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More on My dreams.

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posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 10:45 PM
Since I got so many replies on my first post I think I'll write the second one.

It seems to be a bit further along the timeline, a few people from our first nine are still around, We found a women and her husband wondering around the forest (BTW I know I'm not in Florida anymore because its COLD!) They told me they escaped from a relocation center. We spent some time yelling at each other over what to do about the facility, we decided to go a recon the area. After we saw that the facility was lightly guarded by only about three dozen or so solders (note: I hate to use that word to describe them but it saves time) We came up with a plan to ram the gates with some stolen trucks and using Hum-Vees we did a desert rats-style raid, In and out.

We hit the camp, and tried to arm the prisoners, (this is a really dark part) I remember tossing one guy an M9 beretta he looked at it like it was an alien artifact, he had dead broken eyes, no hope to be found. He then killed himself, I stood there with his blood on me In a PTSD est shock. I shook it off and armed a another person so the prisoners we fighting and we all headed to the hills. I awoke in a pool of sweat shaking.

The next night (really dated the next night) I dreamed about the fighting, real war not the hit and runs we've been doing, our units were given call signs and ranks (I was a Sargent later Captain, though many years later for that)

The one part I made notes on was what I call "The Meeting" we were to meet representitves from another army to try to get them to join our ranks. I was still a sargent, and I didn't trust the other guys one bit. They were mostly Asian (later in retrospect I think they were Chinese defectors) The leader understood my rash behavior we had fought against them before but they had defected after getting screwed over too many times, no food, low on supplies and ammo and just plain forgotten. So we all agreed to fight. The battle was without a doubt the worst thing I could think of (and things I can't) it made the opening of Saving PVT Ryan look PG-13. Just days of mud and blood tears and death, and according to the later intel report we were in the "Lighter" area they had assigned our milita/chinese? groups to that front due to we were untrained/unmilitary.

I awoke shaking with pen and paper ready to write. I hope you enjoyed reading this because my hands are shaking while writing this. please give me your feed back. The last set of dreams are GOOD ones I promise. so keep an eye for my last dream post.

posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 03:48 AM
Was this one and the same dream as the other thread? Or a separate dream? Are you, or were you, in the military? Not saying this has triggered your dreams, you're just quite descriptive about some things that sound like you have experience.

posted on Feb, 26 2012 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by surrealist

Well its like a series of dreams, I wrote them down as I got them and posted them in the order I had them, this second one takes place a few (years/weeks?) later on. But to answer the other question, yes I was in the army, for a short time to an injury (brain clot) and general failure to adapt. I never saw combat but I never seen things a gruesome as this series of dreams.

The last set I don't think I'll write about, its only about the victory/peace afterwards, and this post wasn't as well read/written or receved as the last on.

Thanks for asking though.

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