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Don't accept the Negative Energy Bombardment

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posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 09:44 AM
So just last night I was reading about the Andromedans; an alien race who Alex Collier has talked about being in contact with, and about how they are supposedly helping us get rid of negative aliens who've bombarded the planet with bad energy for a long time, among other things.

Today, after that, I was watching the news with a room mate of mine, and hearing about the Kevin Rudd/Julia Gillard showdown. (I'm in Australia) I started feeling some really negative emotions, and I realised then that I was being invited to hate people. Either Julia, or Kevin; it didn't matter. All of the stuff that was on the news; some of it was about Islamic extremists rioting in response to the NATO burning of Qu'rans, with the purpose of trying to persuade the viewer to hate them, as well. It made me remember what was written by George Orwell in 1984, about how they had the Two Minutes' Hate in front of the evening news, where the news encouraged people to hate Emmanuel Goldstein.

They invite you to hate people. It doesn't matter who; just as long as you direct hate and fear at someone, because that sends your energy out, and lets them steal it. Then they can send that back at other people, and bombard them with more negative energy, and so the cycle continues.

I'm going to invite you to do something different. Send love to all of the politicians you see on the news. Send them love, send them peace, send them intentions for them to be physically strong and healthy, and to remain safe. That will benefit them, and it will also increase the amount of positive energy in existence, rather than negative. The cabal won't be able to use you as a battery for negative energy if you do that; you'll be contributing to making things better, instead.

I will tell you something else. One of the people I live with is a fundamentalist Christian, who thinks the Tribulation is going to begin in two years time, and that the future is going to be horrible. I believe the opposite. I think we're going to have something like (although not exactly the same as) the Venus Project, with a global network of buildings exactly like the Eden Project (in terms of environmental/plant conservatories, which will end up being an ecological backbone, just like there's a backbone for the Internet) and that everything is going to be fine. It's going to be better than fine; it's going to be more beautiful than anything we've ever seen before.

I also believe, however, that both my room mate and I are right. How is that possible? I believe in multiple timelines. I think my room mate is choosing to go to the Illuminati/Georgia Guidestones/global depopulation timeline, and I'm choosing to go to an environmental reclamation/Venus Project-like/planetary peace timeline. At the moment, both timelines are sufficiently close, that I can still see a little bit of his, and he can still see a little bit of mine. But they're growing further apart with time, and I can see that, too. Eventually it's going to get to the point where I won't be able to exist in the same timeline with him any more, or him with mine. He will end up leaving entirely, as that timeline seperates completely, and we both go our seperate ways.

So it's very important for all of us to start thinking very carefully about what we want, right now. If you want to go to the Georgia Guidestones timeline, that's fine; I'm not going to judge you for it at all. That is not my preference, but truthfully as time goes on, I'm also becoming very curious about that one, in a detached kind of way. I don't want to experience all the pain and misery that would go along with that timeline myself, but I'm also very curious about the details, and that tells me that that is good thing, because it means I'm not judging it any more.

I had a couple of acid trips, last November. My first one was fine, but my second one wasn't. In my second one, I literally nearly ended up becoming insane. I went in and out of consciousness, and I did not want to lose consciousness in that specific context, because I was sure that it would mean that I'd become catatonic, and I'd never come back again. The only way I made it back, however, was to stop judging it. In the end, I just kept repeating, over and over, "I'm just observing, I'm just observing."

That is what I think we have to do right now, to the extent that we're capable of it. Figure out what our preference is, yes; but do it without judgement. Get to the point where, even though you know what your preference is, you can stand to observe something other than your preference, without judging it. Don't send negative emotions or energy to it. Don't become involved. If you do that, you drag yourself back, and then as far as getting what you really want is concerned, you have to start all over again.

Remember that the Illuminati, or the people who want to invite you to join them in the Georgia Guidestones timeline, only have one way of ensuring that you do that; and that is your emotions. People say that it's your thoughts that matter; it's not. It goes more basic than that. It's your feelings, and what your feelings are associated with.

What do you get angry in response to? What makes you happy? What makes you sad? It doesn't matter what you think you want, in terms of consciously, worded thoughts. Whatever you feel the most strongly towards, emotionally, is what you're going to get. It also doesn't matter what that emotion is, whether it's love, anger, joy, hate, or fear. It's just which is the strongest one, that is the most important.

So, think about it; or more importantly, feel about it. 2012 isn't the year the world ends; I see it as the year when everyone finally starts to get what they really want...and guess what? For some people, that actually is going to be the end of the world!

But not for me. How about you?

posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 09:54 AM
Without negative energy, positive energy cannot exist. Ya got to have your yin to have any yang. Sometimes when we think we are being bombarded by negativity, this energy turns out to be positive. A murderer's victim turns out to be an even worse murderer. One saves a life only to see evil spew from it. A shortcut to enlightenment on a sugar cube causes mental problems later. It all works out, I just try and be positive, knowing balance will transpire and chaos vs. order will cycle over and over.

posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 02:06 PM
Many futures are possible. It will be what we will it to be.

I accept your invitation. I have seen so much negative energy just in my own family it's causing great stress.
Thank you for the reminder of how to negate those forces.


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