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Shocking Annoucment about Chemtrails on MSM

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posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 08:35 AM
LMAO. She said "the point is to mess with mother nature less, not more". What a crock. Spraying billions of tons of sulfure into the air each year is messing with "mother nature" less? If the planet heats up, the planet just heats up. These people can't fool me, i have trees blooming in the dead of winter in my yard and all around my town...mother nature is telling on those people. In my town alot of trees never dropped their leaves, they still have green leaves on them from last summer...since when is that natural? The crickets have been chirping since December and the bullfrogs never went into hibernation.

These people cannot stop this process.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 08:50 AM

Originally posted by Human_Alien
It's not shocking to those of us who have witnessed this on a daily basis and fought tooth and nail with all the naysayers and debunkers on these threads.

They are MESSING with our weather without our permission. And usually when they experiment to the degree that they do, they usually regret it afterwards. Look at all the pharmaceuticals that get recalled after a while.

So if you're wondering where the bees went and why birds are chirping at night and why our vegetation looks sickly and why WE feel like crap well, here it is folks.

This is how you "chemtrails freaks" work?
There is a reason i excluded chemtrails from my list of boards on this forum...

First, you list some totally unrelated things which (supposedly?) should serve as proof that chemtrails exists, pharmaceuticals (?), bees (??) and bird chirping at night (???)...what on earth has this to do with your chemtrails?

And then you link to a speculative video of planned science research/project and make a thread about "shocking announcement"...and how this is again "somehow" related to your chemtrails wonder that no one serious believes you.

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posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 08:59 AM
So let me get this straight. Stupid men in suits are going to green light a project blocking sunlight to the planet to stop "overheating"? Well...since our eco system has already been compromised, killing all of the plant life i guess is the final nail in the coffin, now isn't it. I doubt our trees are going to enjoy deflected light.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 09:03 AM

Originally posted by RainbowsnUnicorns
Cease from practice based on intellectual understanding, pursuing words, and following after speech, and learn the backward step that turns your light inward to illuminate your self. Body and mind of themselves will drop away, and your original face will be manifest.

Are you on '___'? Sounds like a cool trip man! LOL

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 09:08 AM

Originally posted by ProudBird
reply to post by DerepentLEstranger

Hold are claiming that there are magical, previously unknown entities or beings called "Sylphs" who float in the sky to "clean up chemtrails"??


Well, I have news for isn't "Sylphs" is really a herd of flying unicorns, masquerading in their best "Sylph" costumes, just to confuse everyone.......

I posted on Sylphs too, on another thread. Sylphs are considered to be elemental beings who take care of things on the planet, and are one of four elements of fire, air, water, and earth. Black Magicians have been known to conjure these beings of the elements to do their dirty work for them.
As a side note, I started studying metaphysics in high school when a friend of mine introduced me to the School of Metaphysics. I later found the Theosophical Society, where I discovered a book by Corinne Heline describing elementals and the giant chakras for the earth, which she claimed to have seen with her inner vision.
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posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 09:20 AM
reply to post by ArchPlayer

I doubt it too, but it is of no consequence if you are having oxygen filtered into your bunker, the planet burning up though would be somewhat of an inconvenience.
With 100s of acres of forest still being cut and burned down daily for the search for oil or for grazing land for mcdonalds mutant cows, it barely matters if they are sickly in the first place.
It is attrocious, what a time we chose to be born.....

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 09:29 AM
reply to post by flexy123

Lets be fair, it wasnt the OP who invented the idea of chemtrails, this issue has been growing for a while now with scientists commenting on it, it has even been on the news, not that you should believe everything you see but no smoke without fire right?
I havent given it much thought before but there does seem to be something going on, i have my own ideas as to what that is but im not gonna jump to conclusions, I think that it is only a matter of time before insiders start talking but then will anyone believe them if they do? or will they be put down as hoaxers?
As always there is only one truth of the matter but with so much disinfo out there its unlikely that anybody will ever know exactly what it is, though i fear the cause will be irrelevant in terms of the effect.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 09:36 AM
reply to post by ThirdEyeofHorus

