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Interpetation Assistance Request: Nike as a Male

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posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 09:17 AM
Just asking for a little help.

Trying to figure out the significnace of a dream I had last night (morning of Feb. 23, 2012).

The content of the dream itself was rather mundane; I was volunteering my time to a group I've worked with in the past, tasked with cleaning out a video camera bag (I am not a videographer or a photographer in any way).

I finished the task, and reported my progress to the person in charge of the group at the time; a person I had not meet before, and who, I understood to be "second-in-command" to the true leader of the organization, and a long-time friend, hence my association.

Not being familiar with "Number 2", I asked his name.

He replied, "Nike".

Thinking that I had mis-heard him I clarified, "Mickey?"

To which he corrected me by repeating "Nike".

Which, having some familiarity with mythology, I thought was an odd name, at least for modern times.

He was a young man, early to mid-twenties, slight but fit build, about 6 feet tall, fair to medium complexion with short, wavy reddish-blond hair and light brown eyes, clean-shaven, no glasses.

He wore a white(-ish) shirt (unsure if it was patterned or not), long sleeves, un-buttoned, and faded blue jeans with a medium brown belt belt.

I was a bit put off by him at first sight, I got the impression that he was a capable second in command, good leadership qualities and all; but maybe a bit of a "jock"-ish attitude and not someone who would be easily capable of creative or non-linear thought on his own.

A Soldier, not a General.

He thanked me, checked the bag and agreed that source of the stench coming from the bag, as I had discovered and reported, was a couple of damp, and now mildewed, bath towels.

There the dream ended.

My quandry is this:

I immediately recognized the character's name from mythology, even though I was not familiar with the mythological character, per se (Nike is apparantly considered a "lesser" goddess by the experts).

And, in researching the reference further, I discovered that Nike was a Greek goddess, so the depiction of Nike as a 20-something Male in my dream is a bit confusing.

And then, of course, there's the fact that self-identifying Greek gods/goddesses have never troubled themselves to visit me in my dreams before!

Your thoughts would be much appreciated!
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posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 02:51 PM
Wow! Not a single reply.

There have got to be some Dream Interpeters around here willing/able to offer some insight, right?

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