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On Selenite, dreams and guides

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posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 11:23 AM
Well, I have had an IT guide. Ant like type, with big brown nice eyes. I gathered that he had three legs and was quite immobile, living on some dull planet. So he was alive just like me. Now he has faded and I can't contact him again.

I used to know that I had three guide: old woman, child and some type of monk. Also they have disappeared, well the monk I can still feel.

So now I am in between guides so to say. And I have asked for a new guide now that is in sync with my goals. Let's see how turns up

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by QueenofWeird

Well its more like going through the lessons of each Chakra, seeing the traps of the world to get to the unconditional love and speaking our truth or shining light, helping others with our talents, that is the true way to unlock the pineal on the right frequency.

But just seek higher self, and ask your soul questions while doing dishes, and request your beloved Good Family to contact you, you get these glimpses under the veil.

Examples of guides for me, even HS. When I contemplated infinity due to online friends suggestion and video, more of me was there, and could have invited me into her realm to sit down and have tea, but was more of a feeling of more of me, so both ways at the same time, and shortly afterwards, was walking down the stairs, and suddenly more of me greeted me and the whole room lit up, and I was asked, where did I think I was anyway? And then I saw myself lying in a cot, with semi sheer curtains around and outlines for beloved family through the curtains, another scene was sitting at a kitchen with cafe curtains, or a corner chic homey resaurant, then suddenly at the old fashioned theatre with a huge red curtain, that pulled back on this movie of our lives.

My jaw dropped and it was like, oh no, forever eh, hanging in space, well no more bloopers allowed, we must try to be the hero's of this productions obviously.

Another time, was very ill and cranky, and something leapt out of the fridge and spilt, so the kids were on a bad list at that moment, and I was probably being unreasonable. Or it was probably my fathers fault, not mine, no way it couldnt be mine.

So instantly the sun cut through the clouds and the room lit right up, and more of myself was in me. And I heard the words, a voice registered but no voice??? "Remember you are a sunbeam! Be a warm and loving ray!" And then I was healed, not sick. And cleaned up cheerfully and hugged the kids.

Driving long distance over the mountain pass. Having to go 110 km/hr or occasionally more to pass some of the semis, in a winding hilly road, but if you don't pass them traffic builds up. I had kids and hated this trip. Always felt like we were on death's row, with white knuckled hands.

Several times I've done this a craft locks in on me and I see them and my soul recognizes them as family, in blue uniforms, male long blond hair. Very spiritual. I am safe. And relax.

Then one time, white knuckled terror, gripping the wheel, on another trip. And the craft locked on me, and this man, was half in me and on me, and was driving the vehicle for about 5-10 minutes, I was not. He did the driving, and showed me, exactly how to look into the corners, in each direction so that everything flowed easily and effortlessly and I calmed right down, and the rest of the trip was enjoyable.

Other times, I don't get a long detailed conversation, like in dream time, at least that I can remember, and would love this. So there is a veil there in place.

But they will give a clue. I don't often remember my dreams and when something is strong I pay attention. I will wake up with a strange dream about some legal matter, and my dad is involved. And a woman is talking to me as I wake up and she says something to the effect that this is just one of the many possibilities and probabilites akin to the double slit experiment. And what is in my mind as understanding was that everything, including our world, was just one of those probabilities frozen in space, not just a timeline we pull in, but all are their own realms and we are somehow wired to the ones we're in, though they show us the changes we can make here and now, if we can see them, so we could duplicate them. Its more duplicate good ones than pull them in.

Following when cme's hit, or m flares with cme's is always good, or letting sun in the sides of your eyes alot, not close to noon. And just casting that net out for the higher frequency connection with Family.

Paying attention to the sun cutting through clouds. The sun is like a mirror, crystal, and we're like a reflection from our home.

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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 08:32 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

A craft locks in to you? Don't you mean an entity?

