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Has Anyone Had More Than One Type of Paranormal Experience?

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posted on May, 26 2012 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by Timical

One week after graduation, June 1st, 2005, I was shipped off to U.S.M.C. basic training(boot camp). One of the very first things you are told is that if you are sick, in no way should you ignore it. You are to immediately let a drill instructor know so that you can be taken to medical. I did feel a little sick but did not want to go to medical, however there were so many others that I felt compelled that I should go just in case. My visit to medical resulted in a diagnosis of the common cold and prescription of a little red "cure all" pill. That pill did not do anything for me whatsoever. As time passed I felt worse and worse and began to hallucinate. At one point after drill practice, we were marching inside the barracks and I looked down to see that my feet appeared to be 20 feet away from my head. I was also ducking from hitting the roof, to which I was disciplined for later. I also did not understand what anyone was saying, it all sounded like the way Charlie Brown interprets adults(this made things very very difficult for me). A few days past and in the middle of the night I wake up very ill so I made my way to make a head call(bathroom). While in the head I threw up red liquid and felt incredibly ill. A firewatch(barracks patrol) saw this and alerted the drill instructor(D.I.). Halfway back to my rack, the D.I. yells for me to come to him. I go to his hatch(doorway) and he calls me in and tells me to talk like I was back on the street. He asked if I threw up blood, and I told him, "no sir, I feel fine". At this point I could not control my body from shaking. So then he asked if I wanted him to call for an ambulance. I again told him no and that I was fine. So he tells me that in the morning I am to remain in my rack until he come back and check up on me. I was told to only get out of bed if needed to make a head call.

In the morning, a different D.I. was on deck and he wakes everyone up by telling them to "get on line". I begin to get out of my rack and he instantly yells at me to keep my *butt* there. The entire platoon, besides the firewatch, goes to chow and I pass out in my rack. When they come back I go to make a head call and the same D.I. tells me the same thing as before. I then am brought a "hotmeal" from the chow hall that I am forced to eat in bed. During me eating, the D.I. from the previous night comes on deck and checks up on me. I told him I was fine so he lets me go to Dental with the rest of the platoon but I am forced to walk behind the formation so as to not mess up the march. At this point in training, it was training day six. At dental I began to not understand anyone again so another recruit is forced to escort me around while I get my dental work done. Some time passes and it is my turn to see the dentist. I sat in her chair while she was reading my chart. She says something and then points out of the room and then leaves. When she comes back I asked if I could use a tissue for my nose. She says something but I do not understand her so I slowly move over to grab a tissue while watching her face make sure she was okay with it. As I blow my nose she is standing two feet to my right and after I finish I opened up the tissue to make sure there was not any blood. While I am looking at it I see nothing on the tissue but can feel a liquid. The dentist then yells and leaves the room. Right as she was leaving the room I blacked out. When I woke up a few minutes later I was in a wheelchair being taken out of Dental by a paramedic. I black out again. I wake up in the ambulance with the paramedic over my body looking frantic and then pass out for a third time. I wake up three days later in my hospital bed.

Dinner time, I will finish the rest afterwards.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 09:34 PM
reply to post by Timical

When I woke up in the hospital it was some time in late evening-early morning. A nurse was in my room within a few moments of me waking. She then begins asking my questions and looking at my hospital bracelet that contains all of my pertinent information such as name and date of birth. When she asked me my name, she looked at me puzzled and then asked me again. Before I can answer a second time I pass out. Some time later I wake up again in the middle of the night where a nurse is already in my room and starting to ask me the same questions. After answering all her questions I tell her that I feel cold and ask if she could turn on the heater. She laughs and says that the temperature is set for the whole floor and not each individual room. After explaining this to me she begins taking my vitals. She has a look on her face and then says, "that can't be right." She then leaves and comes back with a different machine to take my vitals. Again she is confused but now has a more concerned look. Upon the third time of taking my temperature she leaves the room and comes back with a normal thermometer. After taking the temperature she exclaims, "oh *crap*!" and rushes out of the room. While she is gone I look at the thermometer and it read my temperature at 92.5 degrees. My first thought was, "Well, that's a first." After a few minutes of staring at the temperature I go look at what the machines said but before I could figure out how to read the machine, the nurse came back with two blankets. She was running into the room and threw the blankets on me. As she starts to tell me that they were just heated by some machine I could feel the heat. The instant I felt the heat on my body I went into shock and began shaking uncontrollably. Once again, I pass out. The next time I wake up, a few hours later as told by the nurse afterwards, I am sweating profusely. I try to take the blankets off of me when the same nurse comes back into the room. She stops me from taking off the blankets and uses the normal thermometer to take my temperature again. Now it reads at 104.3 degrees. She instantly presses a button off to my right and I can hear her over an intercom down the hall. Go figure, I pass out AGAIN. I wake up for the first time two days later during the daytime. A nurse sees me awake and then runs down the hall to grab the doctor.

