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A suggestion : the put up or shut up amendment

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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 10:05 AM
You know how America is involved in wars again and again... yet the ones who promote it are not in the army but talking heads and politicians or stupid people??

Well to end this trend, I suggest a new amendment to the constitution. The ``put up or shut up`` amendment.

If anyone shall warmonger against any organization or country, he shall be conscripted in the armed forces right then and there, regardless of age, sex or occupation.

That ought to end all this war talk from the chicken hawks and the MSM.

If you decide to warmonger against anyone, well then you think it's important enough to FIGHT FOR IT YOURSELF and not send young people to fight it for you.

War is not cool, cute and funny as so many people think it is because of movies. WAR IS NOT A MOVIE. There's no happy ending for ANYONE in a war, except the arms makers... AND YOU AIN'T ONE.

Pass this and war will end, or idiots will get slaughtered and we'll be free of them.

It was really better in the middle-ages when the warmongers fought each other on the battlefield and civilians were mostly exempted... should be so again.
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