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What is the most ultimate cosmic fact about us that isn't an opinion?

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posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 09:37 AM
reply to post by smithjustinb

species of animal? yes it is already known and possible for us to be friendly with animals,,, maybe our technology can come up with a way to pack all necessary nutrients into vegetable seeds,,, so we dont have to kill animals for meat.... then maybe some where down the road we can bring animals up to the level of intelligence of humans ( that might not be a good idea,, cockroaches on welfare etc.)

the lack of unity on earth between humans is not your fault, and your hope will do nothing to accomplish your hope,,, sad but true.... Im in the same boat as you,, it needs to be a group effort for the group to change their efforts.
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after thinking about the first blurb of bringing other animals up to human intelligence/sentience..... thats a tricky one..... because its arrogant to think they will be better off (1) Like we are saving them from their ignorance......
also human intelligence is just putting emotions, and labels, and biased feelings of good and evil on everything,,, our intelligence is just the amplification of what is...... and i guess what can be from what is.......... but all the emotions and perceptions of animals can probably be known and exclaimed by humans.....
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posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 12:24 PM
And this too shall pass away, but the Word of the Lord endureth forever.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 02:46 PM
we are a spec of dust in the sands of time.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by ImaFungi

The only way unity is possible to be eternally recognizeable and therefore unconditional is to unify our form.

As long as there are survival mechanisms there will not be peace unless you can be at peace with survival mechanisms.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 03:45 PM
You are more than the universe. That which the Universe came from, is you as well. Beyond words and understanding.

Uncountable number of perspectives in which you are observing yourself.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 05:07 PM
reply to post by smithjustinb

unify our form i dont know about that..., there can be unity in diversity..... think of a community, tribe or culture that operates to benefit all,,,, this is unity,,,,,, a cultural or racial form...... the average town, city, community works in unity every day to provide the needs of life to the citizens of the region,, this is unity..

we use each other to survive....... if we can use each other fairly and each one is able to survive, that will be peace, harmony, unity, without becoming hitler like and demanding a master race and form cleansing....

its hard for me to imagine a sufficiently intelligent and advanced civilization of beings made up of individuals, that travel the stars and such..... not having all social problems and needs efficiently and fairly sorted out on their home planet......

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by smithjustinb

We are a phenomenon, at the leading edge of an eternal cosmic evolutionary process, sandwiched even now between two eternities, in eternity, a "predicament" if you can call it that, from which there is no escape. It's already always now and forever and what is is, and at some level, always was and will be. The only question is whether we are lost in eternity, or found.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 05:41 PM
You are NOT me asking this question, at this juncture...


posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 06:25 PM

Originally posted by kosmicjack
We exist.

That's about the most you can categorically say about us from a Cosmic perspective.


I've got a different opinion on what humble is. IMO "we" do a whole lot more than exist. We, as individuals or groups are considered by groups or individuals as good or bad, just or unjust, intelligent or ignorant, proud or humble, gather or scatter, see or don't see, hear or don't hear, we are not alone.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 06:36 PM
Cosmic meaning ?
It's us, people, and our grand ego looking for importance and meaning.
If everything is interconnected, interdependent and work together to create this reality, than we are equally meaningful to every drop of water or every ant or every particle of dust. No more and no less.
Just because we have self awareness doesn't make us more important; we are not the only ones to have it, after all.
We are but tiny strings in the infinite web of reality, equally important to all the other strings in this web.

On the other side, if things are not interconnected and interdependent, we are nothing more than another specie of primates, somewhere in a lost corner of the universe, destroying our native environment and thinking that we mean something on a cosmic scale.

posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 03:35 AM

Originally posted by buddha
we are like bacteria on a grain of rice.
we are as Nothing in the Universe.
and humans hate this.

humans like to think of them self's as near to gods.
they wish for Immortally and Power.
but deep down they know they are Nothing.
and they hate Everything because of this.

I might be small. Even a proton/electron/neutron is something of the whole. I do not need to be big. Small thing can fit in and go where big things can't. I am a part of the whole, connected as I choose to the whole experiancing both the devine, duality and ego. I do know of Immortality thru change and death. I have the power to evolve the whole but have to have a longterm goal over billions of years to do it. The paradox of having to give up the ego to find that you are special and build it up in a more harmonious way and keep track of it. We are all special and unique. Most have just not understood that everybody else is it also.

posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 03:39 AM

Originally posted by Itisnowagain
The universe is an appearance.
It appears to me, as me.
Without me could there be a universe?

The universe would be there but it would be missing you. Feeling uncomplete and lost and struggling to create you the missing part of the whole.

posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 03:47 AM
reply to post by apushforenlightment

The universe is an appearance, all 'things' are an appearance. Without any seeing or knowing being present how can any 'thing' be seen or known?
Prior to consciousness what is there?

'I am' is what knows and sees and is always present when there is an appearance. It has to be present for any 'thing' to be.
In deep sleep I still is but it is still and silent, without any 'things' appearing. I can not be known until it experiences 'thing' then it can know 'I am'.
'I am' is usually so dazzled and blinded by the 'things' that it forgets 'I am'.
Remember........ I am that I am.
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posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 04:44 AM
It is objectively true that the message you broadcasted was both received and comprehended (to whatever degree of accuracy) by *at least* everyone who responded appropriately to your question.

posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 06:05 AM
reply to post by apushforenlightment

Without 'I am' there would be no 'things' appearing.

posted on Feb, 26 2012 @ 02:40 AM
To our knowledge, humans are the only creature that claim a God created the universe.

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