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 09:57 AM
reply to post by QueenofWeird

No. It more like, with my energy sensing, I can sense it, and see within. Its like RV but also like a computer screen 3d crystal clear image. Thats how telepathy with them works for me too.

But also I have this kind of smell psi, I will find the term: clairolfaction

Oddly enough, this is all going inside me, the scents are picked up via energy inside, and full scents, experiences of this occurs. Its almost like could walk right into a picture. My nose needs surgery and its blocked on one side and I don't have a good scent normally, but when this occurs its enhanced scent because it brain program that unlocks the energy signals, or its like in a telepathy, you can still hear their voice, inside you, the timbre or nuance of their voice, because its the energy signal being recognized or deciphered by the brain.

In one sense, a craft can be a doorway. But other times a craft is a craft. Its hard to tell which.

I was always a runner from it than seeking it too. Just all my life trying to bend down my psi wires, until I finally realized these were soul gifts. That relaxing but still not putting out the wire wide, finally occurred several years ago. I'll try to find something, and its really good practice. To look at a photo, and try to reach into the energy waves and there is no time, so its there now, even if the photo is older. With your senses, including smell, and try to feel it.

This man, possible a psy op, don't know, but I sense his inner goodness, is remarkable.

Now to find some articles with the pics.

Now these two pics.

Do you feel what I'm feeling in this, can you sense them, see them, the life there, I mean I could see Dr Zeus with all the whimsical characters, being created by someone who stayed still and noticed nature, and the shapes and whimsical beings in this. I was smelling, pulled into the lanscape, and felt like this young tree, with this unusual sensation of cathedral poise, spiritual stillness mixed with youth and vigor, and sap rising. So hard to explain.

Then that night, I am au naturale, no shaman tools. Just natural, but that night I had an experience with my pineal activated that was akin to any trip you view on youtube, where nature called me into their world and I was in spirals after spiral, fractal after fractal, basically in this realm that juts up to ours, in the trees themselves which were like beautiful elfin homes made of wood, and every animal, insect, bird, was like unto the children of this realm

I can smell dirt, water, plants growing, life, on stars overhead sometimes stargazing too.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 10:25 AM
As to the craft that locks onto me, or I sense suddenly and lock unto because Family wants me to, and trying to figure out who they are, whats going on ET/Higher Frequency Et/Light Beings. We're all cosmic beings ourselves and have families who watch over from our past journeys, who love us, (and we're not all lower frequencies here, we come in from higher levels of frequency to the bottom of the sea, gravity like quicksand, so distorting and uncomfortable to be in where horrible things are happening to make a difference on different levels of tests and just to help, or to correct flaws in ourselves too, lots of reasons). Family is also Future Family, our own kids even, though there is supposed to not be 2 of us sharing the same time slot/space, so Higher Self tends to open the floodgate in ourselves and flood more of self in, or pull us to No Time realm so we can all meet up, like some people talk of round table meetings with themselves.

That would be wonderful thing to happen. Where you could speed up learning, even learn a language or skill faster.

In any case. when this protection happened, for the long distance travels. I have to say, visiting home, we also saw crafts, and at my grandmothers house on the lake, and my son, youngest was not willing to go to sleep, for he said, that he felt they were following us, and he saw that craft too, appear over the lake and fly over the property soundlessly, while my older son said that under the whitish light covering it, I think, it seemed to look like a diamond shaped craft. Anyway the youngest said he didn't want to be taken in the night.

Now I don't know this is the same, I've had different communications, even abductions and my sons had missing time. One group communicated a process of waking up the world that would take hundreds of years and to work under the radar with healthy food, meditation groups and helping others in your community, the other group, conducting more of a huge sting operation, is its much sooner.

Obviously not all the same people, or even the same levels. Some ET, Some Angel/Et, some Guides and Family.

