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Has Anyone Had More Than One Type of Paranormal Experience?

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posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 06:03 PM
i did a prayer of yah-weh with my second experience and the being from Orion appeared again in front of me and my friend kyle... DUde. SERIOUSSLLYy MEKEKZALE?????

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 06:10 PM
Originally posted by BewilderedandAmused

I had a few odd dreams of being in a strange cityscape with a very large platform or park like place nestled between widely spread apart buildings that were designed to work with nature. Rather soothing place but, everyone was on alert because something was coming towards the earth this city was on and nobody knew what it was. there were theories of a one million ship fleet of Aliens hovering and then there was the Asteroids which were coming directly at earth and nobody knew if the Aliens were there to help the earth avoid these asteroids (which turn into meteors when they enter the Atmosphere or something close to that) anyhow, The other thing was that this subculture was saying that these Aliens were actually the ones that were steering the asteroids towards us in an effort to seem like the good guys as they would blow a few of them up on the way in. I think the proof they used was that they could easily catch all the asteroids if they were capable of flying so close to the sun.

Yes, this was a wild dream!!

I'm surprised to see that Mindless1980 didn't comment because she/he has a thread up about "Fireballs Falling From the Sky".

In the book, Bringers of the Dawn, there is a statement that has always stuck with me. It said to beware of the first wave. They will appear to be good, but they are actually deceivers. They will do all kinds of good deeds for the human race to gain our trust, then they will show their true selves, and all hell will break loose!
(That isn't a quote, but that is what it meant.)

Your dream could be a warning that they are on their way. Appearing to save mankind from the asteroids is one of the first things they'll do to make us think they are on our side.
However, there are good ones (aliens) that will be working to help us with these deceivers. I hope I am able to distinguish between the two when they get here, especially if they can shape-shift.

Awesome dream!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 06:21 PM

Originally posted by CrypticSouthpaw
everything is a little emotional for me. Iv been kinda constantly crying a bit. Those dreams. My dreams and your dreams.

I feel like a new person since i had this complete awakening and realization of what has to be done.

I would like to think im going insane. But to many signs are pointing. Wild, Your post will stun the others when they see it tomorrow. It will blow them away. If all of this is true. Will you guys help me accomplish my mission?

What mission is that? Is it saving people... helping them understand what's happening... or what exactly?

Where is this city you speak of? I have no money for a plane ticket. And, even if I did, I don't fly..... EVER!

I mean... why would I want to come TO the city that is being attacked? I could end up being safer where I am now.
I need more information... or maybe I just need to get around to reading your thread. Sorry things have prevented me from doing that this weekend. I didn't mean to lie to you.

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 06:30 PM
read the u2u i sent you last night. and the city isin't being attacked. Its an underground atlantean city and its completely safe. Well plane ticket or not you think i can afford one? Im gunna pool all my money together and go there as quickly as i can. I still have to gather the others. I don't have all of us but we need to all be there. I will open the door with the others present and we will go into the chambers. We will then travel and collect objects. And put them back in the weapon. We will bring you guys to the city in the mountains.

But i need to get there first, and see if it is us that can open it. To prevent what is coming. I hope so. I want the chosen to step up and go. For the god of Orion has shown me what has to be done. The shape shifting lion man. I feel like like a calling. Someone has to open those doors. And soon.

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 06:44 PM
Originally posted by CrypticSouthpaw

That dreams basically is saying that in the future you get picked up by me in my spaceship, brought to that atlantean underground water city. With like mechanics with the tides pulling back and forth to power the city. The city will be lite up when we go there. And it will be a beautiful city. With water recreation and stuff people swimming. Everyone tho would know about the aliens what evils they are doing. I would make sure the people knew who was doing this and the importance of understanding and honesty. How such things can cause such horrors. The people we could of saved would of been much more. But thats all we could grab at the time. and you know what thats fine with me. At least humanity can live on.

Ignore the previous post from me. You answered my questions here. I somehow skipped this post. I think I saw where you mentioned Paul's dream, and off to read it I went. Ha!

