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Who runs the World? Who runs the World REALLY?

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posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 02:00 PM
Very interesting! I wonder why this chart is missing it's top...? Like the pramids of giza's missing it's golden capstone.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head with this one. The "capstone" the "all seeing eye" in my opinion represent the people.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 01:20 PM

Originally posted by oghamxx
Some claim the Hypogeum and above ground temples, Hagar Qim, nearby Mnajdra and others predate the pyramids by 1000 years.

The Great Pyramid predates "the pyramids" (other pyramids) by many many thousands of years. Same with the Sphinx... which also (along with the GP) bears the erosion marks of the ancient flood.

Also, the technology that went into the GP is worlds superior to the other 2 and all other pyramids or ancient structures, anywhere in the world.

As if anybody cares... but if one cares to know, pick up "The Great Pyramid Decoded" and ditch all of the accounts of Egyptologists and mis-leading Egyptian patriots like Zahi Hawaas who manipulate Egyptology and contrive false TV shows with bogus claims.
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posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 11:09 AM

Originally posted by Vandalour

A very interesting chart, but it will never take off with many refusing to believe it and will only laugh at it, and deride those who made that chart as 'insane' folks. Espacially when the Metaphysical is involved, at the top - Evil spirits and demons.

For centuries, western civilisation had been taught to believe that evil spirits and demons do not exist, espacially when mankind started tentatively comprehending science after Catholic bans. Evil spirits and demons became stuff to scare children, just as santa claus is use to teach punishment and rewards, relegated as myths and tales.

Over time, as our science grow, adults grew out of such 'tales', and do not believe in such stuff. Anyone who says otherwise will be ridiculed.

Such would be a danger to humanity. Of course, zealotry and superstitions are equally as dangerous , as it would only doom one to fears and climate of fears. Therefore, we need to courageously confront such fears, to discuss and debate openly, then only can our fears be dissipated and replaced with rationality, as the course for actions we need to take. Our understanding of true science is still limited, thus best we do not claim superiority, for each day brings forth new discoveries that shatters old paradigms.

Are 'malevolent spirits and demons' real? Atheists will undoubtedly refused to believe, and is their free will to do so.

For the religous faithfuls in all mainstream religions, many will believe they are real. So who are those 'malevolent spirits and demons'?

The historical chronicle of the Jews tells of a band of self centred and selfish immortals whom rebelled against our Creator, and were cast down from the heavens and locked up for a period of time. For them to rebel, would mean that they had performed atrocities against His creations - humanity - and thus faced his wrath.

Over-time, our ancestors had seen some of their atrocities committed against mankind - the mass murder of innocents, hoarding of resources and enslavement of mankind. Such traits are not from our Creator, for He taught our ancestors differently.

But those rebel immortals had followers, and had tainted budding civilisations, so much that our Creator had to destroy them to prevent the taint from spreading to other cultures, as well as an act of mercy to those whom were suffering continually in those lands.

The rebel immortals' selfish aims were unstainable for growth, progress and evolution of mankind and would only destroy mankind and worlds, thus they had to be stopped.

For the followers of Messiah, it had been recorded a few times that the Messiah had interacted with 'malevolent spirits and demons', to cast them out. Those spirits had been with mankind throughout.

Looking at the world today, we can see the Dark Ones' taint - mass murders/culling of humanity/hoarding of resources/ enslavement upon mankind. These are the trademarks of the Dark Ones - the Forsaken. Should they reveal themselves as spirits, they would be instantly recognisable, but they will most definately attempt to merge with humankind, to look human inorder to interact and convert and enslave us all.

But we need not fear them, for their powers are limited when compared against our Creator. In order to deal with them, we only need to watch their actions, and recognise them for they are, expose them, and lock them up, with our Creator's help. We are the children of our Creator, and His spirit lives in us.

They may be immortal, but they will still need a human body to interact. Repeat and rinse method for each incarnation will stop them till the end of time. It will work even for atheists who disbelieve. A country's national Constitution and Rule of Law has its purpose in the course and progression of our current civilisation.

May each human knows whom they are truly serving - the Light,for progress and evolution of all mankind leaving none behind, or Darkfiends, to harm, hurt and regress/destroy humanity for selfish aims
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