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Eery dream paradox

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posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 12:00 AM
Early this morning i woke up and had this instant imagery of a dream that must have been happening as i awoke, it was rather strange and didn't seem like any-other dream i've had before.

It was similar to the idea behind the movie inception (i don't think it was a great film, but the philosophy behind it is interesting). Anyway, i had been dreaming that i was falling asleep in my back garden on the lawn (no idea how i got out there) in a dream, and then continued to dream about something else after falling asleep within this dream. I had this strong feeling of being distant, almost like a very far away place.

All i could make out was a purple blur of beige/white beams of light moving around. Sort of felt like a hospital ward atmosphere with purple lighting and i'd assume the white pillars which were blurred could have been people walking around me as they seemed to move in a similar fashion, however i felt drugged and everything was in slow motion followed by droning ambient noise, kind of like a humming.

As i woke up, i didn't find myself in my backgarden before waking up from the second dream, rather immediately found myself in bed, It honestly felt like this dream wasn't natural after waking and it was very eery. I almost shot out of bed with a feeling of someone staring at me. Pretty spooky.

Just putting this out here so i can remember it in the future, i have no idea what it means. At a glance i guess it sounds like a typical abduction event style of a dream, where people might experience sleep paralysis (not that i have ever experienced it at the level of some others).

The odd thing is the dream was very clear in some ways, almost lucid except i had no control over it whatsoever.

I can't explain it too well, but the strangest of dreams i have had in all my years seem to involve the colour purple. Is anyone familiar with dreams and relation to colours? I'm wondering why the colour purple seems to be important to me in regards to the strangest dreams.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 12:08 AM
not sure of its relation to dreams but the typically the gem like radiance of pure violet heralds a transcendent level of consciousness, informed by the desire to know eternal truth. it signifies enlightened thought, and a profound connection with the spiritual world. Known as the color of kings, violet is worn by royalty, bishops, or popes to indicate power beyond the temporal. it is also the color of the Crown Chakra, the psychic center that links you with knowledge from the deepest source of spiritual wisdom.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 02:20 AM
First off, S&F.

This kind of freaks me out a bit, because I have had -several- of the same type of "inception" dreams. In fact I even use that exact same term when trying to explain them to people.

One particularly vivid one I had I will share. One night about a year ago, I was home sick with the flu, and I had a really bad migraine that afternoon. The only thing I have found that kicks my migraines sometimes is Hydrocodone, but it doesn't actually stop the pain but just knocks me out for eight hours or so. Well, I took one and proceeded to sleep it off. The odd thing is when I started to wake up, I was having a dream I don't really remember, but I awoke from that one into a second dream. It was about being over at this house or something and I ended up realizing it was a dream and waking myself out of it into what I -thought- was reality. I was dreaming that I woke up in my bed in my apartment, and I was lying there and just kind of relaxing when suddenly I realized I was still dreaming. I then started literally fighting in the dream to wake up. It was like trying to swim up out of wet concrete. Literally my dream was so heavy I could barely fight my way to be awake. When I finally woke up, I was severely shaken by how hard it was to wake up. I considered it a side effect of the drug and thought no more of it. Then several weeks later, I had it happen again with different dreams but same basic result. This time I had not taken anything. And it happened again weeks later, and has happened at least a dozen times. It is extremely un-nerving when it happens and usually leaves me very shaken.

I have NO idea why my dreams have started doing this out of the blue. I have always had precognitive dreams and plenty of unusually realistic dreams, but never these inception style ones that are so incredibly difficult to wake up from. I have been meaning to get on here and post about it and see if anybody else had experienced them, but never gotten around to it just due to being so busy. Thus when I saw this thread, I instantly went YES! You are definitely NOT alone, but I have no explanation unfortunately.

For what it's worth, some of the dreams in my inception style ones are precogs, others are just apparently unrelated dreams. Some of them appear to be nightmares, but since I have no natural fear reflex anymore (long story) I don't become frightened in dreams or wake up scared. I actually wake up angry from these dreams more than anything at how difficult it was just to wake up and pretty buggered that I had another one. Very strange though, thank you so much for sharing and hopefully some other people have experienced this as well.

Feel free to message me if you want to talk more about it.

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