But, the young man in the blue uniform with long hair who felt pure and like a priestly, gentle intelligent person who I recognized, in August of 09, when the energies were coming in, though I didn't know about it until weeks later when I found some articles, I was having burning head, headaches, had to sleep in the afternoon and aslo, more of myself stepped in and I recognized people, some famous, some doing their work, some off target, in fact was upset with that one and said, he was not supposed to start a religion.

So this same man, connected to me, spoke of: this world was hard enough to wake up in, very few did it, to judge no one, to only have compassion and love and to pray and intercede on their behalf and to meditate send light, so that they may recover their work.

After one of those long distance trips, right after, I believe got home, rested up, had a bath or shower, and immediately felt the connect with him (water enhances) and he showed me some kind of portal and I went with him through it to this eutopia type planet world, which felt homey to me, and we were immediately into a council meeting, but my frequency could not hold that. So, what I always did was ignore, shrug it off as a wandering mind. Made coffee, went outside and there was this weird blue streaking spiral in the clear sky, not quite like the Norway spiral, laying on its side, much smaller, but similar, in a sense, I thought passageway.
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posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 07:42 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

You'll probably like the book Sixth Sense. Picked it up new at a thrift store for one or two euro's.

BUT: do you know anything about those ant like, sweet dog eyed aliens? Furthermore, a few years ago after posting here that I didn't believe in Greys anymore I had the following dream. I dreamt about a Grey who was more ashy brown with a wrinkled baby like face. He was naked, only saw face and torso. Next to him was a tall Grey. Anyways, wrinkled baby brown alien indicated by his demeanor that YES they are real. There was no talking, normal or telepathic. And they were also not threathening or probing me hahaha

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posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by QueenofWeird

No, but you know, greys are really hard to understand. Or very similar type beings. They're like bots, however, they're not all quite like that. And seem to have plant like material.

I've seen 2, in my waking time, one at 4, and one end of May 2010, I believe. My son saw one at the glass sliding door middle of the night and was compelled into sleep, he has had missing time too. My youngest son, now has seen one at the sunroom window, and it moved in a flash to the other window. It took them hours to return to that room, so freaked out.

The most common is what they saw which sort of resembled a bit what I saw at 4, the small delicate grey colored ones.

The one I saw in May, and knew we must be on a list for abduction that night or this could not happen, and I had quite the dream and my son, felt the room jar and said he thought he had been dropped off, minutes before I shared my dream with him, waking up and being told to write it down.

The one I saw, after just opening the door in the middle of the evening, and there he was for a second or two, then he lept to the side and his limbs seemed to flow like liquid mercury or water/fluid, and they elongated, and he twisted, and vanished.

He was not the typical pinky like in the rosewell crashes that my friend from finland called zeta rheticuli, and basically a part of the controllers, annanuki group.

He was a deep flushed rose colored pink, like a flower.

Plant dna, flower dna, fantasy dna.

He was like my youngest sons height, about 4 7, head shape almost identical to him, slender, narrow longish head, with very delicate features, eyes were less big than online pics, still big, but they were like wearing sunglass lenses.

His body was nearly a true twig form, so very thin twig, nothing like any of the greys online.

Like a flower or plant.

I asked Sleeper/Lou Baldin about it on his forum and he said, that this was a projection into our realm, when they appear solid like that they are projecting in.

He didn't strike me in any was a bad guy, and more like a rose And the dream was more related to quantum stuff and interesting, though my friend said, that would be very altered dream, a cover report to hide what really happened. And in that dream at the end, one of the blond women, there were 4 identical clone like bot women, she shrugged as if "we don't do time", there is no "time", but then added, "I will tell you this, this day took 9 days to complete".

Um, we were gone 9 days? Is that why I saw dad, my brother, my second oldest son, the one with the missing time, land out of the sky, and in what looked like mechanics navy blue uniforms, dusting off orange soot or powder from them, and I had flashed on them doing the salt mines or some kind of mining on a planet like say, Mars.

