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Has Anyone Had More Than One Type of Paranormal Experience?

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posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 06:17 PM

Originally posted by sled735

Originally posted by sled735
Here is, yet, another one of my experiences... I've had a lot of them!

One night a friend of mine called to ask me what that green florescent cloud was that was floating over my house (my parents house). I hadn't noticed it, so I went outside, and there it was! Very bright florescent green misty cloud looming over the top of the entire roof. It stayed there for almost two weeks, and no one else seemed to notice it, but my friend and me. Could it have been some type of gas emitting from the house, or do you think it could have been a UFO hiding itself in the mist?

Did anyone respond to this post (above)? I don't see any. I have been wondering about this ever since it happened.
Any ideas out there?

In the book "Grass Roots UFOs" by Michael D. Swords there is a somewhat similar sighting that I'll try to paraphrase. The witness looks outside and see UFOs of some kind hovering over a neighbor's house. The witness calls the neighbor but the line is busy all evening. The next day the witness talks to the neighbor about the UFO. The neighbor said the phone should not have been busy, but they were playing cards all evening talking about UFOs. The neighbor was not aware of the UFO over them.

It's not really the same, but that's the best I can do.
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posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 07:33 PM
reply to post by cloudyday

Thanks for responding. I'll check out the book.

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 07:35 PM
reply to post by BASSPLYR

Awesome experiences! WOW! I'm really impressed with the stories people are sharing on my thread.
Thank you all so much for coming forward!

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posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 08:22 PM
reply to post by sled735

Three exactly.

at a friends house its getting pretty late so i decided to shoot home, as of my freinds and my knowlegde i set off at 1:30 am, now i live about 3 miles away from him, but even in the day the 3 miles takes an hour max an hour and a half, and before people say well you walk at 3 mph or blah blah, listen im a boxer and extremley pyshically fit, i probably walk at light speed (just kidding about the light speed obviously). Point being if its a ten minute jog, im there in two minutes. Ive been like this since i started boxing at about twelve im twenty now, and i keep incredibly fit because if boxing or mixed martial arts is out of the question its personal trainer or army, maybe both.

Heres intersting part, i set off at half one, i got home and rang the bell at my house, id forgotten my key so rang my bell much too the pleasur of my mom, heres the intersting part, it was seven am. Never really talked about this much till after i had the third event. Because its odd, i was sober and went missing for six hours, how is that even possible, my mother and me both now when i arrived i wasnt tired like i had walked some long way around instead, the weerdest part is even at the time my mother says i didnt know where i went and to be honest i didnt, but you cant really admit that to yourself at the time or your mother. Because any option that explains it is scary.

Second: This one is very short and was at the same friends house, me and one other friend saw a woman in a white wedding dress with a pale veil on, as we moved around she too moved around. Weerdest part of this out of seven people, only two saw it, and it was only through glass or mirrors as though it was a reflection. This is the scariest thing i have ever seen because we ran around the house and couldnt see it. The face was kind of gaunt and demonic thats all i can say on her.

Third: I was having a tough time and long story short, first time in my life from being a non believer got on my knees, and prayed to anyone to help me. Satan, God no matter the price i would serve them for help.

I heard a very loud noise about one hour later, ran down stairs i heard something distincivly calling me and felt it was weerdly coming from on top of the garage. I grabbed a knife went outside, BLANK AGAIN, my mom and dad and brother found me in my boxers with a knife at 1:00am.

Since then iv had, visions with "lucifer" i use the term because thats who he says he is, i dont disbelieve him but hey, as this site shows us we have to keep all options open.

Heres a tidbit, when my grandma died, she became religous like many do, but she didnt become catholic, my grandma who was a business women and made her fortune from a good inheritance and wise investments, was as stubburn as they come but a complete realist and not atheist just non believer. She became religous and this is the factor, she was in bed dieing, and said in front of her whole family, that i had a bright future she could see "fairys" or "angels" above my shoulders. She said no matter what i did i would be protected. Again my whole family said she was losing it, she never said anything like that too anyone else, even her sons.

To date, i have been in three car crashes, two in which other people have been injured. Two of the cars have been writen off that ive been in, i never wear seat belts, this is a really bad habbit considerng the amounts of bumps and three major crashes i have been in.

