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The Alien Mind

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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 09:08 PM
I think we can all admit that we know NOTHING about space and it's
infinite vastness. We also know very little about thought and
consciousness. Or the origins of our very own species. We are in no
position to assert with any clear comprehension the vastness of existence
beyond the protective chrysalis of earth.

What is actually out there in space? Is it so inconceivable that there
could be life forms out there that are parasitic and predatory in nature
that are also far more advanced or "evolved" than we can possibly imagine?

We have heard SO MUCH about the greys. Let's pause for a moment here and
accept that they are real. Well what do we know about them? They are not
biological. They occupy doll bodies. They are a highly advanced space
faring intelligence. They have powerful telepathic abilities.

Ok, let's ask. What exactly does it take to actually become a space
faring species? Well existing far away from a biological environment
like earth is a requirement. With all the evidence pointing to the
inability for man or any other earth originating life form to venture
past the Van Allen radiation belts, one could say that perhaps we would
need to somehow transfer our intelligence and lifeforce outside of our
biological containers. Interestingly enough, Bob Lazar said the greys
refer to us as "containers".

So we are in reality tied to this earth environment by our biological
containers. To transcend spacetime and become space faring, we would
somehow have to depart from these containers no? This makes perfect
sense. It also ties in w/ this notion of "ascension" - lifting up from
the body. Moving consciousness into another dimension or realm. The
lifeforce and intelligence of a being can be liberated from their
biological containers in order to leave the planet and then traverse

So let's imagine for a moment that the grays are one of many races out
there that have achieved this in one way or another. They evolved, they
developed technology and as Mckenna forecast, were able to transfer
themselves into their technology. Cyborgs, or whatever. It doesn't
matter. What matters is that they bridged the gap of spacetime and
became liberated from the biological, environmental, dimensional, organic
containment of a planet.

Let's suppose they developed a hivemind. A massive collective of
enjoined minds. Not unlike a computer network. Let's suppose as with
many organisms in nature their purpose is expansion. Their nature being
like a bug. A parasite. A predator. Predators prey upon the weaker
species no?

Let's suppose that existing in the realm or "dimension" of pure
intelligence they can easily traverse spacetime through THOUGHT. That
thought is the missing medium. The overlooked yet obvious elusive
dimension. Doesn't thought travel faster than light?

What if their connection to this world is through the proxy of our own
minds? What if this parasite entity attaches itself to the human monkey
host mind and can exert a certain amount of influence on the hosts
thoughts and perceptions? Where the host will unwittingly think this presence
is part of its own mind?

As in nature, weaker beings are easier targets. Imagine a scenario where
there is the lineage of human abuse to children. Where the abuse becomes
a repeated pattern perpetuated over countless generations that is very
difficult to stem. Psychologists clearly recognize this pattern.
Children are in a very vulnerable state. We know that the patterning of
psychological development of a developing human is critical in the first
6 years of a child's life. The most formative years. Just ask the
Jesuits. Well what if this vulnerability makes the target susceptible to
the entrance of a foreign parasite that exists in the realm and
dimension of thought?

I mean this make perfect sense. Look at the world and the parasitic
control of it ... Are humans REALLY in control? Are humans REALLY
running the affairs of the planet? What about the occult and secret
societies? Who are they REALLY serving? This cosmic sorcery, symbology,
and magic seems REAL important to them no?

Parasitic economy, parasitic relationships, parasitic institutions,
perversion, aberration, you name it. The world of man is a direct
reflection of a parasitic influence.

Look at the horrors perpetuated for eons by humans upon themselves and
the planet. Don't you think natural evolution would have guided us by
now to live in a more natural and balanced way? Yet when we look at our
own history we see this ever repeating pattern. Repeating the same
mistakes OVER and OVER and OVER and yet for some reason we can't seem to
get a grip on it. Break the cycle. Positive natural change alludes us.

Didn't we once exist in a more natural balanced way? Did we devolve? Or
did something happen in our prehistory to the natural animals we once
were? Was this the artificial insertion of a "mind" or ego into the
monkey consciousness? Was their advanced unnatural tinkering?

The animals live naturally on earth but somehow we can't seem to get a
handle on living in harmony and within the bounds of nature.
Koyaniskatzi - life out of balance.

