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3rd January 2012 - UFO sightings roundup (Amazing Videos)

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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 12:57 AM
The first video that i would like to show is the one that really caught my attention, a truly spectacular ufo video, it seemed to be an average video until the 1min mark (make sure you watch it all) when the spectacular show starts. Unfortunately, they don't zoom out to show the landscape so i would really appreciate any translation help on the commentary.

that led to part 2, which was filmed also in Brazil on the same day but from a different location, equally beautiful

so i searched ATS here and that leads to this thread:
about a ufo filmed by NASA on the same date

and the ATS search also led to another thread here:
with a video showing the exact same type of lighting UFO on the same date but in the UK

which led me to search you tube and i found this video taken 3rd January in Finland:

which shows a stunning bright fireball

which led to this quite amazing (if true) video of the pulsating "disco ball" in Merced, CA

not a very good video but it's from Hollad to go with Canada,Brazil,Finland,UK,US sightings:

same date, the bigger object is the moon, but you can see the smaller object zoom away from it (or is it just from camera zooming in?)

so all in all, a pretty amazing day was January 3rd 2012, hope you enjoyed the videos, i thought the Brazil ones were amazing and also the Finland fireball!
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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 01:13 AM
First video isn't in Brazil and it isn't portuguese, it's spanish.

posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 01:24 AM

A Fox News segment about the rise in UFO sightings within the first 2 weeks of 2012

posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 02:25 AM
In order of appearance:
christmas lights for sure
christmas lights for sure
maybe some space debris entering earths atmosphere. best video of the ones you have posted
railway train for sure
meteor for sure
some strobe light novelty thing maybe
strobe lights in a flat/apartment most likely
no clue on the last one. doesn't show enough of the surrounding area.

posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by Bleeeeep

wow thanks for clearing that up! I never need to try to find the answers ever again. thanks

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