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Maybe ignorance IS bliss, diary of a madman

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posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 04:40 AM

Originally posted by threewhiteeyes

Japan gets direct beatings of reknown. We taste a slow degeneration of character here. It seems like everything is falling apart.

i hear you. after a week and weekend of slow improvement, my learned friends condition in icu has deteriorated.
quite gutted last night after the visit. scepticemia has set in and the doctors are at a loss to find the area or cause of the infection. my grandson cries when he is mentioned and wants to see him. the empathy is overwhelming in the kid and fighting back wet eyes at the mo is difficult. we are preparing for the worst but wishing for the best.

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 07:54 AM

learned gentleman no.2 uncle bill the great sage.

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 06:26 PM
So these 'enlightened' people you speak of are all just developing health issues out of the blue? Or is it just that one friend?

And when you speak of 'enlightened' if you could elaborate a little on that I would appreciate it.

Just wondering because I had a very 'enlightening' and extremely surreal experience last May (oddly enough on the night of Camping's 'rapture' prediction) with my best friend that is just beyond words, and since then I've been having these weird feelings come and go that feel exactly what that night felt like, usually a lot less 'potent' though.

It feels like a tugging at my sternum area that spreads to the rest of my body, and it feels like its tugging upwards. I'll get a feeling of disassociation or depersonalization as well as the tugging sensation. Like I said, it comes and goes, and when I feel it my friend tells me he feels it too. Sometimes he'll even ask me before I ask him which I've always found very intriguing.

And before anyone who might be reading tries to tell me to go see a doctor or something, I already beat you to it and they can't seem to find anything wrong. I've been to a GP, who sent me to a neurologist after a smattering of tests (EKG, EEG, Head CT, fMRI, MRA, and full blood workup), and the neurologist sent me to a cardiologist because he couldn't find anything. And I've seen a Psychiatrist on & off for over 10 years when I needed someone to talk to, he never said I was psychotic or recommended pills or anything, and with 10 years of background I'm sure he'd be able to tell.

Just thought I'd share.

posted on Mar, 21 2012 @ 03:14 PM
reply to post by ArrowsNV

hello arrownv

in brief.

learned gentleman no1, 61y/o is currently in icu,sedated and has developed scepticemia. it's touch and
go at the moment.
regarding his knowledge, well within the scope of learning there isn't many cubic stones this
guy has left unturned. i would say a master of the golden dawn and i ching.

learned gentleman no2, 87y/o uncle bill has ploughed through nearly every subject he has got
his paws on. he currently has a chest infection and as stated to him when we last met
up, 'looking like death warmed up'. well versed in the sciences and supernatural.

learned gentleman no3, 52y/o born with cerebral palsy and currently recovering from a chest
infection. this chap is more like a bulldog, very determined and is a member of this site although when certain
issues arose regarding the board and other members, decided to take a low profile. well versed
in the sciences, politics and other-worldy considerations.

between the three there is nothing untouched and i can state that one to one conversations
last in excess of several hours. they know of each other and on a number of occasions meetings
have been arranged only to be put on hold through circumstance. they all agree this is a
strange regular occurance and liken it to a form of obstacle. a meeting was arranged the week
i found no1 unconscious.

my opinion of all of this is when attempting to connect these guys in the same room with all
consent, it's akin to the repulsion of same polarity magnets. somehow there is resistance
to this meeting and i would say this is a most important attempt in energy flow. the mindsets
of these three are as solid as anything i have ever come across and i as well as the others
are determined to converge and flow if you understand the picture.

currently it is difficult to gauge the outcome as to whether this will occur.
all three understand energy goes onward, however the goal or great work was to
meet up in the physical whilst the opportunity is open.

the goal? well i'll leave that up to your imagination.

the souls of all humans are immortal
the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine. a nice quote and fitting as to how i
see and understand these three learned gentleman. after my immediate family they are the three
most important concerns in my life.

no3 and i discussed the possibility that a negative presence was hindering this meeting till
the late early hours. the topics skirt the possible fractured source and it's concern regarding
repair. the connection with source and the hinderance to the global populus to attain connection.
energy flow with source and petition to consider adjustment.

hope some of this helps understanding.
best wishes fakedirt

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