do?

The oil is cool. Looks like there a a few minor problems to solve but they should be able to make use of it. That still leaves a lot of raw materials needed to insure their national security that are not readily obtainable within their borders. Same for the US, and a lot of other countries.

As for Iran specifically, I look at that situation and I have to ask: what trouble did Iran start that Israel could not just ignore? You say their president is crazy, personally I would be more concerned about the mental health of their religious leaders. But whatever mental defects their president has, I'm sure that suicidal tendencies is not one of them. Suicidal people usually don't live long enough to become president of a nation. He knows that attacking Israel would be suicide. As for killing his own people, I'm having a little difficulty trying to think of a national leader today who couldn't be justifiably accused of that. Of course, national leaders just make it "legal."

If I may, let me flesh out your "threaten" scenario. Somebody who lives 3 miles from me threatens to build a gun to come and shoot me. With the push of a button I can destroy his house with him in it. Even if he did manage to kill me he knows that my very good friend, who happens to be Chief of Police, will make sure that he dies for it. I know the guy is not suicidal. I would not be worried. In fact, that guy is the one who should be worried. Some of the potential new police chiefs are just looking for an excuse to put a bullet in his brain.

posted on Feb, 26 2012 @ 01:21 AM
reply to post by VictorVonDoom

Have you seen the movie Iranium-you see the rulers think suicide will bring back their messiah...

see the movie its a documentary that won alot of awards.

watch it for free

posted on Feb, 26 2012 @ 06:10 AM
reply to post by VictorVonDoom

Excellent post, but....What you presented is that US is the life line of Israel, and i couldn't agree more.

However, this is NOW, where there is no nuclear Iran, and hence, no nuclear Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc.Because ONCE Iran goes their way (a peaceful nuclear program, BUT with the ability to build nukes) so will go Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and some others.

So, now, Israel can do prety much whatever they want.They have nukes, US is their allies...BUT, the most important thing is : my former enemies DO NOT HAVE NUKES.

The key word is NOW.Now, attacking Israel is INDEED SUICIDE.And for muslims will be no problem if they DIE attacking Israel NOW, the problem is that Israel will SURVIVE an attack now.

But my dear a future with a nuclear Middle East (Israel and other 3-4-5 nations), Israel will LOSE, even if they DESTROY the attacker / attackers.It doesn't matter for muslims if they die (its an honor to be a martyr) if in the process ISRAEL dies also.

I beleive you agree with me that other Middle East nations will start nuclear peaceful energy programs, its their RIGHT.But, you also have to agree with me that once this happends...THEY WILL BE UNSTOPABBLE in search for nuclear weapons.What will the world do, really ? Start a war AGAINST THE MUSLIMS? Because attacking 4-5 countries, all muslims, you attack THE MUSLIMS.

Will be a nigtmare to try to stop Iran+Egypt+Syria+Saudi Arabia+Jordan+EAU to build nukes.This could happend in 5-10-20 years.Will US be as strong as NOW after 20 years?

So you see, anyone, in their right minds, WILL NOT WAIT for what can be a NIGHTMARE.Might not be a nigtmare...but NO ONE can see how will Middle East will look in 20 years : could be a peaceful ME, with all countries kumbaya toghter, all having nuclear energy, could be a ME with Israel and Iran NUCLEAR armed BOTH, and every morning look on the news for the inevitable "Tel-Aviv / Tehran had been nuked", or , a Middle East RAVAGED after many wars...with Israel STILL triving and being the most powerful, becasuse the wars were all started by Israel against ANYONE who wanted nuclear programs and won all the wars.

I don't know, i might be totaly wrong, and the reality is that Israel and muslims are in secret very very good friends, all the wars, killing, terror attacks and the graveyards are for the media only.

posted on Feb, 26 2012 @ 06:23 AM
reply to post by crankyoldman

But of course i am using THEIR logic.This why i put myself in Israel shoes, because it matter what THEIR logic is, not mine.

Communism is bad = communists states are the enemy.This work even NOW, after more than 90 years after the Red Revolution.
So, for an israeli...muslim is bad = muslim states are bad.And by all MEANS, this was helped A LOT by all the wars and terror attacks (some false flags...but this is not the point).

My logic will be like this :
Iran, as ANY OTHER COUNTRY on this rock, have the RIGHT to have nuclear energy.Nuclear wepons are BAD, and should be ALL destroyed.We should ALL work in peace and make this world, OUR world, a world without the HUGE diferrences (powerty and hunger vs luxury).

But my logic ( a logic of a man who is NOT Obama, Putin or Hu) is not THEIR logic.Decades of demagogy, lies, false flags, wars, hunger are LEADING the powerful MEN in Russia, USA, China, EU, etc.
Russia don't belive 100% the US and China.US don't believe 100% Russia and China.And going from there to smaller countries...Greece don't believe 100% Turkey (and the other way), Israel don't believe 100% Iran, Syria, Egypt, Jordan,Lebanon,Saudi Arabia (and the other way), Pakistan don't believe 100% India (and the other way).

I think you got the point.Its about THEIR logic,not ours.
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posted on Feb, 26 2012 @ 06:37 AM
reply to post by Recollector

Israel=stand on boarder/with American soldiers. "Hey Iran, look over here"
1)stick out tongues
2)yell vulgarities, and religious untruths
3)"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME.........BANG!!!!! your dead

oil....pfffft.....there is more oil and hair gel in the US troops......nvrmnd...

Very sad, that nations, would do this, or allow this to be done to people.
Many claim, "they (the people) would be fighting either be it, I'd bet it would not be with stealth drones, night vision, and verious other weapons of feirce destruction....

End of rant.......stinking oil greedy.....sadly Americans...mostly.

posted on Feb, 26 2012 @ 10:45 AM
It is amazing how people do not put themselves in Israels shoes Recollector..Even after Iran publicly delcares that the holocaust was fake and never happened and says straight to your face.I want to Wipe your nation(Israel) off the face of the planet.
Translate this into."Hey I want to MASS MURDER million apon millions apon millions of Jews." and you people wonder why Israel doe snot trust Iran.

I mean come on people..No country or nation on earth is that dumb and stupid.Israel has their right to exist just as much as Iran has their right to exist.

Iran are the ones who factual 100% with out a doubt call for Israel to be wiped out or mass murder the jews.That would be like Mexico or Canada leader delcaring they want to totaly wipe out all amerians and the entire United States and we somehow magically have no fear about it.

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