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The state of our leaders's bad.

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posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 01:43 PM
I open this by drawing your attention to this headline:

Geithner: 'Privilege of Being an American' Is Why Rich Need Higher Taxes

I'm not including more because the story isn't the point. It's simply the most recent example of the point. The point is that this level of ignorant, simple minded thinking is what has all but brought our nation to the brink of ruin as a Superpower and put us on the road to a dark future in general.

IF Obama actually manages a 2nd term somehow, I'd sure hope and Pray that he replaces the crew of amateurs and wishful thinkers he has trying to run Government Departments on hopes and the best of intentions. We all know what they road to hell is paved with, don't we?

Specific to THAT headline and THIS example though is the base for the problem. So hated are the rich, that common sense has taken a total flyer on this one.

First, the WHOLE BASIS that anyone should be made to do ANYTHING for the privledge of being American is so ANTI-American to suggest outside of a rip roaring JOKE at a party that I'm almost stunned to hear a U.S. Government Official say or even imply such a thing. This whole leadership has the picture BACKWARD and needs a heavy session of tutoring on the Constitution JUST to get on the same page of music as the rest of America.

It is not they who are empowered to tell US, as a nation, what we are TO DO for THEIR satisfaction. Our founding documents and ALL law we have since is based on that whole equation working exactly backward to the way current leaders seem to just carry on forcing things to happen.

It's more than that though. It's the premise our Treasury Secretary is coming from at all. Attack the Rich? Ignorant. Continue pushing open class warfare between American Citizens? Worse than ignorant. It's ANTI-AMERICAN. remind your victims that they ARE victims only because they happen to live here?? THAT little gem qualifies our Treasury Sec. for the Dunce Hat of all time!

Let me elaborate. The whole problem, as he sees the world, is that taxes just aren't high enough. People have too much of the Government's money and they have to get it back! Those rich people... ewww.... Doom on them all! Yeah! They're American and they're rich! WE MUST CHANGE THAT....seems to go his thinking and that of his boss.

Well.. here is a Newsflash I didn't even have to go to Harvard or Yale to understand. By picking on the Rich to victimize for more money our Government can waste, they are picking on the *ONLY* class of people in this nation who can DO SOMETHING about that. Remind them it's because they are American eh? Well, RICH PEOPLE can CHANGE that little problem and solve their issue. The rest of us are deeply and truly screwed...because those rich people spend that money and buy stuff the rest of us work at making and selling to them. No NO... Never mind that though. They're rich. That MUST seems to lets get 'em!!

Well brilliant. We have friggen Einsteins in government. (sigh) We'll get rid of our Rich people alright. We'll watch them LEAVE...not pay more taxes. I really hand it to the nation they go TO.... THAT nation has one hell of a bright future, which we watch our core wealth and core center of economic growth get sick of the crap and just leave altogether.

Enough with the class warfare. Enough with the us against them between fellow private citizens and ENOUGH with the simple minded IDIOTS we have sitting in Cabinet Positions, making this all up as they go along. Our nation is being utterly destroyed by it ! ! !


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