In a spirit form, rather than corporal, there may be reasons to appear in one shape, because the bodies have to be able to interact with any realm/channel/gravity, so grey type bodies are used alot.

I have a theory that the more ethereal, fantasy, gentle looking, ones are meant to be positive. But if its an entity and its only in dream time, they could probably look anything they wanted you to see, and therefore were possibly giving some hints to do some seeking????

Note that day was not just that night time, the night time seemed to indicate some form of abduction, the morning was a contact, and my question had been, asking the universe, God/Family, Goodness, all day, if there was "time" to do what I was meant to do then, since 2012 is always looming, was there really time to do something like this. Had been told quite a lot in the contact. It had to dusting off my art that had atrophied through 5 childbirths and a non peaceful home, consequently, all boys, and their friends, the camp of boys, an energy way beyond my comprehension, and art went out the window. And apparently this was a part of my life journey, but it would take years to dust it off and continue. So I kept saying, "is there time".

Then that happened. Which is why, don't see it as negative, but some kind of lesson occurred.
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posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 03:14 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Holy Crap! Your family is an alien magnet? You know what's really interesting? The story Mewhu's Jet from Theodore Sturgeon (fishy name
) , which is about an alien with a lot of Grey qualities. The story is from 1946! So before Roswell. I wonder where he got the idea from. Anyhow, the story is very nice. Won't give it away in case you want to read it.

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 03:30 PM
I have never been into crystals, but guides are cool. I see someone pointed out an old thread of mine on spirit guides/dream teachers, it happens.

I have contact with my guides fairly frequently now. Whenever I ask, I get some sort of answer.
Often times I just blow it off as an overactive imagination, but then, that is how guides communicate with me.

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by Darkblade71

I wanted to meet them so that I can ask all my questions regarding them, like what/where are they etc? I am not that interested in them telling me my purpose because I'll decide that
Just want to know what the heck they are. So according to my dream, they are NOT dead people and in this universe. I'll have to speak to them again as I have more questions!

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 03:37 PM

Originally posted by Darkblade71
I have never been into crystals, but guides are cool. I see someone pointed out an old thread of mine on spirit guides/dream teachers, it happens.

I have contact with my guides fairly frequently now. Whenever I ask, I get some sort of answer.
Often times I just blow it off as an overactive imagination, but then, that is how guides communicate with me.

That's a good thread.
Except for that Lefty Sinister character. He's shifty.

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 03:45 PM
They wouldn't probably tell you your purpose anyways, guides guide, not give answers.

At least not answers to your future.
They are much like silent guardians and co-workers.
If you have a healing guide, it will assist in any sort of healing you do, and might give information to you as to the one you are healing,like where the problem is.

It seems to me with guides in general that they can give you a lot of metaphysical information if you ask, but mainly they remain quiet in the background doing whatever it is they are trying to do to work with you.

Once you get an open link to them it is much easier to get information. Meeting them is a very cool experience the first, second, third, 4th

My main guide is a healer named Feather.
I met her when I had a psychic experience that left damage to my chest. After several days of pain, I asked my guides to help me because I was kind of at a loss as to what I should do, as this was a psychic experience, not a physical one, and had a vision as I laid on the couch of my guide Feather lifting me up on one side and healing my chest.

That was the first time I ever saw any of my guides. Although I already had Feather's name I had not "met" her yet.

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by LeftySinister


posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 08:25 PM

Originally posted by QueenofWeird
reply to post by Unity_99

Holy Crap! Your family is an alien magnet? You know what's really interesting? The story Mewhu's Jet from Theodore Sturgeon (fishy name
) , which is about an alien with a lot of Grey qualities. The story is from 1946! So before Roswell. I wonder where he got the idea from. Anyhow, the story is very nice. Won't give it away in case you want to read it.

Not by choice. And yes, have been seeking for a very long time for answers, but not all ET is ET, some are Family/Guides.

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