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After TSHTF, what to do with your car?

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posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 01:14 PM
Crack the windows and use it as a large food dehydrator in the summer months.

posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 01:15 PM
If you can get at the leaf springs - they're perfect for making bladed weapons...provided you are an experienced blacksmith.

posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 01:17 PM
Hook up the drivetrain to a generator. Make the seats into a porch swing.

posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 02:18 PM
Wires could be used for ropes and cables, which in turn could be used for booby traps and snares. Metal could be used for blades. That's all I have at the moment.

posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 04:16 PM
reply to post by wonhunlo

You could remove one of the car doors. In case it got too hot, you could roll down the window.

All the windows are electric now.

Better bring the battery and the door.

I have a big solar charger that will go on the roof, and an HF radio inside to call my friends on the mother ship, to come and pick me up...

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posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 04:58 PM
Well, while the nuclear/alien fires are still hot, I will burn zombie bodies and use them as fuel for my forge.
I will strip the steel from the cars to make swords for world war 4!!

Always be prepared.

posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 05:37 PM
Strip it of what you can use topside, bury it, live in it. Even better if your car is a bus. Even if you don't live in it, it could be a good smoker or fridge if it is cold enough.

posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 06:13 PM
The alternator can be used as an electric generator with a windmill. If you have the kind with a mechanical AC you can build a wind or water powered refrigerator. The radiator in newer cars could be used as the condenser for a moonshine still provided it's well cleaned. Older cars with soldered brass radiators should not be used for this.

posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 08:48 PM
Take the rubber off and use the rims, serpentine belt, and a pedal bike, and a homemade windmill, and you have yourself pedal power.... literally. The windmill blades can come from an airplane, if one would still be on the ground that is. Maybe the tail rotor from a helicopter would be better since it is bigger.

posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 11:31 PM

Originally posted by canselmi

Originally posted by newcovenant
reply to post by XelNaga

[snip]. lol The OP is as mature and as intelligent as I suspected from the question..... This guy is not going to live to see TSHTF.

Come on dude. A mature and intelligent person as yourself could have surely deduced it was a typo. But you're right, there is the well known and documented connection between people making typos and their lack of survival skills. I mean, surely I must use the same attention to detail while typing on a freaking conspiracy website as I would in a survival situation. So I guess I'll just throw in the towel. Anyone want to buy my gear? Real cheap. I'll even make sure I leave my truck full of gas.

Sure. I'll buy it.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 02:34 AM
Just make sure everyone else doesn't know you got handy stuff. The more valuables you got, the bigger target you become for the ones who want it also! ;-)

my 2 cents

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 03:02 AM
reply to post by canselmi

drive it really fast away from danger and then pull out my laptop, hook up my expansion drive with all my Top Gear info and turn it into a boat and sail away...

or drive it really fast away from danger and just keep driving until it ran out of gas, then siphen some gas by sucking (hopefully vortex) fuel out of another car and put it into my car and then using the battery as a power source for all my little gadgets.

I could sleep in it and listen to the radio.... tripple J hopefully or even play disks while I am out looking for firewood to make a little camp. I have a gas hair curler so I could sit back, listen to music and do my hair. Oh and I have a little gas bottle and little cooker I could use for food.

I could strip it of things needed to make other things but that would be sacrilige on a Nissan N350Z but you have to do what you would have to do if something really bad happened.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 05:10 AM
A vehicle has numerous resources and oppertunities! Take the battery, cabels and altenator. Add a hand crank or turbine of some sort, and you have a reliable power supply. The cab can be left "as is" for shelter. The tires can be turned into soles for shoes. Leaf springs turn into edged weapons. Seat belts and unused wires become Cordage. If you watch enough Mad Max and Dual survival, use your imagination, the possibilities are almost unlimited!!!

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 05:18 AM
If it has a diesel engine plant oil will run in it, a bit smoky but so what? if the gas (petrol) engine still seems to work, run it untill the fuel is no longer available, then use the generator (alternator) to make a wind powered generator to power your freezer.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 10:52 AM
you can pull your alternater, make a windmill, to turn the alternater to make DC power. store the power in a batter bank, find a converter to turn it to AC power.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 11:24 AM
Was was watching some music videos from my misspent youth and came across California Love with Dre and Tupac in their Mad Max style tire-armor. I guess tire armor could be useful ... once the bullets run out away.

Even if it's not practical you could at least look intimidating. Check it

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 11:54 PM
Well, I don't drive a car. But if you want to say 'What will you do with your vehicle?' I will say...

Call It Home!!!!


posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 08:13 AM
1. Use the car to dry wet clothes in sunny weather.
2. Use as a sun room in winter (shelter) northern hemisphere
3. Solar oven in the interior in the summer (northern hemisphere)
4. Someone already mentioned greenhouse

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 12:32 PM
one of the first things i would scrap would be the alternator, at some point in the future you could build a windmill and have power.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 01:54 PM
I would weld it into a cage thenI would use it to keep my sex slaves from getting away. I would tow the car with my mule from post apocoliptic settelment to settelment and pimp out the women, wearing some cool looking googles and a trenchcoat. In the trunk would be the items I took in exchange for my services: Sawed off shotguns and ammo. Under the hood would be a pop up nightclub, complete with shinney disco ball. It would be the base of a new worldwide entertainment network. Wealth would corrupt me and in the end I would be a humble farmer, with lots of sex slaves.

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