It actually does support the theory. Even if they are presenting it as something that could happen, it probably means they are already doing it and just now gettng around to it, for a purpose. I have read that the real purpose for it is to protect the semiconductors needed for running important stuff here on earth. In a paper presented to the US Air Force titled "Electromagnetic Pulse Threats in 2010", Major Colin R. Miller describes the dangers from atmospheric radiation which could shut down everything in America -- bringing us back to the stone age. Disruption of semiconductors in our present society could cause everything to cease -- from the basics like water and power to emergency services, all communication, transportation and our national security. He outlines vital importance of shielding of these circuits, both individually and globally. This is done when the radiation levels from the sun are expected to be high. And there is a patent for it even. But they have been using aluminum, and in the news story they are using sulphur dioxide. Either way, it is intended to deflect the rays of the sun away from the earth. I wouldn't be surprised if they used the story just to promote the fallacious global warming theory. That is something the Left in this country would do. Remember they want a Global tax come heck or high water, be it a tax on co2 or a financial transaction tax.

First, probably is not proof. Second sulphur dioxide and or aluminum will not protect against emps. Third, there is no scientific evidence to support chemtrails. I do not know how to respond to the left wanting some sort of tax and I fail to understand how it pertains to this thread.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 09:37 AM
reply to post by flexy123

I posted the following in another thread, but it applies here as I am representing the camp that believes (knows) chemtrails exist and are evidence of global weather manipulation.

The chemtrail conspiracy discussion on ATS, like the 911 conspiracy, has a regular group of avatars that love nothing better than to respond to chemtrail posts and threads. There are roughly two camps of "regulars". One camp, the "believers that there is good evidence of a conspiracy", and the other camp, the "there is no evidence whatsoever of a conspiracy ".
This second camp is much more persistent than the first camp. They are more regular, more vocal, hanging around daily for years, and not giving any credence whatsoever to anything brought as "evidence of a conspiracy" by the first camp. Any personal observations that the atmosphere is different are countered with "there is no difference", as if they have the final word. Now, consider that the atmosphere IS different.

ENASA satellite finds Earth's clouds are getting lower
What does this have to do with chemtrails? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps everything. The point is, camp one will attempt to investigate while camp two will say there is nothing to investigate.
Further, consider the fact that there have been many high level international meetings about global warming, and how to combat this supposed threat. Now, the avatars against the chemtrail conspiracy never seem to discuss global warming, whether it is happening or not, or whether anything should be done. They simply stick to the position that everything that is going on in the atmosphere is normal...PROVE otherwise.
Pretty narrow view of the world, IMO.
But, the fact is, there has been very large amounts of money spent on how to combat global warming. The deniers of global weather modification aka "chemtrail spraying", will say it is all just talk about what might be done, not what IS being done. But,

“In recent years there has been a decline in the support for weather modification research, and a tendency to move directly into operational projects.” ~World Meteorological Organization, 2007

Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chemtrails A Review of the "Case Orange" report

This is a direct dispute of the position of the aforementioned "narrow" camp of denialists. But, why would the NGO's or governments that are behind this want to keep it secret? Why would they go out of their way to deny it? Those are good questions, and this is the reason for the chemtrail conspiracy threads. We want the answers, while the other camp pretends they have them. Read the following website carefully.

The Holmestead

As for answering the OP.... I would suggest studying on the subject of weather, namely highs and lows and how air moves to fully understand the times of spraying. I note, it is not just global warming we are combating here, we are also combating UV Summer. Global warming could effectively be treated by applications during the night, when the warm air rises. However the UV needs to be treated during the day. This is why on some days one finds that more spraying is done during the day. The UV indexes are monitored constantly for local areas. If the problem were simply cooling the earth, rockets would have been used to suspend particles in the high atmosphere. However the delicate nature of the Ozone Layer precludes this method of shielding. More on this in the answer to Question 6.

The casual dismissal of chemtrail researchers, laymen as we are, just shows how the ignorant masses prefer the bliss of ignorance over the quest for truth.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by Human_Alien

I'm not lying. Rather you're just mistaking. I wasn't referring specifically to the OP video. I was talking about in general. Why don't you just ask me instead of accusing me?

Give me a break. Why do you have to attack my posts? We obviously disagree and you certainly are misunderstanding me so.....please go play on another thread. You've overstayed your welcome.

