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Has Anyone Had More Than One Type of Paranormal Experience?

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posted on Jul, 5 2013 @ 05:47 PM
Also, I never got a chance to talk to the roofing crew that was at the Palmer house, but they are coming back in a few weeks to do some more stuff, so I can hopefully ask the foreman then.

posted on Jul, 5 2013 @ 05:50 PM
reply to post by Darkblade71

Oh yeah... That had slipped my mind.

I really look forward to what they have to say!

posted on Jul, 7 2013 @ 05:08 AM
I was watching a scary movie tonight and "something" banged very loud on my computer desk in the living room where I was.

Looks like the "banging" is back... again! This really has me puzzled as to what is doing it.

posted on Jul, 11 2013 @ 06:38 AM
I travel on a back country road every evening to work. I have been taking this route for the last 12.5 years. There are several routes I could take, but I love to look at the country scenery and sunsets every evening.

When I first started my job I noticed this nice, empty red-brick house sitting on the right side of the road. The grass was tall, almost reaching the windows; you could tell the place had been deserted for a long time.

The first time I saw it I got a very uneasy feeling. I knew immediately it was haunted.
Every night after that, I just couldn't wait to get past it! I could feel "something" staring out the dark windows at me as I drove by. I literately got the chills as I passed this place!

After a couple of years or so, someone moved in and cleaned the area up. It appeared they were planning on staying awhile. They moved some heavy machinery into the shed, and just a bunch of stuff that gave the impression they intended on making this place their home for a long time. They moved out in less than a month.

I mean, moving is a pain in the rear! Why would anyone only stay a few weeks after moving so much stuff in? Why not wait and find a place you were going to be for longer that a few weeks?

It sat empty again for several more months. Again, someone moved in... and again, they moved out shortly after.

This has happened so many times over the course of my 12.5 years driving past this house, I've lost count!

If there was a problem with the pipes, or roof leaks, etc., you would think the owner would fix the problem so he could keep his renters for longer than a few weeks, right?

But, I don't have to wonder if the house is need of repairs; I "know" what it's problem is... a ghost, or possibly a demon dwells inside.

I would like to find out who owns this house and see if my ghost-hunting friends could go in and investigate sometime, but I don't even know where to start to find the owner.
I'm certain this place would have all the ghostly evidence they could carry away! The presence of "something" lurking there is so strong, I can feel it all the way out at the road! That's what makes me think it could be evil.

Maybe some day I'll find out who owns it, and ask some questions why so many people move in and out, just to see what the owner's reaction is. Until then, I'll just keep my foot to the gas pedal and get past it as quickly as possible, as I've been doing over the years.

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posted on Jul, 11 2013 @ 04:26 PM
This morning when I went to bed I got settled in with my cat lying on my stomach. We were both comfortable, inviting sleep to come.

It hadn't been more than three minutes when I saw a very light (almost white), small mist floating just over the covers at the foot of my bed at my left side.

My cat raised her head quickly looking in the same direction I was seeing this mist. Then the mist floated right up in front of my cat's face. She jumped like she had been shocked by electricity, and took off running out of the room!
(Using my stomach as a spring board didn't feel too good!)

Well, that was enough proof for me that I wasn't imagining things, or seeing floaters in my eyes!
I didn't feel any threat from this spirit (?) at all. I just lay there wondering what, or who, it was.

Unfortunately, the sudden stir of my cat jumping up and running away must have disturbed the spirit (or my ability to see it) because I didn't see it afterward.

If this is the same "thing" that has been trying to contact me over the past year, maybe we are getting closer to making a connection to communicate. We'll see.

posted on Jul, 11 2013 @ 07:00 PM
reply to post by sled735

I have an apartment like that. Even tried a cleansing in it, but people just keep moving in and out.
First time I was in there I saw a gray haze about eye level that just kind of hung around. After the cleansing I didn't sense it anymore but over time I have watched three families move in and out, to me that says something is not right.

It is down that side corner hallway where there have been two deaths, and the upstairs apt no one can seem to keep, and the first floor gets a really nasty smell sometimes that we cannot get rid of...

At one point walking down the 2nd floor hallway on that side I sensed something odd and told my boss as we were walking down the hall, then a baby died right about where I sensed it was not right. At the time I was thinking someone was playing with an Ouija board, but after everything that has occurred just in my apartment, I kind of wonder what is going on.

So I can understand watching people come and go and feeling something is amiss....yep yep!

As to your knocking, I was thinking of starting a thread on spirit knocks already, but just have been so busy I haven't yet. I've experienced that quite a few times, as you already know, and know others around ATS who have too. Seems to be one of the more common spirit signs.

Weird on the mist you saw and it freaking your cat, perhaps it was another cat?