According to Cayce and others, something called the Hall of Records is buried in a chamber between the Great Pyramid and Sphinx. Sonic and Radar devices have shown it, but permission to excavate has been denied. Peniel was to open these records, and access the Atlantean flying vehicle buried under the Sphinx that was used to build the Greater Pyramids, amongst other things, and also used to travel the extensive underground tunnel network and habitable areas of the inner Earth. This was made impossible by the forces who have already found it, can't open it, but know it would completely destroy their life's work of theories about the builders. Because of that, and other things, the book was published instead, giving the summarized important details from the Hall of Records. John Peniel was prophesied by many, including Edgar Cayce, who essentially said Jon Peniel (Cayce's prophecy was spoken, not written) would bring messages about the "new order of things", reveal the Hall of Records which was information left for and by "those of that order" (the CLO - Children of the Law of One as it's translated) prior to the apocalypse and return of the Christ. Jon has already made many astonishing prophecies as the world and the human race rapidly deteriorates, socially and physically, from 911 to present events and beyond. Scientists agree, we are in grave trouble that is not likely to be able to be reversed (from CNN and other sources). Peniel reminds us that we all die someday, and consciously returning to oneness with God, the Universal Spirit, which we are also part of and is inside and outside us, is are only true salvation, the most important activity anyone can do (either working on themselves or helping others) and saving out eternal souls must be our priority, regardless of our path.

Fasinating! Thanks for that information, Christopher. I thought the Hall of Records was located in a different dimension. I'll have to read this. I wonder why I've never come across this before?
I've read a lot of Cayce. Maybe I did, and just forgot.

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 06:48 PM

Originally posted by CrypticSouthpaw
i did a prayer of yah-weh with my second experience and the being from Orion appeared again in front of me and my friend kyle... DUde. SERIOUSSLLYy MEKEKZALE?????

I am ignorant about all these names you are using. I googled Mekekzale, but nothing came up.

Who/what is this name?

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 07:08 PM

Originally posted by CrypticSouthpaw
read the u2u i sent you last night. and the city isin't being attacked. Its an underground atlantean city and its completely safe.
But i need to get there first, and see if it is us that can open it. To prevent what is coming. I hope so. I want the chosen to step up and go. For the god of Orion has shown me what has to be done. The shape shifting lion man. I feel like like a calling. Someone has to open those doors. And soon.

But isn't Atlantis under water? Are you going to use scuba gear to swim to it?

Yeah.... you go first, then come back for me and the others.

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 07:37 PM

it was posted by wild. il quote it.

The Urantia Book Paper 96 Yahweh — God of the Hebrews

IN CONCEIVING of Deity, man first includes all gods, then subordinates all foreign gods to his tribal deity, and finally excludes all but the one God of final and supreme value. The Jews synthesized all gods into their more sublime concept of the Lord God of Israel. The Hindus likewise combined their multifarious deities into the “one spirituality of the gods” portrayed in the Rig-Veda, while the Mesopotamians reduced their gods to the more centralized concept of Bel-Marduk. These ideas of monotheism matured all over the world not long after the appearance of Machiventa Melchizedek at Salem in Palestine. But the Melchizedek concept of Deity was unlike that of the evolutionary philosophy of inclusion, subordination, and exclusion; it was based exclusively on creative power and very soon influenced the highest deity concepts of Mesopotamia, India, and Egypt. (1052.2) 96:0.2 The Salem religion was revered as a tradition by the Kenites and several other Canaanite tribes. And this was one of the purposes of Melchizedek’s incarnation: That a religion of one God should be so fostered as to prepare the way for the earth bestowal of a Son of that one God. Michael could hardly come to Urantia until there existed a people believing in the Universal Father among whom he could appear. (1052.3) 96:0.3 The Salem religion persisted among the Kenites in Palestine as their creed, and this religion as it was later adopted by the Hebrews was influenced, first, by Egyptian moral teachings; later, by Babylonian theologic thought; and lastly, by Iranian conceptions of good and evil. Factually the Hebrew religion is predicated upon the covenant between Abraham and Machiventa Melchizedek, evolutionally it is the outgrowth of many unique situational circumstances, but culturally it has borrowed freely from the religion, morality, and philosophy of the entire Levant. It is through the Hebrew religion that much of the morality and religious thought of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Iran was transmitted to the Occidental peoples.

Deity Concepts among the Semites

The early Semites regarded everything as being indwelt by a spirit. There were spirits of the animal and vegetable worlds; annual spirits, the lord of progeny; spirits of fire, water, and air; a veritable pantheon of spirits to be feared and worshiped. And the teaching of Melchizedek regarding a Universal Creator never fully destroyed the belief in these subordinate spirits or nature gods. (1052.5) 96:1.2 The progress of the Hebrews from polytheism through henotheism to monotheism was not an unbroken and continuous conceptual development. They experienced many retrogressions in the evolution of their Deity concepts, while during any one epoch there existed varying ideas of God among different groups of Semite believers. From time to time numerous terms were applied to their concepts of God, and in order to prevent confusion these various Deity titles will be defined as they pertain to the evolution of Jewish theology: (1053.1) 96:1.3 1. Yahweh was the god of the southern Palestinian tribes, who associated this concept of deity with Mount Horeb, the Sinai volcano. Yahweh was merely one of the hundreds and thousands of nature gods which held the attention and claimed the worship of the Semitic tribes and peoples. (1053.2) 96:1.4 2. El Elyon. For centuries after Melchizedek’s sojourn at Salem his doctrine of Deity persisted in various versions but was generally connoted by the term El Elyon, the Most High God of heaven. Many Semites, including the immediate descendants of Abraham, at various times worshiped both Yahweh and El Elyon.

