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The Legend of Doom ( Gears of War Fan Fic Poem)

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posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 11:21 AM
Tales of old warriors that roamed Sera long ago
When locust queen and her horde stormed out of the ground.
500 men fight her hordes but soon were overrun and one brave soul he survived the vicious onslaught
The Cog left him to rot in a prison cell, for he was too unstable to serve anyone’s will
So instead he fought them both and did very well.

The tales tell, of a man with a fury that burns like imusion
Not even the dreaded RAAM could kill his troops for this human
Was born of flame and fury was his tool. When the time came for him to rise
He knew they would consider him a fool

The queen sent out the blackest troops the shadowy Theron Elite
But he was prepared to make them all bow at his feet
When the first showed its face in his scope he shot the bastards face right off and dragged him away.

From this trophy he scavenged armor to match his divine
Black soul that burned with rage none would deny
When the Cog sent a fool to request his service
He ripped off the bastards arm and feasted on the servant.

From this day he hunt them all and feasted on his own
For he is a Berserker in human form
He feasted on Locust and human kind.

For they say he is legend in both Locust and Human story
They say he leads an army of Savage humans
He hunts those armed and well to test their skills
Those without weapon in hand are left alone.

In furious rage he hunted the queen when her troops killed his son
She would pay for his pain that pierced his burning heart
Not even berserkers could bring him down when he was ambushed.

He severed her head with his burning sword and took her skull
When the queen saw this she fled in fear on a flying bug and sent her guards
He slaughtered those stood firm against his will
With blade in hand and gorgon in the other he killed with no remorse.

He took the Berserkers skull and forged a helm to serve him well
And took the armor of the palace guards that he fell
he added golden strips to the black armor of his soul and he swore he would die with it on.

After the flooding of the hollow the sighting ceased to grow
for the lambent had killed most his troops
They assumed he met his doom

Yet Delta Squad reported odd findings indeed
they found the burnt and eaten corpse of the enemy.
Tales speak of a man with long brown hair and beard braided with bones
A hissing sound in the dead lands and forests of old.
They say he watches the greatest warriors grow
He decided the fate of men long, long ago.

5 years after the lambent fell and locust declined
the story of this savage man Stay true with time
The stranded still tell tales of a shadowy figure in the woods
Who hisses all the time.

The legend of this man who was banished by his own
feared and respected forever immortalized
he survived long after his doom.

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posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 11:35 AM
Star and flag for such a great short story. Thx for sharing this.

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 11:17 PM
So much for a great topic.

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