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People of Earth, It's time to make a Change. Let's Begin Now.

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posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 08:52 PM
Note: I'm posting this in the Fragile Earth section because I truly believe our current way of life is Fragile. Mods may move this to a different section if they choose. I'm asking all Members to look past the lenghy post and give it a read. I hope to inspire and even bring some over to this cause. I will need to edit some parts of this as I go along so please stand by as the post will continue to grow and get corrected.


People of Earth, it's time to step up and make a change. I'm creating this thread because I would like to get all who are interested and able to get involved. I believe that not only our country, but our world is in dire needed of some people to step up and make a difference. Not a single person will be able to do this, but together I believe it is possible. I believe that there are some things that we can do to truly make a difference in this world and to open the eyes of those who WANT to make a difference but don't because the fact is, hardly anybody tries.

Throughout my life I have watched as people go about there daily lives worried about money, power and for some, just themselves. There are people like me out there that would like to make a difference and some even try but hardly anybody notices. I'm reaching out to ATS because I believe a lot of people here will agree with me that the entire WORLD is in need of a change. I don't believe we can do this overnight and maybe not in our lifetime but I think it's about time to try.

I ask you to please read this entire thread and I hope to bring some fellow people from ATS here to help out. I have lurked here for a long time and I would first like to thank all of the people who have opened my eyes to things I would never see on the news. You guys have shown me things I would have never seen unless I visited hundreds of different websites and I'm very thankful for you, Creator, for giving us this wonderfull site where people can express there views, ideas, and create threads that truly have meaning and letting us discuss them whether it be a good discussion or a bad one.

We live in a World where things are covered up, hidden; people are lied to and hell let's be honest, people have effected this planet for so long that nobody even gives it a second thought. People have forgotten the meaning of Life, they have forgotton that once your gone, the money, power and influences you have gained in this lifetime no longer mean anything..yet they sit there with a blind eye and pretend that they will live forever.

So, I would like to present to you guys my idea's that I feel as though could truly make a difference in this world. We must show people that regardless of what the government thinks we should do, it's (for the most part) the people, not the government itself, who are effected.

First off, I would like to say that I am not a religious person by any means. I do however believe that The Bible and many other religious beliefs have helped people for the better. It's just slowly winding down as people care less and less about everyone else. People need something else to look up to, people need other PEOPLE to look up to. They need Facts, they need guidance and most won't do a thing until others take the initiative. I think that time is now. So let me begin, and I hope I can bring some of you along on this journey.

I believe we should start things off with a simple website. I had a rough idea for the name, People Of Earth, but I'm welcome to more ideas. At the end of the day when the time comes to create the site we will all vote on the name together and I promise, there won't be any rigged votes for this one.

So here is my rough outline of what I would like us to accomplish today, tomorrow and as our good friend buzz lightyear says, infinity and beyond.

Note: I'm posting these Ideas here. If i do not get any support I am still going to try to do this myself, however I think it will be much much harder. I'm asking for those of you who DO like the idea but do not want to participate to please not steal them. I know it's a hard thing to ask as plagiarism is a serious issue on the internet but I'm hoping that I can trust MOST people here. If not, I can only ask to save this in the Forums Archieves if something ever does occur. So let's begin...

The Book of Life and The People Of Earth

Even though it was the second thing on the list, let's begin with my idea for the People of Earth Website, or whatever name we choose.
People Of Earth

My vision for the People of Earth website is a website dedicated to Facts and posting videos and stories of people doing good things. People will be allowed to post there videos and stories of good deeds and will be awarded with some kind of good deed system. This will not be some kind of extra feature on the site, it will be our main focus. These videos and stories will be posted on the home page as well as the forums and I and whoever else within the POE society will reach out to various news stations, magazines, newspapers and get these stories heard.

Once the name is out there I believe that the more people that visit the more that will be inspired for the people themselves to also do good deeds. A good deed does not have to be saving peoples lives, it can be as simple as dropping a dollar off to help a homeless person to a gread deed by actually sheltering them. A person can easily perform a good deed by going out to his/her local neighboord and cleaning it up. Along the way, I wouldn't be surprised if other's would notice and start helping themselves. The goal is to not do the deed for profit, but merely because they are a good person who believes in making a difference, even if it's a small one.

Let me say that I am not a web developer and I would need help from others creating this, but my list of people and volunteers we will need will come at the end of this thread. Think of us as a new Secret Society..accept we are not secret at all. We don't hide things, we don't hold secret meetings. We are the People and we want the people to be involved. I think members of the site could gain entrance to our society by doing good deeds, not by buying there way in and after that I think the person(s) will truly feel good inside and feel as though they made a difference.

Of course this will (could) eventually generate a profit. What will we do with it? This brings me to my next plan that I would truly love to workout. The People Of Earth (Or another name) Headquarters.

What will we do there? Sit down and enjoy or profits? No, because these are the people we would not want there. Instead, here we will allow children, young adults and even adults to come and learn from us. I would hope to, by then, have various people in various fields of study working (volunteering) there. Earthquake Experts, Scientists, Mathematicians, Writers any person(s) who could educate people in what they are interested in. You could call it a college..however, it will all be done for free.

Approximately 28 percent of full-time private nonprofit four-year college students are enrolled in institutions charging $36,000 or more yearly in tuition and fees. These higher-priced colleges sometimes have bigger endowments and more grant aid available — which may mean that you can get more financial help to attend that institution.

Yes, there are lower costs but why should there be? These college professors went into there field of study because they were interested in them (at least most were) and what is the problem with educating others who want to learn for free?

How will we do this? Donations will play a big part but the main goal is to not take these donations and make ourselves rich, it's to take the money and continue to make a difference. You don't stop once your goal is completed. To make a change, you must continue to make a change because it's what we WANT to do. We don't want to eventually stop we want to continuasly grow, that is how we can truly start to make a change in this wonderful planet we call Earth. There is much more we would need to discuss and we would need to do..but this is the overall STARTING goal. This is the beginning, the beginning of a hopefully brighter future for the People.

I will continue this Thread with Part 2, The Book of Life.

What is the Book of Life? Well, it's facts about Life of course. Facts, not stories.

To be Continued.
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posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 09:19 PM
reply to post by PeopleOfEarth

I liked your previous thread much, much, better!

See ya,

posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 09:23 PM

Originally posted by BenReclused
reply to post by PeopleOfEarth

I liked your previous thread much, much, better!

See ya,

I just noticed that for some reason two threads were made. Sorry for the confusion lol.

An empty thread filled with everyone's Idea on how to make a change? Maybe, but not what I had intended lol.

Edit: Can anyone tell me what the Blue X next to the post means? Thanks.
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