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 08:04 PM

he Canaanites had long revered Yahweh, and although many of the Kenites believed more or less in El Elyon, the supergod of the Salem religion, a majority of the Canaanites held loosely to the worship of the old tribal deities. They were hardly willing to abandon their national deities in favor of an international, not to say an interplanetary, God. They were not universal-deity minded, and therefore these tribes continued to worship their tribal deities, including Yahweh and the silver and golden calves which symbolized the Bedouin herders’ concept of the spirit of the Sinai volcano.

The Syrians, while worshiping their gods, also believed in Yahweh of the Hebrews, for their prophets said to the Syrian king: “Their gods are gods of the hills; therefore they were stronger than we; but let us fight against them on the plain, and surely we shall be stronger than they.”

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 08:24 PM
reply to post by CrypticSouthpaw

Yes. Thank you. So this is The Urantia Book I've heard so much about! I've been meaning to read it, but I haven't yet. Looks interesting.

We need to get back on paranormal topics before the MODS come and spank us.

Cryptic, why don't you start a thread about all this? I think it should go in the spiritual/religious forum?

As long as you all are discussing green lizard men, and faceless dogs, it is okay to keep it here. But... I think we are veering off-topic now. Not that I'm not interested... I just don't want the MODS coming after me, okay?

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 09:40 PM

Originally posted by Raxoxane
reply to post by sled735

Hi Sled735,i told od a few experiences on page 10/11 and page 12 also.That antique dressing-table has been in the family for so lond,i wont be surprised if something attached itself to it,quite frankly.I broke off my friendship with the girl soon after,and moved to another province,due to circumstances-without that dresser,btw

HI Raxoxane. I just realized I didn't respond to your post.

I thank you for all your posts on the thread, and being involved in the discussions.
Happy to see you are "dresser-free".
Maybe now things will calm down.

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 09:45 PM

Originally posted by SplitInfinity
reply to post by sled735

As I have stated before...I have seen remote Alien Orange Glowing Orbs over a SAC base near my home. I have also experienced what I know for certain is a GHOST...even though I am a HUGE SKEPTIC and it took time for me to rule out any other possible my home as it became active after I renovated a bathroom to install a Jacuzzi.

Split Infinity

Thanks for the post, SplitInfinity. Good to see familiar "faces" on here again.

I just had another member on here a page or two back asking about orange orbs. Maybe she can message you and get more info on that than I could give her.
Hope you stick around and post feedback, if you see anything interesting in the thread since your last post.

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 09:56 PM

Originally posted by frayed1
Hi Sled....Happy Anniversary!!.....Great thread, lots of great responses!

You're definitely not alone....there seems to be a lot of folks out there that have had strange experiences...mine started when I was about 4 when I horrified my parents at the breakfast table by announcing that the family dog was dead!.....
I had dreamed she had died, gone to sleep by the barn in the back yard and being quite old, just didn't wake up....I had tried to get her to in my dream, but realized that she was gone, and told her good bye.
Of course no one believed me, till they found her later that morning, right where I said she would be.

I believe I've also been visited (while I was wide awake) by the horse in my avatar....

Plus some other experiences.....So I'm convinced that, in more ways than one....we're not alone.
edit on 22-2-2013 by frayed1 because: (no reason given)

Hi, Frayed1. Sorry it took so long to acknowledge your post. I got sidetracked.

Thank you for the warm greeting.

So... you have a gift for "dreaming" of the future? I have read where many members on ATS do this, and I have to say, I think you are being shown the future during sleep while on the astral plane.

Either you are crossing a timeline on the astral plane that allows you to see things that are still to happen, or else your spirit guide is implanting/showing these things while you visit the astral plane.

Thanks for posting your experiences. I hope you stick around on the thread and get involved in the discussion(s).

Enjoy your time here.

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 09:57 PM
yeah il keep it on topic lol. But just saying that the bring i saw the faceless shapeshifter is Yahweh. From Orion. Its really messed up because it all peices together.

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 10:10 PM
reply to post by sled735

Thank you for your reply.

I will do what I can.

Split Infinity

posted on Feb, 24 2013 @ 06:07 AM

Originally posted by CrypticSouthpaw
yeah il keep it on topic lol. But just saying that the bring i saw the faceless shapeshifter is Yahweh. From Orion. Its really messed up because it all peices together.