I have been cut with a knife, i would say stabbed but it honestly didnt go in that far before the guy was on the floor, imagine he went to stab me got hit, the knide grazed and partially went into my stomach region. According to the doctor he couldnt belive i was that lucky a knife barley pierced the skin and missed anything that would do serious harm. I was in hospital for one day.

I have been hit in the face with baseball bats, an eletric powerd core drill, which drills with a diamong core bit, at 1200 or 1400 rpm, malfunctioned whilst i was lying down in a roof. It hit me in the chin atII full whack because i idiotaclly left the lock on. It hit me on the chin. Blood sprayed everywhere and people could not belive a hit from a drill spinning that fast didnt knock me or my teeth out.
(the drills have a plastic handle which is what hit me)

I have been hit with baseball bats, hockey sticks a five iron, probably anything. I had a twenty kilo bag of cement dropped on my head, from a second floor that did hurt. Still stood though.

I fell out of a roof and fell roughly 20 ft i some how landed on my arm, which did hurt, neck or back i dont wanna think lol.

Oh and i have an achilles heel, my left foot if i so much as twist it or stand on its side i feel like im dieng. If i sprain it im bedbound. The heel is an embarresment lol.

Any ideas, if it seems rushed or crass, im tired.

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 08:41 PM
Yeah, OP. I've had a lot of paranormal experiences.

When I was a child, probably about age 7 I experienced my bed shaking. I jumped off the bed and ran to my older brother's room. I jumped on his bed and told him what happened. Immediately his bed began to bounce up and down and rise into the air. He tried to investigate by looking under the bed but I wouldn't let him because I had just awoke from a dream where he tried to look and was pulled underneath. We both jumped off his bed and ran to our parents.

At age 9 I had a clear daylight vision of my home being surrounded by demonic-like entities which practically filled the whole of the air. At that moment I just knew something bad was going to happen. Before the vision was even over with I heard my dog yelp. We ran outside and found her hanging off the deck (two stories up) by her leash. I reached down and scooped her up from the butt (I had some common sense as a child and knew not to pull up on the leash) and saved her life. I'll never forget the terrified and confused look on her face. It really was much like the look you will see in the movies where someone is being strangled.

At age 18 I experienced moving and shaking tree tops approach both me and my father on a night time walk in the Pocono Mountains. No other trees made these sounds or moved like those. We heard it approach and then skip over the road as we both stared up into a clear night sky and saw nothing cross the road. We then turned to go home and we were followed by the moving and shaking tree tops down the road all the way to our house. We discussed the possible explanations, but to this day have not found any satisfactory, especially given the fact that on at least two occasions we stopped walking and whatever was following us seemed to stop too. As I said, I was 18 and my father was in his 40s, retired USAF radar specialist and electrician (509th) who was also an amateur astronomer.

At age 18 I prayed to God to make it stop raining so I wouldn't be soaked and get sick walking to school. I stepped outside and it stopped raining immediately. It began instantly when I set foot in the high school front doors.

At that same age I was confronted by a self professed satanist who knew things about me he couldn't have possibly known, and to this day I am convinced it was not "him" doing the talking.

At age 20 I was physically pulled by an unknown force while walking through the parking lot of the Geisinger Children's Hospital at 3am to retrieve a picture of my newborn daughter which I had accidentally left by the sink where everyone scrubs up before going into the Neonatal unit. I was literally yanked backwards by my shirt (yanked off one leg while in forward momentum as a guy weighing 250 lbs), but there was no one and nothing that could have done it, since I was in the middle of a parking lot with the nearest trees or obscured vision being some 40 or more feet away. When I got up there I noticed for the first and only time that they had all of the shades drawn, and to this day I do not know what that was about.

At age 25 I experienced auditory precognition, where I announced to a group of friends that the phone call was from my father, after which I was confronted that the phone had never rang. The phone then rang and it was my father, but I had distinctly heard it earlier and instinctively known it was him calling for me at a friend's house. That was the first of many such auditory paranormal experiences.

At age 26 I experienced poltergeist activity along with my then fiancee, after ghost hunting at a cemetery which had formerly been owned by my family who lived in the area for some 300 years. We got responses as EVP and then had objects floating and moving around the house in front of both of us as well as had some guests and ourselves physically touched by the ghost of what seemed to be a cat. It was also around this time that I experienced my first sleep paralysis episode.