The doctor came into my room and explained to me that I had contracted some form of pneumonia and given the circumstances I could/ should have died. She then tells me that I need to sincerely thank my nurses for watching over me otherwise I may not have woken up again. The doctor then asked me to try and stand, I could not. I was far too weak to even get out of the bed unassisted. So she tells me to just relax and that she will have someone come in with some lunch. Before lunch arrives and the doctor leaves my room I fall asleep/pass out(not real sure which one happened). I now wake up in the middle of the night on the same day. The first thing I can comprehend is that I know there was "someone" there. Upon looking out of my doorway into the hall I notice a very angry D.I. stomping up and down the hallway. After his second pass, he stops in the middle of the hall and looks directly at me. He then walked into my room and asked me if I was paying attention to him. I told him, "yes sir," in almost a whisper. He gives an evil grin and then tells me to yell and starts barking commands for me to sit up and lie down as fast as I can while "screaming" the best I could "yes sir" to all of his commands. A split second before a nurse came into view to investigate all of the commotion, he disappeared. I have never seen anything disappear that fast in my life. She tells me to stop and calm down and asked what I was doing. I said that the D.I. was yelling at... she then interrupts and says that she is the only person on the floor and assured me there was no D.I. Trust me, he was there. I spend a week and a half in the hospital before I am cleared and taken back to Parris Island where I am admitted to EHP(Evaluation Holding Platoon). This is basically where you would go while they decide whether or not you are worth keeping to put through the rest of your training. The rest of my time at the hospital nothing strange happens and I fully recover.... until three days later.

EHP at the time had about 60 recruits that were all "broken" to some degree excluding maybe five recruits who deemed "full duty status". I left the hospital and was at EHP on a Friday where the other recruits give me low down on what type of D.I.s we had for that platoon. They told me that all of the D.I.s were "cool" except for ONE. But nobody know who he was, they had only heard stories about him.

Continued in next post.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by Timical

After talking to the other recruits about the D.I.s we are called to line up to make a head call by the D.I. on duty. We go into the head are given two minutes to handle our business. Two minutes pass and the D.I. does not return to have us line up to leave the head. While waiting I make my way to where the toilets(we used a different term for this) were to check out the head. In one of the stalls sat a recruit with his hands crossed and appeared to be sleeping. I watch another recruit walk over to him ask if he is okay, and the recruit says nothing in response. Now, as soon as I walked back to this part of the head I felt an angry presence, not evil, just angry. One of the other recruits makes a joke while we are standing around about the unknown D.I. probably being a little *sissy*. At this point the D.I. on duty comes in hollering for everyone to line up at the back hatch for evening chow. We enjoy our chow as most people there are "double rats"(they get more food) as was myself. When we come back to the barracks the D.I. has us line up on the stair case up to our barracks and then tells us to go inside and get on line. While standing on line waiting for the D.I. to come in behind us a man emerges from the D.I. Hut (the D.I. office that has a window set directly center with a clear view of the D.I. Highway which is a lane in the middle of the barracks that we are not allowed to step in.) The man steps out and sits on the table. We all look at him and recognize him as the recruit that was sitting in the stall before chow. Everyone tells him that he needs to get on line before the D.I. walks in so that everyone does not get punished for his actions. After he does not listen and a few recruits call him stupid he yells out in a deep voice, "HOE HOEEEEEE!" He then takes off his recruit cover and puts on the D.I. cover and we all instantly feel *fudged*. He then recites what all the recruits said while he was present and even tells which recruit said it. The whole time we saw him, his head was down and never looked up until this point, so how he knew who said what still boggles my mind. He then introduces himself as D.I. Staff Sergeant and that we can either call him this or D.I. Satan. For the next three days he refuses to leave and spends each day as the D.I. on duty. WE PLAYED *GAMES* EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY THAT WE WERE NOT EATING, SLEEPING, OR MAKING A HEAD CALL. I mean, ALL DAY FOR THREE DAYS. One fond memory I have of this was his ability to see stuff that he had no possibility of seeing. One of the games we played was called two sheets and a blanket, where we basically make our beds in a given amount of time that always seems impossible. He would sit on the table under the D.I. hut's window and call out recruits names what they just did wrong. Every time he caught someone, we started over. I swear to you, there is no way he freaking saw what happened in the back of the barracks with sheets hanging over the beds and recruits moving every which way. His head was down with his arms crossed the entire time, but he still knew what recruits were doing. I watched another recruit next to me wipe is nose that only took a whole one second trying to sneak it in, and the D.I. Staff Sargent saw it. I even bent over and looked through the racks and walked around the racks to see if he had any line of sight what so ever. He did not, it was impossible, everyone learned real fast not to test him. This guy was freaking amazing. Anyways, on that Sunday, a whole three days I was there after being released from the hospital, I was sent to medical by the D.I.(how the crap did he know) where I was then taken to the hospital for a second stay. I just have to say, his MOS was "urban scout sniper" and he was a damn good D.I. He messed me up so bad, that no other D.I. after him was able to break me physically. After him, it was rare for me to even break a sweat while being I.T.ed(I do not remember what it stands for, other than pain

