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Strange worship of dead tree consumed by fire

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posted on Feb, 22 2012 @ 05:00 PM
This thread is related to this one here
by phantomjack

Although I commented on that thread about the current strange situation, I decided it needed more attention, so I'm writing this thread to entice more discussion.

To recap, this very old tree is believed to have been 3500 years old. It was named The Senator and it burned in a mysterious fire just recently.
Now for the weird decision about what to do with the tree from today's article:

Officials want to protect what's left. They're proposing possibilities of a fence around the tree, another one around the park, and up to three security cameras to look down on the site that everyone used to look up to.

If the county gets all three, it could cost more than $60,000.

There are also a couple options to memorialize the tall tree: Nurture the seedlings, which might be its offspring, or replace it with a clone.

Now, I understand that the tree was an historical symbol and was one of the oldest trees in existence, but I don't understand why they are wanting security cameras around its "corpse". They are already discussing chopping pieces off to give to artists and nurturing its possible seedlings, but why the expense of installing security cameras?

Another thing that sounds quite odd is the idea of replacing it with a clone. Is this some way of telling people that you never have to say goodbye or that everything can be replaced by a clone? It just sounds very unnatural to me.

Another thing I've thought about is if certain individuals knew that this tree was the focal point of esoteric rituals and want to preserve their own history by never allowing the tree to "move on" so to speak? It just really seems as though this tree may even have represented the rules engraved on the Georgia Guidestones regarding the preservation of nature.

The simple fact that The Senator was consumed by fire is symbolic in itself. Seeing as they wish to regrow it makes me think of the phoenix rising from the ashes.

In conclusion, I think it's fine to nurture its seedlings, but let's let the tree go. People must learn that it's OK to move on after death as it's a natural part of life. Things die and when they die tragically, we tend to have a more difficult time getting over our grief. But, it's a tree for goodness sake. As we watch the coral reefs dying, the money that would pay for the security cameras could go towards other means of natural preservation. If they do indeed decide to keep watch over The Senator's corpse, I'll be forced to believe that our government has indeed flipped its lid and will never have its priorities straight (as if I don't think that already

As Big Brother wants/tries to keep its eye on every living person, we really need to be concerned with they are also wanting to keep an eye on dead things as well. Just plain spooky if you ask me.

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