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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 12:58 PM
reply to post by sled735
Hello, I had promised you I was going to tell some of my paranormal stories. I have quite a few and many of them have been relayed to me by my mother, other family members and grandmother.

Today I feel like telling about a particular incident which is actually part of a series of incidences which have plagued my mother's home over the past 10 - 15 years.

My mom, sister, brother and a couple of children all live in an older home which was built in the 1940s. This is on the East Coast. For the sake of privacy, I will not reveal exactly where this location is. Anyway, shortly after she had purchased the house back in 1989, members of the household mentioned hearing things, such as doors shutting, utensils clattering in the sink, hearing knocks on the front door, etc. These occurrences were subtle but nevertheless somewhat bothersome. In any case, activities intensified after a member of the household invited a friend over to stay for a couple of months. Apparently this friend was into the occult and spent time using an altar, burning candles, etc. Not sure of the connection but shortly after this person vacated the premises, activities intensified. Household members mentioned hearing sudden loud noises, especially from the kitchen area and the basement. My mother, especially, would hear clicking and crunching noises coming from the kitchen area. When she went to investigate there was usually nothing.

My sister on one occasion felt something/someone tug on her sweater and she ran out of her room screaming. She also witnessed out of the corner of her eye a small figure dart away and go down the basement steps. But the most troubling occurrences would happen when household members would be in the basement of the house but clearly hear footsteps walking upstairs. When they ran upstairs to investigate there would be no one there.

This happened on many occasions.

My brother said he was home alone one day, lying awake in the basement when all of a sudden he heard footsteps upstairs, someone shuffling around and doors opening. He was terrified at first but somehow got enough courage to go check. All the upstairs doors were locked and no one was there but himself.

They eventually invited a local paranormal team to investigate and bless the home. Things quietened down for over a year but recently noises and sightings have started to pick back up again.

It has gotten to the point where my mother is ready to call the paranormal team back out again but she needs to sort some things out before that happens.

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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by Jaellma

I enjoyed reading your story, Jaellma.
I hope you come back with more.

DarkBlade, I enjoy your posts too. You seem to be very knowledgeable on this topic. I suppose working with JVP for 10 years had something to do with that, huh?

Sled, that was an incredible experience, simply because the cat reacted to the "spirit", which validates that something was really there, IMO.

I enjoy reading all the posts since my last visit. Keep them coming, guys!

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 07:10 PM
reply to post by Mindless1980

Even before JVP I was having all kinds of weird experiences,
that was part of the reason why/how I ended up there.

He and his website/staff and everyone there and involved in this kind of thing certainly did help with getting a grip on it.

I don't think he even nearly understands how much of a help his website was.
It effected a lot of people in very good ways, not just me.

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by Jaellma

Thanks for sharing, Jaellma.

You say you have many stories. I look forward to hearing all you want to share.

Why is it that ghosts/demons usually make noise in the floor above, or below us; usually the attic or cellar?

Or, if it is in the same room, it is always the closet they hide in. I've noticed that on many of the supposedly true paranormal shows.

Mine doesn't have a choice; I only have one floor.


Mindless, and Darkblade,

It is good to see you are still with us. Thanks for your support in keeping the thread going.
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posted on Jul, 14 2013 @ 10:00 PM
bumping this from the abyss.

So I think I mentioned that I've heard what I thought was my dads voice when I was sleeping and it woke me up, it sounded like he needed help (groceries brought in stuff like that) Well my dad heard a similar voice today and thought it was my sister, he was so sure he heard it he woke up from sleeping and was getting up when I asked him what was wrong.

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 06:33 AM
reply to post by sandman441

Thanks for the bump, Sandman.

Do you think it could be residual sounds you and your dad are hearing?

Could he make out what "it" was saying?

You all should set up a recorder and see if you get anything. Let us know if you do.

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posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 06:06 PM
I just finished my shower to prepare for work. Before that, I was reading a thread here about life after death with videos of a medium communicating with spirits connected to a person he was "reading".

I was in deep thought about this video because it offered proof (to me) that couldn't be debunked. But, alas, you always get the non-believers who won't believe it no matter how much "proof" is right in front of them.

Anyway... I have a light bar above my sink that I always turn on along with the overhead light because I like the extra light it provides. The bar has two bulbs in it.

As I was standing in the shower in deep thought about these videos, one of the lights in the bar went out for about 10 seconds, then came back on.
I "felt" the ghost/spirit that is roaming around my house was giving me a signal that life DOES exist after death of the physical body. I didn't get spooked, but I did thank it for validating my thoughts, and then I asked it to leave until I finished my shower.

I am no expert with wiring, but since both these lights turn on with the same switch, wouldn't they both go out if it was a short?
Also, I had this happen about four months ago while I was in the shower. I didn't really think much of it at the time, I just thought the bulb must be about to blow.
But if the bulb was burning out, then I don't see how it could have kept burning this long after that last time.

