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Disclosure Through Fire

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posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 11:48 AM
Ok, things are really interesting in the world right now aren't they? What if we connected a few dots, albeit with some pretty loose threads.

1) The middle east is a torrent of boiling military activity
2) Certain technologies have gone missing from the mainstream recently pointedly eCat from Rossi
3) The NWO/PTB want a global reduction in population to the scale of billions

Now, if you are TPTB and you want to crash the market, reduce population, get rid of dependency on outdated petro fuel AND be the sweet smelling rose of the new world, how would you do it?

Me, I would nuke the middle east, involve Asia and Europe in the war and at the end of a year or two of horrendous fighting present eCat technology, among others, to the remainder of the population. You get to reduce the pop, make yourself look like a hero and follow your own guidelines for continued domination and control. Aliens are a false flag, or not, either way the disclosure would create the feeling of needing saved from them.

We would have technological 'disclosure', alien 'disclosure', some form of religious 'disclosure'... the most magnificent of hoods being pulled over the remainder of the populations eyes. We would be lining up to eat our laboratory grown meat, GMO grains and drink our fluoridated water... all in the benevolence of our 'friends' who claim to not be the very people they are.

Before the trolls and flamers start, this is skunkworks... and this is the place for the most hypothetical of conspiracies.

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posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 11:50 AM
Interesting theory. Highly inspecific though.

Can you describe your thoughts in greater detail?

posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by Starchild23

Which parts? If I were to create a timeline going forward it would look something like this:

Mar 2012 - Military Action in Syria (This is the excuse to start the guns a 'firin')
Apr 2012 - Iranian Involvement in Syria, thus in Iran (Iran has deal signed with Syria but will wait for drama)
Apr 2012 - Due to Iranian involvement two fronts, Israel and U.S. through Syria
Apr 2012 - Posturing and Threats from Russia and China to get out of Iran, Chinese protectorate NK blustering
May 2012 - NK attacks SK in some manor as a message that China will become active
May 2012 - Eqypt sides with Arab countries, you now have Syria, Egypt and Iran vs U.S. and Nato (Europe incl Britain)
June 2012 - Russia and China deploy observation posts in region (publicly, already obviously had behind scenes)
July 2012 - War effort waging with no clear outcome
July 2012 - BRIC countries ready to take stand and do more than feed Iran through backdoor
July 2012 - Opening Ceremony of Olympics, world outcry that they are continued, but leaders claim need for freedom to not be smothered. BRIC athletes are not present.
Aug 2012 - BRIC forms coalition and sends troops into region for active duty
Aug 2012 - Alien 'disclosure' at 2012 Olympics. World goes into panic.
Sept 2012 - U.S. nukes Iran and most of middle east making sheets of radioactive glass. (borrowed phrase from another ATS poster, very relevant)
Sept 2012 - Russia nukes part of europe, U.S. nukes part of asia.
Oct 2012 - world is in survival mode with no to little oil flowing, markets destroyed nuclear winter on 1/3 of planet over half of population dying from starvation alone.
Nov 2012 - Continued stress, one world government formed out of ashes, people cry for it
Dec 2012 - eCat turned on in dramatic effect on the Mayan (for drama) calendar end bringing 'new world', unbeknownst to those of us left, that it is the same ol PTB pulling the strings

Overactive imagination...I I can only hope nothing like happens.

posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 01:41 PM
...and this hasn't even taken the possibility of natural disaster into account. If you ascribe to the HAARP cause of the major earthquake activity, or if you believe in the hidden binary star in our solar system... We could go on with other factors, besides the man made ones. But this is a timeline based strictly on man made... although aliens would be nice, I believe they are there, and that any kind of disclosure via a worldwide audience is going to be false flag style sensationalism...

posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 06:28 PM

Originally posted by EarthChilde

Now, if you are TPTB and you want to crash the market, reduce population, get rid of dependency on outdated petro fuel AND be the sweet smelling rose of the new world, how would you do it?

If I was TPTB why on earth would I want to do any of this??

I'm making a fortune on the market, high population means cheap labour and large markets to help keep profits up, and dependence on oil makes it easy to control most governments.

So if I was TPTB and I wanted to achieve what you say I'd go get some counseling, because it would be stupid of me!!

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