Also at this age, I was warned by my autistic daughter to be careful during an upcoming hiking trip where I should "Be carefully of the rocks Daddy, or you will slip and fall and be hurt really really bad." (a warning that seemed to come out of nowhere and stuck in my head) I was hiking alone and remembered those words just before I almost decided to cross a certain spot along a stream which was just about 50 yards above a 20 foot waterfall. Because of those words I had hand tested the rocks and found that they were indeed very slippery and the light of day had obscured the thin layer of slime on them.

At age 27 my then girlfriend and I puzzled over an alarm clock radio which turned on and refused to shut off, even though it was unplugged and had no batteries in it.

At age 28 my now ex-fiancee and I both conjured "forest" or "nature spirit" entities which we both distinctly heard, plain as day, but never saw.

I have experienced much more than these, but these are my highlights.

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by HillbillyHippie1

dude alot of those things are kinda simillar to mine, at least in how the events occured its also interesting to know this looks like im going to have more of them. Although i kinda sensed that.
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posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 09:57 PM
One night i was fully awake,laying in bed on my stomach in the dark,when i began to feel a strange electrical static that started to pulse and move outwards from the back of my neck,into my head, chest and arms and by then my entire body was paralyzed.My eyes were open and they were all that i could move...

Then a strange animated vision appeared in front of me.The sights and sounds of the head and shoulders of a very real old man,with long white hair and beard that were blowing in the slow motion wind of a silent storm and then he spoke to me while looking right into my eyes and said..."32 Quartz,Its The Devil"...Then slowly the vision faded and my paralysis subsided...

I was extremely frightened,i was truly stunned and i was very amazed...

Did he say quarts or quartz? i dont know,but those are the words that he said to me that night,when i was around 27yrs old...

Can anyone shine some light on what he may have meant?

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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 02:16 AM
you've mentioned this before and it's got me very curious as well.

Other than some type of bet or something.. I'm stumped but I'm thinking it could have meaning as well and will let you know if I come across anything.

Perhaps you will know when the time is right.

I think this image of this man with long white hair might be the image they attempt to use when they try to create the second coming of christ, which at first I thought was a far fetched conspiracy... but I am seeing more and more examples of this type of mockery to the public... and recently someone brought up a CIA project even called project MOCKINGBIRD where the CIA really started to implement and excuse themselves of lying to the public for their own good. You don't get the reasons why, because I think what issue this was born from is still one of the most top secret issues around... aliens.

if that were the subject, then one can probably see how easy it would be to convince others that this empire of lies is perfectly acceptable... as fearful as people are of aliens like wild kittens trying to be caught just so they can be sheltered and fed... yet biting and scratching the entire way.

This reminds me of an issue... i think the lore is African in nature because I know that some African people have extended beliefs on Christianity but i am uncertain where it comes from. I'm not sure how this came about but they were to witness the virgin Mary...

I think this happened in this past year both for REAL...and in mockery with the alleged sighting in the sky.

I need to learn more about where this prophecy that they would see her came from to understand more fully why they would try to recreate this to those people specifically but I believe the real virgin Mary was a guardian to minorities and that there may very well be something to the real prophecy.

Those are not the only examples of this mockery I have seen and i am now pretty convinced of that particular conspiracy... although i forget what most people call it. I know it is related to blue beam because of what they will use to try to accomplish this but I certainly don't think that is their only method... i think they call it (specifically) something else.

I am very curious about this dream of yours. i do get the feeling it is very important. Maybe you will know when the time comes.... and it will all click. as frustrating as that sounds... i have found it happening a lot lately.

speaking of dreams... i had a slightly lucid one and need to find a post to put it in. I won't put it here because being only slightly lucid with only touches of that paranormal feeling. A good amount of fear was involved though.
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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 02:25 AM
actually "minorities" wouldn't be the correct term used in africa.... obviously, but you know what i mean.

Anybody else but us imperialistic white folk.

ok...clearly I need to be careful with my stereotyping.