What are your thoughts on this, people?

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 06:31 PM
reply to post by sled735

Well Sled, you got your answer to your thoughts.
That's what I think.

I get that a lot, when I start thinking about something paranormal, and something will respond to my thoughts,showing me and reaffirming that I am right in my thinking or if I start doubting myself.

It always makes me smile when that happens.

But that is just my opinion on your experience.

posted on Jul, 16 2013 @ 01:21 AM

Originally posted by sled735
reply to post by sandman441

Thanks for the bump, Sandman.

Do you think it could be residual sounds you and your dad are hearing?

Could he make out what "it" was saying?

You all should set up a recorder and see if you get anything. Let us know if you do.

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I can't answer for my dad, but I know for me I just heard my name being called. Yeah I need to get a recorder and see what happens. The problem though is that it will be contaminated as my dad gets up all night and so does my mom. When I am gone though I have a webcam that I can put it on to where it only goes off when movement occurs and it records until the movement stops I believe.

But I just got a job that I don't know when but I should be gone for a few days/weeks at a time.

posted on Jul, 16 2013 @ 09:28 AM
reply to post by sled735

I would have been jumping around screaming for that thing to get out of my bathroom while I was in my birthday suit!
Yep! That would have freaked me out, for sure!
But I agree, you were given a sign by the spirit concerning your thoughts.

Sandman, I hope you capture something on film, or a recorder to share with us. And good luck on your trip.

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posted on Jul, 16 2013 @ 06:57 PM
Thanks for your posts, guys.

Even though I have four threads up right now that I am trying to comment on, I don't want to neglect this one.

This is my "Baby".
Gotta keep it going! Appreciate all the replies.

posted on Jul, 16 2013 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by sled735

I have had haunted experiences for much of my life. As a young person and when I lived in a haunted house 25 years ago. We flipped houses as a side business and bought a 100 yr old plus house that had "good bones" but was in horrible shape. We ripped out floors, walls, electrical etc. As soon as we began the work, incidents began to occur. Footsteps at first, voices that were not understandable, workers in the house alone heard their names called, we found large numbers of dead flies in a windowsill one morning and we had not noticed flies in the house. Lights, tvs and the radio went on by themselves at odd times and many more odd things occurred. There was a feeling of constantly being watched too. We had the house blessed 3 times and it would calm down, then return. We have lived in several houses since that one and I found over time that we feel that this presence is more of a sense of protection for us now. Many years ago when I was a teen my folks went back to Japan for a few weeks. I was in the US in my family home staying with another family friend. Classmates of mine stopped by my house during that time while we were out at dinner and let themselves in. We had left the house unlocked for them. After they came into the house they had a horrible experience. They were truly frightened by noises, lights going on and footsteps in my house. It was an old Victorian home and my mother thought we had a friend in the 1890's piano that was in the house when we bought it. It never scared me, just my friends. I always felt a real warmth from the piano. I do think presences follow people or even families. When we had a lot of activity I asked that whatever was there not scare us and we would respect it. I also keep sage just in case.

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 06:32 AM
reply to post by lilly51

Thanks for your post, lilly, and welcome to the thread.

I think the thing about the dead flies being in the house was the thing that freaked me out the most in your post. Dead flies are associated with having a demonic presence.

But then, demonic activity is said to pick up after a house is blessed because that alone won't get rid of them, it just makes them mad.
So, since the activity did settle down for awhile, I'm not sure what this presence was. Whatever it was, it was evil.

From what I've seen on true stories of hauntings, and read about, the only way to get rid of a demon is to have a member of the clergy do an exorcism. The Wicca's also have a ritual that works to remove them.
I just watched a show the past weekend about that (with the Wicca's).

Thank you again for sharing your experiences here.

If you ever get bored, you have many, many people sharing their stories here you can read.
Everything from ghosts, demons, UFO's, aliens, shape-shifters, dream analysis, a visit by the devil, mediums, and the list goes on and on. To put it in a nutshell... everything paranormal. Enjoy!

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 06:42 AM
I have another money/spirit experience to pass along!

My boss's brother was taking a shower the other day when a quarter hit him in the top of his head.
According to my boss it freaked him out so bad that he made her make sure to ask me about it.

The date on the quarter was 1999 which was the year their dad died.
I guess it has him freaked out as they say there was NO WAY it could of fallen from the ceiling or the shower head.
Looks like spirits are starting to throw money around Sled.

I actually referred her to your penny thread and I am really hoping she decides to stop in and join or at least read some of it. It was odd as this has kind of been an ongoing discussion between you and I and others here over the last month since you got dinged in the head with that penny and my buddy Perry's death.

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