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False Flag?

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posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 08:33 AM
Are we being set-up? This so-called business about Internet shut down On March 8. Highly possible?
Did anyone notice FX played the movie "live Free or Die Hard" Monday night? Subliminal warning or just response to the news and rumors on the Internet? I think something may be rotten in Denmark.

Graham Smith

Computer hackers could have the ability to take down the entire U.S. electrical grid within the next two years, the head of the National Security Agency has warned.

General Keith Alexander expects the 'hacktivist' group Anonymous to be able to bring about a limited national power outage through a cyber attack.

He has relayed his concerns over the growing threat during a White House meeting last week, reports the Wall Street Journal.

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posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 10:22 AM
Revolution, in order to be creative, cannot do without either a moral or metaphysical rule to balance the insanity of history.

posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 05:45 PM
Anon get all the amazing credit for their abilities which I have yet to have been impressed by. They are a wonderful problem for politicians to manipulate, it is no wonder they will not be taken down... what politician in their right mind would want to be rid of them?

posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 05:47 PM
Nothing will happen

second line
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posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 09:39 PM
Do I think an old movie played on a station that plays old movies is a sign for a coming me crazy but I think its FX doing what they do. I know I know, the global elite love taunting you with what they are gunna do first, just like madonna and nicki minaj and every event that has happened since conspiracies existed. My best advice stop listening to Alex Jones.....dont look for patterns in everything...its highly unlikely the global elite are going to show their hand by playing a decade old movie on a basic cable channel

posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 10:16 PM
reply to post by 1loserel2

If that were true, every country would be shown the movie, world doesn't revolve around America.

I still think it sucks that the movie's called Die Hard 4.0 over here.

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