I remember being taken to the ambulance and getting out in a wheel chair while entering the hospital. As soon as went through the sliding doors I blacked out. I wake up sometime in the night to be greeted by the "provost" who is also a freaking D.I.(I swear there was no escape from these people). He explains to me some things about the hospital and then leaves me. A few minutes go by when none other than the ghostly D.I. from my first visit stops by to say "hi". This time a male nurse comes to my rescue and the D.I. vanishes just like before. The male nurse I can sense is totally different from everyone else there. He genuinely cared about the recruits. He also informs me that he knows of the ghostly D.I. and as he is saying this he hears another recruit screaming, "Aye Sir!" We both laugh as he goes to aide the other recruit.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 10:45 PM
reply to post by Timical

Sorry this is taking up so much space on the thread, but I promise it gets better shortly.

During my stay this time, this male nurse was the main one I encountered everyday and every night that was not passed out. At the time I weighed 125 pounds (normally I weighed 160 and right now I am at 182) and he encouraged me to walk around and eat as much as I could. He even gave me the access codes into the storage room for socks, gowns, and most importantly food. He gave me a lot of trust so I made sure not to betray him. By this I mean that suicide and attempts thereof are a daily occurrence and the storage room had needles I could have used if I wanted. He also told me to talk to another recruit that was having problems there just to give him some interaction. We talked about all kinds of things as walked up and down the halls but mainly it consisted of spiritual talk. After about a week of interacting with him, I went into his room to see if he wanted to walk around. When I walked into his room his face was covered in blood and razor cuts. He said that the D.I. did it and he would no longer cooperate with any of the staff. He thanked me for spending time with him and I took that as my queue to leave. I never saw him again, hopefully he is doing better. This was all I did during the day. Now for the night.

I woke up a few times and there was a woman(she looked exactly like the woman from the ring) standing off in the corner of my room. Over the nights she would move closer and closer to my bed until she was standing at the foot of my bed. On the night she was at the foot of my bed we stared at each other and then the ghostly D.I. walked by, looked at me, looked at her, and then kept walking. Then I was scared. While looking back at her she floated up and started position herself over my body. Before she got up to eye level with me laying on my back I luckily either passed out or fell asleep very quickly. The next night, she was at the foot of my bed on the left side AND there was a smaller, little girl that looked just like her on the right side of the foot of the bed. The bigger one begins to walk up to where my head is on the bed and I roll over to my right to ignore her. LEVEL FACE TO FACE WITH ME WAS THE LITTLE GIRL STARING AT ME. I did not like this so I threw a punch at her. MY FIST HIT A SOLID OBJECT AND WAS STOPPED IN MID AIR UPON HITTING HER IN THE FACE. I had to reach over the bed side rail to hit her and during the day there is nothing on that side of the bed except for a night stand and the wall. I did not hit anything except her face. I then pull back my fist and see that she is pissed off. I freak out and close my eyes, go under the covers, and pray until I fall asleep. At this time, my friend that I had been walking around with had already left. The next night I will never forget.

