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US is net exporter of oil?? Hold up partner, this is what the war is gonna be about

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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 02:42 AM
I keep reading the tardisms and have too chime in. Iran is on the "list" to go down and it's not about freedom but more about "da end of da world", as we know it at least. We import about 60% of our oil and that number will only grow. We have got to put the smack down and grab other peoples oil.

Our sources of oil
U.S. Total Crude Oil

Sources of U.S. Oil Imports
It imports about 58% of it

Truth of the matter is, if we weren't going around smacking down oil exporters the US would be a different place by now. That's stated for armchair quarterbacks and people that practice casual ideology. Of course, it's likely to cause us to eat some nukes out of spite from people that don't like the national equivalent of date rape. Hang on bishes, the ride is gonna get rough.

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