Just why can't we learn? Why do we keep repeating the same mistakes?
What compels us to do the things we do? Why can't we live in peace? Why
can't we just wake up?

Timeless questions no?

Don't you think it is even remotely possible for an advanced species of
beings that are parasitic, controlling, dominating, of higher
intelligence, exist in the dimension of thought? That possibly the
Gnostics were on to something when they figured out earth had been
invaded by an elusive, rogue, negative intelligence? One that feeds off
of our misery and fear?

That the vastness of the rabbit holes that we have spent years studying
is in reality the display of an extra-dimensional presence, a
controlling group-mind of highly advanced parasitic overlords? That
they might be running the show THROUGH us? Do you really think men alone
can create this ancient web of deceit, containment, and advanced mind
prison, we see in every corner of our society?

Is mankind on earth being controlled by "the gods". By more advanced
beings existing in the realm and dimension of thought? This so called
"spirit world" is in fact a reality. A vibrational frequency beyond
the bandwidth of our physical perception? That this instead could all be the MANIFESTATION of
an alien mind influence deceptively playing itself out upon our
species. The perplexity and confounded state of our existence. The vast
complexity and inevitability of the human state of affairs. The very
root of the conspiracy itself is of an origin beyond our own minds
THROUGH the proxy OF our own minds.

How clever no?

Who would have ever THOUGHT?
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posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 10:46 AM
Geezzzzz.....his is very well thought out and a whole lot is correct but in other areas you go way out there.

What you refer as the dimensional realm and thought.... yes, for those who have studied the sequence to OBE and astral project, you learn that vibrancy is the key to going into the next dimensional state. And traveling is as simple as thought and intent since all things in the dimensional levels above the 3rd are energy forms. So yes, the greys do travel and work in this form. Sure answers a lot of questions that abductees have about them. But no, they are not just thought forms, they have a body in the 3rd dimension.

posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 11:10 AM

Doesn't thought travel faster than light?

Yes.......I can see where you are going with this. Thought does travel faster than light, but......... everything vibrates at different frequencies and even things like spacecraft. This is where the Philadelphia Experiment went horribly wrong and that's what we get for meddling in things we don't understand. An living body has a different frequency than a non liviing body, so when you open up dimensional "doorways" as our dear Tesla labels this and all things traveling in these doorways the vibrancy changes. And then if you don't keep these vibrancies separate when you re enter back into this 3rd Dimension, you end up with living mixing in with non living IE... humans mixing into ship decks and such. So you and I and anyone can dimensional travel which is faster because of thought, but it's a whole other deal when you mix non living things into the mix. So....... aliens, greys can travel in the 4th and on up because they are advanced enough to deal with these frequencies and equivalent. If you ever heard of Greys using ships that are half alive and half machine, bio matrix units, this helps with dimensional traveling machine and living bodies.

Anyway, for now, until Earth people grow up a bit and get their heads out of the sand and start exploring the spirit body form and psychic abilities along with science, we are going to be forever deemed "infants" or children in an advanced alien species minds.

And we will have to stay with worm hole travel or the such to space travel. Some alien species have to stick with wormhole portals because their tech is not quite advanced enough.
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posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 11:27 AM
Anyway, a spacecraft traveling out of 4th and into the third would look like a craft appearing out of thin air. So infact a ufo, what we call cloaking, is just a simple frequency adjustment..... interesting huh? I actually saw a dimensional porthole open up in the sky before and see a craft come out of it. For some reason my energy vibrancy was close enough to the craft and porthole energy to see them , that was incredible to see let me tell you.

Anyway, excellent thread here and keep on learning ok? I wish and hope more people learn and open their minds to rise up and learn that our energy body, and our minds ability and science are not that far apart subject wise. That in an et's eye they flow rather nicely together.
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posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 12:23 PM
Our inter-subjective categories and childish fixations (humaniod aliens, spaceships) are crushingly inadequate to prepare us to face the mysteries of the universe. The predator gives us its own mind. Thus our reasoning from undisciplined experience is subverted from the outset. Humans have lived symbiotically with the predator for a very long time. It feeds and feeds.

What's to be done about it?

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