I wake up and this time they are both already in position. The bigger one on my left and the smaller one on my right. I look at both of them and decide it is probably best if I do not try to hit one of them again. A few moments after this thought and looking back and forth between the two of them wondering what is going to happen next, the bigger one floats up and is positioned over my body, eye to eye, only about five inches from each other. As she was positioning herself, I felt her wet, black hair touch my face until it was only touching the sides of my head as we gazed into one another's eyes. Her face resembled that of a drowning victim with pale blue skin and black lips. Her eyes were beautiful. They were.. swirling gold (I wish I could find a picture to show you how incredible they looked). I was hypnotized by how beautiful they were, I was not paralyzed as I could still move my head back pushing into the pillow, but I could not look away. I call out to God for help because at this point I am terrified. That is the moment two angels come through the wall across from my bed. One grabs the one floating above me by the ankle and basically rips it away(the look on that woman's face was priceless). At this point I can now look away and so I look over at the little one who is looking to her right towards the other angel and then tries to move away in the opposite direction. Sucks for her because she did not get away. The two angels were holding the two women with their arms crossed over the women's torsos. I then hear some ask me, "What do you want to happen to them?" I reply out loud, "Send them to hell." Directly beneath the two women rings of fire open up and I see through them into what looks like hell. The entire room was bright red by the flickering of the flames. As the floor was opening up the two women's faces turned something sour and they were struggling to get free. The two angels then place their hands on the shoulders of the two women...

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 11:12 PM
reply to post by Timical

two women and push down into hell. The floor seals up and the bright red flickering light from the flames leaves the room. I look at the two angels, thank them both, and they float backwards back through the wall in which they had arrived. I thanked God immensely for delivering me from my plight. I did not see anything strange after that night for the rest of my stay at the hospital. However, things became extremely strange when I got back to EHP after this stay at the hospital. This I will post another time as I think I have consumed too much of the thread as it is.

Also while I was there, I have no idea when it happened in relation to the other events but I do know it was during my second stay, I say a ghost doctor and female nurse. I essentially woke up in the middle of the night extremely dehydrated and felt that if I did not drink something soon I would die. I have never felt like I was going to die, not even when I was stabbed in the heart and bleeding everywhere a few years after this towards the end of my enlistment. Anyways, I reached over to grab the blue pitcher that was sitting on the nightstand to pour myself a glass. It was empty. I was so dehydrated I could not even speak or make the slightest noise to call for help. I started to cry(I never do this) as I realize how screwed I am when all of the sudden the ghost doctor and nurse come into my room. They were both wearing old uniforms, the nurse's was candy stripped, and the doctor came straight to me and told me not to worry, everything is going to be okay. He then tells the nurse to go fill up the pitcher with water. I kid you not, the instant she left room and I saw her heel leave the doorway she was walking back in with the pitcher. I was thinking, "oh no something is wrong why didn't you go, please hurry up." So she walks straight up to the nightstand while the doctor is holding my hand, fills up the glass, and hands it to me. I was astonished that it actually had water in it, but I was more concerned with drinking the water. When I tasted that water, I tell you it was the coldest, best glass of water I have ever had. After a few refills the doctor tells me that he is going to get the other nurse and for the female nurse with him to come with while he gets the nurse. A few minutes pass by, I am happy, and then in walks the male nurse. He looks at me confused asking where did I get the pitcher and glass from as the floor does not have either one of those. The pitchers they do have are of a light green color and they only have plastic cups, no glass. I told him the other nurse and doctor brought it in and he tells me that this is impossible because he is the only staff member on the floor. I tell him they brought it again and again, and he just keeps saying the same thing, he is the only staff on the floor. We just looked at each other in a moment of silence, and then he says something spiritual related as I drift off to sleep. My last few days at the hospital, I asked the female doctor(the same one from my first visit) about the male nurse and told her what he said. She then tells me that there are no male nurses on my floor. This was the biggest blow to my mind. First he told me he was the only one on the floor, now the doctor tells me he does not exist. But then how did I get the access code to the storage room? Although I certainly blacked/passed out several times, every aspect of these "ghosts" were clear as a day. There was no fog or haze surrounding anyone that was supposedly a ghost. I never saw the male nurse interact with any of the other nurses during the day but I occasionally passed him by while making my rounds. I do remember a female nurse asking me what I was doing walking around and so I told her that other nurse told me to so she just shrugged and left it at that.