Well... I'll break it down for you...
"I'm not lying. Rather you're just mistaking.":
1) The title that you stole for this topic, from the linked video, is most definitely a lie. Furthermore, your lack of a "reasonable description of its content" is clearly a violation of ATS's "Terms and Conditions".

2) You stated:

There's a four-TRILLION dollar project making a solar umbrella (made up of 'mirrors') for planet Earth. This is an attempt to cool it off and create a man-made volcano shooting sulfur into the upper atmosphere."

Dr. Heidi Cullen, as seen in the first video, started her dialogue with "The options range from..." and not something to the affect of "We are currently making..." or "We have plans to make...".

If not a lie, your statement was certainly misleading.

3) You used the following excuse for your misleading title:

It is standard T&C that when posting a video or headline the OP MUST use the original title. I concurred.

Here is ATS's T&Cs regarding Video links:

15k.) Video links/embeds: You will not embed or Post a link to a video without a reasonable description of its content and why it interests you, is germane to the topics discussed on the Websites or the topic of an existing thread should you post it in a reply to an existing thread.

Your statement certainly appears to be a lie. Perhaps YOU ARE only mistaken, but I don't feel this is so.

"I wasn't referring specifically to the OP video.":
Perhaps not, but it is most definitely the one that the member you responded to was referring to. All you are doing is looking for "wiggle room".

"Why don't you just ask me instead of accusing me?":
I have asked you a number of questions about your posts. You haven't answered the first one. All you do is launch personal attacks. Not just against me, but everyone that disagrees with you.

"Why do you have to attack my posts?":
Garbage needs to be shown for what it is.

"...please go play on another thread. You've overstayed your welcome.":
Why would you want me to leave? Is it because you can't justify any of your statements?

See ya,

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 09:42 AM
So let me get this straight, they want to block the sun from reaching the earth huh?

No more sun shine for the slaves.

lol @ the pissing contest above me.

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posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by BenReclused

Why don't you give it a rest.
You made your point, stop bitching about not getting your way.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by SurrealisticPillow

Spot on, i second that.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 10:00 AM
reply to post by Ansuzrune

I spent 18 yrs. living on Air Force bases, in 5 different countries, with my eyes glued to the sky. I've seen everything from C-97s to C-5s, and F-86s to F-4s, leave contrails. It all depends on the conditions an aircraft is flying in.

If at any temperature ice crystals should remain it is at this altitude.

Apparently you've never heard of sublimation.

See ya,

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by Human_Alien

more an more they are slowly leaking the details of chemtrails, and soon it will be common every day knowledge. And thus that speak bad against it will be ignored.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by Chadwickus

I then went and started doing research, I learnt about meteorology and now know what is going on up there. I've done my due diligence.

With all due respect, you have not done your due diligence.

Saying you have "learnt" about the science of contrails is BS. For any average person, it is basically impossible to do your own scientific study on the trails in the sky.

Therefore we are left to accept what the "Authority" tells us. In this case the authority = NASA.

You blindly accept what NASA tells you about Contrails and question no further. We are on a conspiracy site, that means most of us are here because we have more questions than answers.

So far...... evidence keeps mounting up at an astonishing rate .....concerning the trails in the sky.

You my friend, are not helping us solve the conspiracy, you oppose, obscure, disrespect, and hinder those trying to solve the puzzle with trails in the sky.
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posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 10:02 AM
This is a very interesting theory. It suggests that they (PTB) are getting ready to replace war with a global environmental crisis. This supposedly has been PLANNED since 1961.
The plan and scam? The UN will have control over all the land and the rich man (elite) will own all the land.
George Bush and company are buying up Paraguay some extent this probably is true.

You have to wonder if these aerosol cocktails are actually heating up our environment and creating the very thing they're supposedly thwarting off.