I'm going to have to disagree with you on this, Cryptic. The Bible says no man can look upon Yahweh, for His brightness and glory would cause them to die instanly. He is brighter than the sun. So, can you imagine how that would hurt your eyes?

I don't think we will see God/Yahweh until we have purified our souls/spirits to the point of being as pure as He is.
(That's where reincarnation comes into play.) Then we will become one with Him.
Of course, this is just my opinion from years of research. I still need to read that book I haven't gotten around to yet. It could give me a different view on things.

But, for now, I think you are being deceived. These beings may want you to think they are God, and even show you things to make you believe it, but... just be careful who you trust/follow. The evil ones can appear to be good... at first.

Now, that's all I will say on the off-topic topic.
Back to the paranormal..... Anyone?

posted on Feb, 24 2013 @ 11:10 AM
hi new to ats so please bear with me ... i have had a couple of odd things happen in the house i live in now ... lets start with the first.

i have a minature jack russell dog and he always seems to get spooked for instance he will run into the back room and bark at the cupboard under the stairs all his heckles come up and he will also run in and out of the front bedroom barking and growling as if something is chasing him ... very strange imo

secondly just a few days ago we (the family) were sitting in the front room of our house all talking between ourselves, me the wife and the three kids when out of the corner i thought i saw a shadow so i turned to look ... we have a back room which is seperated with a partitioned wall and door and the door was ajar slightly... the back room light was on its one of those flourescent tube lights anyhow something caught my eye so i turned to look ... along the side of the door i noticed that the light was getting blocked out and thought it was strange that this would happen as there is nothing in that room that would block the light ... a few seconds later the "shadow" moved from the side of the door to underneath the door and i watched it go from left to right ... the hairs stood up everywhere on me and i said in a quiet voice theres something in the back room ... i honestly thought we were getting burgled so i picked up the nearest thing to hand which is funny looking back but it was a trainer ... and ran out into the back room expecting to be confronted by something or someone... yet nothing was there but there was a chill in the air .. i checked everywhere thinking something had gotten in the house.
the wife kinda knew i wasnt joking as she had never seen me act this way it was like i felt an electric current sort of through my body you know the one ... where you get proper scared ... it was like that.

also my oldest daughter has been having proper mood swings lately and i wonder if this has anything to do with that

well theres my two penneth lol thanks for reading


posted on Feb, 24 2013 @ 02:12 PM
I'll add a couple more comments / observations before I wrap up my involvement with this site.

Southpaw -
I've encountered the faceless shapeshifters before in the dream time and have mentioned it in previous posts but its not what your interpretation is telling you. It's one thing to venture into new territory but its also critical to have developed the inner tools to navigate those realms. It's not a playground.
I've known others who were not so fragmented that have taken on such paths, only to come out no longer operating as themselves. I feel that if I mentioned the tools being used against you it will only further you into their wilderness. My advice would be to lay off the shrubbery, get outside and get grounded - expose your field to a broad spectrum of natural energies and ask to release that which no longer serves your highest good. It's just my two cents, you can experience whatever you like.

Sled -
Thanks for maintaining this thread and keeping such a diverse topic focused as bet you can.
In regards to the shadow beings you can get rid of those if you are willing. They have no light of there own and because you are a shinning being, you tend to attract a spectrum of entities. Look into the I AM the seal of my aura on the net if your interested. I've had to clear them myself. No one else can do this for us.

As for the shift that several other have become aware of, we are entering into new territory and its important that we are more mindful of where we place our thoughts and energies into. As the veil thins, our abilities to manifest based upon our focus or lack of, will have more influence over the new forming reality. Trust in your Higher Selves and try to stay positive. We are more powerful than we imagine.

My first thread on ATS was about three years ago Awaiting the Shift. That time is now upon us and my focus is shifting. I've enjoyed you all and appreciate all that I've learned here. Namaste.

posted on Feb, 24 2013 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by KARLOSS28

Welcome and what a good story to bring. I could feel the intensity as I was reading your short post.

When I was young I lived in a house that had things moving through it as well and my dog would bark at the air and stuff. So I get what you mean about being very real yet, ?.

I will be thinking of you for awhile as I ponder the story, which has really set an imprint on me. Why I am not so sure but, it has.

Take care and again welcome to "here"!

posted on Feb, 24 2013 @ 02:42 PM
reply to post by starshift

Thank you very much for putting everything into a more modest energy. I just apologized to someone for writing, while coming out of dreamscape, as I felt it started like a mini fire and I thanked Sled735 for bringing it together as well.

You have a very good handle on this topic and your writing feels very natural, glad to read your post. Take care and be continually blessed in your custom.

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