Like I said, the rest of the boot camp story I will share later so as to not flood the thread. Have a good one everyone.

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 01:28 AM

Originally posted by Timical
reply to post by Timical

I did feel a little sick but did not want to go to medical, however there were so many others that I felt compelled that I should go just in case. My visit to medical resulted in a diagnosis of the common cold and prescription of a little red "cure all" pill. That pill did not do anything for me whatsoever. As time passed I felt worse and worse and began to hallucinate.
Seriously,i'm wondering what exactly was that little red pill?

Soldiers On Acid >

Government Experiments on U.S. Soldiers: Shocking Claims Come to Light in New Court Case >
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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 05:52 AM

Originally posted by Timical
reply to post by sled735

I will look into OBE and astral travel so as to better understand..
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Just to clarify, when you research OBE verses astral travel... those are the same thing. I may have worded that wrong. Let me correct my statement by saying you were "receiving messages" from the astral plane.
So do your research on "astral messages", not astral traveling.

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 06:29 AM
reply to post by blocula

There you are, blocula!
I thought you had left my thread for good... it's been awhile since I've seen you here.
Have you read the posts by Alfred2012? I believe they start on page 41 towards the bottom of the thread. I know you'll be interested in the information he is sharing! Go have a look, if you haven't already. I don't think you have, or I would be seeing some questions directed his way. You're going to love it!

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 06:45 AM
Timical, that is an extremely fascinating story!
I have to wonder if these were hallucinations brought on by medication, or real because the medication activated the area in your brain to allow you to "see the other side".
Part of it must have been real, or the glass and pitcher of water wouldn't have been left behind, but the angels would not have taken the woman and girl to hell in reality, because only God can make that call. I am certain it seemed very real to you, though!

I await "the rest of the story". I'm going to bed shortly. If you get on here before 3 or 4 p.m. (that's about the time I get up, and I'll be on ATS) maybe you can post the rest of it so I can read it before I go to work tonight.

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 07:02 AM
reply to post by Alfred2012
The veil is already lifted for those of us with inner eyes born open wide,people naturally gifted with psychic,telepathic,clairvoyant and telekinetic abilities,able to perceive in varying degrees the denizens of alternate realities existing all around us,hidden realms beyond our visible spectrum, perhaps the fourth dimension,where our souls travel within whenever we astral journey and remain there when death ascends us and there,may reside the real world,for we here and now may be ghosts that those of us already ascended are seeing...

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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 07:29 AM
reply to post by sled735
My great grandmother and great grandfather on both sides of the family are here no more,death has taken them away from this life forever and they have already faced the truth...alone.

My grandmother and grandfather on both sides of the family are here no more,death has taken them away from this life forever and they have already faced the truth...alone.

My aunts and uncles on both sides of the family are here no more,death has taken them away from this life forever and they have already faced the truth...alone.

My mother and father are here no more,death has taken them away from this life forever and they have already faced the truth...alone.

I'm not young any more,i'm not old yet either,i'm forty five,i'm kind of in the middle i guess...

My feet are on the ground and my head is in the clouds,thats where they were born and thats where they will always be...

The two people who do remain alive and with me and who tell me they love me are my two daughters,who are sixteen years old and twenty years old,they were all that really mattered to me when they were little and they still are all that really matters to me now...

I knew back then when they were young and i still know now that we will not be with eachother forever and thats why i never yelled at them,thats why i never hit them and thats why i came home every single day and night after work so i could play with them and be with them,there was nowhere else i wanted to be...

They arent afraid of me,like i was made to be afraid of my father,they arent afraid to talk to me and thats why they still love me and when they tell me they do,i know why i'm here...

But any moment of any day,death will take you and i away from this life forever...