Global Warming Hoax, Planned in 1961

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 10:09 AM

Originally posted by Bex33
reply to post by MainLineThis

Im afraid that it is you that is as ignorant as you are expendable, perhaps if you HAD read the previous 10 pages you may have found the answer you are asking for

Um yeah, whatever. I actually feel sorry for you. But seriously, when someone makes a thread title such as "SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT CHEMTRAILS ON MSM!!!!!!!!!" anyone like me around here with over half a brain would expect to open the thread and see an actual shocking announcement made about it. Not some idiotic youtube video that, if your ignorant enough, you can twist into something shocking. And then we have folks like you, that see such a simple and idiotic thread title, then have no problem telling folks like me that it would have taken 10 pages or reading to find the "answers" I'm looking for? Give me a break, you and your kind are the reason why the entire conspiracy world is laughed at, and you and your kind are the reason why real conspiracies can hide right out in the open, because nobody would believe them or take them seriously due to the very ignorant mentality that generated this thread and the "useful idiots" that actually are ignorant enough to defend it. Seriously, read the thread title again and tell my why such a sinple thread title would take me 10 PAGES of crap to wade through. Give those of us with a brain some credit.

so this is the only reply you will get.

Because there is nothing of any intelligence you can say. You can spout limited and well documented cases of publicly acknowledge limited chemical tests, but you can't bother those of us with a head on our shoulders with anything else but your religious like belief in the absurd....then get mad at us for not following your sermons or something. It is sad and because of this your making the rest of us look like idiots.

I didnt watch the video either but that really isnt the point

Wow, just wow.

however accurate or inaccurate the video is it is clear that something is not right, winter here was warm and i have roses growing in my garden and a plethora of insects to accompany them.

Yup, it happens, Winter is warm here. It happens. One warm winter like this isn't unusual nor is it cause for alarm. Nor can it be used to indicate a larger pattern, since warm winter weather anomalies like this have happened since we started recording the weather. I too have lost roses and other garden items MANY TIMES IN MY LIFE to winters that were too warm. It happens. The sky is not falling chicken little. It takes a lot more data that you crying about a single warm winter before you can condemn the world. But then again, the REAL data doesn't support your willful ignorance, so it is ignored by you and your kind in order to keep livign in the world you want to see.

Do you realise that you are attempting to shoot down those that are trying to get answers for people like you, people that cannot or will not search for truths themselves yet will be served the same fate as the rest when # hits the fan?

The reasons you can't get answers for "people like me" is the fact that you guys apparently think, based on your actions, the best way to go about it is to put the most ignorant people up front and make a complete mockery of common sense, reason and logic. That is why you fail, not because of people like me. You folks are YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY. Wanna prove chemtrails, just simply indicate you understand high school science about reality, then provide consistent evidence (and repeatable) that falls outside that common and basic high school level science. Not hard. The fact that you guys can't go about it this way indicates your wrong, 100% wrong about systematic, clandestine chemical spraying of the world's population. Face it, the truth will remain out of your grasp because of you, not me. That is why I feel sorry for you.

I can't imagine the day to day life of a chem-trail believer.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 10:11 AM
It it me, or is this story not Shocking or an announcement?? -
I would suggest you refrain from misleading titles lol

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posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 10:18 AM

Originally posted by atomsapple

Originally posted by Human_Alien

They've been spraying every single day here in south Florida the past several weeks. You can hardly look up and NOT see these planes anymore.

I just read all 10 pages of this post, and I have just one question for you: why do you still live in South Florida if you truly believe you are being sprayed daily by chemtrails?

I can not prove to you at this moment in time that chemtrails do not exist, and I'm not going to try. One thing I know for sure though, is that if I believed I were being intentionally sprayed with chemicals by planes, I would get the hell out of Dodge... with a quickness... no excuses...

I appreciate your suggestion
however, where do you suppose I move to? I heard all the underground bunkers are reserved ......
There's nowhere to run (except I read on here, Canada might be sparred)

I will say this. I do suspect more than a healthy dubious dose of distrust. Because I DO think every elongated trail is a result of aerosol spraying. And to be honest, I am very aware of my paranoid and INSTANT observation because I try to convince myself that they can NOT be leaving these trails on an hourly basis like I'm seeing. They can't be that irresponsible and/or that cruel.

But you see, I observe other planes too. At roughly the same high-soaring altitude. And those are NOT leaving behind a trail. So then I go back to being suspicious. And when I saw that plane turn-around last Saturday (and there were about 5 other thick trails marking up the skies over Key West......) there was no doubt in my mind that my suspicions were correct that they were spraying the sky.

It's an awful way to live and enjoy life.

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