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Word of Mouth - "Raise Your Voices" Our newest music video for YOU, ATS! Help spreadtheword

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posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 08:21 PM
Hey, ATS!
A couple weeks ago I posted here about my band, Word of Mouth, and how we would be releasing our first single and music video, "Raise Your Voices," off of our upcoming album, "Speaks." is the day! Trust me, ATS, I wouldn't be posting this here if I truly didn't believe there was a very good chance you would 'approve' of our song and video. Or at least our message. There is even an quick ATS shout out within the video that I'm sure many of you will catch. AboveTopSecret, which is, of course, all of You, have given me so much information and inspiration, I feel that it is my responsibility, at very least, to try to return the same energy.

With that said,
I introduce to you Word of Mouth
and our newest single, 'Raise Your Voices.'

(and if you like spread the word!)

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