The truth will be revealed to all of us all and you and i will have to face it alone.....

Death will awaken us from this living nightmare of suffering and lies,disease and pain,war and greed...

Billions of people have already lived and died before us and they all know what the truth is...

The truth,its not a video game,its not a tv show,its not work,its not a car,its not money,its not a house,its not a movie star,its not a politician...

None of those thing are real,they are all temporary illusions that wither and fade and return to the star dust from where they came...

The truth is eternal,it is forever and it is watching you and i and it is waiting for you and i every step we take...

The truth,is an unknown reality that each and everyone of us will be shown,will have to face and will have no choice but to accept,whatever it is,we are all going to find out...

I believe that the only reason we are here is to show empathy and compassion towards eachother,to help and love one another and how much we express or dont express those things,will decide the kind of truth we will be faced with...

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 07:32 AM
reply to post by sled735
An embryo within its mothers womb,has no idea at all about the vastness of another world thats waiting just beyond its amniotic world,an embryo that has no understanding its about to be born into some other reality...

Even after our births,we are still embryos living within a universal womb and within our deaths we are born again into another reality thats waiting just beyond our comprehension...

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 11:54 AM
reply to post by sled735

I am sending a link with pictures of different types of species. Do you see any of them here?

i now have a summary available describing the different alien species i had contact with up to now.

Thank you very much again for providing the link to google library. That helped a lot!

The descriptions are summarized in a pdf: Alfred 2012 - Contacts with ETs

I'm very interested whether there are members which are also in contact with ETs.
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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by blocula

The veil is already lifted for those of us with inner eyes born open wide,people naturally gifted with psychic,telepathic,clairvoyant and telekinetic abilities,able to perceive in varying degrees the denizens of alternate realities existing all around us,hidden realms beyond our visible spectrum, perhaps the fourth dimension,where our souls travel within whenever we astral journey and remain there when death ascends us and there,may reside the real world,for we here and now may be ghosts that those of us already ascended are seeing...

What you're describing is exactly that what i feel and experience. What has irritated me first is that i more or less lived 53 years without knowing these capabilities. There was a wake-up call which opened my mind.

And I'm really happy about this...

Thank you very much.
I'm very happy to joined this group here

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 12:11 PM
reply to post by sled735

There is a forth video on the Simon Parkes case. He is undergoing hypnosis. This is where he realizes the aliens are lying to him. Sorry for giving you the wrong info. You still need to watch the first ones to realize what he is referring to under hypnosis.

Thank you for the update and your feedback.

by the way, i'm very impressed by your skills giving so detailed and valuable feedback to dreams, aura and so on!

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by sled735

I have a special request for you, if you don't mind. I am curious as to how "they" would answer this question:
"Who is your God?" Can you ask them that for me, please?

That is quite a good question!
Actually i had a conversation with my guide some month ago. Since i have a technical background (physics, computer science) I'm always interested how things work. During this conversation - if i remember right, i asked him about "Quantum physics" and whether it would explain all these paranormal phanomenas - my guide the first time refered to "das-alles-ist".

"das-alles-ist" is German and means in direct translation "that-all-is" (means: that which is "all").

My guide in that case refered to something we would name "god". Even it is a simple question and a much more simple answer, "das-alles-ist" itself is extremely complex.

What my guide told me is that "das-alles-ist" is "that, that is all" AND "that, that is nothing". During the conversation i learned that "das-alles-ist" (or god if you wish) extends by far that what we're knowing as our physical universe by today.

When i should summarize in a few words to answer your question then i would say: "das-alles-ist" is an extremely complex consciousness. Based on several events happened to me during last months related to "das-alles-ist" i come to the conclusion that one of the major attributes of this consciousness (if not THE attribute) is the emotion of love. (I do not refer to love as we think of when we love sb in our daily live).

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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by sled735

Is there any important significance as to why your guide showed you areas over the southern part of North America? Was it just to see the bright lights, or is something important going to happen there? The reason I ask is because I live in that area.

There was a reason for showing the "lights" to me.

The two lights were glowing energy sources and those covered a really big area. At the time, we hovered over those sources, i was aware that this can't be seen through our physical eyes. During an OBE it is possible to "see" more, there are some advanced abilities i would say. And in this OBE state i was able to perceive those energy sources. The size of these two sources was really large, easily covering a small country each.