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 05:55 AM
reply to post by R3velutionR3quired

WOW! Yes, I'd say you are definitely "protected" by something out there! You have had your share of knocks and dings! Thanks for sharing your experiences. Very interesting!

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 06:00 AM
reply to post by HillbillyHippie1

It's good to know I'm not the only one experiencing paranormal activity all throughout my life. I'm really puzzled by the one about the alarm clock going off unplugged! "Something" wanted you to know it was there! Awesome!

Thanks for sharing!

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 06:05 AM
reply to post by blocula

I don't know, unless he was betting you quarts of some kind of booze.... 32 quarts, it's the Devil. Just a guess. It could also be quartz, as in some type of gem. Maybe we need to study the different meanings of what quartz could relate to. But sounds like he was making a bet with you. This one has me puzzled as well.

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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 06:23 AM
I've had experiences with

unidentified flying objects(3 different types), real-time interactive spirit beings, premonitions, time-slip time-window, etc.

An athiest friend asked me if I had mental illness in my family, I do not. He could not comprehend any of my stories and he grasped at straws to attempt to explain them away, the thing is, I already look at every possible explanation and explain them by natural mean myself, so when I know something is beyond the normal bounds, I know it.

These experiences cannot be communicated and believed whole-heartedly, they will always only be fully believed by the first hand experiencer. There are some that will believe by your words, but to the die hard athiest, there's no possible way to communicate to them without them thinking you have a mental illness, it's sad that they do not open their mind to the possibility that objects that cannot easily be identified exist, that higher dimensions exist, that beings in those higher dimensions exist, that there are things about the human brain they do not understand, that there are things about the universe and space-time that they do not understand. What I learned from talking to my friend was he was too arrogant to accept the fact that he was an idiot.

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 06:33 AM
reply to post by blocula

Blocula, I do remember you mentioning this story before, I'm not sure if I believed you when I first read about it, but I do believe you now.

I can tell you my opinion only, but my opinion is this,

The being wanted to scare you, it wanted to give you a message to frighten you, you could look deep into the message but what I see is the message has very little deep meaning, therefore it perhaps was an attempt to appear as a mystifying puzzle but in reality was nothing more than a purposefully confusing statement, I would say the being was attempting to appear wise but in reality was not. I wouldn't worry about it too much though, as you may never find a full explanation.

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 11:12 AM
reply to post by sled735
32 quartz, its the devil or 32 quarts its the devil? i'm starting to lean towards "quartz" and so is quartz a crystal? and crystals are suppose to have special powers right? and so are the crystal skulls each made out of 32 quartz of crystal, like diamonds have carats? also i think i've read that the aliens flying saucers may be powered by energies found in crystals and also i seem to recall that the calamity which destroyed atlantis was the uncontrollable energy that the atlanteans unleashed from giant crystals they used to power their civilization...Atlantean Crystals >

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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 11:39 AM
Seen 2 spirits closely to me and my pc one night. One was more bold and tried to get up close and peer into the monitor but move away when I put my full vision on him (they were small like children). So I decided to set up a mini mag flashlight on desk beside me, I figured they were fascinated with the light. Turned it on and quickly the more bold spirit (they were hard to see...full body outline but looked like the light shimmer from a distant HOT roadway) "watery" looking??

This little guy got to looking and was with full attention on the flashlight and I spun around in my chair...stood up and reached out very quickly to touch the top of his head. I got an INTENSE burning sensation on the tip of that fnger.

In this same house I saw 2 fingers wrapped around the outside of a partially open door. The fingers had very long fingernails on them. Each nail had dark black lines that went up from tip of finger to the cuticle...looked VERY old. The skin on the fingers "not" skin, but was a type of "scale" and I was within 8 feet of them and could see that the green pigment also had a sorta yellow/orange color to the edge of each scale (like a cuticle).

I've also seen 3 UFO the shape of Saturn (bulb on top and bottom) flying in a V formation, during that year we had 2 comets (heavens gate) in Des Moines, Iowa. As they flew over my area with a total viewing time of maybe 20-30 seconds...they were just skimming arcoss the sky from West towards the East at a very high altitude. As they flew past overhead (no sound) I said to my self "I thought these things were supposed to be able to fly at weird...odd angles that we can't handle"?? At that very moment the one behind the leader and to the left...flew forward and zig-zagged very fast (almost a blur) in front of the leader and return to position. When I saw this my mouth just dropped. They could read my mind!! That was even MORE amazing :-)

Well they flew for another 5 or 6 seconds and then just disappeared at about 60 degree above the Eastern horizon. It was as if someone had just turned the lights off....not a shimmer, twitch or pop. They had the color of fire. Like the orange/yellow glow from a cigarette lighter. No lights....just the self illuminating "Glow".

