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The Void, the Grid, and the Singularity

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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 08:55 PM
This post is meant to skim over an easily skimmable experience I had when I was very young.

I can't remember exactly how old, somewhere between 3-5 I'd like to say. At any rate, it was a dream that i experienced. The dream was fairly simple, but the profoundity (Yes, i know the word is profundity, but the first search on google search yields urbandictionary's only definition:

1. Profoundity 1 up, 2 down very profound, with a little profanity thrown in "one can't accomplish # without first dreaming it" - now that quote has some profoundity to it.

And I couldn't agree more, this dream in its simplicity was astounding.

I'm not exactly sure, but an element of the dream was remembered in more recent times. I'm not sure if it was originally in the dream, but I feel like it was a part that I had forgotten for some weird reason, but hey, time is a mind # (notice that I do get a little profane sometimes, a lot profane in fact! :lol

On with the show and here we go - this dream was one of the first I had that I can consciously remember. I noticed there is a thread here talking about flying. Not many people have flown in their dreams to their knowledge apparently.

This dream was flight, my first flight in fact. I was flying in a great void, devoid of all light. However, in between the light was literally a grid, a great grid of squares differing in lengths and in axis. Some curved, other's appeared straight from my reference point. At that point I felt body-less. Flying down a corridor of the green gridded void, I began rushing towards something, as if moving away, or moving towards something, maybe both simultaneously. As I moved down the corridor, there was a feeling of any amount of time having passed. Almost like flying around in a giant loop. Through the silence began a low dynamic drum beat...lub dub... lub dub... lub dub. A rushing feeling, such an anxious feeling, like nervousness for no reason, but excitement. I then shot awake, pretty sure my ear was folded over on itself.

Now, this is the part that I think happened, but I have more recently remembered.

I go into third person of my initial viewing reference point, and now am endowed with a feeling of having either separated from it, as a goal, and simultaneously having felt that I "found" what "it" was that I was trying to seek. Significantly comparable to the rushing away, and rushing toward perception during first person corridor flying.

Here's where it gets cooler. I realize what I am staring at is this white glowing orb, floating in this void of space time. It had a sensation about it that is tinglingly intriguing. Although "I" was looking at it, it was known that "I" was actually it, but looking in on myself. Suddenly I realize I have hands and arms out of nowhere, but the perception of the orb being myself made me feel as if the orb, me, was projecting me onto the grid, just like a movie projector. So here I am, and pretty sure I became a full human being, because I felt more of a feeling that I had appendages complexly taking up space time, or time space...whatever, # you!
The gridded void!

I immediately had the feeling to reach out to the flowing orb. I reached out with my left hand, and it immediately came to my hand, and no sooner than it hitting my hand (area) did it explode with luminosity, projecting a luminous reality. It was incredible, imagine being in a room with a bright light on, but rather than looking like the room walls were illuminated, everything was pitch black, except the light bulb. Then suddenly with a touch the entire surrounding area is illuminated. I could almost see what looked like strings of light, like straight lines coming out of a center, but were so dense it was near impossible to see the detail. However, as the light expanded rapidly I could almost see images of things flashing by me, trees, planets, stuff like that I think .

Definitely a righteous experience to have.

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