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EU to sanction Syrian government ministers

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posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 09:57 PM

BRUSSELS - European Union states will impose sanctions on seven Syrian government ministers next week, adding to pressure on President Bashar Assad to end violence against the opposition, a senior EU diplomat said on Thursday.

EU foreign ministers are set to agree at a meeting in Brussels on Monday to travel bans and asset freezes against the officials, who they say are responsible for human rights violations in Syria.

The moves will accompany new sanctions against the Syrian central bank, a prohibition on trade in precious metals with state institutions and a ban on cargo flights from Syria, the official said. The new sanctions will take effect on Tuesday next week.
Senior diplomat say foreign ministers set to agree on travel bans, asset freezes, central bank sanctions on Monday

Naturally, the "senior diplomat" is speaking on condition of anonymity as always

Like this will really do any good.

All they have to do is use 3rd party routes and bingo, the sales happen anyway.

Asset freezes on officials ?

Why would the officials (including Assad himself) even have assets that are "freezable" in the first place ?

Unless of course that's part of the plan .... to move money to TPTB by assignment.
And then get rewarded by other means at a later time.

And what about all that oil the EU needs real bad right now ?

Somebody is making money with this

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