When I was very little I heard the "boogeyman" moaning through the wall of a house we just moved into. I was sleeping on the couch. I was about 6 years old...when I heard the male voice moaning and oooohing. It scared me after awhile and I went to my parents room and grabbed a 38 revolver out of the top dresser drawer to shoot the monster. I actually heard this sound and he was trying to scare me...I wasn't a kid-kid. I grew up quick. Luckily my mom heard me get into the dresser and snatched that gun out of my hand. Told me to go back to bed after I told her what I heard. I went back to her room "twice" again, and she finally came out and stuck a needle in the wall were I kept hearing the voice...she said "there...I killed him". That worked for me and I laid back down. Didn't hear anything so I got curious and stood up on back of couch and got to messing with that needle :-) It fell to the ground and the voice started back up again....I got scared again and went and told Mom. She said "Jimmy...get your A** back to bed or I'm going to beat your a**!! I was more afraid of my Mom than the Boogyman -- Haha :-)
I guess I fell to sleep eventually. I'm still here ;-)

When I was 18 I died in an Ambulance and went to that tunnel with the light. I looked at the light off into the distance and said to myself "I'm not going to be scared...I'm going to just sit down right here, I have nothing to be afraid of....I'm just going to sit down right here". I decided to sit down on the floor (??) because I was thinking...that I was not "right with God" I didn't want to -befoul- his territory...because I wasn't a righteous person.

In a very short while I heard someone speaking off in the darkness. His voice was a beautiful ECHO.
I thought to myself...that if I was even a small child, that his voice was so calming that it would have removed my fears totally. He was saying that it "Wasn't My Time To Go' I stood and told him that "I don't have a and my wife are always son calls me Jim....and it didn't hurt this time to die...I don't want it to hurt next time". He repeated that "It wasn't my time to die", and I repeated again my words. We repeated our conversation a third time and I then "felt" that there was ALSO someone else in the darkness. He was sitting down and I felt like he was more "powerful" than the person standing and talking to me. *I know he was there even if I could SEE him. Odd...yes, but that's just what happened. The person with the echo voice (probably an angel) then gave me a promise....I then said "okay"..and turned to walk away. I then turned back into his direction and asked "what about heaven and hell", and he said "Don't Worry About That Right Now". I then left

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 12:21 PM
After I left the "tunnel with the light"...the Nurse in the Ambulance took the Stethascope off my chest and looked up towards the driver and said..."He's allright now".

One time I was at a friends house (I just pulled up) lifting the hood up on my Suzuki Samuari Jeep (tightening the alternator belt that was squeeking). It was just about to get dark and the outside garage light was shinning my direction. Some friends were about 25 feet away sitting at a picnic table in the yard--doing a little social drinking. Well I was busy working on the "belt" and it wasn't going very well...and to beat all that--I had a strange feeling to look behind me. I tried to ignore it and finish the job...but it wasn't going to leave me alone. I got so bad that it felt like something was trying to focibly turn my head. I couldn't feel any contact points on my head (was no hands)...but still my head tried very hard to turn. Finally after 4 or 5 times I "slammed" my wrench down onto the motor and turned around. Back away from me...across the alley (I was right next to) and over the neighbors fence I saw a complete human outline. Solid BLACK, but fully defined outlines.The man was probably 5' 6" or smaller...he was walking with his head down like he was sad. I could see his shirt collar and shirt cuffs very cleanly like it was a cowboy shirt (everything solid black)....He took one step and "dissapeared". Oddest darn thing to see!!! I told everyone around that picnic table but they thought I was nutts probably. WOW....