The reason i'm sure those two energy sources are somewhat meaningful is, that during this OBE - after hovering over these lights - i then have visited an area where i was shown a big wall-height flat screen showing an earth map. At this moment i got the impression that the two energy sources and this room and the function of the room are related.

The color flat screen showed some (unknown) symbols placed over the map and a type of control panel. This was very, very interesting since the control panel was active and i was allowed to press the one or other button.

The function seemed to be related to weather control or similar

This OBE was one of the most exciting experiences i ever had.

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 01:50 PM
reply to post by sled735

Can you describe the spaceship shape, and the inside of the craft you visited? Just curious because I have seen different shaped craft over the years in the sky. I've seen the cigar-shaped, the triangle, and the dome shape.

Up to now, i didn't see the spaceships i visited from outside. I try to summarize the key impressions i have from those crafts:

- one ship seemed to be very large because i remember many different rooms, the "arriving hall" and a very large navigation room with many control panels/flat screens and ET beeings (appx. 15-20). It was very modern and comfortable, the layout was functional. The diameter of the navigation room was appx. 35 feet i estimate. The height of that room was appx. 9 feet.
- I felt that i visited this ship two or three times but in different locations. The rooms were of size from 9 feet x 7.5 feet to 12 feet x 9 feet.
- one room of appx. 12 x 9 feet was very functional: one desk with a smaller flat screen and a kind of computer link, one chair. Additional chairs were available for other "persons". This was the room i waited in until the ET beeings visited me
- one smaller room i can remember was a kind of transport room where beeings could be sent between two locations over a large distance. I was able to travel through this room once. It was a kind of OBE travel but remotely controlled by those beeings. Very weird but very exciting, too. The distcance (one direction) was two lightyears. The interesting fact is that up to now the scientists on earth do not know any astronomical object which is two lightyears away from earth. I wondered at this time why we do not know this object, yet. The remote station was of similar size and was controlled by a human type ET beeing, too.

- The room in the small craft was appx. of size 20 feet (round layout) with some technical equipment. I had the impression of narrowness.

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 02:20 PM
reply to post by sled735

My friend, Scribe611, received a channeled message from some ET source saying they were looking for people to help them. They said, "Many are being called. Will you answer?" Do you think your guide comes from the Pleiades? Did he tell you where he comes from? If not, would you care to ask him?

This sounds really, really interesting since this is the feeling I've got within last months. My impression is, that they're trying to contact humans telepathically during dream states and in waking state. (Please see "alien type #3" in my summary i posted today.)

It would be great if Scribe611 could share me his message. It is very exciting!!!!

I received the origin for "Kira" (please have a look to "alien species #2" in my post today) by herself. When she initiated the first contact she mentioned she is "Sirian". This is so for "TsoM" becausei I have him asked.

Remark: I asked my guide some months ago where the ET beeings (alien type #2: "Kira", "TsoMa" and "Sooba") are coming from. (Ie whether they are the same species because "Sooba" is a little bit smaller as "Kira" and "TsoMa". My guide answered that "Kira" and "TsoMa" are from the same "pool". And "Sooba" is not far "away". The first information "pool" refered to a kind of "genetic" similarity but i felt that it is not 100% the same we would say "it is a clone". What my guide meant is that there is a kind of "same genetic pool" which also has one origin (location wise). What he meant with "Sooba is not far away" is that it belongs to the same "genetic pool" but the origin's location is different from "Kira's" and "TsoMa's". I felt that the distance of both locations is only a few lightyears.

Actually the name "Pleiades" popped up a lot as an origin for two types of alien species i listed in my todays pdf file: the alien species #1 and #3.

I asked for the origin of the pure energy beeing once and then i received "Aldeberan" (if i remember right). But i didn't followed up this kind of information. I think i should do so...

You mentioned that you did a research on alien species? What is the outcome of this research? Could you share some of the key points with us?

Thank you so much for your valuable information so far!!

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by sled735

Do you think Timical had an OBE, or was this communication through a dream, as you have described?

I will have a look to his (her?) post but i can give feedback tomorrow earliest. It seems to be a very exciting experience for Timical

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