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Tricks for Brainwashing

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posted on Feb, 22 2012 @ 04:21 AM
First the SOURCE, now some personal thoughts:

I like the point about "Encouraging lazyness" - I myself tried to use that to sell our wares in my prior company. The easier it is for people to give you money, the more money you will get. See: Appstores, In-App-Purchases, Amazon, etc.

"Keep them scared" - well, this works only for about half the people. The scared ones. I had a flash of understanding this morning on my commute to work where I saw how every population is divided between the Angry and the Frightened - and how each part of the population decides upon this drive which political party to follow. I will write about this in another subforum, as its not a conspiracy, I think.

Have fun with the linked article, it could be a mind-opener.

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