I now record EVP (ghost voices) and I have recorded "many...many...MANY" and they are totally REAL. They even say my name...will repeat what I say. Maybe cuss me out. Tell me their scared sometimes. Laugh...joke around, and some ask for help. You guys should try it. It will take time and patience until you hear your first voice, It took me 10 days to get my first. Then I started getting many. Practice and ALWAYS use headphones to listen to the recordings you transfer to your computer. Use AUDACITY a free audio manipulation software to help amplify or repeat...or filter the recordings.

Record sessions for about 3 minutes...take as many sessions as you choose in the location. *Doesn't have to be a "haunted" place....these Spirits are "everywhere". You record in 3 minutes groups because it gives you a chance to rest during playback at the PC...otherwise you will get very tired listening over and over to a looong recording. Your ears will soon be able to hear the voice much easier. It is a "learned" behavior...until you learn the voice patterns. They sometimes talk a little faster in the areas we seperate our words.

The reason I took up EVP recording is because it is a MORE dependable way to cantact the Paranormal. How many times are you going to "wish" to see a UFO and it happen...??? With EVP you have a "Very Good Chance" to get something!! I have over a 60% success rate. Sometimes 100%. The Sony ICD-B7 and Sony ICD-B300 recorders (used) from eBay are very good choices (as many others)...but I've have very good lucjk with them. I also have the "Holy Grail" of recorders and is my favorite. The ""PANASONIC RR-DR60""

Good Luck Guys :-)

And tell them "Jim Hyslope" sent Ya. LOL

PS...treat the Spirit's right. They are STILL human.

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 12:34 PM
Forgot to mention...with the above recorder I posted.
You will need to get a stereo/mono 1/8" patch cable to connect the recorder to the PC for upload. These are not USB compatible recorders. And the upload to the pc is in real-time. You RECORD in the Audacity ( ) *Original-Website" (no spam of trojans). You will either need a stereo/mono patch cable or also get a "stereo-female" to "male-mono" ADAPTER and connect the male MONO to the recorders I mention because they are audio out mono source. SOME recorders are stereo output though...and of course there are USB data output in some of the newer recorders. Be sure and use the "lowest" quality recording example while recording (longest recording times) as they help bring in more background radation "hiss" where the EVP voices can be found.

Just ask them a question...then wait 10 or 15 seconds to give them a chance to speak. You won't hear the voices (most likely) until you play back the recordings.

Give this some practice and patience...and EVERYONE will eventually get results.

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 01:05 PM
Ive had more than one,here's the most unforgettable occurence:This happened a few months after my adoptive father passed on,i was 16..I remember waking up suddenly+ sitting bolt upright in bed(like in the movies when some one has a nightmare) and wondering what woke me.Then there appeared,in one corner of my room,something that looked like swirling fog,like a dust-dervish,you know? The next moment right next to my bed,right by me,appeared a pitch-black silhouette,and was looking down at me,it was tall,bout 6 feet.I lay down flat (cus for some reason,there was no fear whatso ever,only puzzlement) and as i looked up,i strained to see a face/expression,but nothing,just black.Though i could feel no malevolence,nothing negative..i dont know how long this went on for,but after what felt like 4 or 5 minutes,i got sleepy,and turned on my side,with my back to it,and fell asleep.The silhouette resembled that of my father when he was alive in this world,so i dont know,maybe it was him,in some form..cus,its something that would normaly have freaked me out,but i did'nt feel freaked,or threatened in any way..When i was younger,i was playing with a ball,bouncing it against the window of the deconsecrated church right next to our house. (our house stood on what used to be a graveyard,i remember my adoptive father once digging up a human skull,while he was gardening.That's right.My adoptive family had a veggie garden in a graveyard.) I saw this large black shadow-hand come up to the inside of the window ,it had a very long thin black arm-my mouth just dropped open-and i was outa there at warpspeed! Never played near that window again............Since my earliest memories,that house terrified me,even in broad daylight,i always preferred to be outside rather.I could always sense menacing presences,looming all around me,got used to it by my teens,but for a little kid,it was hell.I will write bout some other experiences later.

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 03:16 PM
reply to post by clockdryve

WOW! Fascinating stories! You are the first one to tell of a "beyond and back" experience. Thanks so much, and thanks for the the info on the equipment for EVPs. I'll pass this on to my "ghost hunter" friends. I have friends in two different groups. They may already know this, but, I'll share with them anyway.

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